My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 128

“Very good!”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded. Seeing that it was getting late, he took Mu Rong to Fangshi. Along the way, he encountered many returning cultivators. No one talked. At most, it was nodded. The strength of flying skulls of the same rank is lower than that of cultivators. Often one cultivator can match two or even three flying skulls.

But at night, the threat of flying skulls will increase, not only will they appear and disappear unpredictably, but they will not be much less powerful than cultivators.


Many cultivators are groomed in Fang Market at night, and only come out to hunt during the day.

Lu Chen stepped into the market and saw a man walking towards him. This man was around 30 years old. He was wearing an ash-gray cloth shirt, his face was like a crown jade, and he was dressed as a scholar. He walked staggeringly. Akira, like a down-and-out scholar, seems to have drank a lot of spirit wine.


Lu Chen glanced at the other party, and suddenly felt that the figure has several points of familiarity.

[Name]: Guan Chengzi

[Information]: Second Realm Method Release Immortal Master


“Scholar Guan Chengzi of Nightmare Pen.”

Lu Chen’s eyes lit up, seeing that all around cultivators were avoiding him, but he didn’t dodge and slammed his head into it.


The two shoulders were close together, Lu Chen’s feet were completely motionless, but Guan Chengzi sat on the ground, the other side was stunned for a moment, furious, Cursing:

“You are blind.”

Speaking, he stood up suddenly, turned his hand and took out the [Sentence Pen], his face was fierce, and he used the pen to sharpen his face. Poke to Lu Chen’s abdomen, Lu Chen’s expression remained unchanged, he turned his left hand, a little bit of mana condensed in the palm of his hand, pushed out with one palm, and his index finger pressed the edge of the sentence pen.


With a muffled sound, the majestic power exploded between the two of them, Lu Chen’s feet did not move, Guan Chengzi “peng~ peng~ peng~ “Three steps back, his face was blue and white, and then he didn’t make a sound, bypassing Lu Chen, and the glowy face walked out of the market.

“senior, what’s the matter?”

Mu Rong turned back in front of her after realizing it, her face full of doubts, Lu Chen shook her head and said:

“It’s alright. !”


Mu Rong was relaxed and warned repeatedly:

“There is a Law Enforcement Team of our Tianmu Sect in Fang City. , although the senior is the Method Release Immortal Master, it cannot conflict with others. If the Law Enforcement Team sees it, the Spirit Stone will be confiscated in the lightest case, or driven out in the worst case.”

“I know~”

Lu Chen perfunctoryly put a thread of aura taken from Guan Chengzi into the palm of his left hand, and asked casually: “Apart from your Tianmu Sect, why haven’t you seen other cultivators in the sect? “

“They are few.”

Mu Rong continued to walk forward and explained:

“I don’t know what happened this time, except for Ling Sword. A large group of people have come from Mountain, such as Qianqingzong and Siji Shanzhuang, as well as other a poor, humble sect, only two or three people have come, and they are currently concentrated in the market in the east.”


Lu Chen was also a little strange in his heart, and asked again:

“Who is the person who brought Qingzong?”

“Yes There is an elder named Mohan, and a female disciple under her door.”

Since it is not Yu Linglong, it has nothing to do with him, Lu Chen returned to the rented courtyard , the sky hasn’t completely darkened yet, so he performed the Qiankun Reflection Technique several times, suddenly raised his brows, and whispered:

“Why is she here?”

Finished speaking, facing the The velvet girl who poured tea on the side said:

“You stay for a while, I’ll go out first.”

“Master will come back early.”


Lu Chen bowed his forehead, Yujian flew out of the market, and just as he flew into the air, he saw a group of flying heads roaring, nearly a hundred in number, and two of them were Second Rank Flying Skull.


The screaming sound was still echoing, a long tongue pierced Lu Chen’s head first, and another Second Rank flying head took the opportunity to dance its long hair and followed closely. entangled.

