My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 131


Lu Chen was in a trance, and then returned to normal in an instant. He silently realized that there was no change in his whole body, and he wondered:

“I don’t feel anything.”

: Lu Chen

: An Introduction to the Sutra of Washing Feet




: ten times


“Ten times, It doesn’t seem to be difficult.”

Lu Chen was about to take a breather and raise the foot meridian to Level 1 again when a “gu gu” sound suddenly came from his stomach, he rubbed his belly, whispered:

“I’m hungry again~”

After a few days, under the sufficient supply of death energy, the afterbirth in the body grew rapidly, and now it is close to four meters, and it is not far from being born completely.

“Gudu Gudu~”

After drinking black liquid for a while, Lu Chen activated the First Rank rune on Yunjin’s robe, sinking several hundred meters, and saw that one again, fiddling around. After a while, the heavy bronze door was still unable to be opened, and the water could only be broken out.

It’s getting late.

Lu Chen no longer delays, riding a tiger girl and taking Meng Yao all the way to Fengxian Town.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

Halfway through, a dull sound of hoofs came suddenly, Meng Yao on her shoulders looked around with her little feet on tiptoe, and her little hand pointed to the distance:

“big brother, there~”


Lu Chen rode a tiger girl forward, walked dozens of meters, and saw the wilderness , a majestic black horse is galloping with four hooves, with a shoulder height of nearly three meters, fluttering mane, flying hair, grass clippings and soil splashing under the feet, running very fast, and behind the black horse, there is a tall and sturdy man striding Chasing wildly, not at all slow.

The man was wearing a hat and sackcloth.

“xu lu lu ~”

The dark horse neighed, suddenly turned, shook off the man, ran and spoke human’s words:

“Kill me three Madam, I will never let you down~”

“This is not up to you!”


The man coldly snorted, with one foot on the ground, He leaped up and landed on the back of the black horse in an instant.

“xu lu lu ~”

The dark horse screamed, shaking the strong body vigorously, the man clamped the horse’s belly and punched the black horse’s head with a punch:

“No down, down or down?”

“No down, I’d rather die than down, xu lu lu ~~”

: demon

: The Dark Horse of First Rank


: Yuan Qingshan

: The Body Refinement of the Second Realm

.. ….

“Yuan Qingshan, why is he here?”

Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle, this person was seriously injured earlier, he also took the opportunity to rob the other side’s Yanyang A, it seems to have fully recovered now. The other party is also a Body Refinement person in the second realm. The other body, Lu Chen, has seen it. It is a giant ape with a height of ten meters, which is very terrifying.

Mostly it’s the second peak.

And Lu Chen’s Pluto body has not yet been born, and the two Great Divine Ability have their own limitations.

Rush to confront him.

I am afraid that the odds of winning are not great.

Even if he relies on it, he can only remain undefeated at most. Moreover, this Yanyang Jia is owned by the opponent. Once he sees it, he is afraid that he will be irreconcilable. In contrast, he still likes to hide in the dark. .

“Who is peeping?”

Lu Chen was about to retreat when shouting loudly suddenly sounded.


When I turned around, I saw a black iron rod coming out of the sky, smashing it down.


A big hole several meters deep appeared on the ground, Yuan Qingshan reached out and grabbed it, took back the black iron rod, and came with the dark horse, letting the dark horse go. How struggling, a pair of big hands is completely motionless.

Seeing that all around was empty, Yuan Qingshan frowned:

“Is it an illusion?”



Lu Chen rode a tiger girl, appeared out of thin air, kilometers away, soothed the tiger girl, whispered:

“The black horse was watching Why does it look familiar?”

“hehe ~”

Meng Yao pursed her lips and smiled, and a pair of small hands dangled Lu Chen’s long hair on the temples, and said:

“Big brother, have you forgotten? We have also raised dark horses.”


Lu Chen raised his brows and suddenly remembered Long Spring The dark horse demon that Temple once raised, asked:

“Is it this one?”

“Yaoyao can’t remember, it seems to be similar.”

“Forget it.”

Lu Chen shook the head, he didn’t raise the dark horse for a few days, and he didn’t have any feelings for it, whether it was or not, it didn’t matter, he was riding a tiger girl now Head north quickly.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that they finally arrived outside Fengxian Town.

Today’s Fengxian Town is still under expansion, and it seems to have begun to take shape. Because of the advance communication, Fang Yuqi did not personally greet him. Lu Chen entered the city in a low-key manner and quickly rushed to Long Spring Temple.

