My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 134

In the picture, Hua Jieyu was in a coma, and a man carried her into a cave. The man was dressed in a green robe, his cheeks were sunken, and there were still a few snake scales on his forehead. Especially the lower body, it is a snake tail, which is somewhat similar to the azure snake Lang Jun he has seen before.

Obviously a Second Rank basilisk.

“Liu Sheng?”

Lu Chen frowned, this Hua Jieyu had to walk on the mountain for him, but he couldn’t be murdered like this, but there are many aliens on this mountain. , As a human being, it is inconvenient to move around. If you want to go out, you will most likely be used as food, and I don’t know how much movement it will cause.


Lu Chen was in trouble. Not far away, a small wood house in the sea of flowers opened its door, and a velvet girl in a white dress came out, looking Seeing Lu Chen, Zhan’s blue eyes light up slightly:


Said, walking towards Lu Chen with bare jade feet.

Lu Chen turned his head to look and said with a smile:



The velvet girl nodded, cheerful standing in the sea of flowers, like a elf, Lu Chen looked up and down at each other, his mind turned, and his eyes suddenly lit up:

“I am facing a difficult situation, with you here, it is I can help solve it.”

“Duoduo belongs to the master, and the master can do whatever he wants, and he will die.”

“It’s so serious.”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, stretched out his hand and pulled the velvet girl in front of him, and said warmly: “I can’t walk here, you can turn into White Python and take me on a walk…”

Now I will explain the situation in front of me in detail.

“It’s quite simple.”

The velvet girl nodded, took off her white dress, leaned over, turned into a White Python, and walked out of the sea of glass flowers.

After a while.

White Python climbed out of the yard with a blue and white porcelain vase in his mouth. Under the guidance of Lu Chen, he climbed a remote path to the distance. He met many monsters along the way. Fortunately, now Wei Tiger Mountain It was very chaotic, and the group of demons had no leader, but no one stopped them. After a while, the velvet girl climbed to a cave and spoke human’s words:

“Master, but here?”

Looking around in the blue and white porcelain vase, Lu Chen saw a stone tablet standing at the mouth of the hole, with three characters written crookedly, so he said on his forehead:

“This is it.”

“Okay, Duoduo will go in here.”


White Python crawled forward, not yet approaching, when suddenly he heard a hissing sound, and turned As soon as I looked, I saw two little snakes crawling out of the rock crevices on both sides of the cave. They were both reddish-brown, with triangular heads and spots on their bodies. They looked very ugly. One of them spit out snake letters and screamed. Road:

“Stop, the snake hole in front of you, please don’t enter!”

Another asked:

“Who are you, hurry up A quick report?”

White Python ignored it and continued to climb towards the cave. The two snake demons were furious, one opened his mouth and spit out a puff of black smoke, sealing the hole and the other arching The snake body, sprang out like a sharp arrow, and bit White Python.

The velvet girl was at a loss, not even knowing whether to stop or not, Lu Chen stepped out of the blue and white porcelain vase and appeared in front of White Python, stretched out her left hand, and pinched the snake demon’s seven inches.


With two fingers, the snake demon’s taut body suddenly softened.

“Not good!”

Another snake demon screamed and turned around and was about to burrow into the crevice. Lu Chen took a step forward, stretched out his right hand, and grabbed it He snapped the snake’s tail, not wanting the snake monster to turn back suddenly, like lightning, biting the tiger’s mouth on the right hand.

Don’t wait for the other party to make a move.

Lu Chen also grabbed his left hand, pulled it lightly, and with a “collapse” sound, tore off the snake demon. Seeing that the snake demon was still alive, he pinched the snake demon’s body again. seven inches.

And he used no mana from start to finish.

Putting away the two snake corpses, Lu Chen looked at the position of the tiger’s mouth on the right hand, and saw that the two broken snake teeth were still stuck on it, only piercing the thin skin of the First Layer, and the mana in the body turned. , the snake teeth fell, and the injected venom was forced out.


White Python turned into a velvet girl again, with loose white hair and no blouse, standing on the side.



The fluffy girl shook her head, with a strange expression on her face.

Lu Chen laughed, comforted:

“You go back, I’ll accompany you when I’m done with the business at hand.”


The velvet girl, nodded, returned to the sea of glass flowers. She walked through the sea of flowers and came to the small wood house, stroking the door with her delicate hands, and murmured:

” I can’t bear it~”

After finishing speaking, he turned into White Python again, opened his mouth and spit, and two illusory snake shadows flew out of his mouth, they looked like the two snake demons that had just died, but, only The existence of a few breaths is completely dissipated.

The velvet girl is relaxed.

Pushing open the door, he came out with a flower basket, bare feet, walking in the sea of flowers, with a peaceful smile on his face.


The black mist at the entrance of the cave has dissipated.

