My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 129

“You… Who are you?”

Guan Chengzi stopped, his expression solemn, his left hand tightly grabbed Hua Jieyu’s wrist, unwilling to let go, right In hand, it appeared quietly.

Lu Chen stood in the air, grinning and saying with a smile:

“I just stole my Peach Wood Sword, it’s only been a few days, don’t you know me?”

“It’s you!”

Guan Chengzi, pupils shrank, suddenly attacked.

“Write the universe horizontally and vertically, and fix the soul with one stroke!”

The ethereal voice suddenly sounded in my ears, and Lu Chen’s thoughts became slow, but more than that. The last time I was too relaxed, so I didn’t panic, Guan Chengzi swept to Lu Chen quickly, and stabbed the pen fiercely at the head, face looked sinister, and said fiercely:

“This time you can There’s no chance to wear armor!”

Seeing that the edge of the pen was about to stab, he saw a dark yellow talisman sticking to Lu Chen’s chest, which suddenly burst into flames.

“Not good!”

“hehe ~”

The talisman paper burned, and Lu Chen returned to normal, pinching Guan Chengzi’s wrist with his left hand , Right hand clenched fist, fist fiercely pounded in each other’s chest.


β€œpu~ ”

The sternum collapsed, Guan Chengzi spit a mouthful of blood, flew backwards, but was caught by Lu Chen caught up in an instant, stretched out his hand to hold the opponent’s shoulder, punched the door in the face, knocked out several teeth, and his face was crooked. Guan Chengzi wanted to raise his pen to resist, but Lu Chen didn’t give him a chance at all, “ka- “cha”, broke the opponent’s right arm, and directly grabbed Second Rank’s penalty pen forcibly.


Another kick kicked the person flying, tumbling and falling far away.

From controlled.

to counter.

Everything happened in an instant, and before Hua Jieyu could react, Guan Chengzi, who was charging ahead, had fallen back to his feet.

Blood on my face!


Lu Chen looked down at the burning talisman in his chest. This is the First Rank from Fang Yuqi. It is not very useful. When he reacted, it was even more ridiculous that Guan Chengzi dared to get close.

You know, he is not just in name only, but also in reality, the Body Refinement of the Second Realm.

“You…your strength…”

“puchi ~”

soul guarding talisman burns out in the chest, whatever Chengzi staggered to his feet, and before he could finish speaking, Lu Chen waved and shot seven sword stars, pinning each other’s limbs and three key points on his chest respectively.

“It’s so cruel!”

Guan Chengzi gnashing teeth, with a sound of “pu tong”, knelt to the ground, a talisman paper in his left hand fell along with it, and Lu Chen stepped forward A few steps, pick up the rune paper.

: talisman

: Second Rank Earth Escape Talisman


“Not bad, I accepted !”

Lu Chen grinned and put Earth Escape Talisman and the Second Rank penalty pen into the seal ball.

“Guan Chengzi, you only have two choices, life…or die. If you still want to live, tell me He Qiao’s address. You only have ten breaths to consider the time.”

Lu Chen’s voice was cold, and he looked down at the other party.


Guan Chengzi’s complexion changed dramatically, his face struggled, and finally fiercely clenched the teeth:

“I said!”

“puchi ~”

Before the voice fell, a crystal dagger stabbed into Guan Chengzi’s back heart, fiercely cut it out, Guan Chengzi’s eyes widened, bleeding from his nose and mouth, A face full of unwillingness:



After finishing his words, he leaned forward and fell to the ground , die without resting eyes.

: Hua Jieyu

: Qi Refinement ninth layer, Water Spiritual Root


Lu Chen Wang Hua Jieyu, who was holding a blood-stained dagger, frowned, said with displeasure:

“You killed my captive.”

Hua Jieyu folded the blue silk around her ear to cover up With the panic and fear on his face, he forced himself to calm down and said:

“Immortal Master, He Qiao’s residence, the little girl also knows.”

“You know?”



Hua Jieyu nodded, Lu Chen frowned:

“What do you want?”

“Just want to live .”

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen laughed and shook his head: “You are a smart woman, but a piece of news can’t change your Fairy Maiden Hua’s life, after all You are very valuable.”

Hua Jieyu threw the dagger on the ground, did not panic as she imagined, smiled sadly, ripped off her shirt, and looked up at Lu Chen’s eyes:

“And what about this body?”


“Now, Fairy Maiden Hua is yours, Immortal Master, please enjoy yourself Enjoy!”

Hua Jieyu took two steps forward, almost touching Lu Chen’s body, she lightly closed her eyes, her body trembled slightly, as if waiting for Lu Chen’s brutal whipping.

“Enjoy it.”

Lu Chen raised the other’s chin, and said in a high voice:

“Have you ever thought about it, compared to For your body, you have greater value in other aspects.”

