My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 16

[Upgrade Condition of Ghost Report]:

[1]: A handful of Yin soil (not achieved!)

[2]: One Grain spiritsand (achieved!)


The ghost report is just an Ordinary Level spell, and the entry requirements are also simple, but it needs a bit of yin soil, Lu Chen scratched his head. He scratched his head, took out the booklet from his arms, and read it carefully again.

Only then did I understand that the so-called shady soil is not the soil of Yin Sector, but the shady soil that is not exposed to sunlight all year round.

“It’s not difficult.”

Lu Chen got up and grabbed a handful of dirt from the back wall of Long Spring Temple, and the light curtain in front of him suddenly changed.

[Upgrade conditions of the ghost report]:

[1]: A handful of Yin soil (achieved!)

[2]: A spiritsand (already achieved!) Achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: The ghost report has not started (upgradeable!) +


“Sure enough.”

Satisfied with nodded, Lu Chen stretched out his hand lightly:

” Upgrade!”

The Central Plains soil in his hand disappeared out of thin air, and the spiritsand in the cloth bag in his arms also disappeared. Lu Chen looked down at his palm, and saw a [yin] word slowly forming in the palm of his hand.

It quickly faded away.

In Lu Chen’s mind, there are also many more insights about the ghost report, as if he had performed it many times before, he returned to the yard and sat down, silently digested, and found that the ghost report consists of three steps .

The first step is to use blood as a guide to bury yin seeds on living people.

Second Step, when a person dies, the yin seed erupts. After killing the enemy, it absorbs the opponent’s soul and grows into a ghost.

Third Step, the return of ghosts, contained in yin, and can be driven at will.


Lu Chen pondered, muttered:

“It takes two lives to create a ghost, and some are not worth it. Moreover, in the case of natural death, the erupted yin seed will attack and kill the nearest person, which is not easy to control.”

“Let’s keep it for now, it really can’t be integrated into other spells in the future.”


Lu Chen made up his mind, looked at the preservation technique again, and stretched out his hand a little:


[Conditions for the upgrade of the preservation technique]:

【1】: 1 piece of tofu (not achieved!)

【2】: 10 spiritsand (achieved!)



Lu Chen was a little speechless. Compared with the ghost report, the sealing technique is a proper Authentic Level spell. went to the market.

After drinking three bowls of noodle soup, I walked back to Long Spring Temple with a piece of tofu.

As soon as I got to the door, I saw a Guard Soldier waiting outside for a long time.

“I have seen the worship.”

“There is Lao Jun for a visit.”

Guard Soldier cup one fist in the other hand to him, Lu Chen He didn’t hesitate, bowed his hands and bowed back and asked:

“But something?”

speaking of which, although he was worshipped by Weapon Suppressing Mansion, he only had a name , the identity may not be much higher than that of Guard Soldier, not to mention that this person is still a soldier, and he manages ten Guard Soldiers.

It’s not good to care for the big one.

“Today there was a murder in Fengxian Town.”

Lu Chen’s heart tightened and he said quietly:

“What murder?”

“The young lady of a wealthy family was killed in the boudoir. The scene was very bloody and the method was very cruel.”

Lu Chen secretly relieved, said resolutely:

“But need some help from the trail?”

“Yes, but it’s not early today, so please go to Weapon Suppressing Mansion tomorrow.”

“No problem. “


Guard Soldier left, Lu Chen whispered to himself:

“This spiritsand is really not for nothing, it can make a knife lick blood The Guard Soldier says the blood gorilla is cruel, and things are definitely not simple.”


This is also a great opportunity to earn spiritsand.

If he can contribute, Weapon Suppressing Mansion will definitely not be stingy. Although he still has some worth, he will consume more and more spiritsand later, and he will soon be overwhelmed, and spiritsand can also be accelerated. Qi Refinement Realm cultivation, he doesn’t want to use it tightly.

“Let’s go tomorrow.”


Back to Long Spring Temple, Lu Chen closed the door and stretched out his hand a little :


[Conditions for Conservation Upgrade]:

[1]: A piece of tofu (achieved!)

【2】: Ten spiritsand (achieved!)