Seeing that there was no one around, Lu Chen walked into the cave with his feet up. The inside cave was dark, with bits and pieces of spirits and dots adorning it, emitting a faint glow.

His eyesight is excellent.

See everything around you clearly without the need for mana.

The cave is a little damp, and there are still water stains under the feet that have not dried in the shade. The shallow puddles can be seen everywhere. Two meters away grows a common medicine called snake grass. Five meters ahead, there is a Complete humanoid skeleton.

Step forward.

There were more and more bones ahead, and the cave became more spacious. Lu Chen took a dozen steps forward and saw two grasses glowing with light, four or five leaves, and blades of grass. Like a swallowed snake letter.

:spiritual medicine

: First Rank Snake saliva


Snake saliva is the refining first Rank’s main medicine does not grow in places where snakes spit, but where snakes’ blood is spilled. There is this pill Pill Recipe in it.

“Not bad.”

Lu Chen stepped forward, picked spiritual medicine, put it in the jade box he carried with him, and put in the seal ball.

After going around and around for a while, there are two forks ahead, one left and one right. Above the entrance of the hole is each written word, one written and the other engraved.

“Life and death?”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, whispered: “Snakes are cunning by nature, life is definitely not easy to walk.”

Said, Lift your feet to the dead end.


Before entering the fork, a silhouette suddenly jumped out, opened her mouth, and a large black mist surged out, instantly submerging Lu Chen. It was the snake demon Liusheng in a green robe, who was about to have a big fight, but didn’t want to suddenly realize that someone broke into the Cave Mansion for no reason.

In addition, even the little monster guarding the door didn’t move, which was amazing. Naturally, it was the first to strike first. It was irreconcilable. Seeing that Lu Chen was shrouded in black mist.

I am proud of myself.

This black mist of his is extremely impressive. It is an evil aura that breeds in the body because of excessive killing. It is not only extremely corrosive, but also restrains Magical Artifact. Big bad, never want to manipulate freely.

Want to restore.

The price is not small.

Even so, Liu Sheng was not careless, turned his hands and took out three green glass bottles, uncorked them, and threw them into the black mist one after another.

For a while.

Black mist and green smoke filled the air everywhere, and the pungent smell was smoky.

After doing this, Liu Sheng finally felt relieved, and was about to retreat into the fork behind him, when suddenly, black mist and green smoke billowed, and a golden giant palm protruded from it and slapped it with a palm. .


Liu Sheng jumped in horror, the snake tail swam, rolled around and dodged in embarrassment. When he turned his head, he saw a big hand grabbing it again. It was too late to dodge, he clenched. the teeth, with both hands stretched out, a pair of Dualbladed Halberd manifested more than two meters long, shaking suddenly, stabbing the palm of the giant hand.



The giant palm fell, with infinite strength, Yanagyu’s face changed dramatically, Dualbladed Halberd flew out, With a trembling piercing, he pierced into the stone wall on the side, and at the end, he also “boom” and fell to the ground, almost fainting.

The giant hand lifted it and grabbed it.


Before he could exert any force, Liu Sheng suddenly exploded, turning into a puff of green smoke to escape, and roaring out of the cave, he just rushed out a few meters, Another giant hand crossed the sky, fished out of the green smoke, and squeezed hard.



With a scream, Coil Snake Cave became quiet again.

“A bit of ability.”

The muffled thunder echoed within the cave, Lu Chen bent over and walked out of the black fog and green smoke intact, his five-meter-high body swaying , still wearing reddish-brown’s whole body, like a god and demon, he spread his left hand, only to see a two-meter-long snake with a nose paralyzed in the palm of his hand, and the skeleton and flesh and blood of the whole body burst open.

Blood and blood, long dead.

“It should be a great tonic to eat when roasted.”

Lu Chen murmured, turned his hands and put the snake in the seal ball. At the same time, the five-meter-high Pluto body swayed and suddenly shrunk, upside-down with the body in the afterbirth.

Appears in the outside world.

Lu Chen didn’t rush into the fork in the road, he spent some time digging out the Dualbladed Halberd that had pierced into the stone wall with the Qingyun Sword. , the front end bends like a snake, and the appearance is quite good.

: Magical Artifact

: Second Rank Serpent


“Not bad.”

Lu Chen grinned, put away the snake and halberd, and strode toward the dead end. Sure enough, it was unobstructed. After a short walk, he entered a spacious stone chamber.

The stone chamber is relatively simple, with only a stone bed in the middle.

At this moment.

There were two people lying on the stone bed. One of them was Hua Jieyu. This woman was almost completely naked, and even the close-fitting underwear was half-understood. It seemed that if Lu Chen came a moment later , I’m afraid it’s really going to be for nothing.

The other was also a woman.

Silver hairpin and gold ornaments, not wearing an inch robe, with a bumpy figure, the appearance is also not bad, and it is not inferior to Hua Jieyu.