“I’m afraid you won’t make it! Come out!”

“wu wu wu ~”

After thinking about it, a white jade ring appeared on the surface of the body. Driven by mana, one hundred and eight rings manifested, spun frantically, and was airtight, firmly protecting Lu Chen’s body in it. It was the Second Rank Magical Artifact [Meridian Ring].



The long tongue that pierced was easily blocked, and the dancing frenzied hair did not show an inch.


Without waiting for the flying head to retract, Lu Chen squeezed the sword art and used the Seven Star Royal Sword Art, only to see seven sword stars flying from under his feet, and the spirit fish Usually, the fluttering hair was shattered in an instant, and the long tongue was also chopped in two.


Fei Skull wanted to retreat, but Lu Chen took the opportunity to approach and spit out:


The raging red fire immediately drowned a large number of flying skulls and died one after another in mourning. The flying skulls full of long hair were directly ignited by the red fire. go.

“Where to go!”

Lu Chen snorted softly, and five ghosts appeared around him, whirling around.


Lu Chen’s silhouette disappeared out of thin air and suddenly appeared in Flying Skull up ahead, before the Second Rank Flying Skull could react, it turned into a three-foot-three-inch Qingyun sword has been raised.

With a “puchi” sound, the flying skull was cut in half.


Lu Chen didn’t look at it too much. He flew north with his sword, and soon flew out of the battlefield and came to the sky over the Nieshui River. He stood in the air. , looked up and looked into the distance, and saw a large eagle flying from the north, flying closer and closer.

On the broad eagle back.

A silhouette cheerful stood up, waving a slender jade hand in surprise:


The person who came here was riding the Spirit Beast mountain The carved rouge tiger tongxin.


Lu Chen put away the Qingyun sword and stepped on the back of the mountain eagle, wondering:

“Why did you come here at this time? ?”

“I miss you~”

Rouge Tiger Tongxin bit her red lips lightly, charming eyes were like silk.

Lu Chen rolled the eyes, tidying up the other party’s messy blue silk, and asked:

“Tell the truth.”

Tong Xin no longer act like a spoiled child, Seriously explained:

“Yesterday my brother summoned, saying that a Method Release Immortal Master entered the military village, tyrannically abused power, and refused to leave. He originally planned to send a message to the master, I see. Fengxian Town has nothing to do for the time being, so let’s go and see for yourself.”

“Method Release Immortal Master?”

Lu Chen frowned, said:

“I’ll accompany you to come and have a look.”

“You are so nice~~”

Tong Xin smiled brightly, wrapped his slender hand around Lu Chen’s left arm, and ordered the mountain The eagle flew towards the north bank of the Nieshui River, and after a while, it came to the sky above the military village.


A mountain eagle chirped, circling and descending downward.

The huge movement has long alerted the lower Mountain Tiger Tongguan in the military village. He rode a tall horse and held a knife in his hand. He led dozens of people out of the village to greet him. At the entrance of the military village, there was a Guard. Soldier was cooking porridge, and hundreds of victims gathered all around.

“I have Immortal Master!”

“little old man kowtowed to Immortal Master~”

“Immortal Master Wan An!”


The victims were alerted by the huge movement in the air, and many people fell to their knees for a while, making a commotion, until the loudly shouted “Silence” in Tongguan, the scene was quiet.


The mountain sculpture slowly fell to the ground, Tongguan saw the silhouette on the back of the sculpture, and his face suddenly stiffened. Since returning to Fengxian Town, Tongguan has always been interested Avoid Lu Chen, even on the day Fang Yuqi and Lu Chen got married.

It was just a glance from afar.

There is no way. He once slashed at someone, and he always felt a chill behind his back. Even though he knew that the younger sister had come together with each other, he still couldn’t stand up straight.


Tongguan got off his horse and handed the knife to his subordinates. Brace oneself stepped forward:

“Enshrine, little sister!”


Lu Chen nods and asks:

“People are still there?”

