My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 135

Three Secret Realms, two Second Rank and one First Rank, the same flower basket [Qiong Yao Immortal Realm], Lu Chen has also seen it at the Xushan Fair, didn’t expect it to fall into the hands of Mountain Monarch Lu.


“Is it a trap?”

Lu Chen looked all around vigilantly. Dare to approach, and dare not come forward, he clenched the teeth, hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“Five ghosts are chaotic!”

Five half-length ghosts appeared On the seat in front, the ghost hand lightly lifted and circled around the 【Rui Rui Animal Farm】:


【Rui Rui Animal Farm】disappeared in the On the seat, appear out of thin air in front of Lu Chen, he stretched out his hand to hold it in his hand, and when he saw that there was no abnormality all around, he took a closer look. It was a statue of a brown horse.

Front hooves flying.

Strong limbs.

Below the hind hooves, there is a small area where several clusters of Qing Cao are carved, and the whole statue is about a foot high.

It comes alive.

It comes to life.


Depressing his excitement, Lu Chen flipped his hand and put it into the seal ball, his eyes fell on the flower basket, it was Second Rank’s [Qiong Yao] Immortal Realm], without hesitation now, pick up the secret art again:

“Five Ghosts and Heavens!”


Flower Basketappear Out of thin air was in front of him, Lu Chen was about to pick it up, and a warning sign sounded in his heart when he saw a tiger claw suddenly sticking out of the flower basket. A while of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

“wu wu wu ~”

“Mountain Monarch Lu!”

Lu Chen was startled, but not panic.

The [Pluto Immortality Artifact] in the body is instantly reversed, the inside and outside of the afterbirth are reversed, and the five-meter-high Pluto body appears in the Mountain Monarch cave. not even think, punched the tiger claw.


“ka-cha ~”

There was a loud bang in the cave of Mountain Monarch, and the Fallen Stone underfoot shattered into pieces.

Lu Chen only felt an infinite force coming, and the right hand forearm bent into a weird arc, but it didn’t break. He shook his body, and the force fell backwards, instantly interacting with the body. Change, a roll, got into the hole behind him that he climbed out of.


The flower basket flew upside down, and a surprised sound echoed in the Mountain Monarch hole.

The tiger claw retracted, Mountain Monarch Lu raised his foot and stepped out of the Qiongyao Secret Realm. He was surrounded by an animal skin. On the surface of the ground, there was a continuous flow of dark red blood, dyeing the entire chest red, but he didn’t change his face, and stepped forward to the cave, looking at the empty cave, his thick brows furrowed.

Then opened his mouth and spit.

one black one white two figures flew out of his mouth, he instructed:

“Go, arrest people, life or death.”

” Follow the king’s orders!”

The two ghosts did not dare to neglect, they respectfully complied, and quickly flew out of the Mountain Monarch cave. Prey arrives.


“Old black, can you still smell human?”

“It’s faded.”

“Me too.”

The two ghosts flew out from the mountain, their feet did not touch the ground, looking at the hazy night, frowning for a while, Hei Wuxiang sniffed his nose and spoke again. :

“But…I smell a familiar scent from this person.”


“Mrs. Flower!”


“Mrs. p>



Lu Chen casts the five ghosts, appear out of thin air at the foot of the mountain, see Mountain Monarch Lu didn’t chase after him, relaxed. Although the other party was injured, it could only be regarded as a minor injury. At least his strength was intact. If Yuan Qingshan dared to watch, he was afraid that he would be hit with blood.

“I don’t know if I can survive?”

Lu Chen murmured, flipped his hand and took out the Secret Realm called [Rui Rui Animal Farm], grinned, said with a smile :

“It doesn’t count as go on an errand for nothing.”

I am not in a hurry to leave at the moment, I lift my foot and head towards Lu Family Village, intending to refine Secret Realm first, and then Observe again, if Yuan Qingshan died in the hands of Mountain Monarch Lu, that would be the best.

If he escapes, he will see if he can find an opportunity to make up for it.


Lu Chen picked a house that was still in good condition, pushed in the door, waved his sleeve robe, and the mana from his body surged out, and in the blink of an eye, he pushed the house inside. After the dust was cleared, he took out a futon, sat cross-legged and started refining.

Because Secret Realm is owned.

Lu Chen took a lot of work to completely remove the traces. After a while, he finally refined, opened his mouth and swallowed the horse-shaped statue.

Chewed twice and knew everything about it.

Lu Chen opened his eyes and looked ecstatic. He opened his mouth and spit out the statue. The full name of this Secret Realm is [Rui Rui Animal Farm]. The vegetation is lush, and there are more than 27,000 wild horses, not only that, but also three Spirit Beasts and a Water Attribute spirit vein.

“I made a lot of money!”

Lu Chen sighed, got up, and stepped into it.


Lu Chen appears out of thin air In Secret Realm, the sky is high and the earth is wide, peaceful, surrounded by lush water and grass, green, and the distant horse is Xiaoxiao , hoofs melodious.

