My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 133


The three of them looked at each other, not daring to disobey their orders, and with a blushing face, they removed each piece of clothing until it was completely covered. Lu Chen stepped forward and stretched out Press the right hand on the other’s abdomen, one after another, and then withdraw the palm, expressionless:

“Put it on!”



The three of them were at a loss. They thought they could have a good time with this handsome little Daoist Priest, but they didn’t expect it. They were a little complicated in their hearts, not sure if they were lost or depressed.


This little Daoist Priest has nothing to hide, alas, what a pity.

The three of them walked out of the military tent, holding a small bag of rice grain delivered from Tongguan, and walked away quickly.

Tongguan came in and complimented:

“The worship is really not comparable to ordinary people.”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, I’m just… just expressing admiration for the offering.”

“Stop flattery!”

Lu Chen lightly snorted, rolled the eyes:

“What do you admire about me, whether to sit still or to shrink the house? Although they have a little appearance, they are far worse than your younger sister.”


Tongguan was speechless, Lu Chen’s voice slowed down, and then said:

“You are not an outsider, you don’t need to be so polite in front of me in the future, nor It seems that there are not many victims here, you can go back to Fengxian Town in a few days, and you can leave two hundred people here to deal with it.”


Tong Guan hurriedly nodded, and felt relieved that this man was his brother-in-law after all, not really an outsider.

“One hundred secrets, one sparse!”

Lu Chen ignored the other party, muttered, both hands forming seals, and then slowly spread out his left hand, only to see the light interlaced, a pair of The picture shows that it is darkness, and there are black rivers everywhere.

“The bottom of the river?”

Lu Chen frowned, his thoughts moved slightly, and the picture quickly zoomed in. A three-story high platform appeared in sight, like an altar. At the top, there is a Little Old Man sitting cross-legged. It is the Method Release Immortal Master who tyrannically abused power in the military village. It looks very strange. The whole person has his hands on either side of his head.

Turn left three turns.

Twist three turns to the right.

Somewhat scary and a little funny.

Although Lu Chen’s [Qiankun Reflection Method] is still at the Ordinary Level [Beginner], but because of the cultivation progress to the second level, the power has been improved a lot, and the ordinary Method Release Immortal Master has been difficult to achieve. Spot his snooping.

This Little Old Man is no exception.

Lu Chen waited and watched silently for a while, and saw that the other party’s hands quickly formed a seal, loudly shouts:

“Evil life!”

“gu lu lu ~ ~”

The voice fell, Little Old Man’s head twitched, and with a sudden tug, he was pulled from his neck, flying back and forth within three feet of his body, dragging a piece of bone marrow below, fresh blood dripping .

Flying for a full nine breaths.

After nine breaths, it landed on the neck again and fused together with the headless body.

โ€œhu hu~~โ€

The other party took a deep breath, stood up slowly, turned around, looked at the huge silhouette floating in the river in the distance, and said to himself: โ€œninth layer altar, perfect life, I have only ten years of lifespan left, I don’t know if I can be lucky enough to be your flying head.”

“It’s hard, it’s too hard!”

After speaking, he sighed for a while, walked down the altar, kneaded the mud into bricks, and built the altar piece by piece.

“He Qiao?”

Lu Chen narrowed his eyes, no wonder he always avoided him in advance. It turned out that this Little Old Man just made him know his name and not see him. He Qiao of his person, the other party can pinch and calculate, and it is not difficult to avoid him.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Chen did not act immediately.

First, he was worried about beating the grass to scare the snake. Second, the other party’s behavior was a little strange. He hadn’t figured out the other party’s specific purpose. It’s over, although what the other party did in Junzhai was excessive, it didn’t kill innocent people, and it hasn’t reached the point of casting aside all considerations for face.

Put away the Qiankun image method.

Lu Chen told Tongguan a few words, rode Hu Niu across the Nieshui River, and went all the way to the west. Because he was in a hurry, he ran out of several hundred li in only half a day, and came that night. To the Wei Tiger Mountain.

“Lu Family Village!”

Lu Chen looked up at the thousand-meter peak and set his eyes on the small village at the foot of the mountain, where he accidentally got the Great Divine Ability [Nine Heavens Tomb], I wonder if the young woman named [Lu Qianqian] is still there?

Hu Niu fell silent.

Quietly entering the village, Meng Yao on her big head stood on tiptoe and looked around, her little mouth pouted:

“big brother, nobody’s here~”


Lu Chen’s popularity nods, the whole village is like a ghost, and there is no sign of it. It seems that the people here either moved away or died. He turned over the palm, The mana in the palm is condensed, and a sub-sign of Communication Talisman is condensed and born.


In Dharma.

After a few strokes, Lu Chen wrote a line of handwriting on Communication Talisman, released his fingers, and Communication Talisman turned into an invisible light and rushed to Wei Tiger Mountain.