【Name】: Lu Chen

【cultivation base 】 : Qi Refinement First Layer

[spell ]: Preservation is not beginner (upgradeable!) +



The spiritsand disappear, and the tofu becomes slag.

Lu Chen quietly learned the sealing technique. The sealing technique can only be performed on himself. It can open up a storage space in the body, and needs to continuously consume Spiritual Qi to maintain it.

Once there is no Spiritual Qi, at most one hour will disappear.

Fortunately, Spiritual Qi consumes very little, even Lu Chen can barely support it. I simulated it several times in my mind, Lu Chen both hands forming seals, the index finger has Spiritual Qi and began to accumulate, and then the fingertips became clear. When the light came on, Lu Chen pointed at his right chest:



a light sound, the aura of fingertips went out in vain .

“It actually failed. Even the entry-level sealing technique can’t be successful at one time. It deserves to be Authentic Level.”

Lu Chen took a breath and mobilized Spiritual Qi to try again.







“Fuck, finally succeeded!”

After failing seven or eight times in a row, Lu Chen finally succeeded once, and felt that a very small space was propped up in the right sternum and ribs. As Spiritual Qi poured in, the sealed space blew up like a bubble.

Big thumb…big fist…big ball…

When he runs out of Spiritual Qi, the storage space will be the size of a human head.

“The size of a human head.”

“The limit of ten pounds!”

Lu Chen is a little depressed, if there is no previous Spiritual Qi loss, it is estimated that it can be larger , However, it is enough for the time being, and I will change it to a bigger one when I upgrade it later.

Now take out a few spiritsand and start restoring Spiritual Qi.

Then organize the items and put them into the archive space one by one.

70 spiritsand capsules.

71tael of silver.

Long Spring Valley outer sect token, letter, Weapon Suppressing Mansion offering token.

In the end, there were only three talismans left. This thing was related to ghosts. Lu Chen didn’t dare to store it in it, so he put it on his body alone, and he would study it later when he had time.

Everything was in order, and Lu Chen started daily cultivation.



Eternal Spring Art, Qi Refinement Art, Radiating Light Technique, Sword Control Technique, Sealing Technique, Buddha Blade, Kasyapa Hand, Shaman.


The night was dark, and Lu Chen had just fallen asleep when a whistling sound suddenly entered his ears.

Suona sound.

The sound of the gong.

Lu Chen shivered and woke up suddenly. He put on his clothes, took up the unextinguished oil lamp and walked out of the room. He looked up and saw a dark moon hanging high in the sky.

“Midnight just passed.”

Lu Chen frowned slightly, UU Reading listened carefully to the source of the sound, hesitated for a while, and walked out of the gate.


A person is walking on the street, except for the sound of blowing and beating from a distance.

all around was dead silence.

Crossing the streets, Lu Chen finally stopped, pupils shrank, immediately extinguished the oil lamp in his hand, and focused Spiritual Qi in his eyes, only to see a strange team in the street. Hurry along slowly.

Bronco Anti-Flag.

The monkey lifts the sedan chair.

The black sheep beat the gong to clear the way, the yellow-skinned suona trumpeted, the wild boar stood on the guard of honor, the brocade and jade satin, beating, beating, beating, lively, all the way, blowing all the way, all the way forward.

“What’s the situation?”


Lu Chen was a little confused, the huge “囍” on the banner, facing the night wind Swing, so absurd, so funny, so unreal.

However, everything is clearly what I saw with my own eyes.

“No one cares?”

Lu Chen frowned deeply, suddenly thought of something, reached into his arms, and took out three yellow talismans:

“Could it be…”

Lu Chen expression moved, and quickly put the talisman under his feet. In an instant, the sound of blowing and beating disappeared, and the welcoming team disappeared.

β€œso that’s how it is.”

Lu Chen suddenly, thought about it, put the talisman into his arms again, and quietly followed the welcoming team forward. The team stopped in front of a house.

The monkey carrying the sedan chair passes through the courtyard gate.

Into the courtyard.

Soon, another woman came out with a red hijab on her head, wearing a red wedding dress made of paper, crying and making a fuss, and got into Dahonghuajiao.

The welcoming team began to turn around.

Blow and beat.

Go all the way!

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