My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 14

It’s past noon, Intoxicated Immortal Building second layer.

Lu Chen wiped his greasy mouth, slapped the table, and shouted:

“Little Er, another table, and the best!”

The shopkeeper of the restaurant hurried over, looked at a table with a mess of cups and dishes, and said with a sad face: “Master, my uncle! You have already eaten two tables, or… Should you settle the bill first?”

“Bang! What, I’m afraid I can’t pay?”


No, shopkeeper’s face But it is an expression that is afraid that you will not be able to pay the bill.

“hmph, don’t look down on people!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted, and then shouted: “I’m not that kind of person, I’ll give you when my little brother comes. Checkout, don’t be verbose, and don’t serve the food!”

The shopkeeper insisted, insisting that Lu Chen check out first.

At this time, a silhouette with a height of nearly two meters walked up to the second floor. The visitor was wearing a linen coat, a hat on his head, a rough cloth on his face, and only a pair of gloomy eyes. Exposed outside, he glanced at the second layer and sat down directly opposite Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was instantly overjoyed, holding his head high and said:

“Look, this is my little brother, I can still afford the meal for three tables!”

The shopkeeper looked at the person who came, frightened by those gloomy eyes, and shivered:

“Guest…guest, look…”


The visitor lowered his eyes and placed a piece of gold weighing 12 taels on the table. The gold was embedded half a finger deep into the table. The shopkeeper quickly pulled the gold out and said with a smile:

“To offend, to offend a lot.”

“Chunzi, you bummer, you still don’t serve food! Hurry up!”

“Come on, come on~”

The table is cleaned again and the food is served again.

Lu Chen stopped pretending, started eating directly, swept the table full of meat, and finally hiccupped, looked at the other side, and asked:

“Bring me here. Already?”

The person who came didn’t speak, took out a book from his arms and threw it on the table.

Lu Chen reached out and took it, only to see five big characters written on the cover:

Yijin Body Refinement!


Lu Chen grinned, then shook his head, whispered:

“But, still not enough!”

The man gave Lu Chen a gloomy look, and took out a cloth bag from his arms. Lu Chen reached out and grabbed it, opened it and saw that there were fifty spiritsand in it.


Lu Chen laughed so hard that he put it into his arms unceremoniously, and quickly flipped through “Yijin Body Refinement”. , After a while, he let out a long breath and put it away.

He was reluctant to take out a yellowed book and threw it on the table.

“Hurry up” ran downstairs.

The visitor remained unmoved, until Lu Chen left the restaurant, he tore off the gray cloth covering his face, and reached out to pick up a leftover lamb bone.


He opened his mouth and bit it, grinding the hard lamb bone into bone meal, said with a malicious smile: “Run? Curse, where can I go!!!”


Lu Chen got off the restaurant and ran out of town at a moderate pace.

β€œhu~ hu hu ~”

The more he ran, the more tired Lu Chen felt. Before he left the town, it was already gasping for breath. Lu Chen frowned. No, he tore off the Body Refinement in his arms and threw away the cloth bag that contained spiritsand.

But it’s still gasping for breath.


Lu Chen pinched a secret art, urging Radiating Light Technique, a thread of aura taken from the cloth bag was punched into the mirror, and the silver white pointer was turning.

When stopped, point behind you.

“I’m chasing!”

Lu Chen’s heart sank, and he hurriedly focused Spiritual Qi in his eyes. As soon as he looked up, he saw an old woman with a wrinkled face lying on her head, holding her neck with her hands and pressing it against his back.

He stared at Lu Chen with a pair of dead fish eyes.

“I’m going~~”

Lu Chen was startled and thought it was hell again.

After thinking about it, I realized that it is not a ghost at all. Now that the sky is clear, how dare a little ghost show up. With a thought, the Peach Wood Sword manifested in his hand.

He urged Spiritual Qi, who was not much, to stab a few times with the tip of his sword.

Each time it is stabbed, the silhouette of the old woman fades by a point, and after a few touches, it is almost invisible.

It never completely dissipated.

“Leave it alone.”

Lu Chen felt that his body was full of power again, and he didn’t dare to waste Spiritual Qi any more. He directly took back the Peach Wood Sword, and took off his coat. I found that there was a huge Great Hand Seal on my back.

It seems to be sprinkled with white powder, which is very strange.

“Mostly sorcery.”

Lu Chen murmured, and threw away his coat, ran wildly on the streets in his underwear, crossed the streets, and soon came to the south Under the city gate, see the Guard Soldier checking, and directly take out the Weapon Suppressing Mansion’s offering token:

“Weapon Suppressing Mansion offering, get out of the way!”

