My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 127

“Mu Rong!”


Chu Yunhe waved to the side of Mu Rong, instructed: “You and Follow the Immortal Master Lu, pay attention to receiving assignments, record the changes of merits at any time, and don’t neglect!”

“Disciple obeys!”

Mu Rong looked solemn, cup one fist in the other With a salute, he followed Lu Chen off the high platform.

The two stood under the high platform, and Lu Chen asked:

“Fairy Mu, when can we go to the battlefield?”

“Soon. “

Mu Rong turned the jinpa in her hand and explained, “Senior, please wait a moment, Master Chu will dispatch the staff as soon as possible, and the others will be ready, and there will be tasks soon. ……”

The voice paused slightly, looked at Lu Chen carefully, and whispered:

“Senior don’t call Junior Fairy, just call me Mu Rong , on the battlefield, please… also please take care of the senior.”


Lu Chen nods, there is no sign of the Method Release Immortal Master, the two During the conversation, there were already cultivators gathered here, everyone dressed in different clothes, some were new loose cultivators, some were dressed in blood-reeking qi, as if they had just come off the battlefield, and some were wounded, looking fierce and indifferent. An exception is a cultivation base.

“Immortal Master!”

“Meet the Immortal Master!”

“Meet the Immortal Master!”

… …


Lu Chen bowed his head with a smile, while Mu Rong stepped forward to ask each other’s names, and their strengths. After a while, people gathered around them. Among the ten cultivators, Mu Rong touched the jade token tied to her waist and finally received the task. She opened the mouth and said:

“senior, it is the T-shaped No. 18 area.”

“Let’s go!”

Lu Chen didn’t talk nonsense. He was about to fly to the western battlefield on a tiger girl. The cultivator looked at each other in blank dismay below, and someone whispered:

“This… I’m afraid this is a new Immortal Master.”

“Like a daredevil!”

“It’s a bit unreliable, Why don’t you get sick?”

“Let’s take a look.”

Mu Rong quickly flew up, caught up with Lu Chen, and said:

” senior, don’t fly on the battlefield, otherwise it will lead to a large number of flying skull sieges.”


Lu Chen actually didn’t care about the siege, and became a Method After the release of Immortal Master, 【Nine Heavens Slaughtering Demon】has been changed. It can be cast three times a day. Even if there is a flying head siege, you can use the Divine Ability to cut it open. However, there are many people on the battlefield, and there are four skills. Xuan daoist was in charge, he couldn’t be too ostentatious, so nodded and said:


While he patted Hu Niu’s big head, Hu Niu immediately flapped her wings Falling down, taking Mu Rong and ten Yijing cultivators all the way westward in the wilderness, making a big circle, and soon arrived at the T-shaped No. 18 area, which is located in the north of Fengpo City, and is completely deserted. , there are still several li from where the thousand corpses are located.


Before he could rest, he saw a dozen First Rank flying heads rushing towards him from a distance.


“Come on!”



Everyone is on guard, showing various means, some sticking talismans on their bodies, some preparing spells in advance, some holding Magical Artifacts, ready to attack at any time, and one bald head, obviously practicing the Body Refinement skill , holding a machete, be eager to have a try, just as everyone was getting ready, they suddenly saw seven invisible sword glows flying high in the sky.

“puchi! Puchi!”


In just two breaths, the seven sword glow flew back and forth a few times, but the flying head has not yet fallen , was pierced by the sword glow, and fell from the air like an exploding watermelon.


Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay and looked at Lu Chen, Lu Chen took back the seven sword stars with a wave, and also Ignoring everyone’s reaction, he sat on Hu Niu’s back, calmly said:

“Now, let’s talk about Immortal Master’s plan, um, it’s divided into two steps, one is for ten of you to take turns Bring the Flying Head in, and the Immortal Master kills the other, and the Immortal Master is willing to give half of it and share it with you, how about it?”

“The great merit is also shared with us. ?”


“This…this seems to be pretty good.”

“Immortal Master Kang Kei!”

“Will it be too dangerous?”

“That’s it, anyway, I think it’s okay, might as well give it a try.”


The ten cultivators had a heated discussion, and they couldn’t resist the temptation. They quickly settled down. The two of them took the lead and ran south quickly. They used Flying Skull’s favorite skull as bait. It attracted the attention of a wave of flying heads.