Lu Chen jumped up to a roof and sat down quietly, with the bright moon above his head, Hu Niu snuggling by his side, Meng Yao lying on Lu Chen’s head, his chin resting on his small hands, and a pair of small feet dangling. Dangling.

Not for a while.

A silhouette descended from Wei Tiger Mountain and walked into the Lu Family Village. The man was wearing a black robe. He walked in a hurry and looked a little flustered. Lu Chen disappeared on the roof in an instant.

“Hey, are you there?”

“Are you there??”

The suppressed voice sounded in Lu Family Village, Lu Chen rode a tigress Quietly walked out of the night and came behind the other party. The other party suddenly turned around and took a step back in fright. When he saw it was Lu Chen, he was relieved:

“You…are you here?” Hua Jieyu’s face seems to have been specially dressed up.

With rouge.

He clicked his lips.

[Name]: Hua Jieyu

[Information]: Qi Refinement ninth layer, Shuimu Dual Spiritual Roots


Lu Chen raised his eyebrows. The other party was a Water Spiritual Root a few days ago, but now he is a Dual Spiritual Roots. It seems that he has benefited from it. He refined a spiritual object [Mu Xin]. Ask:

“What’s going on? Tell me more.”

“I…I’m not quite clear either.”

“Will know Say it all.”


Hua Jieyu nodded, eloquently said:

“Thousands of corpses escaped that day, two The ghost placed me in a Cave Mansion in advance, so I avoided the turmoil that night. When Mountain Monarch came back, he seemed to be ill, and he didn’t let me serve. Tiger Mountain, Mountain Monarch announced the closure that day.”

“I’m afraid I was injured, what happened later?”

“Later, just a few days ago, I heard Mountain Monarch’s When my son came back from going out, he held a drinking banquet, and Mountain Monarch also went out of the customs. It was at the banquet that the other party suddenly attacked, causing Mountain Monarch to be seriously injured…”

“It was your own eyes. What do you see?”


Hua Jieyu shook her head quickly and explained:

“Because I am a female dependent, I didn’t attend the banquet.”

“Women’s family?”

Lu Chen frowned, said curiously:

“There are many female family members on Tiger Mountain?”

“There are more than a dozen concubines, plus the Banshee and maids serving, there are dozens of people in total.”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful and said again. Asked:

โ€œWhatโ€™s going on with Tiger Mountain now?โ€

โ€œMountain Monarch tore up his son on the spot after being injured, and didnโ€™t care about the monsters and us. , avoided directly into the Mountain Monarch cave, Mountainai No one can enter the Monarch cave, and the Breaking Dragon Stone at the entrance of the cave weighs hundreds of thousands of pounds. “

Hua Jieyu looked flustered and said in horror:

“Currently, Tiger Mountain has become a mess, some daring monsters have begun to stir, and many maids have been poisoned.” , the end was very tragic. “

The monsters are inherently difficult to discipline. Without the restraints of Mountain Monarch Lu, it would be strange if they were not chaotic. Hua Jieyu was probably scared and wanted to find someone to be a supporter, so she sent him a message.

Lu Chen understood it, and asked the other party some more questions. Seeing that there was nothing else, he waved his hand and said:

“Go back. “


Hua Jieyu moved her steps, but did not return, pitifully said:

“I Got caught by a monster. “

“What monster?” “

“It’s a Second Rank snake demon named Liu Sheng. In just one day, this demon repeatedly persecuted me. It was me who had to be polite to get over it. This time I went down the mountain secretly. Going back, it will definitely be hard to escape the poison. “

Lu Chen said with disapproval:

“If you become a major event person, you don’t stick to the details. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to have support on the mountain again. โ€

โ€œwu wu wu ~โ€

Hua Jieyu hearing this so sad, weeping beauty:

โ€œAlthough people are no longer innocent, But it hasn’t reached the point where people can do it, and besides… Besides, it’s as simple as dedicating to people, I have already found out, that Liu Sheng’s body is a snake with a nose, not only poisonous, but also lustful and lustful. The most terrifying thing is that this snake monster likes to devour females in good times. Mountain Monarch normally rewards the other woman a lot, but he is still single so far. Why do you think he didn’t enter his belly? People’s lives are so hard, let’s just die, wu wu wu~~”


Lu Chen’s face was weird, so, It is indeed inconvenient for Hua Jieyu to return to Tiger Mountain again.

But if he does not return to Tiger Mountain, how can Lu Chen observe the situation on the mountain through the Qiankun image method? Not sure, when Yuan Qingshan eats Mountain Monarch Lu, he is still in the dark.

No, no!

