My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 132

The battle is over.

Fang Yuqi was busy with the aftermath, and Tong Xin was also in the process of punishing the few worshipers who fled. Lu Chen had nothing to do, and confirmed that Yuan Qingshan did not dare to return, so he went back to Long Spring Temple. In the inner courtyard, I saw Jiang Hong’e walking out of the room.

The colorful embroidery is brilliant.

Gold hairpin and bead bun.

The rosy glow on her face has not faded, and the wind and moon remain in her eyes, just like Yaochi Goddess, Fairy.

“Lu Lang, what happened just now?”

“It’s okay!”

“Hehe, let’s continue.”

” Hey, you friend~”

Lu Chen grinned, picked up the man, strode into the room, and made fun of him.


Night fell, the food was arranged, everyone gathered together, happy laughter and cheerful voices, after the meal, each entered the White Bone from the archway at the door Mountain Village, Qing Cao Qinghe cleans up the dishes, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi Jiang Hong’e meet again, Fang Yuqi asks:

“What’s Lu Lang’s plan?”


Lu Chen thought for a while, then pondered then said:

“I don’t plan to go out recently, just secluded cultivation in Guanli, but you, Hong’e After refining the [Golden Essence] in my hand, it is also a four spirit root, both of you are missing a [Mu Xin], are you planning to wait for the news of the Sifang Pavilion, or rebuild it?”

Jiang Hong’e closes the blue silk around his ears, the wind and moon in the corners of his eyes have not disappeared, he said:

“I’m only Qi Refinement 8th layer, I’m not in a hurry to rebuild it, you can delay it for a while. Slow down.”

“I plan to rebuild.”

Fang Yuqi has made a decision, and Xingmu looked at Lu Chen: “I have long been Qi Refinement Perfection, since Lu Lang is watching I have nothing to worry about, instead of waiting with the two of them, I might as well transform a wooden heart by myself.”


Lu Chen readily agreed , looked at Jiang Hong’e, said with a smile:

“Tonight, Hong’e and I will help you protect the Fa.”

“No…don’t do anything wrong! “


Lu Chen nodded, lifted Fang Yuqi by the waist, stepped out of the main hall, and stepped into the White Bone Mountain Village, Jiang Hong’e winked and smiled, dance to tune.

Five Elements live together.

The strength plummeted.

On this day, Fang Yuqi turned the ninth layer Qi Cultivation Base into a wooden heart, leaving no Spiritual Qi points left in his body!


After the two fell asleep, Lu Chen left the room and came to [Wuxiang Garden] not far away. There were still two houses that did not turn off the lights. He gently pushed open a door, and saw Du Third Young Lady leaning on the couch, pinching needles and sewing clothes, Lu Chen said with a smile:

“Third Young Lady can still do needlework?”

Du Third Young Lady saw Lu Chen come in, she was overjoyed, and whispered:

“Make a pair of boots for the owner.”

Lu Chen took two steps forward and reached out to lift the opponent’s chin:

“What do you call me?”



“It’s not too bad.”

Lu Chen put aside the needlework in the hands of Third Young Lady Du and asked:

“Have you been in good health?”

“Long-jun’s last diagnosis and treatment, your servant is fine.”


Lu Chen indifferent expression, worried Said: “You can’t be careless, come, let me check it carefully for you.”

Du Third Young Lady is shy and happy:

“Please… please ask Langjun Pity, wu wu ~”


When Lu Chen left, Du Third Young Lady had already passed out, after all, her physical body and mortal flesh could not bear the whipping, Pushing the door into another room, he saw Tong Xin sitting on the edge of the bed.

A red wedding dress with a red hijab on her head.

“What kind of trick is this?”

Lu Chen lifted the red hijab, only to see Tong Xin wearing heavy makeup and looking more delicate.


Tong Xin’s coquettish shout made Lu Chen’s bones lighten by two taels, she squinted and explained: “Tonight is The day when my lord and your servant got married.”

