My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 130

Lu Chen turned and glanced at Mu Rong, frowned:

“Didn’t you say that a thousand corpses can’t get out of trouble?”


Mu Rong lowered her head in shame, and whispered:

“People… they’re just a little girl, so they just talk nonsense. That’s all, senior, it can’t be true.”


Lu Chen rolled the eyes and asked again:

“Did you receive any news from the Tianmu Sect last night?”


Mu Rong was a little at a loss, but suddenly thought of something, replied: “Although I didn’t, Many senior brothers and senior sisters in Kefang City quietly left the city before dark last night, I…I…”

“You are an abandoned child! “


Mu Rong was heartbroken for a while.

Thousands of corpses escaped from the trap, but the four daoists were hidden. As long as you think about it, you can detect the tricks. In the end, it’s still a rabbit dead and a dog cooking, the birds are over, the bow is The trick of putting away, but unfortunately everyone was fascinated by the promise given by Tianmuzong, and failed to think of this First Layer.

After this.

The loose cultivators in the entire Yuluan prefecture are likely to collapse, and I don’t know how many are left.

The two walked up a low hill of more than ten meters, and watched with their own eyes the collapse of the market one by one, and a large number of cultivators were killed.

“A little emptiness, a thousand miles… happy wind~”

Lu Chen was watching, when a slight voice suddenly entered his ears, he turned his head to look, and saw a silhouette Coming from the northwest, there is a breeze.

Big sleeves fluttering.

dishevelled hair.

It was a thousand-eyed Taoist who was chased and killed by Tianmu daoist. The thousand-eyed Taoist fell on a low hill, five or six meters away from Lu Chen. He looked at the thousands of corpses in the south and said with emotion:

“It’s… a bunch of poor idiots!”


Lu Chen touched his nose, disagreeing Its lower oneself to somebody’s level, here is not far from the battlefield, if there is a big fight, it is difficult to guarantee that several people in the sky will not notice.

Thousand-eyed Taoist watched for a while, then turned to look at the two of them, looked at Lu Chen, and looked at Mu Rong:

“You guys… seem to know me? “

“I don’t know!”

“No…I don’t know!”

Lu Chen face doesn’t change, Mu Rong was so frightened that she hurried to hide Beside Lu Chen.


Thousand-eyed Daoist shook his head and grunted:

“You must know me, let me have a look!”

“No!” p>

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and wiped his eyes, which lit up like light bulbs, shining on Lu Chen.

“It’s you!”

Thousand-eyed Taoist recognized Lu Chen, and said in surprise, “It’s only been a few days, but it has become a climate, not bad, not bad!”

Looking at Mu Rong again, his eyes fell on the jade token hanging on the other side’s waist, and suddenly said:

“It turned out to be the little girl of Tianmu Sect, no wonder, no wonder!”


Lu Chen was too lazy to pay attention to the other party. When he was not in the second realm, he could still remain undefeated with Yanyang armor. Now, he is not afraid at all. Seeing the fear on Mu Rong’s face, he asked:

“You know him too?”


Mu Rong nodded and explained in a low voice:

“This person is a traitor of our Tianmu Sect , The entire sect has a portrait of this person. At one time, the Tianmu sect was divided into two veins, lineage [ๅคฉ็›ฎ] and lineage [Qianmu]. The two chakras took turns in charge of the whole sect. Decades ago, the Qianmu lineage provoked civil strife. As a result, there was a big fight, and many of the same sects died. In the end, the Thousand Eyes lineage was defeated and killed. This person took advantage of the chaos and stole the third rank Magical Artifact [Thousand Eyes Mirror].โ€

Lu Chen Suddenly, it is no wonder that Tianmu daoist has been chasing and killing this guy. It seems that it is not only for hatred, but most of them are reluctant to bear that third rank Magical Artifact.


Lu Chen murmured and shook his head immediately. Coming to this third rank Magical Artifact is not very useful, and although he has some small frictions with this person, it is not yet time for a life-and-death fight.

Not to mention.

I have cheated on him many times.