Hua Jieyu’s mind was complicated, and he said blankly:


Lu Chen grinned and said in his ear:

“You and I might as well make a verbal agreement that if one day, Mountain Monarch Lu’s defeat is imminent, you can be like today, and if there is any news, you can call me , I will not only pay you handsomely, but in return I will keep the events of tonight a secret…”

“You…you’re going to deal with Mountain Monarch?”

“The world is impermanent, who can say for sure.”


The two whispered for a while, Hua Jieyu put on a shirt and a hand skirt Take a quick walk away.

But her heart is infinitely complicated, she feels like a pure lamb, sliding into the abyss step by step, and the man just now, like a terrifying demon, is tempting her, but she is right. It doesn’t know anything.

Lu Chen found a storage bag from the body.

With a wave of his hand, a flame flew out, burning the corpse to ashes, and would not stop there. According to the information provided by Hua Jieyu, he circled around in a big circle and came all the way to Fangshi in the south of Fengpo City.

Walking into Fangshi, I soon came to a yard.


Lu Chen jumped over the wall and jumped into the yard, and found that the building was already empty. Suddenly, I saw a balance ruler on the wooden table in the room.

There are two notes under the ruler.

He took the ruler away and saw a small piece of paper written on the note:

“Yesterday Qi Refinement, today’s Method Release, out of desperation, don’t blame it!”

Lu Chen took out the note below, and saw a small letter written on the note: “Flying skulls are destroyed, disaster is coming, both grievances and grievances are clear, leave quickly!”

Two pieces of paper, representing two things, one to apologize and one to warn.


Lu Chen’s expression became solemn, and even Sifang Pavilion said that this is a good divination. Since the other party said that there was a disaster, it was probably not groundless. If so, it seems to be early. prepare.


At present, there are still tens of thousands of flying skulls, and there is still a lot of time before the day of extinction.


When Lu Chen returned to the rented courtyard, it was already ugly three quarters. Meng Yao and the velvet girl had already slept, and he kicked Meng Yao away. Jin was carefully covered.

“big brother?”

Meng Yao was lying on the small bed and opened her big eyes in a daze.

“It’s big brother, sleep!”


Meng Yao closed her eyes and fell asleep like a good baby.

Lu Chen closed the door tightly and pushed open the bedroom next door. He saw Tong Xin sitting on the edge of the bed, still waiting silently. Seeing Lu Chen’s return, he quickly greeted him happily:

“Master, you’ve come back~”

Speaking, waiting for Lu Chen to undress, Lu Chen grinned:

“I’ve made you wait for a long time, tonight. ..Let’s change it up?”


Tong Xin’s peach eyes lit up slightly, and couldn’t wait to say:

“Master, what should I do? Do?”

“Like this, bend your head, right, hold on to the edge of the bed, that’s it, not bad.” Skirt:

“Master, people are ready~”




In the next few days, Lu Chen continued to hunt flying skulls during the day, and at night he was concocting the tigers. As the medicine pill continued to be sold, the Spirit Stone on his body was slowly growing , By the end of March, he was worth fifty Spirit Stones, and his pill concocting method became more and more proficient.

This evening.

Lu Chen was officially refining. As the Ice Heart Grass was put into the Dragon-Tiger pan gold furnace, dragon’s cry tiger’s roar echoed faintly. When the fire was put away, several ice jade-like pills were lying on the ground. in.

: medicine pill

: Second Rank Youth Preserving Pill


He opened the lid and asked quickly:

“Master, how many grains are there?”

“Five grains!”

“very good ~”

Tong Xin was very happy, and clasped Lu Chen’s arm tightly with her slender hands, like a little milk cat begging for food, and said:


Lu Chen was dumbfounded Laughing, instructed:

β€œOpen your mouth!”

Tongxin opened her red lips obediently, Lu Chen put a Youth Preserving Pill in, but Tongxin grabbed her fingers, Lu Chen Chen didn’t take it back, let the other party play, and said:

“Let’s go back to Fengxian Town tomorrow.”


Tong Xin knew the seriousness, so he didn’t bother, just worried:

“Where’s the master?”

“I’ll wait for two more days.”

Lu Chen Self-consciously, the life-saving method is not bad. First, he is reluctant to let go of the remaining flying heads. There is also the temptation to exchange resources. Second, he wants to see something. If there is really a disaster, the grievance between him and He Qiao will be clear. , if it is false, there are still some calculations.

“You must be careful.”

“I will!”

Lu Chen nods the bottle, and then puts ten Spirit Stones and two Qi Gathering Pills , and two Youth Preserving Pills to give to Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi. Tong Xin carefully put it away and said with tears in his eyes:

“Master, I’m leaving tomorrow, tonight…must take care of others~”



The next day, Lu Chen took Tong Xin with numb hands and feet out of Fang City, and watched him go back north on a mountain sculpture before returning to Fang. In the city, let the velvet girl temporarily avoid the sea of liuli flowers, and take Mu Rong to continue to hunt the flying skull.

It’s two more days in the blink of an eye.

