My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 13

Although the Peach Wood Sword is a Magical Artifact, but without the blessing of Spiritual Qi, it is a broken wooden stick, which is why Lu Chen does not want to carry it with him. With Spiritual Qi, Magical Artifact Peach Wood Sword instantly transforms into a peerless sword.

Can cut jade stone.

It can cut gold and iron!

In addition to the effect of exorcising evil spirits, the formidable power is even stronger!

Sitting down in the yard, Lu Chen placed the Peach Wood Sword on his knees, and with a thought, the Spiritual Qi came out of the Spirit Orifice, wrapped around the Peach Wood Sword and started refining.

Because there is too little Spiritual Qi, Lu Chen refining is not smooth, intermittently.

From morning to noon.

In the afternoon.

It took more than half a day to completely refining.


With the trembling of the Peach Wood Sword, a brilliance swept across the blade, as if the sword edge was opened.


Lu Chen opened his mouth and took a breath, the three Dao Marks at the sword jaws flashed slightly, and the Peach Wood Sword instantly became smaller, not in the mouth, and fell all the way. Spirit Orifice, ups and downs in the Spiritual Qi. He stretched out his right hand and the Peach Wood Sword came out of the Spirit Orifice and swam over the meridian.

Pricked from the Laogong point in the palm, manifested in the hand.

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was overjoyed, playing with the Peach Wood Sword, sometimes putting it away, sometimes releasing it, and exhausting Spiritual Qi in his body after a while. do. He hurriedly sat down to recover.

Then, start to practice [Radiating Light Technique] and [Sword Control Technique].

Until evening.

Lu Chen just came out of Long Spring Temple, stayed in an Inn, never went out, and has been practicing all kinds of spells.

Again and again.

Back and forth.

The next day, the sky will be bright!

Lu Chen floated out of the Inn, stopped and walked, looking around, unconsciously came to the Scarlet Chamber Garden again, looked up, and saw a person sitting on the roof facing east.


Blue silk dancing!

Lu Chen jumped, raised his foot and stepped on the wall, stretched out his hand to hold the corner of the first floor, turned over and stood on it, and did the same, quickly climbed to the roof of the third floor, grinning and saying with a smile:

“Hey, what a coincidence!”

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e coldly snorted, ignore Lu Chen, continue Waiting for the morning sun that will come out of the mountain. Lu Chen stopped talking and sat down beside Jiang Hong’e.

Time flies so slowly.

Lu Chen sighed, looking at the serious Jiang Hong’e from time to time, a little uncomfortable. At this time, Jiang Hong’e was wearing a green lotus dress with three thousand blue silk tied behind his head.

Without the dusty atmosphere of the past, there is a bit more fresh and refined fairy smell.

โ€œVarious Demoness?โ€

Lu Chen whispered, making Jiang Hong’e glared.

Time passed slowly, and in an instant, the morning sun rose, and the rays of light filled Heaven and Earth. Lu Chen hurriedly cheered up, focused Spiritual Qi in his eyes, and watched intently.

Suddenly, a multicolored light came to the fore.


Lu Chen was shocked, but instead of shooting, he looked at Jiang Hong’e.

Jiang Hong’e didn’t refuse, flicked his long sleeves, and the three-foot red velvet flew into the sky, dashed into the rays of the sun in an instant, rolled it lightly, wrapped the ray of aura, captured it back, and shot it again.

No matter what else, focus on practicing Radiating Light Technique.

Lu Chen was not distracted, and continued to stare at Zhaoxia.


Another Five Colored Spirit Light appeared. Lu Chen didn’t have the ability of Jiang Hong’e, so he could only wait for the other party to come to the door. Fortunately, the spirit light was erratic and flew over quickly.

“Come on!”

Lu Chen took a deep breath, gathered Spiritual Qi in his left hand, stretched out his hand, restrained the spiritual light, and quietly took out the prepared spiritsand .

[Radiating Light Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]: A ray of inspiration (achieved!)