Although Mu Rong’s voice was small, it couldn’t escape the eyes and ears of the Thousand Eyes Daoist. He turned his head again, and said Faintly: “Since I know the identity of Poor Daoist, you and I are also people of the same clan. Since it is fate to meet, why not join me?”


Mu Rong shook her head desperately. Seeing Lu Chen, she quickly explained:

“This person is very ruthless, not a good teacher.”

“hmph ~”

Thousand-eyed Taoist coldly snorted, gloomily said:

“That can’t be you, Qiankun sleeve!”


Speaking, the right hand sleeve robe unfolded, and instantly swelled countless times, turning his head and covering his face to the two of them. Rolled, like an iron curtain, Lu Chen lifted his foot and took a step forward and shot it with one palm.


With a muffled sound, Lu Chen’s feet fell three inches underground, and Qiankun Xiu was blocked by him.

“Some ability!”

Thousand-eyed Taoist sneered, stepped on the Seven Stars Step and attacked Lu Chen. Lu Chen was not afraid and raised his hand to meet him, neither of them dared. Use mana, fight with fleshy body.


“peng peng ~”

You come and go, test each other, just three moves, the fists of the thousand-eyed Taoist are already red and swollen , only dared to cover with Qiankun sleeves, very embarrassed, after five moves, the other party suddenly took a few steps back, hurting contorts one’s face in agony, waved his hand and said:

“No fighting, no fighting~”

“hmph ~”

Lu Chen coldly snorted, ignoring the other party, if not scruples, worried that the other party will cast spell, never cast the ultimate move, purely in terms of fleshy body, he Can knock the opponent out of the corpse.

Thousand-eyed Taoist didn’t feel embarrassed, and with his hands behind his back, watched the distant battlefield with Lu Chen and Mu Rong.

One hour passed.

The loose cultivator in the market is dead, and there is not much left. At this time, the four silhouettes reappeared in the sky, and the Daoist Priest shouted angrily:


“Evil barrier, how dare you make such a murderous crime, you can’t leave it today~”


Lu Chen sneered, and turned to see a thousand eyes The Taoist jumped off the low hill, ran all the way to the south, and disappeared into the wilderness in the blink of an eye.

“This person…”

Lu Chen and Mu Rong looked at each other, Mu Rong suddenly shivered, reached out and held the jade token around her waist, Lu Chen frowned:

“Do you want to send a message?”


Mu Rong nodded, worriedly said:

” If this person goes south, he must be filthy, and if you don’t know what will happen.”

“Have you thought about it?”

Lu Chen glanced at the jade token in the other party’s hand, Meaningful words:

“As long as the news spreads, it will be difficult for you to gain a foothold in the Tianmu Sect in the future.”

“How come?”

“You one The abandoned son, who was left behind, actually knew the whereabouts of the traitor. Even if he had a hundred mouths, he would not be able to tell clearly. No matter his merits or demerits, it would be difficult for anyone to believe you. >

“Then…then I won’t call.”

Mu Rong was frightened and hurriedly put down the jade token in her hand.

“It’s up to you, it’s too close here, it’s better to be far away.”


Lu Chen casts the Five Ghosts again Heavenly Fa, his figure disappeared and reappeared, he came to the north bank of the Nieshui River in the blink of an eye, and looked south again, but it was nowhere to be seen, he turned his head and asked: “About this thousand-eyed Taoist, do you still How much do you know?”

Mu Rong didn’t hide it, she thought about it:

“This person is extremely talented, it is said… It is said that soon after entering the Method Release realm, he became a first-class student. The door Divine Ability, called [Xiaoyao Yufeng], flies so fast that even daoists can’t catch up.”

“So powerful?”

“Well, legend This person found a new way to integrate a third rank Magical Artifact into his body, and then he cultivated Divine Ability.โ€

Lu Chen suddenly realized that the third rank thousand-eye lens was also integrated, but he did not know how to cultivate it again. What kind of Divine Ability, this thousand-eyed Taoist is really not simple.