“Meet the Temple Master!”

“Temple Master!”

The two Small Daoist Children guarding the gate hurriedly saluted, one named Qingfeng, the other named Mingyue, Apart from this, there are two other women’s crowns, one is Zi Que and the other is Qingwen, both of them originally had their own surnames, but when Chen Qiaoer taught them their homework, they took another name.


Lu Chen smiled nodded, rode a tiger girl and went straight to the inner courtyard. As soon as he came in, he saw that everyone had already made up their money. Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e were standing. At the front, Tong Xindu, Third Young Lady and the others were a little behind.

“Lu Lang~”



“Young Master~”



The crowd dispersed, Meng Yao and Hu Niu couldn’t wait to enter the White Bone Mountain Village, worrying about the spirit farm After planting spiritual medicine and spiritual rice, Lu Chen brought Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e into the main hall.

The three sat down and Lu Chen asked:

“Youth Preserving Pill taken?”

“It has been taken.”

Two people nodded, Jiang Hong’e said curiously:

“How much is a Youth Preserving Pill worth of Spirit Stone?”

“Thirty Spirit Stones up, and, most likely There is a price but no market.”

“So expensive?”


Jiang Hong’e cried out in surprise, jade hand covered the red Lip, Lu Chen laughed, the Youth Preserving Pill he sold to Sifang Pavilion at the beginning had to be exchanged for a full thirty Spirit Stones, if it were auctioned, fifty Spirit Stones were possible, and now he has two left, which are worth Not cheap.

He asked again:

“What’s going on in Fengxian Town recently?”

“There is no major event, but there are a lot of small things… .”

Fang Yuqi interfaced, and detailed the trivial matters, whether the parents were short, or it was related to Fengxian Town, Lu Chen listened carefully, but he was not impatient. Finally, Fang Yuqi remembered it. What, he added:

“By the way, the roots of the cloud thunder sword bamboo buried in the spirit farm have sprouted a few days ago, and Tu Shan seems to have become enlightened and smarter. Some.”


When he left, Lu Chen instructed, Yun thunder sword bamboo is watered with spiritual water every day, and germination is expected, his Under the tempering of mana, Qing Yunjian now has nine Dao Marks. It will take some time to become a Second Rank Magical Artifact, but in his eyes, it is a bit begin to stir.

I am afraid that it will become a Second Rank Magical Artifact in the near future.

As for the Giant Spirit God Tu Shan.

Lu Chen was a little surprised. Now that he’s enlightened, he can take the time to check it out. The other party has cultivation. He was quite greedy earlier, but unfortunately Tu Shan is a fool and doesn’t understand the method of cultivation.

Now things have changed.

Maybe you can get the method. Although it is not enough to get started with cultivation, it can also fill in some background for Long Spring Temple.

The three chatted for a while.

Fang Yuqi was busy with official business, and as soon as the others left, only Lu Chen and Jiang Hong’e were left in the main hall.

The eyes are facing each other.

in a flash.


“Come, sit down.”


Jiang Hong’e He got up and sat down slowly, the two of them rubbed their ears, and gradually they couldn’t hold on.

“Go….go inside~”


“Young Master, Young Master, it’s not good~”


The two were fighting the landlord, and Qiao Qinghe pushed in the door and saw the scene. She was stunned and stunned, criticized out in surprise, and hurriedly covered her eyes.

“You damn girl, don’t knock on the door when you come in, you… uh~~”


Lu Chen He walked out of the room and asked:

“What’s the matter?”

Qiao Qinghe suppressed her shyness and quickly explained:

“There was only one person riding a horse just now. From the south, a team of cavalrymen stepped forward to cross-examine, but the other party killed all the people without questioning indiscriminately. Later, a team of cavalrymen went to besiege them and killed most of them again. The other party came to Fengxian Town, Guard The Lord and the elder sister Tong have passed.”

“Yuan Qingshan?”

Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed and he immediately thought of this person, he was worried that Fang Yuqi and Tong Xin might have made a mistake , Immediately Yu Jian flew up and quickly flew out of Long Spring Temple.


Lu Chen stepped on the Qingyun sword, and the sword was in the air.

He bowed his head and swept away, and was immediately relaxed. Outside the southern city wall, countless artisans fled into the city in panic. Zhang Kui was leading a thousand cavalry to surround and kill.

People screaming.