“I just left, I must have been scared.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, instructed:

“Let me paint a portrait, I want to see.”


Tongguan not Dare to be negligent, and hurriedly ordered his subordinates to prepare. As a few generals in the Guard Soldier battalion, he is very clear about Lu Chen’s identity. Don’t look at the other side usually not showing the mountains and not revealing the water. Lord still works.

The portrait was sent up quickly.

Lu Chen opened it and saw that it was a hair grey-white Little Old Man painted on it, with a tattered body and a thick rope around his waist, like a beggar, looking still. A bit obscene.

Tong Xin next to him tilted his head and asked:

“Master, do you know?”

“I don’t know!”

Lu Chen shook his head. He had been in Fangshi for two days and had seen quite a few Method Release Immortal Masters, but he didn’t know anything about this person, so he tore the portraits at will, warned repeatedly:

“In the future, this person will not come back. If he does, there is no need to conflict with him. Just send us a message.”


Tongguan nodded, Lu Chen He didn’t stay any longer, riding a mountain eagle flying into the sky, seeing Tong Xin looking at him pitifully, Lu Chen helplessly said:

“Just stay with me for a few days.”


Tong Xin suddenly cheered, with a delicate face and eyes like water, the two flew south all the way. As Lu Chen flew into Fang City, he landed in the courtyard.

The two opened the curtain.

I saw Rongnv and Meng Yao sitting in front of a small table, playing chess, Hu Niu was lying at their feet, Meng Yao held her chin and looked at her head tilted:

“It’s Tong Xin’s elder sister, did you bring a present for Yaoyao?”

“Of course!”

Tong Xin pursed her lips and smiled, and took out a small The pig-shaped clay pot, Meng Yao’s big eyes lit up, and said happily:

“Peggy, it’s Peggy~~”



After dinner, Lu Chen coaxed him for a while before Meng Yao agreed to sleep with the velvet girl in the next room. When the two fell asleep, Lu Chen and Tong Xin looked at each other, sparks radiating.

Tong Xin flicked the corners of his lips, his red lips slightly parted:


Lu Chen stretched out his hand to carry Tong Xin up and walked away Entering the bedroom, the gauze curtain hangs down, but the room shakes.



“[Jade Ginseng Tongji] is proficient?”

“Poor…it’s almost there.”

“That’s good.”


Waiting for Lu Chen to open his eyes, look out the window It was just dawn, and he realized that there was already twenty-eight yuan of mana in the Spirit Orifice, and he silently realized it.

Tong Xin also woke up and said:

“Master, I also have fifteen yuan mana.”



Lu Chen nodded, flipped his hand and took out ten Spirit Stones and handed them over to the other party: “You use these ten Spirit Stones first, you can use them as soon as you can, no need to save, when you run out, I will give them to you. .”

“Master, then you…”

“I still have five yuan on me, and I will be rich after I make a seal ball. Still in pill concocting, there is no shortage of Spirit Stones.”

“You are so nice~”

Lu Chen looked up at the light curtain in front of him, and said silently:


[Upgrade conditions for the Jade Ginseng with the same deed]:

[1]: Dao Companion 3rd place

[2]: Weekend 100 Times

[3]: Two Spirit Stones


[Name]: Lu Chen

[ Cultivation technique 】: Beginning with Jade Ginseng +



After several days of delay, Jade Ginseng shares After all, it was upgraded to [Proficient], Lu Chen grinned, and whispered: “Let’s take the time to repair it again before the sky is bright, shall we?”


Tong Xin readily agreed, suddenly widened a pair of peach blossom eyes, and said in a trembling voice:

“Master, I’m going to become an immortal…”


In the next few days, Lu Chen took Mu Rong to hunt flying skulls during the day, and Tong Xin was like a newcomer’s little daughter-in-law, and even the colors became more and more brilliant. .

Daily happy laughter and cheerful voices , full of energy.

apart from this.