“Come here!”


The two gasping for breath attracted dozens of flying heads, and Lu Chen also Excluding the lake, the Qingyun sword in his hand suddenly flew into the sky along with the seven sword stars. Before the flying head could fall, it was cleaned up by Lu Chen in a blink of an eye.

Everyone is still stunned.

Mu Rong on the side stepped forward, slowly opened the mouth and said:

“A total of forty-six First Rank flying skulls, a total of forty-six minor works, according to the regulations , senior got 23 small merits this time, Lu Xing and Gao Peng each got 11 minor merits, and the remaining one is for me, do you have any objections?”

“No objection!”


“It’s so fast, baby haha, cool, so cool!”

“This time I come, don’t come with me Grab it!”


After half a day in the blink of an eye, Lu Chen sat on the soft back of the tiger girl, stroking the silky silky hair, lazily looking Looking at Lieyang in the west, and chatting casually with Meng Yao on his shoulder, he turned his head and saw Mu Rong running over.

“Sword Comes”

“What’s wrong?”

Mu Rong helplessly said:

“Senior, five have died .”

“If you die, you will die.”

Lu Chen waved his hand and didn’t care. Originally, his method was very good. , there are always people who want to make a bigger one. As a result, the flying heads of Second Rank were not attracted. Instead, they went in. Seeing that Mu Rong’s face was not good, said with a smile:

“It’s not There are five?”

Mu Rong’s face collapsed, and she pouted:

“The remaining five have all run away!”

“. …..”

Lu Chen was a little speechless, and said indifferently:

“Let’s run, it’s not at worst, can’t attract flyers without them? Skull.”

The speaker was unintentional.

The listener is interested.

Mu Rong took two steps back in fright, patted her bulging chest, and said in fear:

“senior won’t want me to lead flying heads, I…I cultivate The base is too low, then… that can’t be done!”

[Name]: Mu Rong

[Identity]: Tianmu Sect Outer Sect Disciple

【 Information]: Qi Refinement fifth layer, Fire and Water Dual Spiritual Roots


Lu Chen glanced at each other and said:

“It’s not up to that.”

This Mu Rong is also a bit funny, one is timid, and only walks around in front of Lu Chen on the battlefield, not daring to leave for a moment; the other is that He is greedy for merit, like a groundhog, always trying to get a little merit or two out of the loose cultivator’s hands, every time he does this, but those loose cultivators don’t dare to offend him.

You can only complain in your heart.

This time the loose cultivator left, it is estimated that the other party was not less depressed.

Lu Chen looked up at the army of flying heads in the black sky in the south. It was estimated that there were no less than 100,000. Almost the heads of the dead people in Fengpo City were collected by thousands of corpses as flying heads. Trapped by four Great Demon daoists, like squeezing toothpaste, let it out a little bit.

If this goes on, this siege will not last for a short time.

“That’s fine, it just happened to be quietly upgraded.”

Lu Chen murmured, turned his head and asked:

“Is it possible that these thousand corpses are possible? Get out of trouble?”


Mu Rong’s face became solemn, and she explained seriously:

“In order to encircle and suppress thousands of corpses and ensure that nothing goes wrong, daoist But I did a lot of preparation, not only invited the other three fellows, but also crossed the Akutagawa River and went to the Yunxiao School at the east foot of the Qingcang mountain range, and borrowed [Tianheng Youxiangfen] from [Qingxu Daojun]. Border Delimitation Banner], this is the magic weapon of the fourth rank, and it is specially designed to restrain thousands of corpses. Don’t look at it close to your eyes, it is actually another First Layer space, a banner is waving, dividing borders, reversing yin and yang, Overturning Heaven and Earth ~ “

“See what you can do!”

Seeing Mu Rong dancing, Lu Chen rolled the eyes, thinking of the little dwarf who was beaten up by him, he seems to be a Yunxiao faction too , so he asked:

“Why isn’t this Daojun Qingxu coming in person?”

“hmph hum~”

Mu Rong snorted twice, Digu said:

“I can’t guess what Daojun is thinking, he is the head of the entire Qingcang mountain range, and has the authority over the entire Qingcang mountain range. Although he is in command of Xilu, he has to be dispatched by others, how can he be dispatched easily, and Daojun is all focused on becoming immortals, and rarely walks in the world unless necessary.”



