My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 136

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was excited. Originally, his Pluto body couldn’t fly. Now that there are these two ghosts, it is like stepping on a pair of Wind-Fire Wheels. If you really want to go, you can leave at ease. If you add these two ghosts, the strength will be greatly increased.

It also makes up for the defect that the Pluto body cannot be flexible and can only go straight.

These two Second Rank artifacts.

One is called [Sorrowing Intestine], and the other is called [Soul Eater].

The life-sucking intestines lock people’s souls. As long as they are entangled, they will be involuntarily and hard to move. This soul-eating skeleton is even more amazing. The intestines fit together, like a tiger that has grown wings.

Played around for a while.

Lu Chen put away the Pluto body and turned back to the Lu Family Village.


On Tiger Mountain, there is heavy fog.

Thousand-eyed Taoist and Yuan Qingshan joined forces, and they used the fog to cover up. They took action without any scruples, and cleaned up the monsters one by one. The screams and screams continued to echo. All of them were terrified, and soon after, they all fled the Wei Tiger Mountain, and the monsters of Second Rank were defeat them separately by two people.

He killed four or five in a row, and the rest fled.

The thousand-eyed Taoist’s clothes were not stained with blood, and his sleeves were fluttering. He went all the way to the Mountain Monarch cave. Qiankun’s sleeves waved suddenly, and the sleeves swelled. Fiercely smashed the Breaking Dragon Stone in front of Cave Mansion. superior.




A dozen times in a row, the Mountain Monarch hole violently Shocked, the Breaking Dragon Stone in front of the hole was not damaged at all.

“I’m coming!”

Yuan Qingshan came out of the fog, in the shape of a giant ape, carrying a black iron rod on his shoulders, and dragging a half tiger demon corpse in his hand, With a mouth full of blood, he opened his mouth and swallowed the tiger demon’s body.

Dancing the black iron stick and smashing it at the Breaking Dragon Stone.


The Breaking Dragon Stone cracked from the middle inch, the whole Tiger Mountain seemed to be shaking, Yuan Qingshan pounded three sticks in a row, and the three-foot-high Breaking Dragon Stone “Boom” exploded.

“Come in!”

Yuan Qingshan put away his stick, walked into the Mountain Monarch cave first, and saw the two Second Rank Secret Realm on the seat at a glance. The people looked at each other and stepped forward together. Before they got close to the seat, the mysterious patterns on their feet suddenly lit up. With a sound of “Shua”, they couldn’t help but fly forward.

“Not good!”

Without waiting for the two of them to react, their bodies became smaller and instantly threw into the flower basket.


“open for me!”

“Thousand-eye Dafa!”


The flower basket trembled slightly, and with the sound of roar, the entire Secret Realm exploded with a bang, only to see the wind and thunder in the Mountain Monarch cave, one after another rays of light lasing, the thousand-eyed Taoist appeared out of thin air, with a taoist robe on his body, and a pair of eyes open and closed on his bare chest.

In the center of the chest, a mirror kept shining.



“A little bit of emptiness, a thousand miles… happy wind!”

“Go to rest, go to rest~”

Thousand-eyed Taoists dare not stop and step on their feet A breeze flew out of the Mountain Monarch cave without turning his head, Yuan Qingshan crawled out from the ground, covered in blood, with a solemn face, one after another wound on his body with deep visible bones, he raised a black iron rod in his hand, “Bang Long “With a sound, it pierced through the roof of the cave.

Jump out of the Mountain Monarch hole.

“You still want to go?”

“Hunting in ten directions!”

“The quiet wind!”

cold The voice echoed, Mountain Monarch Lu appeared on the majestic seat, peaceful, the demon cloud dissipated, and behind him there was a tiger shadow Faintly discernible, he both hands forming seals, opened his mouth and spit suddenly:

โ€œhuhuhu ~โ€

A pitch-black evil wind spewed out of his mouth, and the tiger shadow jumped behind him and got into the evil wind, intermittent.


With a fierce tiger roar, the bad wind rushed out of the cave and swept across the Wei Tiger Mountain, and the thick fog was instantly blown away.