Lu Chen shook his head, his thoughts were spinning, and suddenly he got a plan. A wave of hands:

“Come here! “

“What? “

Hua Jieyu immediately put away her tears, took a few steps closer, listened to Lu Chen’s strategy one after another, and said worriedly:

“This… this can be done.” ? “

“Then it depends on your means, speaking of which you are also the top card of Hualou, and you must be proficient in eighteen martial arts. Can’t you do this?” . “

“Okay… okay!” โ€

Hua Jieyu had no choice but to grit her silver teeth and agreed.

Soon, she walked out of the village with a blue and white porcelain vase about a foot high and headed towards Wei Tiger Mountain. Going, just leaving, a kingfisher suddenly fell from the night sky, standing on a dry branch, with bright eyes, combing the feathers, glimpsed Hua Jieyu’s back, showing a meaningful expression.


Hua Jieyu hid and climbed halfway up the mountain all the way.

When you get here, you can see the night at a glance One of the little monsters ran around, chirp chirp twitter twitter, shouting, there were monkeys, there were foxes, there were not a few, and they walked more than 100 meters, but were stopped by a checkpoint.

A group of wild boars are guarding the checkpoint.

The leader is two meters high at the shoulders, with fangs and blue face, looking extremely fierce, obviously not far from the Second Rank hair removal and fading, Hua Jieyu stepped forward , take out dozens of spiritsand and scatter them on the ground.

“hmph hum hum~”

The pig demon lowered its head and ate the spiritsand in a big mouth, and shook the pig after eating the spirits. Head, stammered:

“Too…too little! “

Hua Jieyu was helpless, and took out a small handful of spiritsand, and the pig demon was satisfied. Hua Jieyu was about to pass the level, but the pig demon suddenly arched to the side and stopped him again. A pair of pig eyes glanced at Hua Jieyu, drooling:

“Hua… Mrs. Hua Yu, I… my old pig wants your underwear. “

Hua Jie’s body trembled, and immediately took a deep breath, reached into the mouth of his clothes with a cold face, and threw a red apron out.

“It smells so good.” , so… so fragrant~”

The pig demon lay on the ground and sniffed wildly while holding the bellyband.


Wait Hua Jieyu returned to the top of the mountain, finally relaxed, put down the blue-and-white porcelain vase in his arms, and almost collapsed to the ground, Lu Chen raised his feet and stepped out of the blue-and-white porcelain vase.

Looking at the whole yard, he was a little surprised, whispered:

“This is where you live? “

He originally thought it would be a cave, didn’t expect it, but it was an elegant courtyard, with flowers and grass, pavilions, and many houses, with seven or eight rooms.

โ€œen! “

Hua Jieyu explained:

“We Tiger Mountain has Cave Mansion and many courtyards. I have some identities and I can choose by myself.” “

“That’s not bad. “

Lu Chen nodded, looked all around, and said strangely:

“You live alone in such a secluded place.” “


Hua Jieyu exclaimed and finally reacted.

She walked quickly to a side room and hurriedly pushed the room away The door, seeing the scene inside, the whole person was frightened and stupid, Lu Chen stepped forward, looked inside, and saw two bloody skeletons lying quietly on the bed, as if they were swallowed by wild beast, and then vomited out , with very little skin and flesh left.

It was horrific.

The bed and bedding were also soaked in scarlet, and there were torn dresses scattered all around.


“Your maid? “

“en! “

Hua Jieyu leaned against the door and sat paralyzed at the door, her eyes were dull and dull, Lu Chen comforted: “pull yourself together, it will cause a movement, and it is up to you to bring that Liu Sheng into Liuli.” Huahai, this is how I can start. If I can succeed, you will help them to avenge their blood revenge, and they will serve you for a few days in vain. “

However, Hua Jieyu did not respond.

Lu Chen frowned, lifted the other party up, stared at the other party’s eyes, coldly said:

” Do you want to die here like them? “

Hua Jieyu shuddered, finally came back to his senses, turned around and walked to his bedroom, and after a while, came out again and changed into a flowing fairy dress, UU reading She also repainted her makeup, as if she had changed her personality, she smiled at Lu Chen:

“Don’t worry, I will attract the snake demon. “

“Good! “

Lu Chen nodded and was finally satisfied.

Hua Jieyu walked out of the yard, while Lu Chen placed the blue and white porcelain vase in the bedroom, but Zuo waited and waited but never came. Man, Tiger Mountain In addition to Mountain Monarch Lu, there are also a number of Second Rank monsters. If he casts magic on the top of the mountain, it is very easy for the opponent to detect the fluctuation of mana.

If not.

Lu Chen can go up the mountain with just one five-ghost method, so why bother.

“What’s the matter? ”

He thought for a while, raised his foot to the blue and white porcelain vase, and stepped into the sea of glass flowers, his hands quickly formed a seal, his left hand slowly spread out, the light interlaced, and a picture appeared.

For a moment, Lu Chen was stunned.

“You want to give it for nothing??”

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