Lu Chen took a few steps forward and reached out to probe the other person’s neck.

My body is cold.

No movement.

shook the head, the woman was indeed dead, and based on his guess, this woman was probably one of Mountain Monarch Lu’s concubines, but she had a bad face, and her soul was broken here.


After a while, Hua Jieyu woke up leisurely, she sat up on the stone bed, her face was blank, she saw the female corpse beside her, suddenly Hit Shivered, and instantly came back to his senses.



The sudden sound startled Hua Jieyu, screamed, and turned around in a hurry. See Lu Chen standing behind him expressionlessly.

“You…you saved me?”

“It’s good to know.”

Lu Chen was silent, and pointed to the stone bed Blue and white porcelain vase, instructed:

“Take it back.”

After finishing speaking, he stepped into the sea of glass flowers without waiting for the other party to respond.


On the north side of Tiger Mountain, near the south bank of the Nieshui River, a circular altar was erected. Three silhouettes meet here and discuss with each other. One is a thousand-eyed daoist with fluttering sleeves. , one is the burly Yuan Qingshan, and the other is the Temple Master Xuanyang Taoist of Baiyun Temple.

Three people have finished their discussion.

Daoist Xuanyang sat cross-legged on the altar, handed the two talismans to each of them, and warned repeatedly:

“Next, Poor Daoist will try his best to When you cast it, there will be a thick fog that will cover the Tiger Mountain, surrounded by this, no matter the shemale, it is difficult to see the reality, you only need to store the two Magic Talisman close to your body on the second day, and it will not be affected.”

β€œIt’s time for Martial Uncle.”

β€œFellow Daoist will cast a spell, but it will be handed over to the two of us. If we can get what we want, there must be a Fellow Daoist.”


“It’s so good!”

Daoist Xuanyang forehead, no more words, closed his eyes, and began to concentrate on casting spells. After a while, a thick fog came out, quietly towards Wei Tiger Mountain pressed to go.


Wait for Hua Jieyu to walk out of the snake hole holding the blue and white porcelain vase.

In the night, the entire Wei Tiger Mountain was hazy, and it was difficult to see even a few meters. Even if Spiritual Qi was integrated into his eyes, he could only see three meters of his body.

Also blurry.

I can’t really see it.

“This…what’s going on?”


Hua Jieyu was wondering when a scream came from the front , a big furry head “gu lu gu lu” rolled to his feet, it was the head of a pig demon, with wide eyes.

Fresh blood dripping.

Hua Jieyu was so frightened that she ran to the top of the mountain in a hurry. As she passed by, she heard screams from time to time, and many little demons screamed and panicked. When they returned to their yard, She was just relaxed.

Without calling, Lu Chen stepped out of the sea of glass flowers.

He poured mana into his eyes, swept around and frowned. With his cultivation base in the second realm, he could only see five meters of his body.

Five meters away.


“This is… an action?”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, he instinctively felt that Yuan Qingshan had ended, but it was very different from what he expected. I thought that Yuan Qingshan would attack directly, but now it seems that it is a sneak attack.

And more fog cover.

In this way, it is difficult for him to grasp the timing accurately, and it also increases the difficulty to stop Yuan Qingshan.

“No way!”

Lu Chen shook his head, suddenly changed his mind, reached out and flipped, and took out a dark yellow talisman paper.

It is Second Rank. UU reading www.

He ignored the Hua Jieyu on the side, and with a “tear” sound, he tore open the Earth Escape Talisman, only to see two pieces of talisman paper falling, instantly turning into a stream of earthen-colored. The rays of light wrapped him, Lu Chen thought, his body sank into the mountain under his feet, and swimming fish generally dived toward the Mountain Monarch hole in the middle of the top of the mountain.


The location of the Mountain Monarch hole was determined. Lu Chen was about to get out of the ground when he hit a black stone slab with his head, earthen- The colored rays of light almost collapsed.

: Materials

: Fallen Stones


“Falling Stones?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, wandered underground for a while, and found that except for the Breaking Dragon Stone at the door, the entire Cave Mansion was wrapped by this Falling Immortal Stone. This Falling Immortal Stone is similar to the Falling Immortal Stone, very Restraining Spiritual Qi and mana, it is impossible to pass at all.

Lu Chen didn’t panic.

Before the earthen-colored rays of light disappeared, I used the Azure Cloud Sword to dig a shelter in the ground, raised my hands, and raised the Fallen Immortal Stone on top. A small slate was no less than 20,000 yuan. catty.

Push the slate away.

Lu Chen finally crept into the Mountain Monarch hole, looking up, the Mountain Monarch hole was empty, but three things were placed on the tall and majestic seats up ahead.

One flower basket and the other two are small animal statues.

: Secret Realm

: Second Rank Qiong Yao Immortal Realm


: Secret Realm

: Second Rank Ancient Forest


: Secret Realm

: First Rank Animal Farm


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