The spellcasting with all his strength was broken. Outside several li, the Taoist Xuanyang sitting on the altar opened his mouth and spit a mouthful of blood. Suddenly, the sound of wind rang in his ears, and when he looked up, he saw an evil wind blowing towards his face.

In an instant, he became muddleheaded and fell directly from the altar.

At this time, a tiger shadow came running.

Picking up Taoist Xuanyang, he flew up Tiger Mountain in a blink of an eye, returned to Mountain Monarch cave, and left Taoist Xuanyang, Hu Ying turned his head and ran out again, Taoist Xuanyang awoke leisurely, looking at Seeing Mountain Monarch Lu sitting high on the seat under Gao Ling, he shuddered in his heart.


Mountain Monarch Lu glanced at the other party coldly, not in a hurry to kill, and the Taoist Xuanyang did not dare to escape, his heart was cold, and he stood silently aside.



Yuan Qingshan jumped from the top of the mountain. As he was about to land at the foot of the mountain, a vicious wind suddenly blew from overhead, and he was alert and punched upwards.


The evil wind dissipated and suddenly gathered in front of him, blowing on his face.

“Not good!”

As soon as the thought arises, the person becomes muddleheaded, the body shrinks instantly, and with a “bang”, it falls to the foot of the mountain. From Yuan Qingshan back to Mountain Monarch Cave.

Yuan Qingshan woke up, his face was blue and white, and he blinked at Taoist Xuanyang, his heart was resentful:

“Damn! If there is body protection of Yanyangjia, why did it come to this!”


Mountain Monarch Lu still didn’t move, sitting unceremoniously.

Being high and low.



“What’s going on?”

A layer of cold sweat broke out on the forehead of Daoist Thousand Eyes, and whenever he flew out of the Tiger Mountain After ten miles, he would unconsciously turn around and turn around several times in a row. Just as he was about to continue trying, he suddenly heard the wind blowing from behind.

heart shivered with cold.

Turn around hastily.

Blinking both eyes, two azure lights shot at the blowing evil wind, and as soon as the azure light passed through, the evil wind did not stop at all, and it blew from head to toe.

“Not good!”

The thousand-eyed Taoist shouted and fell from mid-air in a whirl. Before landing, he was picked up by the rushing tiger shadow and sent to the Mountain. Monarch Cave.


The icy voice echoed, and the three looked at each other with a wry smile. It is only today that I know how terrifying the Great Demon with Divine Ability is. Even if injured, it is not that the three two realms can match.


Lu Chen returned to the Lu Family Village, and just entered the [Rui Rui Animal Farm], when he looked up, he saw a tiger shadow rushing into the room, holding a palm in his mouth. The horse statue ran to the Wei Tiger Mountain.

Not waiting for Lu Chen to react, he appeared in the Mountain Monarch cave in the blink of an eye.


Huying dropped the statue, turned his head and flew out again.


“Hey, why is there one more?”

“This…who is this?”


Lu Chen stood in the Secret Realm, looking up at the few people in the circle, speechless for a while, he touched the blue tattooed face on his face , instantly changed his face, raised his feet and walked out.

Cup one fist in the other hand to the three of them:

“Xiao Dao Lu Shen, I have seen Fellow Daoists!”

Thousand-eyed Taoist facing He blinked his eyes:

“I know you, so you are here too. Now that the four of us join forces, it may not be as bad as Mountain Monarch Lu.”

Lu Chen smiled shyly:

“The trail is just passing by, but I don’t have that kind of mind…”

“The cowardly rat.”

Yuan Qingshan beside him Feeling aggrieved, coldly snorted, and said in a muffled voice:

“The Secret Realm you took is called [Ruirui Animal Farm], and it was originally owned by Mountain Monarch, could it be that I didn’t know? If you hadn’t been watching from the side, you would say, where did this Secret Realm come from?”

Lu Chen turned his hands and put the Secret Realm into the seal ball, face doesn’t change Road:

“I picked it up on the road…”


The four were talking when they suddenly saw a tiger Shadow came running again, opened his mouth and spit, a kingfisher the size of a slap flew out, spread its wings and landed on the weapon rack beside it.