I don’t think much about it at the moment, I waved my hands to release the table, chairs and benches.

Meng Yao on her shoulders cheered up, took out a bunch of Spirit Fruit from the [roller] she was carrying, placed a round purple melon in the middle, and said happily:

“Big brother, let’s ice it~”


Lu Chen laughed, stretched out his hand, and a pool of running water condensed out of thin air, instantly turning purple The skin melon was frozen, waited for the cool air to penetrate, and waved the air knife to cut it, and the purple skin melon was evenly divided into more than ten parts:

“eat melon, eat melon~”


The three are eating melons and fruits, Meng Yao is sitting on the small bench, a guide:

“big brother, look~”

Lu Chen turned his head to look, and saw that in the night, all kinds of rays of light were blazing, and the entire southern sky was dyed in color. Among the countless rays of light, a silhouette stood in the air, and there was a faint sound of laughter. Come:

“Zhao Xizhen, you have chased and killed me many times. If you continue to entangle me, don’t blame me for making a scene in your Tianmu Sect…”


apart from this, and a huge silhouette fled north.

On this day, the Thousand Eyes Daoist took the initiative to attack and took the opportunity to cast Divine Ability [Thousand Eyes Dafa], by the strength of oneself, injured one human one monster, and went away at ease, and the strange thousand corpses ended up Imprisoned in the river of evil water.


The night was dark, and the thousand-eyed Taoist went westward and quietly fell to a hill below. On the hill, there was a silhouette waiting for a long time. , This man is wearing a hat, coarse sackcloth, and extremely burly.

He looked up at the Thousand Eyes Daoist and asked:

โ€œHow about Mountain Monarch?โ€

โ€œMountain Monarch Lu was caught off guard, and has been protected by my Divine Ability. The injury, however, is not serious.”

“That’s fine.”

The Dou Li man narrowed his eyes and muttered, “His son is in our hands. , if you have your mind and do not mind, plus we are waiting for the union, the grasp is already great.”

“I want his [Drunken Lying Sutra].”

“I want a corpse! “

Thousand Eyes Daoist turned his eyes, hesitantly said:

“I just met a new Method Release Immortal Master, who seems to be not weak, can you invite him to join the team?”

“The secret is not secret, but it is the harm!”

“Okay.” Going down the hill, surprisedly said:

“Where is this going?”

“I heard about an old friend before, I will kill her!”

The man in the bucket hat waved his hand and strode north.


The sky is getting bright, Lu Chen is standing on the bank of Nieshui River, doing strange movements, sometimes bowing to the morning sun, sometimes facing the morning sun Heaven and Earth bowed their hands in thanks and danced awkward dances from time to time.

Be careful.

Slightly meticulous.

Occasionally make a mistake and repeat it back and forth several times.

It took more than half an hour before Lu Chen stopped, took off his shoes and socks, and stretched his feet into the black river.


Lu Chen’s expression was intoxicated, his whole body felt numb and numb, and his soul seemed to be sublimating. Of course, this was just an illusion.

Mu Rong on the side looked strange and asked:

“senior, are you… washing your feet?”

“ignorant and inexperienced. โ€

Lu Chen lightly snorted, rolled the eyes:

โ€œHave you heard of [Zhuozujing]?โ€


Mu Rong was stunned and whispered:

“Seven elegance and five customs?”

“You still have some knowledge.”

“crash- bang ~”

The two of them while speaking, on the river in the distance, a huge silhouette emerged from the water, and countless arms danced, stirring up Heaven and Earth turning upside down, just, After only drilling out a small half of his body, he could no longer ascend, because there were chains below that firmly locked the opponent’s body.

It is the thousand corpses that were imprisoned here by the Tianmu daoist last night.

What is used.

It was on Dayan Mountain that the five chains used to imprison the general of the Di tribe, Alu Hengbo, could not break free even if they were as strong as a thousand corpses. Thousands of corpses are like clawless tigers, nothing to be afraid of.

Lu Chen said while washing his feet:

“Come here.”


Mu Rong is unknown So, still small steps to rely on the past.

