My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 137

Lu Chen put away the Celestial Phenomenon Method of Four Seasons, waved his sleeves, his mana surged, the soil under his feet immediately arched up, buried the rotten flesh, and built a small Tomb,

“No thanks, no thanks!”

Lu Chen grinned, hid again, and continued to watch the battle on the top of the mountain.

Mountain Monarch Lu, who wanted to escape, was trapped, and the three immediately surrounded him. The fighting became more and more fierce. The whole Wei Tiger Mountain rumbled loudly, and the top of the mountain was cut off with First Layer and First Layer. Stones splashed, boulders rolled down, and the original layout of the top of the mountain had long since become ruins. From time to time, little monsters hiding in the mountain were crushed by the aftermath.

Screaming and dying.


With one-on-three, Mountain Monarch Lu gradually felt exhausted. With a roar of a tiger, he suddenly turned into a human body. Appearing in his hand, he flicked the whip to block the feathers, and when he saw the black iron stick coming, he fiercely slapped Yuan Qingshan’s face with a whip, and smashed it down halfway up the mountain, with torn skin and gaping flesh on his face.

I can’t wait to get up.

A whip shadow hangs down from the top of the mountain, wrapping around the opponent’s neck. Fiercely, Yuan Qingshan screamed and his head was almost strangled.


The peacock Empress is beckoned, countless feathers are shot back, forming a colorful feather fan, she waved a fan, only to see the feather fan in her hand swelled, endless light blue flames surged out, drowning Mountain Monarch Lu.

Wu Jiao was not idle either.

While letting the dragon shadow entangle the tiger spirit of the opponent, he faced the flames and bullied him, and stabbed the back of Mountain Monarch Lu with a paw.

“Not good!”

Mountain Monarch Lu heart startled, before he had time to retract his whip, he opened his mouth to spit, and a red monster core flew out, threatening the attacking black dragon. Retreat, immediately put the monster core on the top of the head, emit a red light, and block the blue flame.

The flames are raging.

monster core bodyguard.

You attack and I defend, and the two sides are at a stalemate for a while.

The black dragon retreats.

eyes flashed, and suddenly loudly shouted:

“Eat me!”

He opened his mouth wide, and a scarlet ball came out of his mouth , collided head-on, Peacock Empress was not to be outdone, with a small mouth and a ball spit out.

Mountain Monarch Lu’s scalp was numb, and he hurriedly took out monster core to block.


A muffled sound exploded on the top of the mountain, red light surging all over the sky, and the mountain was cut off by tens of meters in an instant. , but a beam of black light took the opportunity to step forward, and with a “puchi” sound, penetrated the back of Mountain Monarch Lu’s head.

“Black Dragon Claws!”

Mountain Monarch Lu screamed in agony, his face changed dramatically, his thoughts moved, the monster core above his head shot to the north, and he rolled up the evil wind and fled west in a hurry .

“Okay, what a good pigeon~”

The Peacock Empress was overjoyed, and was about to grab the monster core, the expression on his face was frozen in vain, “puchi” sounded, a beam of black light Pierced the back of the heart and passed through the chest.

It turns out that this 【Black Dragon Claws】is actually a pair!


“hehe, monster core is good, big brother, I want it too.”

The Peacock Empress screamed, and the black dragon grinned. , set up a dark cloud to chase Mountain Monarch Lu, stopped the opponent in a blink of an eye, he waved, two Black Dragon Claws flew back, turned into black light and surrounded Mountain Monarch Lu to pierce.

Mountain Monarch Lu is seriously injured and has lost his strength.

After barely resisting a few times, his body was pierced with holes by Black Dragon Claws, and he turned into a colorful tiger and fell from the air.


Wujiao was about to put away the tiger corpse when a mysterious iron rod suddenly hit him, he turned around abruptly, slapped the iron rod with his palm, and followed. There was an explosion, and he stepped back a few steps. Yuan Qingshan stretched out his hand and took the black iron rod back. Standing on the top of the mountain, he stared at the Great Demon, his eyes were red:

“Tiger corpse… Me!”

The black dragon frowned, saw the peacock fled to the southeast, and the monster core of Mountain Monarch also flew to the north, without delaying or speaking, set up a dark cloud and chased towards the monster core.

Yuan Qingshan was relaxed, leaning on a black iron rod, and stumbled towards the halfway up the mountain.