Shouting and killing.

Nevertheless, that person, one horse and one horse, was invincible, waving a black iron rod in his hand, rubbing it, and he would be injured, and if he touched it, he would die. The dark horse demon, while Fang Yuqi and Tong Xin were watching at the top of the city and had not yet shot.

In addition to the soldiers, there are also five or six new recruits from the Guard Soldier battalion.


Lu Chen landed at the top of the city, Fang Yuqi and Tong Xin relaxed at the same time, Tong Xin opened his mouth, wanted to call “Master”, and glanced around , Seeing a lot of people with mixed eyes, I had to give up.

Fang Yuqi, in white armor and white helmet, looked around and asked:

“Everyone, do you have a good plan to retreat from the enemy?”

“Let the Guard first Soldier, please step back, this person is absolutely beyond the Guard Soldier’s ability to stop him, except for death in vain. A middle age person walked out of the worship group. This person had a short beard and a pair of triangular eyes full of sinister. He squinted at Lu Chen, as if mocking his cowardice, and said sharply:

“This person is nothing but a reckless husband, I am Duan Hong, I would like to share the worries for the Guard Lord!”

“This person…”

Lu Chen was a little speechless, Tong Xin, who is the Method Release Immortal Master, didn’t even speak, just jumped out in such a hurry, really act recklessly, Fang Yuqi narrowed his apricot eyes, and a cold light flashed in his eyes:

“Okay, then Let Duan offer you to retreat from the enemy.”

“As you bid!”

Duan Hong gently cup one fist in the other hand, with a proud expression, jumped from the city head, He stepped on a circular copper plate with both feet, and the corners of the copper plate also had sharp gears. He strode in the air, and he was already not far away from Yuan Qingshan.

“xu lu lu ~”

Yuan Qingshan smashed an armored military horse to death with a stick. When he looked up, he saw two sleeved arrows shot. The arrows were glowing with black light. Spit poison.


The two Hidden Arrows were knocked off by the black iron rod, hitting the two Guard Soldiers.


Guard Soldier fell from the horse’s back, screamed and rolled, turning into a pool of foul-smelling blood in the blink of an eye. Duan Hong was a little surprised. As he moved, he saw a stick magnifying in front of his eyes.

“Not good!”


Before he could react, his entire head was smashed by a black iron rod.


Yuan Qingshan still didn’t give up, loudly shouts jumped up, slammed down with a stick, the headless body blew into the air into a blood mist, only his feet left. Holding a copper plate, he rolled around on the ground, horrible to watch.

“dang dang dang ~”

“Retract the troops!”

The gong sounded at the top of the city, and Zhang Kui, who was leading the troops, roared angrily, leading the army to stop. With the remnant soldiers retreating slowly towards Fengxian Town, Yuan Qingshan did not stop him. He rode a horse demon to the city gate, smashed it with a stick, and with a loud “bang”, the just-closed city gate collapsed.

He held a black iron rod in his hand, his eyes were fierce, he pointed at Tongxin at the head of the city, and shouted:

“Rouge tiger Tongxin, come and lead to death!”

“Quickly lead to death!”


Tong Xin Ben is the head of the five tigers under his father Yuan Baixi.

But he betrayed him and went to the former Black Armor Army. He thought he would have died on the banks of the Nie Shui River. Didn’t expect. This time, he unexpectedly heard that the other party was promoted to Method Release Immortal Master. , also broke into a few famous halls, and the indignation in his heart is hard to calm down, and this is the reason for this line.

Tong Xin was hearing this, so scared that her pretty face turned white.

Yuan Qingshan’s strength is too strong, even the third rank Great Demon Mountain Monarch Lu can’t be killed, she a trifling new Method Release Immortal Master, how dare to fight with her, even with Second Rank jade The Scorpion Illusory Spirit Formation is also not at all certain.

In my heart, I was feeling uneasy, and suddenly I felt that my palm was held by a big hand. I turned my head and saw that it was Lu Chen, and my heart suddenly became courageous.

There is a father, don’t be afraid!

Lu Chen took a few steps forward, looked down at Yuan Qingshan below, opened the mouth and said:

“General Yuan, if one can let people off, then spare them, Why bother with some past grudges?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a loose cultivator!”

“hmph! “

Yuan Qingshan coldly snorted, gloomily said: “My business, why should a loose cultivator say it, let the Rouge Tiger come down and lead him to death, otherwise, don’t blame me for Yuan someone who slaughtered the man today City.”