Lu Chen also does two things. One is to use [Qiankun Image Method] to stare at Guan Chengzi. The reason for staring at him is because Guan Chengzi has a confidant named [He Qiao]. He is extremely mysterious. When he left Qianmufang City earlier, the reason why Guan Chengzi was able to block him was probably due to He Qiao’s credit.

The reason why Lu Chen was not in a hurry to attack Guan Chengzi was that he wanted to use Guan Chengzi to find out the trace of this person. He was a little interested in this He Qiao.

However, there have been no harvests for several days.

As for Guan Chengzi, he still goes out every day and night. The place he goes to is the small square city in the west. Mountain Monarch Lu suppresses thousands of corpses in the sky. After Hua Jieyu was bought by him. , placed in Xiaofang City in the west, normally guarded by Bai Wuchang and Hei Wuxiang.


Every midnight, the two ghosts go out for a walk.

As short as a quarter or two.

One hour long.

Guan Chengzi has been squatting for several days in a row, and he has gradually figured out the law, and the thief’s heart has begun to stir again. All this is naturally seen by Lu Chen.

In addition, Lu Chen is also doing daily pill concocting.

[Detailed explanation of Pill Dao] There are 13 kinds of Pill Recipes in total, of which there are nine kinds of First Rank Pill Recipes and three kinds of Second Rank Pill Recipes, all of which are ordinary Pill Recipes, among First Rank Pill Recipes, Lu Chen I picked three, namely [Fasting Pill], [Liang Qing Dan] and [Meridian Protection Pill], and Second Rank Pill Recipe.

【Youth Preserving Pill 】, 【Qi Gathering Pill 】and 【Zixia Dan】.

Fasting Pill is used for fasting, one pill can be used to avoid eating or drinking in recent months; Liangqing Pill is a fun-loving pill that can be taken by both men and women, and the effect is excellent; Meridian Protection Pill is better than ordinary blood recovery Dan is better. Not only does it have an excellent healing effect, but it is said that it has a slight effect when breaking through Method Release Immortal Master, which is very popular among loose cultivators.

Youth Preserving Pill Needless to say.

Second Rank Qi Gathering Pill is similar to First Rank Qi Recovery Pill. It is used to restore mana and speed up cultivation. As for Zixia Dan, it is the healing medicine of Second Rank.

In addition to Youth Preserving Pill, spiritual medicine for refining the other five medicine pills is not difficult to buy. Method], after a few days, except for Youth Preserving Pill, which is not easy to use, the other five medicine pills have been able to have the words at hand.

This evening.

Lu Chen brought Meng Yao, Tong Xin and Rong Nu to set up a stall.

The streets were bustling and crowded with cultivators. Tong Xin and Rong Nu were on the left and right. Although they were both wearing veils, they still attracted the attention of many people. On Lu Chen’s shoulders, he raised his white chin and shouted:

“Selling medicine pills, the newly released medicine pills are guaranteed to be authentic, and the old man is not deceived~~”

The young voice echoed through the street, immediately attracting customers.

“What kind of medicine pill is this?”

“Qi Gathering Pill!”

“What about this?”

“First Rank Meridian Protection Pill!”

“How do you sell it?”

“Ten spirits and one Meridian Protection Pill, a bottle of eleven pills in total, buy a bottle, only one hundred Spiritsand.”

“I want a bottle!”


“I want a Zixiadan.”

“Wait a minute!”

“Hey, what is this? It looks familiar.”

“This is a sealed ball. There are only three of these, eight pieces. One Spirit Stone, no bargaining!”

“It’s much cheaper than Sifang Pavilion, I’ll take one.”


people coming , people going , there was an endless stream, and before one hour, the seal balls and medicine pills on the booth were sold out, Meng Yao was overjoyed, and excitedly said:

“big brother, how much money we made. ?”

“Count it.”


Lu Chen put away the booth and turned over to take out all the Spirit Stone spiritsand , piled up a small piece on the ground, Meng Yao pouted her little butt, like a fan of small money, and counted them one by one:

“One, two…five….”

