My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 138

“Fate is not good?”

Lu Chen smiled and twisted the white flowers into powder. I prefer to believe in myself, others may not wait for Divine Immortal to cross, but Lu Chen can be upgraded.

Not necessarily waiting.

Perhaps, when the Divine Immortal arrives, he will already be an immortal.

Seeing that the sky was already lit, Lu Chen did not leave in a hurry, turned back to Cave Mansion, looked around, and called:

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao~”

“big brother?”

Meng Yao got out of Lu Chen’s long hair, looking like she didn’t wake up, Lu Chen said with a smile:

“Big brother, I need your help with something.”


Meng Yao rubbed her eyes and became energetic.

“Yaoyao, look, what can be hidden all around?”


Meng Yao slipped her long hair down Arriving at Lu Chen’s shoulders, big eyes like gems looked at the square, suddenly, big eyes lit up slightly, and a small hand pointed to the right corner:

“big brother, there!”

“Sure enough!”

Lu Chen grinned. He didn’t find anything on Yuan Qingshan before. When he came here, he had some guesses because he didn’t act immediately because he noticed the movement outside. Now there are no worries.


With a sword cry, the Qingyun sword flew out and stabbed a foot deep into the wall of the cave. On the object, Lu Chen stepped forward to clean it and took out a rectangular stone box.

Open the stone box and see a few items in it.

The first is Spirit Stone, which has different colors and attributes, totaling thirteen pieces.

The second is two scarlet crystals.

apart from this , and a thin booklet, Lu Chen put away all the Spirit Stones, took out two crystals, and looked at it carefully. There was a sweet bloody smell.

[Name]: spirit material

[Information]: Second Rank Red Blood Crystal


โ€œ Scarlet blood crystal?”

Lu Chen put it away without knowing the purpose, and picked up the book again, and saw a silver hook painted on the cover, with a few words: “Yuan Scorpio Fights Heaven! “

“This…should be the Body Refinement cultivation technique of Yuan Qingshan’s cultivation.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, flipped through a few pages and found that it was indeed a Second Rank His Body Refinement, which records that Yin Yin is a little more mysterious than his [Pluto Immortality Technique], is probably a Second Rank Authentic Level cultivation technique, which cultivates a kind of [Yuan Yu Body].

Cew gold and iron raw.

Copper Skin & Iron Bones.

No less than Pluto.

“The next time you upgrade, you can incorporate the technique of immortality.”

Lu Chen put away the cultivation technique, and without stopping, flew out of Cave Mansion with Meng Yao Yujian, all the way. Flying to the Wei Tiger Mountain in the east, when Lu Chen got close to the Wei Tiger Mountain, he saw that the kilometer-high mountain had cracked, and it looked on the verge of collapse.

When his sword fell at the foot of the mountain, he saw a group of little monsters hugging and crying at the foot of the mountain.

“Your death is so tragic, wu wu wu ~”

“Destroy my home, pump my spirit vein, the black worm of God’s death, my urn and Er absolutely irreconcilable!”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty~~”

“The spirit vein has been removed?”

Lu Chen frowned, but there is nothing he can do. Although he is very envious of the spirit vein of Tiger Mountain, it is a pity that there is no [pulse transfer symbol], and there is no way to seize it.

I don’t think much about it at the moment, Edgeworth landed in Lu Family Village.

Lu Family Village is next to Wei Tiger Mountain, at the foot of the mountain. Because of the previous war, most of the entire village has been destroyed. There are scattered boulders and collapsed ruins everywhere, and no silhouette is seen.

“I don’t know if Hua Jieyu has survived?”

“Just a short distance away,”

“The universe can be seen!”


With a murmur, Lu Chen performed the Qiankun Reflection Method, spread out his left hand, and a picture appeared.

This is a Cave Mansion, with bright pearls everywhere, haze rising everywhere, green moss piles blue, white clouds floating jade, virtual windows and quiet rooms, sliding stools with flowers, and dragon balls hanging in milk caves. , lingering on the ground full of wonderful flowers.

There are traces of fire on the cliff beside the pot stove, and the slag of the bottle is seen on the case.

The stone bed is so lovely, and the stone bowl is even better. See also that one pole and two poles build bamboo, three to five o’clock plum blossoms, a few trees and green pines often bring rain, like a fairy house.

It is luxurious, beautiful and flawless!

Hua Jieyu is sitting in front of the crystal table, carefully dressing up, smearing gouache rouge, lighting up her coquettish red lips, and humming a little song in her mouth, she seems to be in a good mood.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

There was a sound of footsteps, and a woman dressed as a maid walked in, gave a salute, and said softly:

“Your Majesty. Send a message, ask Mrs. Huayu to go to the bed.”

“Got it~”

Hua Jieyu complied, got up, twisted her waist and walked out, all dressed in red silk , the end is festive.