Halfway up the mountain, two figures were silently confronting each other. Lu Chen looked at the thousand-eyed Taoist man with a daoist robe and big sleeves, his face was speechless, It’s too voluminous, and someone robs a corpse.

Thousand-eyed Taoist smiled and pointed to two things beside him:

“One person per person?”


Lu Chen Xinran nodded, waved the tiger corpse into the seal ball, and the Taoist Thousand Eyes picked up the black whip, the two retreated together, and quietly went away, when Yuan Qingshan rushed to the middle of the mountain, there was nothing left, only A roar resounded on Wei Tiger Mountain for a long time:

“I’m too angry~~~”


riddled with scars Yuan Qingshan went down to Tiger Mountain, only to feel exhausted, desperately plot against, beaten to death, nearly survived, attacked the Great Demon in the second realm against the third realm, and also got into a closest Martial Uncle.

For what?

Isn’t it just for that mouthful of tiger meat? But in the end, it was robbed.


Damn it!

Wow ah ah ah~~

Yuan Qingshan is tired, hurt and angry, wish he could roared towards the sky, if he can catch that person one day, he must cramp and eviscerate , annihilate the soul and refine the soul, kill his entire family, punish his entire clan, even chicken and dog doesn’t remain, barren! ! !

Yuan Qingshan was furious in his heart.

Looking up at the mighty Tiger Mountain, which has created thousands of holes, leaning on a black iron rod, he headed northward, walking for five miles, and suddenly saw a silhouette falling from the sky.

“Yanyang Armor!!”

Yuan Qingshan gnashing teeth, evilly said:

“It was you, it was you who stole my Yanyang A!”

“Steal? hehe ~”

Lu Chen touched the upper armor of his face, said with a sneer:

“This is my spoíls of war!”


Yuan Qingshan’s body swayed, his body instantly expanded ten meters high, turning into a giant ape riddled with scars, his imposing manner was still there, he Yidun held the black iron rod in his hand, and said in a muffled voice:

“It just happened to be returned to the original owner!”


Lu Chen sneered and shouted Said: “Come on, today is the day of your Yuan Qingshan’s death!” Said, the Pluto body wearing the yang armor squatted slightly, posing the gesture style of Long Spring Fist.

“hmph, five meters tall dare to boosted shamelessly!”

“huhuhu ~”

The black iron rod flew up in his hand, Yuan Qingshan sneered , smashed with a stick:



The black iron stick stretched out, and a stick slammed into Lu Chen’s chest, Lu Chen only felt a huge force coming, and there was a muffled sound of “peng~ peng~ peng~” under his feet. He stepped back five feet, and his chest felt stuffy.

“wu wu wu ~”

Two fast-walking ghosts appeared at the feet, I saw the wind whistling, carrying Lu Chen and running fast, blinking to the back of Yuan Qingshan, not waiting The other party reacted, Lu Chen stretched out his hands, hugged the ten-meter-high giant ape, and fell backwards.


With a muffled sound, a deep pit was smashed into the ground.

Yuan Qingshan was dizzy from the fall, contorts one’s face in agony, blood gurgled from the wound on his body, but also aroused his ferocity, grabbed Lu Chen’s left arm, and made a gesture to Lu Chen was torn, but Lu Chen was wearing Yanyang armor and was not afraid. He took the opportunity to raise his right hand and punched the opponent in the face.


Yuan Qingshan stumbled and became furious, and directly scuffled with Lu Chen, punching to the flesh, and making deadly moves, like two wild beasts .


“peng peng peng!”

The earth roared, the yellow sand splashed, and the two hit the north side from under the Wei Tiger Mountain Shuihe, from the Nieshui River, hit the shore again. Even though Lu Chen was not strong enough and his body was far inferior to the opponent, he relied on the body protection of Yanyangjia and the help of the speeding ghost. Iron rod.

Lu Chen even has the upper hand.


“ka-cha ~”

Yuan Qingshan kicked Lu Chen down, and the black iron rod fiercely hit Lu Chen’s On the top of his head, his entire head was buried in the yellow sand. Lu Chen felt dizzy, and cracks appeared on the Yanyang armor on his head.

“Look, I won’t tear you apart!”


Yuan Qingshan roared, throwing away the black iron rod and clasping it with both hands Holding Lu Chen’s head, the blue veins of the ape arm burst out, and even the muscles burst open. He tore it with all his strength, and with a “tear” sound, he even forcibly buckled down a piece of visor.

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, didn’t dare to delay any longer, drew with both hands, made a clever effort, leaned back and kicked the opponent flying with one foot.