Lu Chen looked thoughtful and had a better understanding of the situation in Qingcang’s mountain range. After all, Mu Rong is a large Disciple. Although the cultivation base is low, there are some secrets that he knows more than he knows.

I took the opportunity to ask a few more questions, said with a smile:

“It’s getting dark, kill a few more waves and then go back to repair, don’t get lost behind.”

“Well, senior, don’t worry.”


Without the delay of loose cultivator, Lu Chen also let go of his hands and feet and rode a tiger The girl ran all the way to the south, and soon saw a flying skull flying around, the Qingyun sword in her hand shook gently, and stabbed into the air with seven sword stars.



A Second Rank flying head with more than ten First Ranks broke through the block of Jianxing , screaming and rushing towards Lu Chen, but before he got close, his long hair danced wildly, and he went directly to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen sat on the back of the tiger and remained motionless. Seeing the long hair coming, he opened his mouth and spit out:

“hu hu~~”


Dan was cremated, a red fire bird flew out of Lu Chen’s mouth, the fire bird spread its wings and flew high, the long hair that hit was instantly ignited, and the flying skull was still screaming, The fire bird collided directly, and with a “boom”, it exploded in the air.

The boundless flame shoots, directly killing the flying skull.


“senior please!”


It’s getting dark, Mu Rong brings Followed Lu Chen to a wilderness with a smile on his face.


Lu Chen rode a black tiger forward and stepped forward. The scene in front of him suddenly changed, and he appeared in a square market.

It is surrounded on all sides by large trees with a height of 10 feet. There is only one straight street that runs across the north and south. Many cultivators are sitting on the ground, selling items they want to sell. On both sides of the street, there are also temporary row houses. Abandon.

Or a courtyard.

Or a store.

Clean, tidy and pleasing to the eye.

“This is…Formation?”


Mu Rong smiled nodded and explained:

“This is the Second Rank [Covering the Sky and Reflecting the Moon Array]. It is set up by the Formation Master, and is activated by the power of the sun and the moon together with the Spirit Stone. It is a temporary structure for your cultivators to trade and repair. There are one each in East, West, South, and North. There are fewer people during the day, and it will be more lively at night.”


Lu Chen understood, followed Mu Rong around the market, spent five Spirit Stones, bought a lot of radiation medicine for refining Youth Preserving Pill and some other spiritual medicines, and rented a place with 100 spiritsand Remote courtyard.




A pretty little girl The lady knocked on the door with a bamboo basket on her back. With a light sound, the courtyard door slowly opened. The little lady looked up and was stunned. The person who opened the door was actually a girl with white hair. The posture, the delicate appearance, and the azure blue eyes.

It is simply the Fairy in the sky, the elf of the mortal world.

The little lady felt inferior for a while, and she couldn’t help complaining in her heart, Fairy Mu ah Fairy Mu, Immortal Master has such an outstanding woman serving, how can I still need my posture, just about to speak, just Seeing the woman as if he didn’t see her, he turned around and went back to the yard.


The little lady was stunned, then stomped her foot and walked in.

The velvet girl went straight into the room, but the little lady didn’t dare to go in. She squeezed a few spiritsand hidden in her sleeves, gritted her silver teeth, and reached out and knocked on the door:


“Come in!”

Lu Chen complied, took a breath, and took back the burning red fire in the Dragon-Tiger pan gold furnace, He stretched out his right hand, and took out two slightly charred pills. When he turned his head, he saw a pretty little lady walking in. The other party put down the bamboo basket he was carrying. Immortal Master, Immortal Master Wanan~”

“Get up.”

Lu Chen replied, puzzled:

“You are this ??”

The little lady got up nervously, bowed her head and said:

“Fairy Mu cooked some good ginseng soup for Immortal Master, and specially ordered your servant to send it while it was hot.”


Lu Chen knew that Mu Rong’s purpose should be to steal some tricks from his fingers, but she was worried about not allowing it, so she came to please him, this little girl Interesting , so nodded and said:

“Just put the ginseng soup there, you can go back.”

“Yes, Immortal Master!”

Seeing the other party and still not leaving, Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“Is there anything else?”

The little lady glanced at Lu Chen secretly, her cheeks were flushed, and she said shyly:

“your servant…your servant is here to sleep.”