“Blue Scale Cave Mansion?”

Lu Chen was a little puzzled. The Qinglin Cave in the river seems to have become the wife of the Great Demon of Wujiao.

“It’s good or bad!”

Lu Chen grinned, he didn’t like this woman, but it can be used as an eyeliner in the green scale hole, and it can be used to the fullest. , This black dragon Great Demon is insidious and cunning, and it is always right to be on guard.

He didn’t know.

The nature of Jiaojiao is inherently lewd, and the Great Demon of Wujiao is the most favorite married woman. Before the war, he secretly kidnapped several ladies of Mountain Monarch Lu. He had returned with monster core and was extracting spirit vein. , happened to meet Hua Jieyu, who was in a hurry, and when he saw his beauty, he naturally started to think.

After careful inquiry, it was actually Mountain Monarch Lu’s concubine.


Waves away the reflection method, Lu Chen Yujian flew up to Tiger Mountain, Meng Yao said strangely on his shoulder:

“big Brother, what are we doing here?”

“There is something.”

Lu Chen grinned and explained:

“There was a peacock before. The injury here seems to be serious, and I hope I can gain something.”


Meng Yao asked with a puzzled face:

” Is the peacock beautiful?”

“It’s pretty.”


Meng Yao tilted her little head, looking thoughtful, curious about what a peacock is look.

Lu Chen laughed, Peacock Empress is absolutely stunning, among all the women he has seen, only the color of [Yu Linglong] can compare, and he stares at each other for the sake of beauty color, but a peek at the resources behind the third rank Great Demon.

Not to mention the third rank fan.

I don’t know how many mysterious crystals on my body, even if the thirty-six Azure Bamboo Fengyun swords bought by the other party are of great value, it is worth his trip.

And the Great Demon was seriously injured.

But the opportunity is rare.

If you can get away with it, it’s really a blessing.

Lu Chen walked back and forth on the top of the mountain several times, trying to take in the breath of the top of the mountain again and again, but never found the trace left by the Peacock Empress.

“big brother is here.”

“Come on!”

Meng Yao squatted not far away and waved at him, Lu Chen walked over quickly , I saw two drops of dark red blood clearly visible under a gravel. Although it fell on the mountain, it was self-contained and did not merge with the mountain, like two Crimson’s pearls. dry up.

“It seems so.”

Lu Chen’s eyes brightened, and he stretched out his hand to capture a ray of crimson, hands form a secret art, and slowly spread out his left hand, palm light Interlaced, a picture is presented.


“huhuhu ~”

I saw sword light raging, light blue flames raging, and colorful rays of light exciting Shooting, the whole sky is red.

“What a thousand-eyed Daoist, even one step ahead of me.”

Lu Chen complexion changed, because it involved the third rank Great Demon, he didn’t dare to look at it too much, and waved away the image Fa, flew up with Meng Yao Yujian, and flew all the way to the southeast.


“Thousand-eyed Dafa!”

“Qianyuan is free from fire!”

The flames are raging, Multicolored rays of light lasing.

Thousand-eyed Taoist and Peacock Empress fought recklessly, his face flushed, inwardly complained in one’s heart, this Peacock Empress was obviously seriously injured, but after fighting for one hour, the opponent shot without showing any weakness .

If it wasn’t for [Xiaoyao Yufeng] who could fight, he would have been burned to death by the opponent.

After fighting for a while, the mana of the Thousand Eyes Daoist was about to run out. Seeing that the opponent was fighting more and more fiercely, the flames suppressed his Thousand Eyes Dafa and came aggressively.

“Go to rest, go to rest~”

Qianmu Daoist didn’t dare to delay any longer, he flicked his sleeve robe, and walked away with a wisp of clear Feng Xiaoyao.

โ€œpuchi ~โ€

Peacock Empress opened his mouth and spit a mouthful of blood, his expression suddenly wilted.

She closed the flame and turned into a big colorful bird and flew quickly to the southeast, escaping several dozen li in a row, and landed on a big tree several hundred meters high, opened her mouth and spit, and took a bite. light blue flames gushed out, instantly igniting the tree body.

She waved and released two fox demons, warned repeatedly:

“My injury can’t be delayed any longer, I need Nirvana immediately, you sisters must guard with all your heart, until I get through this tribulation, There is a day when the screen is opened, and then there will be inexhaustible benefits. Remember, when I wake up, be sure to bring me back to Hualou. This [Qianyuan Lihuo Fan] will be temporarily protected by your body. โ€

“As you bid!”

The two fox demons respectfully took orders, Peacock Empress said no more, handed the colorful feather fan to the two demons, spread their wings, turned their heads and flew in into the flame.

The big wooden “crackle” is burning, and a peacock is faintly dancing in it.

