My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 15

Yuan Zhen died and the old woman on his head disappeared.

Lu Chen was relaxed and thought about it for a moment. He always felt that things were not that simple. He couldn’t help thinking of the Withered Cicada Temple behind Yuan Zhen, and suddenly shivered.

Yuan Zhen is just a Great Buddhist Monk, who has practiced a few evil methods at most.

But Withered Cicada Temple has a group of archmage.

“It doesn’t matter, it has nothing to do with me anyway.”

Lu Chen and Yuan Zhen are private grudges, and they can’t be involved with Withered Cicada Temple, so he naturally won’t act recklessly On the Minato, no matter what the purpose of his Withered Cicada Temple, it’s good to have a stable cultivation.


Lu Chen grinned, looked to the side, and saw the red silk flying, Jiang Hong’e stood at the top of the treetop like a fairy, facing the Glancing at him.

Lu Chen didn’t know why and asked:

“What’s wrong?”

“hmph, what did you call me just now?”


Jiang Hong’e scowled, his pretty face sullen: “You try again!!!”



Jiang Hong’e’s chest heaved and he looked at Lu Chen, who was pretending to be stupid. Lu Chen said nonchalantly:

“What are you doing standing there, hurry up, come and share the spoils.”

After he finished speaking, he ignored the other party, trotted to pick up the Peach Wood Sword, and went to find it again. The Zen staff that was knocked flying by Hong Ling.

Jiang Hong’e is bitter.

For a while, he couldn’t help himself, and he flew to the ground with a gloomy expression.

Lu Chen grinned, and after resisting the Zen staff embedded in the tree, he began to search for Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk’s body, turning over and over again, but found nothing, whispered:

“No way. , my Maiden Scripture is gone, it doesn’t make sense!”

“What Maiden Scripture?”

“Oh, a precious book.”

Lu Chen made a perfunctory sentence and searched again, but still found nothing, and said depressed:

“Why don’t you even have a storage bag?”

Jiang Hong’e had to explain:

“Not everyone has a storage bag. I know a spell called [Storage], which can seal a lot of things in the body, which is both concealed and convenient.”

“Doesn’t affect the action?”

“Except for the weight and space constraints, it won’t affect it.”

“Understood, the next scene is a bit bloody, you should avoid it first. “


Jiang Hong’e lightly snorted, took two steps back, and turned his head away.

Lu Chen took out the short blade from his waist and started to dissect. Yuan Zhen’s body was almost smashed into pieces by him. When he cut Yuan Zhen’s right arm with a knife, a “peng” sounded, A whole bunch of stuff exploded.

“Finally exploded the equipment.”

Lu Chen relaxed, Jiang Hong’e also turned his head to look, just a glance, the pretty face changed slightly, gritted his silver teeth and said angrily:

“This Yuan Zhen really deserves to die.”

I saw that most of the items were women’s underwear, underwear, face masks and other items. In addition, there were also white clothes. Hands, slender thighs, various stumps are broken.

“Damn it.”

Lu Chen echoed nodded, cleaned up the useless things, and still left a lot of items.

Lu Chen was about to take away “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra”, but Jiang Hong’e snatched it away, flipping through the pages, his face became more and more exciting, he even took a breath and The beginning sees the end.

“As expected of Mrs. Jiang…”

Lu Chen was speechless for a while, he clearly remembered that there were villains fighting inside.

“What are you looking at?”

Jiang Hong’e glared at Lu Chen fiercely, and put the Maiden Scripture away.


Lu Chen’s little heart thumped disappointingly, opened his mouth, but still didn’t dare to make a sound, he cast his eyes on the two identical of wine jars, reaching out to unseal one of them.

“wu wu wu ~”

In an instant, the wind whistled, and a pitch-black ghost protruded its hideous head from it. Under the sunlight, it immediately screamed and shrank back.

“It turned out to be a ghost.”

The two looked at each other, and Lu Chen waved and threw the wine jar out.

“clang dang~”

“clang dang~”

The wine jar fell to pieces, and the two ghosts screamed and overflowed as soon as they appeared. Black smoke, blinked and burned to death by sunlight.