Not waiting for the other party’s reaction, Lu Chen reached out and squeezed the other party’s cheek, Mu Rong “Shua”, blushed, and said shyly:

“senior, What are you…what are you doing?”

Lu Chen didn’t answer, he blended the breath that he had quietly absorbed from the other party into the palm of his left hand, and said:

“It’s getting late, I’ll take you across the river.”


Mu Rong’s mind is complicated, she doesn’t know if she’s lost or relaxed, and she can’t wait to come back to his senses, five ghosts Having appeared around the other party, Di Leo turned around and moved the person to the south bank of the Nieshui River.

“Qiankun Image Method!”

The left hand slowly spread out, and Mu Rong’s image appeared on the palm screen. I saw the other party staring at the Nieshui River for a while, Stepping on Jinpa and flying to the southeast, after a while, he flew to the front of the ten-zhang high platform.

On the ten-foot-high platform.

[Performance List] is still hanging high, but there are only 267 people left on it, including many Disciples of Tianmu Sect, and the name [Lu Yuan] is at the top of the list. .

Among them, there are 32 major achievements and 4193 minor achievements.

As for Mu Rong, she was the first from the bottom, ranking two hundred and sixty-seventh, with zero major merits and 125 minor merits.

On the performance list, Chu Yunhe hand-cranked Feather fan, calm, surrounded by Disciples, the one with the lowest cultivation base is also Qi Refinement 8-Layer, and everyone is looking at Mu Rong, who is the fifth layer of Qi Refinement.

It looks weird.

Mu Rong’s brace oneself landed on the high platform, put away the jinpa, and said solemnly:

“Outer Sect Disciple Mu Rong, meet Master Chu!”


Chu Yunhe slowly turned around, the feather fan swaying in his hand was slightly stagnant, and then returned to normal, sighing:

“Get up, but The resentment of the Tianmu Sect for not being able to communicate to you in advance.”

“I don’t hate it!”

Mu Rong stood up, her eyes calm, and Chu Yunhe asked:

“Why not hate?”

“Because Mu Rong is not dead.”

“Good one is not dead!”

Chu Yunhe laughed heartily, his expression relieved :

“Stand aside, we will reward you later.”


Mu Rong bowed again, suddenly raised her head, and asked : “I dare to ask Master Chu, if other loose cultivators can still exchange Cultivation resources.”

Chu Yunhe was silent for a while before opening the mouth and said:

“Can be exchanged , but…you need to go to Qianmu Mountain in person.”


“Is there any other questions? UU Reading www.uukanshu .com”

“It’s gone!”

“Stay aside!”


Mu Rong just took two steps back when she saw a stream of light flying from a distance. She seemed to have sensed it. , Mu Rong was stunned. Seeing Chu Yunhe looking at her, she quickly handed over Communication Talisman.

โ€œcough cough ~โ€

Chu Yunhe looked at the handwriting on Communication Talisman and was stunned for a while, then coughed twice and said aloud:

“I, Lu Yuan, wish to donate all my merits… to Mu Rong Fairy for free!”


The voice fell, and the merit list flashed slightly. , Lu Chen’s name disappeared, and the word “Mu Rong” suddenly jumped to the top of the list from the end!


Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and their hearts were extremely complicated.


“Tianmu Sect, hehe, he is so stingy!”

Lu Chen waved away the image in his hand, feeling a little helpless , Chu Yunhe made it clear that he didn’t want the loose cultivator to take advantage of it. With such a thing before, any loose cultivator would dare to personally go to the Tianmu Sect and give the credit to Mu Rong, which was purely helpless.


The two are familiar with each other, and Mu Rong always wants to remember his kindness. He can also use the Qiankun image method to spy on the secrets of Tianmu Sect with peace of mind.

Throwing away his thoughts, Lu Chen stared at the light curtain in front of him, and stretched out his hand a little:


[The upgrade condition of the foot scriptures]:

[1]: Wash your feet once (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

ใ€cultivation technique ใ€‘: Washing your feet for beginners (upgradeable!)+



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