Lu Chen sat down, embraced Tong Xin in his arms, and said warmly:

“I’ve wronged you.”

“No grievances.”

Tong Xin shook his head and held Lu Chen with his slender hands: “It’s late at night, tonight…the people will wait for the Lord to rest.”

… …

Time is like passing water, hundreds of rivers flow eastward.

Blink of an eye.

It’s five days again!

In the past five days, Lu Chen had the most comfortable life. In addition to refining spirit transformation stones and cultivation spells, he spent the whole day chasing eels and tigers, arranging flowers and making jade, and apart from this, waiting for the birth of the Pluto body.

This day.

Lu Chen had been sitting cross-legged in Changchun Garden for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes, and said happily:

“Finally born!”

As he said, With a thought, he directly reversed the [Pluto Immortality Art], his consciousness suddenly sank, the Pluto body in the afterbirth inside his body suddenly opened his eyes, his hands were torn apart, and he instantly appeared in the outside world, while his body was just the opposite, one was upside down into the afterbirth.

“This is…”

Lu Chen stood in the courtyard, only to see the original tall house, only to the chest, looked down and found that he had occupied Pluto’s body, no, it’s not occupying, it’s his body in the first place.

Even more flexible than his body.

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and the heavy stone table was easily pinched in his hand. With a slight movement of his five fingers, the stone table bounced up and down in the palm of his hand.

It’s easy.

No stagnation.

He put the stone table down and looked at himself.

I saw that the whole body was not covered with an inch robe, the skin was black and red, the hands and feet were large, and the lines of black and red were all over the body. It was not ugly, but it was very mysterious. The overall structure was similar to the human body.

β€œcrackle ~”

Lu Chen squeezed his fist and said in shock:

β€œTen times!”

His body He already had 32,000 catties of strength, and the power of this Pluto body was even more terrifying. It was ten times that of the original body, with a total of 320,000 catties of strength. He looked up at the sky, and the fleshy crown on his forehead swayed. He stretched out his hands and scratched in the air, with a feeling.

It seems that this Secret Realm can be easily torn apart with just a little force.

“It’s not what it used to be!”

Lu Chen sighed and saw Meng Yao rolled up her trousers and flew from a distance with a small hoe on her back. She flew to Lu Chen. In front of him, staring blankly at the huge monster in front of him, his small mouth opened:

“big brother?”

“big brother!”

Lu Chen grinned and stretched out his huge palm, Meng Yao hurriedly landed on his palm, and the little Qiong sniffed and looked up and said: “big brother, you are so fragrant~”

Speaking, Meng Yao threw down the hoe, lay down on Lu Chen’s palm, her big eyes squinted into beautiful crescents, and said happily:

“big brother, you It’s really fragrant, fragrant, fragrant~”

After finishing speaking, he rolled in the palm of his hand, happy laughter and cheerful voices.

A Pluto!

A wraith!

Meng Yao seems to have a natural affinity for his Pluto body.

Lu Chen laughed, put Meng Yao on his shoulders, let the other party be happy, raised his feet, stepped over the high courtyard wall, and saw that Tong Xin was just walking out of the Wuxiang Garden next to him, and saw Lu Chen , widened his eyes in shock, and said in a trembling voice:


“It’s me!”

Lu Chen screamed Answering, like a dull thunder, he extended the hand to hold up Tong Xin, step by step towards the small lake in the center of the villa, Tong Xin sat on Lu Chen’s arm and looked up at him, his voice trembling:

“Master, you…how did you become so big?”

“Body Refinement!”

“Second Realm?”


Lu Chen nodded and brought Tong Xin to Xiaohu Bo. It happened that Azhu Abi and Du Third Young Lady were talking and laughing in the pavilion in the center of the lake. Seeing Lu Chen approaching, he was stunned.

Lu Chen ignored them.

Put down the tongxin in his hand gently, crouched beside the lake, and stared at the reflection in the lake in a daze.