Lu Chen laughed dumbly, got up, raised his hand to lift the little lady’s chin, and stood tall, the little lady’s mind was swaying, she could barely hold herself, double His knees softened and he almost collapsed on the ground. Lu Chen was a little amused. He put two Qi Recovery Pills that were barely made into each other’s hands, and instructed:

“Go back, tell Fairy Mu, just say what you think of me. I got it.”

“Yes yes~”

The little lady didn’t dare to say any more, she held the two Qi Recovery Pills tightly in her slender hands, and suddenly left the courtyard, looking back again Look, the heart is still beating peng peng.

Lu Chen tore off the brocade cloth on the bamboo basket, and saw that there was a casserole in it. He lifted the lid of the pot, and there was still steam inside.

[Name]: Medicinal Diet

[Information]: First Rank Shengyang Wu ginseng soup


“It’s still a First Rank medicated meal.”

Lu Chen was a little surprised, this Mu Rong seemed to have really made a lot of money.

“Gudu Gudu~”

Drinking all the medicinal food in one gulp, Lu Chen was about to continue pill concocting when she saw the velvet girl walking out of the next room and said softly:


“Master, the warm water has been boiled, Duoduo is going to take a bath.”

“Take a bath?”

Lu Chen’s eyes shined, no longer pill concocting, so he stretched out his hand Picked up the velvet girl, strode in, said with a smile:

“It’s good to take a bath, I’ll help you rub…”

” Mmmmm~~”


The next day dawned, Lu Chen took Mu Rong out of Fangshi and continued to hunt Fei Skull without any surprises. It was not until the evening that it stopped, leaned on the back of the tiger girl, and reached out a little lightly:


【Nine Heavens Slaughter Demon Slash Promote Level Condition】:

[1]: Four thousand dead souls (4000/4000 has been achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[1] p>

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Perfection (Upgradeable!)+

“Finally I can get Promote Level.”

Lu Chen sighed with emotion, turned to look at Mu Rong who was resting in the back, reached out and tapped:

“Promote Level!”

“Buzz! Buzz!Buzz!~”

The scarlet handle manifested on the back, trembled slightly, and sank a little, Lu Chen’s body trembled slightly, and there was cold sweat on his forehead, and Mu Rong at the back noticed it. When he was abnormal, he quickly stepped forward and said in horror:

“Pre…senior, are you okay?”

“It’s okay!”

Lu Chen waved his hand and explained:

“I’m a spell in cultivation, no need to make a fuss about nothing.”


Mu Rong was so frightened that she thought that Lu Chen practiced some kind of evil law, and encountered backlash, trembling with fear, and it seemed like she was going to run away at any time, UU reading www.uukanshu. comLu Chen also stopped explaining.

Grit your teeth.

Be silent.

The body trembled, and the soul throbbed. It was not until two quarters of an hour later that Lu Chen grew a mouthful and completely relaxed. At this time, the blood-colored hilt behind him had long disappeared.

“You… are you okay?”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Chen shook his head and waved:

“Help me take a look, what’s on my back?”


Mu Rong took a few steps forward, looked around on tiptoe, and said in surprise: ” Senior, there is a blood line on your back, right in the middle, from here, all the way down.”

Mu Rong stretched out her finger to the back of her neck and gestured down.

“Got it.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, that was the mark left by the Great Divine Ability, similar to the coffin mark between the eyebrows, he turned his eyes to the light curtain in front of him, He asked casually:

“How many big and small works do I have now, and what is the ranking?”

“Senior has five major works and 827 minor works, and is currently ranked 55th.”


Lu Chen complied, and has no plans to compete for the list, he said:

“Nine Heavens Empty Demon Slash?”

“Nine Heavens Empty Demon Slash?”

“Oh.” p>

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Divine Ability]: Nine Heavens Void Demon Slash Beginning (Upgrade conditions can be expanded!)


Lesser Divine Ability Nine Heavens Slaughter Demon Slash, Promote Level becomes Great Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Empty Demon Slash], the difference of one word, as different as heaven and earth, not only the formidable power has been greatly improved, The most important thing is the word [empty], which is not only fast, but also has no distance limit.

Divine Ability is out.

No matter how far it is, it will be there in an instant! As for the specific effect, it will be known after it is used.

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