The sisters and the two demons looked at each other in blank dismay, a fox demon stroked the feather fan with a frenzy on his face, began to stir in his heart, and whispered: “elder sister, with this treasure fan in hand , you and my sister can’t go, now Empress involuntarily, it is not known whether we can survive, why don’t we take the opportunity to leave and go to have a good time!”


The other fox demon couldn’t bear it, hesitantly said:

“Empress treats us well, if we abandon it and go away, I’m afraid… I’m afraid it will be inappropriate.”


The fox demon lightly snorted, with an unpleasant face:

โ€œEmpress treats us well, but our sisters donโ€™t serve us wholeheartedly, even every The yang energy that comes from the sun must be divided into half, and if you leave, it will take a long time to become a Great Demon.”




“My dear elder sister, if you don’t leave, the younger sister can go away and be happy by herself.”


Lu Chen chased all the way, until the sky was bright, and he saw a burning tree in the distance, and the Thousand Eyes Taoist had long since disappeared. When he flew to the front, he repeatedly used the Qiankun image method to finally determine that the Peacock Empress was in the flames.

“This is…healing?”

“How can you be so careless? There isn’t even a Dharma protector, but…it’s easy.”

” p>

Lu Chen frowned, without thinking too much, he used his mana to move the Source Rune of [Water] in Spirit Orifice, his thoughts moved slightly, and a dark cloud gradually formed over the sky.



Lu Chen was about to put out the flame with a small spell, when a shrill sound suddenly came out of the flame. The whine, the whimper is very infectious, listening to it makes people feel sad and unbearable.

“hmph! How dare you deceive people!”

Lu Chen sneered, just as he was about to continue casting spells, he suddenly stopped, turned his head and said:

“Why? Is it?”

Meng Yao let go of the little hand that was holding Lu Chen’s hair, her big eyes were red, and she said sadly:

“Yaoyao misses Dad.”

“Yaoyao don’t cry, big brother is here!”


Meng Yao nodded her head vigorously and rubbed the red big brother She raised her eyes and said, “big brother, why don’t you kill her? Yaoyao once heard daddy recite occasionally, saying ‘the peacock flies southeast, and wanders five miles away’, but I haven’t seen the peacock yet, I want to see it~”


Lu Chen’s heart softened, and he gently wiped the corner of Meng Yao’s eyes, said with a smile:

“Listen to Yaoyao!”

As he said, he stretched out his hand and waved, and the dark clouds above dissipated immediately.


“Big brother is so nice~”

Meng Yao stood on tiptoe and stamped Lu Chen’s face, her face flushed red Yes, there is little happiness all over the face.


The big tree burned for a full day, and when the big tree was turned into ashes, Lu Chen brought Meng Yao forward, waved his sleeve robe, The mana in the body swept away, sweeping away a large piece of ashes, revealing a green-skinned bird egg.

This bird egg is palm-size and emits faint rays of light.

“big brother, where’s the peacock?”

“It’s inside.”

Lu Chen squinted his eyes and looked a little suspicious, this is Nirvana ? They all say Phoenix Nirvana, can this peacock also do it? Before he could make any move, with a “ka-cha” sound, the egg cracked on its own, and a small bird emerged from the eggshell.

It shook its colorful feathers, UU reading stretched its slender neck, fluffy all over, big eyes pure and lovely, looking curiously at Lu Chen and Meng Yao on his shoulders .

[Name]: Fanbird

[Information]: Peacock


โ€œbig brother, yes Peacock~~”

Meng Yao was so happy, she jumped off her shoulders in a hurry, walked quickly to the peacock with a big fist, and stopped suddenly, two little fellow big eyes staring at small eyes, Meng Yao squeezed her little hand and said nervously:

“Can Yaoyao hug you?”


The peacock screamed After two times, she blinked her big eyes. There was no impurities in her eyes, and they were as clear as water. Meng Yao stepped forward cautiously, and hugged the little peacock gently. She was overjoyed for a while, and she turned around and said:

” big brother, shall we keep it?”


Lu Chen nodded, placed his two little fellows on his shoulders, and looked at the peacock. Fingers pinched its bones and bones, and found that it was a fragile terrifying. If you wanted to, you could crush it with one finger. After playing with it a few times, you were sure that it was a mortal bird.

โ€œthird rank Great Demon? The owner of Hualou? Peacock Empress?โ€

โ€œhehe ~โ€

Lu Chen sneered, his face gradually became weird, I donโ€™t know if something happened, a dignified third rank Great Demon turned into a mortal Bird, if he is not there today, I am afraid that he will die in the mouth of wild beast.

The third rank Great Demon.

It didn’t die in the hands of Wu Jiao, but died in the mouth of wild beast, and it can make people laugh to death.


Since it is in the hands of Lu Chen today, he must be trained well, and he will never let him do anything wrong. Don’t delay now, take Meng Yao and Peacock all the way to Fengxian Town.

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