He flew up.

In the distance, there is a group of horses galloping around a crescent-shaped lake. The leader is a brown horse with a shoulder height of nearly three meters. Mao is flying freely, no less than the size of the dark horse demon.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Gale Horse King


at Behind the Gale Horse King, there is a white horse, which is slightly smaller, with a sharp horn on its forehead. It is extremely beautiful and looks like a mare.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank unicorn


Waiting for horses Xiao stopped and drank water by the lake. After eating and drinking, the horses dispersed. The Galewind Horse King took unicorn to the side, put his front hooves on the unicorn’s back, and started to sway.

“xu lu lu ~”

“So happy!”

Lu Chen looked away and looked to the other side of Secret Realm, where there was a The solitary silhouette is also a horse, not inferior to the Gale Horse King, but looks a little sloppy.

He has dark gray hair and looks rustic.

And the hair loss is serious, bald here, bald there, looks very down.

[Name]: Spirit Beast

[Information]: First Rank Wild Horse


Gale The horse king, the one-horned white horse, and the wild horse, there are three First Rank Spirit Beasts in total, and in the crescent-shaped lake, there is a Water Attribute spirit vein.

So far, Lu Chen owns three Secret Realms.

A White Bone Mountain Village, a sea of glazed flowers, and this [Rui Rui Animal Farm], if you have a [Tian Gong Talisman] in your hand, maybe it can be merged into Second Rank Secret Realm. .

Lu Chen was about to see the situation of the horse, when he expression moved, stepped out in one step, appeared in the room, waved his hand to put the Secret Realm away, and heard a female voice coming into his ears.

“Are you here?”

“Are you there?”

“Hua Jieyu? Why did she go down the mountain again?”

Lu Chen looked puzzled, his eyes flashed, he lifted his feet and walked out of the room, not far away, he saw Hua Jieyu shrinking in the night, trembling with fear walking in the village, shouting and looking around , seeing Lu Chen approaching, he was overjoyed at first, and then said with a sad face:

“You…don’t blame me.”

“What’s your fault?”

“Someone wants

to find you, it…they forced me to come.”


Lu Chen frowned, just Seeing two figures flying out of the ground, one black and one white, it is two ghosts, black Wuxiang is silent, two skulls dangling on their shoulders, like living creatures, white without guts and sympathy Exclaimed:

“It’s us~”

Lu Chen was not afraid, looked all around, and asked:

“Just you, Mountain Monarch Lu Didn’t you come?”

“What an arrogant guy.”

Bai Gucheng coldly snorted, the bloody intestines in his hands threw away instantly and wrapped around Lu Chen.


The Qingyun sword swelled in his hand, Lu Chen held the hilt in his hand, and slashed out with one sword, but he didn’t want the sword body to pass through his intestines. Seeing that the intestines were entangled, Lu Chen hurriedly retreated, but his left foot was still entangled by the intestines. Just as he was about to break free, he saw Bai Wuchang shaking the intestines in his hand.


Lu Chen stumbled, his bloody intestines also wrapped around his neck, Lu Chen’s body suddenly became stiff, and the Qingyun sword in his hand also fell to the ground, Made a muffled sound.

“jié jié jié ~”

Bai Gu Wei laughed strangely and shouted:

“How capable I am, in my [sorrowing bowels] ], it turned out to be just a product.”

“Don’t be careless!” This person can escape from the king, it must not be simple, or let me swallow the other party’s soul first.”

“It’s very, very, very~”

See white Gutless nodded, Hei Wuxiang shook his shoulders, the skull on his shoulders roared out, and there was a lot of Ghost Fire in his eyes, he opened his mouth and bit Lu Chen’s head, seeing the skull flying close, Lu Chen’s thoughts moved, and in his body [Pluto’s Immortality Formula] 】Instant reversal.

In an instant.

The inside and outside are reversed, and the five-meter-high Pluto body appears outside.

“Ah wu~”

The skull bit down, but it bit down on Lu Chen’s calf, and the calf was slightly numb. Lu Chen felt like he was bitten by a mosquito. His body also resumed action, and he took the opportunity to pull the life-threatening intestine on his neck, but he grabbed it in the empty space and couldn’t touch it.

Between reality and reality.

Change freely.

This is somewhat similar to Meng Yao.

“jié jié jié ~”

“What a stupid thing, thinking that it can’t entangle you when it gets bigger?”

Bai Wuchang laughed , stretched out his hand and pulled, Suo Minggu tightened again, still clinging to it, Lu Chen’s Pluto body also stiffened again, but he was fearless in his heart, seeing the skull flying again, Lu Chen said silently:

“Innate pure yang!”

In an instant, the characteristics of Innate pure yang were activated, and the effect of [qi and blood like a rainbow, ghosts and evils avoided] was revealed, and on the Pluto body, one after another fiery red The lines light up, and the whole person seems to have turned into a hot flame.