Mountain Monarch Lu stood up suddenly, gloomy face said:

“Peacock, you…you’re here too?”


The kingfisher opened its wings, turned its body slightly, and instantly turned into a beautiful woman, it was Empress, the peacock, the owner of the flower building. She covered her red lips with a silk handkerchief and said shyly. :

“Mountain Monarch big brother, my little sister is just worried, I came to visit you.”

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Mountain Monarch Lu loudly shouted, angrily said: “Since it was picked up by my tiger spirit, in the ten-mile hunting ground, there is either hatred or resentment, or there is something wrong with this Mountain Monarch, you turn up without being invited, it seems… yes Don’t worry about this Mountain Monarch’s monster core, is it?”

“yes and how?”

Peacock Empress simply no longer pretends, coldly snorted, sneered:

“Now I am waiting for six people to treat you one, and you are injured again. If you don’t run away at this time, when will you wait?”

“Six people?”

Mountain Monarch Lu frowned and asked:

“Who is the other?”

“It’s me!”

A voice from Mountain Monarch From outside the cave.

Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw a man walked like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, striding into the Mountain Monarch hole, the man was wearing a Black Dragon python robe, had a dignified appearance, and his eyebrows were picturesque , There is also a pair of small dragon horns on his forehead. Although he looks middle-aged, he does not hide his bearing at all.

Behind the other person.

There is also a dragon shadow, Faintly discernible, that is fighting the Tiger Spirit of Mountain Monarch Lu.

Scratching and biting, dragon’s cry tiger’s roar.

evenly matched.

Both top and bottom.

“It turned out to be Wu Jiao’s big brother, little sister is disrespectful.”

“It’s you!”

Peacock Empress smiled, Mountain Monarch Lu’s face instantly The gloomy down, Wu Jiao and him are one north and one south. The two demons are deadly enemies. They have been fighting each other for more than two hundred years, but their strength is almost on par, and no one can take too much advantage. to his former master.

It has long been unclear who is right and who is wrong.

Now that Wu Jiao arrived, coupled with the slut of Peacock, and these two masters of the second realm, Mountain Monarch Lu heart shivered with cold, gave birth to a bad feeling.


He stretched out his hand and waved his hand, and the tiger spirit that was fighting with the dragon shadow flew back instantly, dormant behind him, his face gloomy and uncertain, the current situation , has greatly exceeded his expectations.


Wu Jiao said with a big smile.

“Younger sister Peacock, I want to be a brother. What the little sister said is not bad. Now I wait for the six people to join forces. Whoever wants to kill is not between the palms? It is agreed in advance that this monster will die.

Afterwards, everything will be shared by you, I only take this Tiger Mountain spirit vein, and the rest will not be moved.”

“Is this true?”

“Absolutely No lie!”

Everyone looked at each other, all of them were eager to have a try, Mountain Monarch Lu felt nervous when he saw this, and hurriedly said:

“This Mountain Monarch and Wu Jiao is the enemy of life and death. This monster is capricious and extremely insidious. I advise you not to be gullible. Besides, I and you are not necessarily life and death. You may ask for it, or it may be negotiable. If you insist on it, it is not surprising This Mountain Monarch shot very ruthless and ruthless.”

Mountain Monarch Lu’s words were both hard and soft, and the eyes of the thousand-eyed Daoist flashed, saying:

“Poor Daoist wants nothing more than this

ใ€Drunken Lying Sutraใ€‘, if Mountain Monarch can give generously, Poor Daoist is willing to retire immediately.โ€


Mountain Monarch Lu also does not Nonsense, turned over and took out a Spirit Stone, took a pinch of it, and immediately made a jade slip, and threw it to the Thousand Eyes Daoist.

Thousand-eyed Daoist was overjoyed, and without looking closely, cup one fist in the other hand said:

“Everyone, Poor Daoist, take a step first, go to rest, go to rest!”


“Thousands of eyes!”

Yuan Qingshan’s complexion ashen beside him, but the Taoist of Thousands of Eyes ignored him, stepping on a breeze and floating out of the Mountain Monarch cave, Lu Chen saw this, Immediately took a step forward, cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“What Xiaodao asks is also a [Drunken Lying Sutra], if Mountain Monarch gives it, Xiaodao will leave!”