Weapon Suppressing Mansion The enshrined, the real power is not large, but it also has several points of face, so there is no one to block, and the token will be released directly.

Out of the city gate, Lu Chen saw the vast fields and fertile fields.

Pedestrians come and go.

He didn’t dare to run to a crowded place, worried about hurting the innocent, so he turned his head and plunged into the wilderness. Just after running half a mile, he saw one silhouette flying over his head, “Boom”, smashing in the up ahead.

The visitor is two meters tall and dressed in coarse cloth.

“Run, run!”

The other party took off the hat above his head with a grin, revealing a bald head and the face of a dove. It was Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk.

Lu Chen stopped for a moment, but was relaxed in his heart.

What he is most afraid of is that the other party never shows up. He will hunt him again after dark, when the other party has ghosts to help him, his chances of winning will be even smaller.

Now, everything is under control!

“Yuan Zhen, you murdered the innocent, fished the common people, today is your day of death.”

“hehe ~”

Yuan Zhen sneered, the hat in his hand suddenly threw away.


The strong wind whistled and shot at Lu Chen like a hidden weapon. Lu Chen was not afraid, he sat on the horse with a heavy waist, and his strength was condensed. play out.


All split up and in pieces instantly.

“A little ability.”

Yuan Zhen was slightly frowned, the scene where he imagined a one-shot kill didn’t appear, made him a little surprised, didn’t think too much, and strode to Lu Chen Forced away, his body was full of breath, like a wild bear.

Two steps forward and punched Lu Chen.

Lu Chen didn’t know the opponent’s strength, so he didn’t dare to take it hard, so he reached out and took out the Peach Wood Sword.

A sharp stab!

Yuan Zhen changed his moves quickly, his hands were like iron plates, he clamped the tip of the sword, he pulled back and kicked Lu Chen five or six meters away with one kick, but his palm was also pierced by the sharp edge of the sword tip. First Layer skin.

β€œMagical Artifact??”

Yuan Zhen frowned, his feet slammed on the ground, and jumped up instantly, angrily roared:

β€œEnd Come on, Vajra’s magic wand!”

The man was in the air, a dragon-headed meditation staff appeared out of thin air, Yuan Zhen danced the meditation staff, his arms burst with blue veins, and slammed his head down at Lu Chen. Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, a tumbling, embarrassed to avoid.


The ground shook violently. Before Lu Chen could breathe a sigh of relief, he saw the Zen staff swept close to the ground again, and hurriedly blocked it with the Peach Wood Sword, his body suddenly froze. Shocked, the Peach Wood Sword almost flew out.

I hurriedly rolled again and took two steps back.


Yuan Zhen pressed hard step by step, smashed the thick wood with a stick, leaped and shouted furiously:


He threw out the dragon-headed meditation staff, and UU Reading slammed into the empty door.

Lu Chen couldn’t avoid it, and shouted:

“Hong’e save me!”

In an instant, a touch of red silk flew across, gently With a flick of it, the Dragon Head Zen Staff was knocked into the air, and before Yuan Zhen could react, the red silk quickly grew longer, wrapping Yuan Zhen all over his body at once.

“Good opportunity!”

Lu Chen’s eyes brightened, he threw away the Peach Wood Sword, and jumped up suddenly, the short blade around his waist was instantly unsheathed, and a blade light flashed.


A splash of blush!

Hong Ling retreated, Yuan Zhen fell to the ground, he covered his bloody neck with his hands, gnashing teeth said:

“Ginger! Red…..”


β€œka-cha ~”

Before the third word was spoken, Lu Chen kicked Yuan Zhen’s head and broke his neck, foul-mouthed: “Yeah, I’ll make you paralyzed!!”

The enemy died and robbed him again, and Lu Chen felt comfortable all over.

Just as I was about to pick up the Peach Wood Sword, I saw Yuan Zhen’s mouth getting bigger and bigger. After swallowing his head, a cloud of black mist rushed out of it. Ghost face.

As soon as it appeared, it melted like ice and snow in the sun.

β€œYin Soul Retribution!”

Lu Chen frowned, whispered: β€œThis is not right, did Yuan Zhen cast the Gloom Retribution on himself…”


at the same time.

Withered Cicada Temple.

In the deepest meditation room, the sound of the wooden fish suddenly stopped, and it sounded again: “One flower, one heaven, one grass, one world; one tree, one bodhi, one soil, one Tathagata; one side One Holy Land, a smile and a fate…”

“Master, hungry~”

“dong! dong! dong!”

“One thought Pure, the heart has lotus blossoms, be good, you will have food soon.”


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