Lu Chen and Rong Nu and Tong Xin looked at each other, both funny.

This time, I sold 30 Spirit Stones and more than 2,000 spiritsands, most of which came from the Sealed Balls. As for the medicine pills, because of the loss in the early stage, it can only be said to be small. earn.

Rao is so, Tong Xin is still dazzled, and said with emotion:

“It is said that cultivation is a hundred arts, as long as you master one, there is no shortage of cultivation resources. It’s really not bad.”

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen rolled the eyes, this silly girl.

Although the words are not bad, but if you want to learn a craft easier said than done, that is, Lu Chen, who has not yet pill concocting, has already mastered the pill concocting method. If the talent is not outstanding enough, it is guaranteed that even the shorts will be paid for.

The four of them strolled around the street for a while, and were about to return to the courtyard when Lu Chen suddenly saw a silhouette sneaking out of the market. It was Guan Chengzi, a scholar of nightmare writing. Said:

“You guys go back first, I want to go out.”

“Master come back early.”

“Big brother, come back soon. Oh Yaoyao.”

“Master, I’ll wait for you~”


Lu Chen nodded and watched the three of them enter the courtyard before he Quietly flew out of Fang City.

Guan Chengzi left Fangshi, stretched out his hand and took out a dog-face mask, tapped it on his face, and walked all the way through the wilderness. Soon, he came to the small Fangshi in the west, in a gorgeous place. They lurked outside the courtyard, and just after midnight, two figures, one white and one black, floated out of the courtyard as usual.

Guan Chengzi clenched the teeth, took out a Second Rank [Ban Breaking Talisman], and waved it out.


The forbidden symbol flew out and stuck on a light curtain that manifested out of thin air. The curtain opened quietly, Guan Chengzi was wearing a dog face mask, and the gloomy face walked in.

Luxurious bedroom interior.

On the spacious bed.

A silhouette was sleeping soundly, her slender jade neck was suddenly strangled by a big hand, the feeling of suffocation awakened the beauty on the couch, and she opened her eyes to see a familiar dog face mask appearing in front of her.

“Zhong…Zhong Lang…”



Guan Chengzi’s eyes were bloodshot, and with a roar, he tore up Hua Jieyu’s few robes, gnashing teeth said:

“Then how did Mountain Monarch Lu play with you? Yes. Is that so?”

“wú wú wú ~~”

“Is that so??”

“wu wu ~~”

“It’s still like this???”

“wu wu wu~~~”

“You really are not perfect, UU reading splash! Splash!朲!! Splash 朲!!!”

“wu wu wu ~”


Outside Fang City, Lu Chen looked at The ultra-clear picture presented in the palm of the left hand, listening to the sound, watching it with relish, whispered: “This Fairy Maiden Hua’s figure is still good…”

The voice just fell, the tube The city suddenly fell down.

Guan Chengzi seemed to have regained his rationality. He stretched out his hand and took off the dog-face mask on his face and threw it aside. :

“Jie Yu, I…I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it, wu wu wu ~”

for a while.

Crying seems even more sad than Hua Jieyu.

After a while, Guan Chengzi finally woke up and pulled Hua Jieyu up, unable to hide the madness in his eyes:

“Jieyu, come with me, We are far away, and I will treat you well!”

Hua Jieyu stopped sobbing and stared at each other, as if reacquainted, but there was a strong sense of fear and scheming in her eyes. :

“Okay, Zhong Lang, take me away, let’s go far away, I only hope Zhong Lang can treat me like before.”


Guan Chengzi was overjoyed, he casually helped Hua Jieyu put on his shirt, dragged the other party and strode out, crossed the courtyard, walked out of the market, and ran all the way into the wilderness, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, a silhouette suddenly fell from the sky, brows lightly raise , teasing:

“Hey, what are you doing, elopement?”


Was tried last night~.~

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