[2]: One day of cultivation (already achieved!) Achieved!)

[3]: Five-day spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement First Layer

[spell ]: Radiating Light Technique not entry (upgradeable)+


Reaching out a little [+], Lu Chen meditated in the heart:

โ€œUpgrade!โ€ The faces fuse together, and gradually a circular blurred mirror surface is formed, and a silver white pointer appears on the mirror surface.

In an instant, Lu Chen gained a lot of insights into Radiating Light Technique.

He opened his eyes, and in the dark pupil of his left eye, there was a black pointer, which could clearly see the aura of all things.

Lu Chen looked down on Fengxian Town, and saw that things have the air of things, trees have the air of trees, people have the air of popularity, dogs have the air of dogs, and they are disturbing, World’s All Living Things…the atmosphere is different, He turned his head to look at Jiang Hong’e, and saw that the other party also had a pale red aura.

It’s time to gather and some time to disperse.

Increase and decrease.

Lu Chen grinned, reached out and beckoned, and a pale red breath quietly flew into the mirror of his left hand.


Spiritual Qi began to consume rapidly, the silver white pointer on the mirror surface spun rapidly, and when it stopped, it just pointed to the position of Jiang Hong’e beside him.

“It’s quite accurate.”

Lu Chen is proud of himself, and when he thinks, the mirror in his palm disappears, and the pointer in his eyes disappears. This Radiating Light Technique is really extraordinary, just just entered has a capability.

It’s called [Pursue].

When Radiating Light Technique Perfection is completed, there will be an additional ability. At that time, the mirror surface of the palm will no longer be fuzzy, and you can watch external images, which is called [Viewing Movies].

It takes at least several decades, or even a lifetime of hard work, to cultivate a skill to Perfection.

But Lu Chen is different, he can upgrade!


“Watching the movie…”

My heart skipped a beat, isn’t this the live broadcast of my previous life? Lu Chen glanced at Jiang Hong’e silently, and whispered to himself: “When the time comes, I don’t know if it will be discovered…”

Jiang Hong’e saw it when he opened his eyes Lu Chen stared at himself, Emei had a feeling in the heart, and asked:

“Have you practiced it?”

Lu Chen was startled, UU reading www hurriedly shook his head:

“How can I do it? It took me half a year to practice Master regardless of weather conditions, how can it be so easy, after all, it is the spell of Authentic Level, although it is very difficult for me to deal with , but it will take at least ten days to half a month.”

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e tenderly snorted, the depressed mood finally got better, got up, The lotus step moved slightly, and he was about to return to the Scarlet Chamber Garden.

Lu Chen suddenly said resolutely again:

“It’s set for today.”

“Have you figured it out?”

” Itโ€™s almost done, weโ€™ll add up when weโ€™re eating for a while, and donโ€™t give a setback.โ€

โ€œhmph, who invited you to dinner.โ€

โ€œI canโ€™t even invite you. Ah, stingy, what about the silver tael?”


On this day, with the beauty on the side, Lu Chen served five people’s meals and ate them. Eight points full.


The blazing sun hangs high.

Under Withered Cicada Temple.

A young man gasping for breath climbed up the low hill and ran to the temple gate. As soon as he arrived at the gate, he was stopped by a monk with a stick:

“Stop here! “

“Letter…an urgent letter to Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk.”

In Withered Cicada Temple.

In the dim room, a mournful scream resounded repeatedly, and the monk who delivered the letter knocked on the door and waited at the door with a pale face.


After a long time, the screams stopped, the closed door opened, and a monk nearly two meters tall, wearing a cassock, with a gloomy face, walked away. Came out, glanced at the bowed monk, coldly said:

“What’s the matter?”

“Back… back to Yuan Zhen Martial Uncle, there is… urgent Letter.”

Yuan Zhen took the letter, opened it and glanced at it, a sly smile appeared on his face: “hmph, my appetite is not small, I’m afraid I’ll hold you to death!”

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