Lu Chen looked at what was left.

Two booklets.

A small bag of spiritsand.

Three round dry yellow papers, and that Magical Artifact-level dragon head wand.

The names of the two books are “Shadow” and “Storage”.

Lu Chen picked up the yellow paper and wondered:

“What is this?”

Jiang Hong’e took it and looked at it. , replied: “The talisman, used to communicate with ghosts, is of no use to Cultivation. That ghost retribution is also a sorcery, and it cannot be cultivated. Burn it.”

“There is no good or bad in the technique, the key lies in People.”

Lu Chen didn’t agree, he directly took the three talismans and ghosts as his own, flipped through the “Preservation Technique” again, and got 12 spiritsands.

As for the Magical Artifact stick, it will be handed over to Jiang Hong’e to sell the stolen goods.

Jiang Hong’e is worried and warned repeatedly:

“Keep your heart strong and don’t act rashly.”

“en. ”

Lu Chen nods> and said meaningfully: “Don’t have any crooked thoughts.”


He coughed dryly, warned repeatedly: “If you need anything, cough, you can ask me for help.”

After finishing speaking, neither When Jiang Hong’e reacted, he hurriedly escaped.


“I dare to take advantage of my mother, go to hell!!!”

Jiang Hong’e is so big Angry, the peaks rose and fell, waving the red silk, flying up, aggressively killing Lu Chen.


Yuan Zhen’s death made no waves.

Lu Chen escaped the “chasing and killing” and returned to Fengxian Town safely. As soon as he arrived at the gate of Long Spring Temple, he saw a bamboo basket hanging on the gate.

Take off the bamboo basket and lift Baijuan.

I saw five steamed buns in the shape of little bunny neatly placed in the basket.

“This little girl.”

Lu Chen was slightly relieved, picked up one, took half of it in one bite, and said:

“It’s delicious. !”

Just walked into Long Spring Temple, Lu Chen ate all five steamed buns, cleaned the whole Long Spring Temple inside and out, Lu Chen felt more relaxed than ever.

He fetched a futon from the room, sat crossed in the yard, whispered:

“It’s time to upgrade.”


[Sword Control Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]: One sword (achieved!)

[2]: One day of sword practice ( Achieved!)

[3]: A spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Sword Control Technique is not beginner (upgradeable!)+


Place the Peach Wood Sword on both knees On, Lu Chen raised his hand a little:


Sitting still, many thoughts about Sword Control Technique flooded in his mind, UU reading www.uukanshu.comthe After time it takes half an incense stick to burn, he took a long breath, opened his eyes, and then, both hands forming seals, kneading sword art, and whispered:

β€œSword Control Technique !”


The horizontally placed Peach Wood Sword trembled slightly, then flew up again, and with a “bass” sounded, it stuck on the ground in front of him.

“No way.”

Lu Chen shook his head. The Sword Control Technique that he just entered is far from being able to do as an arm, let alone Controlling Sword Flight. To Edgeworth, at least to Great Accomplishment.

Looking at Jiang Hong’e flying through air just now, Lu Chen is envious and hot.

“Continue to work hard.”

After receiving the sword art, Lu Chen looked at the light curtain again, reached out and tapped:


【Kasyapa Hand Upgrade Condition】

【1】: One Day of Hand Practice (achieved!)

【2】: One Soul Essence (not achieved!) )

[3]: Ten tael of silver (achieved!)


Kasyapa Hand is the entry point, and the upgrade is only a short distance away Short of a soul essence, Lu Chen turned his eyes and looked at the only two chickens left in the chicken coop, whispered:

“It’s so cute, I can’t help it…”

After a while.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Palm Method]: Getting Started with Kasyapa Hand (Upgradable!)+



In a blink of an eye, Kasyapa Hand became [Proficient]. Except for deeper insights, the hand speed was a little faster, but there was no obvious change. Lu Chen turned his attention to light curtain.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: No entry for the ghost report (upgrade conditions can be expanded!); Sealing technique not entry (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)



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