The two ghosts screamed and became muddleheaded, and the skull they were about to bite exploded in the air , the life-threatening intestines on his neck also turned black, snapped instantly, and fell to his feet. Lu Chen stepped forward, stretched out his hands, and pinched the ghost who had no time to dodge.


The two ghosts wailed, and they burned before they even begged for mercy.

It was quiet for a while.

Lu Chen opened his palms and saw a pool of ashes in each of the two giant palms, and in the ashes there was one thing, one was a small piece of bloody intestines, the other was a pocket-like skull.

[Name]: Nether Tool

[Information]: Second Rank Suo Mingchang


【 Name]: Nether Weapon

[Information]: Second Rank Soul Eater


“Two Nether Weapons?”


Lu Chen raised his brows and looked at Hua Jieyu who was shiver coldly in front of him. Hua Jieyu shivered, stepped forward in a hurry, Yingying knelt down, bowed his head and said:

“Slave…slaves and servants are guilty of death!”


Lu Chen deeply forgot about the other party, this woman is very smart Not only is he humble, but he also takes retreat as an advance. With a single sentence, most of his anger dissipated, and he said indifferently at the moment:

“The death penalty is unavoidable, and the living sin cannot escape!”

“Slave admits punishment!”

Hua Jieyu raised her head and said pitifully: “Slave is willing to serve the adults, Gan Chengyulu.” After saying this, she crawled towards Lu Chen until she reached Lu Chen. In front of him, he slowly stood up, looked up at the hideous thing, and stretched out his slender hand tremblingly.

“You can’t bear it, but remember it.”

Lu Chen turned around, his thoughts moved, the inside and outside were reversed, the body appeared outside, and he raised his feet to the courtyard just now , Hua Jieyu let out a long breath and almost collapsed on the ground.

“Not bad!”

Just as he was about to get up, a crisp voice suddenly came into his ears, Hua Jieyu was startled, and he looked up and saw a branch beside him Above, a kingfisher was looking at her with admiration.


Hua Jieyu opened her mouth and froze in place.

“hmph ~”

Kingfisher lightly snorted, spoke human’s words:

“Know why I sold you? It’s too heavy, and now I’ve been honing it a little bit, and I’ve really improved a lot, it’s not bad or bad.”


Hua Jieyu sneered and said doubtfully. :

“Empress is so busy, how come here?”

“What a stupid thing!”

The kingfisher screamed and pointed with its wings. With Hua Jieyu’s nose, he cursed: “You didn’t send me a message, saying that Mountain Monarch was seriously injured and dying, and a single monster core is worth hundreds of years of cultivation? If not, why did I go away?”


Hua Jieyu was stunned and said blankly:

“I…I never sent a message to Empress.”


“Hey, that’s weird, it’s not you… Who else would that be?”


Lu Chen return to house During the time, he sat down cross-legged, placed the two artifacts in front of him, and called out softly:

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao~”

“big brother?”


Meng Yao got out of Lu Chen’s long hair and lay on his head. Because he didn’t wake up, his face was drooping and he looked listless. Lu Chen pointed to the ghost in front of him and said with a smile:

“Yaoyao, look, these two things might be useful?”


Meng Yao tried her best to open her eyes, beckoned, the two ghost weapons flew over, just looked at them, and then threw them back to the ground, pouted and said:

“Ugly, Yaoyao doesn’t want it~”

After finishing speaking, he rubbed his eyes, crawled into Lu Chen’s long hair, and continued to sleep.

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, looking at the two underworld artifacts on the ground and worried again, since Meng Yao doesn’t like it, what should I do? sold? Not sure what the price is worth?

Is thinking.

Suddenly thought of his two ghosts, he stretched out his hand and took out the ghost altar. He patted the ghost altar, and two ghosts flew out of it, standing on the left and the right. Aside, motionless, like a puppet.

“Take it!”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand to point to the ghost weapon, and the two fast-walking ghosts immediately bent over and picked up the ghost weapon, but there was no movement, and Suomingchang and Soul Eater merged into the two ghosts in a blink of an eye. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

for a while.

In the eyes of the two ghosts, Ghost Fire flourished, as if consciousness were born.

Lu Chen was blessed to the heart, and suddenly reversed the [Pluto Immortality Technique], the inside and outside were reversed, and the Pluto body instantly appeared outside, and the two fast ghosts stared at a pair of ghost eyes, suddenly rushed up, one left and one right Holding Lu Chen’s big feet, forcibly lifted Lu Chen up, bent over, and placed it on his back.


It squeezed into Lu Chen’s feet little by little, disappeared.

Lu Chen lifted his big foot, and saw a black pattern on the sole of his foot, like a squatting ghost, he looked thoughtful, and put his hands lightly.


The Soul Eater and the Soul Eater appeared in their hands and waved, do as one pleases, have the words at hand, just like their own limbs Normally, he raised his foot again, and the two ghosts instantly emerged from the soles of his feet, hunched over, carrying Lu Chen on his back, wrapped in a cloudy wind and ran fast, flying out of Lu Family Village in the blink of an eye.

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