Seeing that Mountain Monarch Lu didn’t speak, Lu Chen knew in his heart that he was despising himself. After all, the Thousand Eyes Daoist had used Divine Ability, and his strength was obvious to all. , and myself, just a small character who jumped out halfway, it is really not worth mentioning, when I thought of this, Lu Chen loudly shouted:

“Mountain Monarch Lu, do you think my sword is bad?? “

“Cang ๅ”ท~”

Before he finished speaking, a blood line floated up behind his back, like a sharp blade about to be unsheathed. For a moment, everyone’s heart froze.

“Here you are!”

Mountain Monarch Lu gave Lu Chen a deep look, and threw a jade slip.


“Let’s go if you want, have you asked me?”

Lu Chen was about to leave Yujian when Wu Chen beside him. Jiao suddenly attacked, and slapped Lu Chen’s back with a palm. Fortunately, Lu Chen was prepared. Seeing his palm fell, five ghosts appeared around him.


Lu Chen disappeared into the Mountain Monarch cave out of thin air, Wu Jiao retracted his palm as if nothing had happened, a few drops of blood were faintly dripping from his fingertips, turned his head, and looked unpleasant. He looked at Yuan Qingshan and Taoist Xuanyang.


Yuan Qingshan swayed and turned into a ten-meter-high giant ape, leaning on the ground with a black iron rod in his hand, muttering:

” I want Mountain Monarch’s corpse!”

The Taoist Xuanyang was in a dilemma, looked at the black dragon glare like a tiger watching his prey, and said in a dry voice:

“Poor… .PoorDaoist is here to help Yuan Martial Nephew.”

“gฤ“ gฤ“ gฤ“ ~~”

Peacock Empress covered her mouth and smiled and said:

“Four against one, the odds of winning are not small, little girl, I just want to taste the taste of Mountain Monarch big brother monster core.”

“hahaha ~”

Wu Jiao laughed , face turned cold:

“If that’s the case, then kill it!”

When the words fell, the dragon shadow swayed behind him and swept away at Mountain Monarch Lu first. Slowly, the black iron rod in his hand suddenly smashed out, and Taoist Xuanyang both hands forming seals, with a wave of his hands, a thunder fell down, with a great reputation.

“Look at the sword!”

Peacock Empress snorted, and flew out the Azure Bamboo Fengyun Sword from its mouth, distributed it in all directions, and instantly formed a great formation of Tiangang Qingpan, with countless sword lights lasing.

Mountain Monarch Lu looked dignified and suddenly ducked to the side.


The majestic seat exploded directly.

Lightning and thundering.

The sword fell like rain.

The dragon’s cry tiger’s roar.

Black clouds and evil winds.

The entire Mountain Monarch cave suddenly became riddled with holes and crumbling. Countless rocks rolled down from the top of the mountain, rumbling loudly. keep it.



Mountain Monarch cave all split up and in pieces, a colorful tiger rushed out first, fresh blood dripping on his body , holding a writhing silhouette in his mouth, which is obviously a Taoist from Xuanyang.

Do not wait for the other to break free. UUkanshu

โ€œpuchi ~โ€

The tiger claw pierced through the heart and tore it abruptly. The head swallowed the bloody heart, set up a vicious wind, and quickly fled to the distance.

“Where to go!”

A coquettish chorus sounded, and the Peacock Empress flew out from below, spreading its arms, countless colorful feathers flew flying, and the ceiling fell, instantly stopping the colorful tiger.


At the foot of the mountain, Lu Chen looked at the two corpses that fell into mud in front of him, whispered:

“Is this dead? โ€

He stretched out his hand and scratched it, and saw a corner of an azure storage bag exposed.

He took the storage bag out of the rotten flesh, and with a rush of mana, he immediately opened the mouth of the bag, and with a slight sense, his face became strange, he reached out and turned it over, and a quaint book appeared in his hand, There are five words on the cover:

“Celestial Phenomenon method at four o’clock!” Recently, the pop-up window is very powerful, you can click to download it to avoid the pop-up window

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