The appearance of this Pluto body is at least nine points similar to his body, with long hair and shawls, clear edges and corners, but it is much more majestic than the body. One can’t help but ignore it.

“Gudu Gudu~”

Lu Chen reached out and grabbed a handful of lake water, took a few sips, and silently experienced a completely different feeling from the body, Tong Xin flicked Lu Chen Rough skin, frantic eyes, and then distressed:

“Master, how should people serve you in the future?”


Lu Chen laughed dumbly, and said softly:

“Help me straighten my hair.”

“Okay sir~”

Tong Xin complied, skirt Que Feiyang landed on Lu Chen’s shoulders, combing his hair like a steel cable with his delicate hands, and looked happy. Third Young Lady Du and Aju Abi walked out of the pavilion and stood on the suspension bridge.

Curious and scared, afraid to get too close.

Not for a while.

Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e also came to hear the news. Jiang Hong’e covered his red lips with his hands, his eyes glowed, and his face was full of shock. Fang Yuqi was still calm and came to Lu Chen’s side, Look up and down:

“Pluto body?”


Lu Chen nods, among the crowd, Fang Yuqi also knows a little about the Pluto body information, even Jiang Hong’e did not know.

Fang Yuqi rolled the eyes and complained:

“I don’t wear clothes, what does it look like.”

“No clothes to wear.”

Lu Chen smiled wryly, although [Cloud Brocade Robe] has Second Rank rune [Following Shape], it can only change between limited sizes. With his height of five meters, he really can’t wear it, although the blood refinement Magical Artifact [Yanyang Armor] can be worn, but the Yanyang Armor is a bit rigid, like an iron can when put on.

Unless you are fighting, you might as well not wear them.

Lu Chen reached out and touched Fang Yuqi’s cheek, feeling a novel touch, Fang Yuqi didn’t shy away, squeezed her huge hand that was half the size of her body, and Jiang Hong’e also left Come forward, like a good rare treasure.

Not for a while.

Third Young Lady Du couldn’t bear it any longer and gathered around, chirp chirp twitter twitter.


Suddenly, everyone screamed and fled in a hurry. Fang Yuqi turned his head away and spat softly:

“I don’t know shame. !”


Lu Chen said with a bitter smile:

“Natural reaction.”


Fang Yuqi looked like a big sister, turned around, looked carefully, warned repeatedly:

“Don’t take it lightly, just in case something is wrong.. ….”

“Don’t worry.”

Lu Chen nodded, gently lifted Fang Yuqi on his shoulders, and said seriously:

“Where am I willing to…”

“You still have a little conscience.”

Fang Yuqi rolled the eyes, and Tong Xin helped Lu Chen sort out. With long hair, he quickly tied up a neat temple. At this moment, Lu Chen looked condensed and looked at the location of the Secret Realm exit at the foot of the mountain.

Fang Yuqi seemed to feel something, and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

“Someone called!”

Lu Chen reached out and beckoned, the aura hovering outside the archway flew into the White Bone Mountain Village, he reached out and grabbed the aura in his hand, Fang Yuqi surprisedly said:

“Can you still use mana?”



Lu Chen couldn’t say anything in the simplest way, and explained:

“You can only reluctantly mobilize a little bit from the main body, and even cast a small spell. , Qingyun sword can also be used as a Fire Burning Stick, it’s okay to use it to chop, chop and chop, if you want to control the sword, don’t even think about it, this Pluto is like an insulator of mana, but it doesn’t seem to be absolute, it seems that There are other peculiarities that are not revealed, very subtle.”

Speaking, Lu Chen looked at the Communication Talisman manifested in his hand, and frowned suddenly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Look at it.”

Lu Chen handed the Communication Talisman to Fang Yuqi, Fang Yuqi took it, see you On it is written a line of beautiful small characters:

“Mountain Monarch Lu was sneak attacked by his son and was seriously injured!”