Get up and run.

“Where to escape!”

Yuan Qingshan hair stands up in anger, furiously shouted, chasing furiously with big strides, about to catch up, Lu Chen suddenly turned around, stretched out his hand and swung, A bloody intestine appeared and entangled Yuan Qingshan who was caught off guard.



Yuan Qingshan stopped suddenly, and fell to the ground with a “bang”, his soul Being locked, it was difficult to move for a while.

Lu Chen was overjoyed and shook his shoulders.

“jié jié jié~~”

A strange cry rang out, the Soul Eater appeared from the shoulders, roared and flew towards Yuan Qingshan, opening his mouth and gnawing, Lu Chen also took the opportunity to deceive himself And Jin, fists clenched, fiercely smashed Yuan Qingshan in front of the door.





The fists fell like rain, and every punch was done with all his strength. Yuan Qingshan’s eyes were red, and his limbs were twitching constantly. It was hard to break free.

“hu~ ~”

“Finally beaten to death!”

Lu Chen sat in the yellow sand, let out a long breath, and looked at Yuan Qingshan The headless corpse grinned.

Take a break.

Pick up the black iron rod on the side.

This black iron rod is nearly ten meters long, with a dark golden body and a thick waist. It weighs more than 9,800 jin. Even if it is hit with a stick, it can’t hold it even a bull. Thanks to Lu Chen He has a Pluto body, and he wears Yanyang armor engraved with “strong” rune.

If this is not the case, even the third rank Tong Xuan daoist may not be able to withstand it.

[Name]: blood refinement Magical Artifact

[Information]: Second Rank Black Iron Rod


“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was excited, he knew that this Second Rank black iron rod has three symbols, which are [Ruyi], [Shock] and [Destroy], otherwise, His Yanyang armor will not be smashed, but fortunately, it is a blood refinement Magical Artifact. After a while of blood sacrifice, it can slowly recover without fear of damage.

Lu Chen is playing with the black iron rod.


The black iron rod suddenly became smaller and turned into an eyebrow-length stick with a thick forearm. He turned his head to look at Yuan Qingshan’s corpse, and saw the giant The ape-shaped corpse was also shrinking, the hair retracted into the body, and the claws converged. In the blink of an eye, it became Yuan Qingshan’s body.

However, there is still a head missing.

“Looks like he’s really dead!”

Lu Chen relaxes, this Yuan Qingshan cultivation method is obviously different from [Pluto Immortal Art], the other party seems to have changed on the body Yes, very different from his Pluto body.

He tried to search his lower body, but found that the other party was empty.

“Forget it!”

Lu Chen didn’t bother, just a thought, the blood of inner Qi flowed like a stream, instantly activating the [Red Flame] on Yanyang Armor rune, only felt a tickling in his throat, he didn’t seem to spit unpleasantly, so he opened his mouth and spit:


raging flames rushed out, and in a blink of an eye, Yuan Qingshan The body was burnt to ashes.

“Go to rest, go to rest~~”

Lu Chen no longer stays, the tactic of immortality runs, and the body in the afterbirth is reversed, appearing in the outside world, and Yujian flies into the distance , the blink of an eye disappeared.

Two quarters passed.

In the pile of ashes, a talisman paper slowly rose.

On the talisman paper, flamboyant is written with twisted handwriting, which can be vaguely recognized as the word “decomposition”. There are bright yellow rays of light flickering on the ashes, and then it turns into an aura and flew westward.

Just then.

Lu Chen fell from the sky, reached out and grabbed it, but the aura passed through his hand.

[Name]: talisman

[Information]: Second Rank Corpse Decomposition Symbol


“The Corpse Solve the talisman?”

Lu Chen was a little surprised, and he quickly chased after the aura with his sword, and the aura flew very fast, throwing him away in the blink of an eye.

“Five Ghosts Haunting the Heavens!”

“Huntian Laws!”

“Huntian Laws!”

.. ….

Lu Chen refuses to give up, hands form a secret art more than ten times in a row, and finally catches up, flying several dozen li all the way, with a bright light “sou ” With a bang, he fell into a low hill and disappeared.


Lu Chen descended from the sky, with a rush of mana, the [floating cloud] rune on the robe was activated, and a white cloud grew under his feet. Squeeze sword art and point at the short hill:



Qingyun sword and seven sword stars fly from underfoot Going out, he chopped and chopped at the low mound like a tomb, like cutting tofu, forming a straight up and down passage in the blink of an eye, Lu Chen retracted the Qingyun sword, and slowly landed on the white cloud, sinking more than ten meters, and landed on the ground. In the narrow square Cave Mansion, the Cave Mansion is tightly blocked on all sides.