“Not too small.”

Lu Chen sneered and waved his hand.

“shua~ shua~ shua~!”

On the top of the city, the Immortal Shooting Camp of 300 people quickly got busy, and dozens of ballistas were aimed at Yuan Qingshan below. murderous-looking, with a serious atmosphere.

“Shooting the Immortal Crossbow?”

Yuan Qingshan frowned:

“This is the reliance of Fengxian Town?”

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen grinned and said proudly: “Two Method Release Immortal Masters, 300 Immortal Shooting Battalion, and Second Rank Great Array to assist, and thousands of soldiers, you are Yuan Qingshan. What can I do, if I can’t have Three Heads Six Arms, can I kill it?”

“Just try it!”

“whiz whiz whiz ~”

Seeing that Yuan Qingshan was unwilling to give up, Fang Yuqi stretched out his hand and waved his crossbow arrows at each other. Yuan Qingshan was not afraid. Wu’s black iron rod was impenetrable, and he blocked the arrows, and waited for this. A wave of Immortal Shooting Crossbow was exhausted, and suddenly jumped up from the horse!

“Wrap around your fingers softly!”

“Five strings!”

“Sword Controlling Art!”


Everyone in the city cast spells one after another, Tong Xin fiddled with ten fingers, and the five-stringed silk instantly woven a large net. Under the hood, Fang Yuqi also cast Sword Controlling Art, Jinghong Sword let out a whistling sound, and hurriedly attacked the opponent. The other offerings were also not idle, either throwing out talismans or casting their spells.

For a time, the momentum was quite spectacular.


Yuan Qingshan roared, and suddenly densely packed long hair grew on his body. In an instant, he turned into a ten-meter-high giant ape with furry claws. With one swipe, the big net was torn open, and the five-stringed wire was almost snatched away.

The black iron rod stretched more than ten meters, and one rod fell against the city head:


Everyone was dumbfounded and looked on. Frightened, one by one Guard Soldier slumped on the ground, several worshipers screamed, turned their heads and fled, only Fang Yuqi and Tong Xin stood beside Lu Chen, even though they were still flustered, they could face it calmly.

“Cang 唷~”

Lu Chen’s expression did not change, a blood light slowly emerged behind him, and there was a faint sound of unsheathing.

In an instant.

Yuan Qingshan’s scalp was numb, and the hair holes in his body seemed to explode, and his heart was even more horrified. The ten-meter ape’s body suddenly shrank, and the black iron rod in his hand disappeared out of thin air. “Boom”, it fell to the ground. , his body swayed from side to side, quickly fled to the distance with an afterimage, and disappeared outside the city wall in the blink of an eye.

Leaving only a dark horse demon standing bewildered under the city gate, raised its hoof and sneezed:

“xu lu lu ~~”

“Forget it!”

Lu Chen sighed, the blood light on his back converged and turned into a bloodline.

This knife will kill you. If you go down with a knife, you will die or I will die. According to Yuan Qingshan’s escape experience last time, there is probably a life-saving method. Therefore, this blade does not dare to move lightly.

Falling down from the top of the city, UU reading looked at each other.

The three-meter-high dark horse demon had stiff limbs and trembled:


“It really is you!”


“It’s the little one.”

The dark horse demon knelt on the front legs and kowtowed, “The little one thanked the master for not killing him at the beginning. Pretending to be polite is purely out of necessity, please forgive me.”

Lu Chen indifferent expression and asked:

“What are your plans in the future?”


“From now on…”

The dark horse demon bowed his head, his eyes rolled around, and said in a muffled voice:

“I am used to the mountains. , I want to marry dozens of Mrs. Ma, indulge in sensuality, feel at ease, and ask the master to leave the little one, please forgive the little one who can’t be filial in front of him.”


Seeing Lu Chen’s consecration, the dark horse demon was overjoyed and hurriedly kowtowed: “Thank you for your forgiveness, thank you for your understanding, thank you for not killing, my master is really a good person~” , The dark horse demon then got up, hooves flying, and hurriedly ran into the distance.


Just as he turned around, a big foot suddenly kicked, and one kicked on the forehead.



The dark horse demon twitched and fell to the ground before he could react.

“Come here!”


Zhang Kui led people out of the city gate, cup one fist in the other hand said:

“What are the orders for the worship?”

Lu Chen waved his hand:


“Yes…Yes !!”

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