Fang Yuqi said in shock:

“Great Demon is seriously injured, Lu Lang, the news is accurate? Who came from?”

“It’s Hua Jieyu!”

Lu Chen recounted the grievances between the two and frowned: “As for the truth, I can’t judge.” Although he secretly took in the breath of Hua Jieyu, there was the Great Demon Mountain Monarch Lu lying next to him. However, he did not dare to use the Qiankun Reflection Technique at all.

“Then this has nothing to do with us, right?”

“No, it has a lot to do with it!”

Lu Chen shook his head, thinking about it, and eloquently said :

“I have dealt with that son of Mountain Monarch Lu, he doesn’t seem to be able to kill relatives, this is very strange, don’t forget, that guy Yuan Qingshan went to the west, his innate Talent [Tiger Power] is to feed on tigers. If Mountain Monarch Lu dies, Yuan Qingshan will end up grabbing it no matter what. I’m afraid Fengxian Town is going to be in danger.”

“What is Lu Lang thinking?”

“If there is nothing to do, let’s go, since Yuan Qingshan dares to attack Fengxian Town , I will stop him as well, and it will be a gift in return.”


After making up his mind, Lu Chen stayed at Long Spring Temple for another half day. , On the second day early in the morning, I rode a tiger girl and took Meng Yao to the west. Just after several dozen li, I saw a bright light coming from the south.


reach out and grab it.

Lu Chen took the spiritual light in his hand, looked at the communication Talisman who was manifested, and raised his brows. This was actually from Tongguan, indicating that the Immortal Master who tyrannically abused power in the military village was here again. .

“Let’s go and have a look.”


Lu Chen murmured, reached out and patted Hu Niu’s big head, Hu Niu With a low roar, he quickly ran to the south, running all the way, and before noon, he had already rushed outside the military village.


Tongguan, who got the news, hurried out to greet him, Lu Chen asked directly:

“Where are the people?”




Lu Chen felt a little strange. Could this guy be able to predict the future? Ask:

β€œWhen did you leave?”

β€œJust before the time it takes half an incense stick to burn.”

β€œthe time it takes half an incense stick to burn …”

Lu Chen frowned, instructed:

“Take me to see.”


Tongguan did not dare to neglect, and led Lu Chen into the military village, while leading the way, he explained: “After that person came, he asked for a table of sumptuous dishes, because the military village The food here is simple, the other party is very dissatisfied, and they force us to kill two war horses.”

“And then?”

“After the other party had eaten and drank enough, UU reading forced us to find a woman again. We had no choice, so we chose one from the disaster victims. After two, after washing and dressing up, we drove us out and tossed in the military tent.”

while speaking.

The two came to the outside of a military tent, opened the tent, and walked in. Lu Chen glanced at it and saw that the military tent was in a mess, and there was a bed on one side. Shredded women’s clothes were scattered on the ground.

“Qiankun Image Method!”

Lu Chen hands form a secret art, and a black pointer emerges from the pupil of his left eye.

He looked at the entire military tent, and saw the breath of a dozen strangers in the small military tent. He took the breath one after another, and after distinguishing it, he found that there was no such little little one at all. Traces of Old Man.

It seems that the other party is very cautious and has never left a breath.

As a Method Release Immortal Master.

I already have a relatively comprehensive control over myself, not only knowing my own life span, but also being able to perceive my own breath. As long as I am willing, it is easy to erase the remaining breath, even if it is hidden, it is not difficult. .

The two walked out of the military tent, and Tong Guan asked carefully:

“Is there a harvest?”

Lu Chen shook the head, silently, pondering After a while, instructed:

“Call those three people.”


Tongguan nodded, left quickly, and brought them soon three women.

Lu Chen led people into another military tent. There were only him and three women left in the military tent. The appearance of the three could only be regarded as average and not outstanding, because they had been starving recently. Looking rather haggard, they were a little restrained and looked at Lu Chen nervously.

Lu Chen instructed:

“Take off your clothes!”


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