Only in the center is a blood pool, which is full of scarlet blood.

Just above the blood pool.

The [Destruction Talisman] is burning, and the rays of light of bright yellow are scattered in the blood pool. With the burning of the rune paper, the blood in the pool is flowing rapidly, as if it is squirming, and there is flesh and blood in the blood pool. It gradually formed in the middle, and it was clearly visible. When the talisman paper was burnt out, a body finally took shape.

Regardless of form.

It’s still the same.

All are exactly similar to Yuan Qingshan.


The Azure Cloud Sword flew out and stabbed the body a few times, but the body remained motionless.

“Five ghosts and gods!”

“crash-bang ~”

Lu Chen pinched a secret art, and five ghosts appeared in the blood pool In the middle of the game, the body was moved out of the blood pool. Lu Chen raised his feet to the ground, stretched out his hand to check his breath and pulse, but the other party was still motionless.

“Sure enough!”

Lu Chen is not surprised, [Soul Eater] has already devoured Yuan Qingshan’s soul, even if this [Destruction Talisman] can make the opponent’s flesh and blood Rebirth, without the soul, can only be regarded as a corpse.


Lu Chen waved the corpse into the sealing ball, Yu Jian flew out of the Cave Mansion, and just landed, he saw an old man leaning on the low hill , looking at him.

The man was thin, dressed in a grey cloth robe, with a hunched back and a burlap sack on his shoulders.

His face is full of folds, like a mummified corpse.

“Lianmen Mountain?”

“The Corpse Collector!”

The two of them said a word to each other, big eyes staring at small eyes, Lu Chen smiled embarrassingly:

“Take it~”

Speaking, stretched out a hand. He waved, Yuan Qingshan’s body was released by him, the old man grinned, showing his mouth full of yellow teeth, lightly forehead, took off the burlap bag on his back, opened the mouth of the bag, and called:

“Come on, come in!”

The voice fell, Yuan Qingshan’s body “Shua” stood up and walked towards the sack with his eyes closed. Lu Chen, who was beside him, was startled. Thinking that Yuan Qingshan had come back to life, and seeing that the other party’s body was stiff and not like a stranger, he relaxed and gave the old man a thumbs up:

“The old man’s methods are really good.”

“Where is~”

old man said with a humble face, said with a smile:

“It’s just a [corpse summoning method], what can’t be considered, If you want, you can pass it on to you.”

“Pass me?”

Lu Chen shook the head and waved:

“That’s not necessary.”

This person is too mysterious, and Lu Chen doesn’t want to get involved too much. UU Reading

old man didn’t care either. When Yuan Qingshan’s body walked over, he pinched it and whispered: “It’s too loose, but fortunately the shelf is still there. , you, you can be a war ghost in the future.”

When the corpse got into the bag, the old man tied the mouth of the bag tightly against his shoulders, glanced at Lu Chen, hesitantly said:

“We also have a relationship on both sides. You gave me the body, and the old man has accepted your favor. There is a piece of advice, I don’t know if I should say it or not?”

“Please Speak!”


old man lightly coughed, opened the mouth and said:

“youngster, in the future… when it’s time to have fun .”


Lu Chen frowned, hesitantly said:

“What do you say?”

old man sat down leaning on the low hill, opened the mouth and said: “not to become immortal, life is only five hundred years old, no matter how you prolong your life, it’s all like this, after all, it can’t match Heavenly Dao, there is a half sentence, I don’t know you Have you heard of it.”


“A Divine Immortal crossing in eight hundred years!”

old man pointed and counted, Youyou said: “It’s just two hundred and seven years since the last Divine Immortal crossing, which means that there are still five hundred and ninety-three years until the next Divine Immortal crossing, and you… have no hope of becoming an immortal. !”

“Hope to become a fairy!”

“Hope to become a fairy!”

“Hope to become a fairy!”

.. ….

The voice echoed in my ears like a magic sound. When Lu Chen came back to his senses, he saw that the old man had died, and his body was rapidly decaying, turning into a white bone with a long A weed grows and a little white flower grows.

Lu Chen plucked off the little flowers, and saw a few words like ghosts crawling on the petals:

“You… bad luck!”

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