There are not many flying skulls left on the battlefield. Lu Chen’s ranking on the merit list has risen to 13th, and the Great Divine Ability has also risen to Level 1, reaching it.

This evening, when Lu Chen and Mu Rong returned to Fangshi, they saw the noise on the street, and the loose cultivators beamed with joy.

Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“What’s wrong?”

“senior, the flying skulls will be eliminated tomorrow, and you can exchange them at that time. Cultivation resources, everyone is naturally happy.”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful and went straight back to the rented courtyard.


The night was dark, high above the sky, the Tianmu daoist who was sitting cross-legged opened his eyes, he looked down at the four directions, slowly opened the mouth and said: “The Flying Head will be destroyed, the three Fellow Daoists, do you have enough resources to redeem the loose cultivator?”


Madam Peacock covered her mouth and sneered, the back of her head The face mystifying said: “A group of people hates things that dogs dislike. I spend the Lou Family small business, but I can’t bring out so many things.”

Mountain Monarch Lu’s eyes are cold, coldly said:

“hmph, who dares to find this Mountain Monarch??”


Mili Daoist Priest sighed and shook his head silently.

The four aloof and remote great characters of the three realms looked at each other, Tianmu daoist’s eyes flickered, and he stroked his beard:

“That’s the case… let’s release it first.”



“Just do it!”

The four of them got up, When I started to shake my hands, in an instant, the wind and clouds were turbulent, the universe was reversed, and five flying heads escaped in an instant, carrying the wind and rain, screaming and screaming, each of them… is a terrible third rank.


“Boom boom~”

The huge roar woke up Lu Chen, who was meditating. He swept out of the room and saw Due to the south, thousands of corpses nearly 200 meters high have escaped their traps and are rushing towards the square market in the south.


The soles of the feet collapsed, and the entire sky-covering moon formation was destroyed in an instant. The cultivators in Fang City fled for their lives in panic, only to see countless arms stretched out, One by one, the cultivators were captured by thousands of corpses, and they all died.

“Sure enough!”

With He Qiao’s warning, Lu Chen had already anticipated it. With a scream, one after another fireball spit out from his mouth, hiding the sky and covering the earth and smashing downwards, the entire city turned into a fire sea in the blink of an eye.

: Flying Skull

: third rank

“third rank Flying Head!”

Lu Chen was startled. Seeing a fireball hitting him, he didn’t dare to be careless. He hurriedly moved the secret art. Five ghosts appeared, and after a while, Lu Chen appeared out of thin air outside the courtyard .


The house collapsed and the entire courtyard was engulfed by fire sea.

Lu Chen looked at the sky again, and found that the third rank flying head had fallen from the sky, massacred in the market, opened his mouth and shut his mouth, biting each cultivator to death on the spot, fast terrifying, not to mention practicing qi cultivator, even Method Release Immortal Master can’t stop a few tricks.

For a while, the screams and screams were loud.

“It’s time to go!”

Lu Chen sighed, just about to leave, Meng Yao on his shoulder pointed into the distance:

“big brother, that’s the one elder sister.”

Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw Mu Rong running towards this side, crying while running:

“senior, help me~”

Behind the other party, the third rank flying head has opened its mouth, a mouth full of blood gorillas, with a hideous face.


The five ghosts appeared out of thin air around Mu Rong, and they moved them in the blink of an eye, before Mu Rong came back to his senses , Lu Chen warned repeatedly:

“Stand firm!”

“shua! , the two appeared outside Fang City in an instant, and before he could breathe a sigh of relief, Meng Yao cried out in surprise again:

“big brother, a bad guy is chasing after him.”

“en ?”

Lu Chen turned around abruptly, and saw the red-faced third rank Flying Skull chased out of Fang Shi and rushed towards him quickly.

β€œcourting death!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted, as soon as he thought about it, everything around immediately seemed to have slowed down countless times, and the blood line on his back turned into a scarlet blade glow, which instantly lifted into the air.

“Nine Heavens Empty Demon Slash!”


The voice is still echoing, and the blade glow has cut itself out.

A swipe away.

disappeared out of thin air.

In an instant, he drilled out in front of Flying Skull and slashed past, unavoidable.

It was unimaginable so fast that even Mu Rong, who was beside her, didn’t notice it, and everything was back to normal.

β€œLet’s go!”




Lu Chen didn’t stop, continued to use the Five Ghosts Confusion Technique, and quickly moved away, leaving only the red-faced flying skull frozen in the air, with a “peng” sound.

It fell to the ground, splitting in two.

Already a level Great Divine Ability.

Lu Chen is not sure to kill Tongxuan daoist, but if he wants to kill a flying head, he is more confident. After all, the method of this flying head is relatively simple, and in his eyes, it has nothing to do with the target. the difference.


When the five ghosts disappeared, the two of them had already appeared on the south bank of the Nieshui River. Looking at the burning square market in the distance, Mu Rong was shocked again. Fear again.

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