My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 17

Watching the welcoming team leave the North City Gate, Lu Chen returned to Long Spring Temple, lying on the bed, tossing and turning, replaying the scenes just now in his mind.


Finally sighed and fell asleep.

The next day.

Lu Chen went to the Scarlet Chamber Garden early before the sky was bright. Jiang Hong’e was dressed in plain clothes and was waiting for the morning sun to rise when he saw Lu Chen climb the roof, lightly snorted.

Lu Chen just pretended not to hear it, sat down next to the other person, and said:

“Hong’e, I encountered a strange thing last night.”

“Call again!”

Jiang Hong’e glared.



Seeing that the other party wanted to fry the hair, Lu Chen quickly changed the topic: β€œThat’s it Yes, I met a wedding party last night…”

At this moment, he quickly told what he saw last night, only to see Jiang Hong’e’s face impatient.

“You don’t believe it?”

“Idiots believe it, they make up nonsense.”


Seeing Lu Chen’s helpless face, Jiang Hong’e opened his red lips and said surprisedly:



Lu Chen solemnly nodded, and handed over the three talismans in his arms, Jiang Hong’e took it, looked at it several times, and whispered: “I don’t see anything unusual.”

“I I tried refining last night, but there was no response, Hong’e, you should try too.”


Jiang Hong’e began to mobilize Spiritual Qi in his body, then shook his head :

“I can’t refining either.”

Seeing that the morning sun was about to rise, she warned repeatedly: “I’m afraid this talisman is weird, or it should be destroyed.”



Lu Chen reached out and grabbed it and said with a smile:

“I’ll do more research.”

” Do as you like.”

Jiang Hong’e couldn’t care less about Lu Chen, stared at the morning glow and began to search for the aura, Lu Chen put away the talisman, and followed suit, soon after, Jiang Hong’e caught him When he arrived at Emmanuel, he began to practice Radiating Light Technique, while Lu Chen quietly went to the third floor.

“Young Master, why did you come down, mother?”

“Still up there, Qing He, what did you cook today?”

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen rubbed a breakfast in the Scarlet Chamber Garden, and Qiao Qinghe helped him change the wound medicine again. Lu Chen was satisfied and left leisurely.

When it comes to Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Fang Yuqi, who has [Elegant Sword] innate talent, is practicing swordsmanship on the school ground.

sword qi Sensen.

The ink will not enter.

Lu Chen took a few glances and felt a chill down his spine. He was by no means a match for him. I’m afraid the opponent was stronger than Jiang Hong’e of the Qi Refinement ninth layer.

“I have to work hard.”

Lu Chen muttered and waited silently.

Soon, Fang Yuqi retracted his sword, inserted his long sword into the scabbard, pressed his hand on the hilt, and walked over. Today’s Fang Yuqi is unarmored, wearing a jade crown, full head fine black hair Tie up, wearing a men’s white shirt.

Fung Divine Jade Lang.

The heroic spirit is compelling.

Let life be free from evil thoughts.

Fang Yuqi looked Lu Chen up and down, raised his forehead slightly, and asked:

“Qi Refinement?”

“Qi Refinement First Layer just now.”

β€œNot bad.”

Fang Yuqi was satisfied with the nodded, and asked again:

β€œWhat about Radiating Light Technique?”

β€œ Disappointing the general, the trail has not yet been practiced.”

“Not in a hurry.”

Perhaps because of the death of Daoist Azure Cloud, Fang Yuqi treated Lu Chen fairly well. Taking care of him, he said slowly: “No need to be nervous, I just have a look at the scene today, it’s okay if there is no clue.”


“Okay, let me go. ”

Fang Yuqi waved his hand, and Guard Soldier walked forward with two horses, he immediately turned on his horse, and took Lu Chen out of Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Lu Chen has never ridden a horse.

At first I was a little uncomfortable, but my physical fitness was too strong. It was not far from Weapon Suppressing Mansion, and I was able to control it with ease.

People coming, people going on the street.

The two of them were one after the other, and they didn’t walk fast. Lu Chen took the opportunity to step forward and asked: “Is the General built the “General Sha”?”


Fang Yuqi shook his head and explained:

“I am actually a Disciple at home in Baiyun Temple, Fengpo City, and I am a practitioner of “White Clouds”. Tiger Body Refinement Technique, movement method Dual Cultivation.”

Fengpo City.

The White Cloud View.

White Tiger Body Refinement.

Lu Chen wrote it down silently, seeing the other side without any discomfort, and then asked:

β€œDoes the general know about Long Spring Valley?”

β€œLong Spring Valley ?”

Fang Yuqi glanced at Lu Chen and said surprisedly: “Your Master is from Long Spring Valley?”

Seeing that the other party’s reaction was so keen, Lu Chen didn’t hide it anymore. :


“You want to join Long Spring Valley?”


Lu Chen nods, he doesn’t really want to join Long Spring Valley, but wants to go there. His Master Daoist Azure Cloud has a last wish, wanting to bury his ashes under the tree of return in Long Spring Valley.

Taoist cultivation.

The most important thing is to have a good idea.

Lu Chen came through, and I owe no one, but I am ashamed of the Daoist Azure Cloud who has never seen one another. .

Now I’m just asking about it, not in a hurry.

Seeing Fang Yuqi’s silence, Lu Chen was puzzled and asked:

“Is there something wrong?”

Fang Yuqi’s heroic eyes were tight Staring at Lu Chen, staring at Lu Chen a little hairy, then opened the mouth and said: “Do you know where Long Spring Valley is?”

“I don’t know.”

“Long Spring Valley is a Sect known for Dual Cultivation.”

“Dual… Cultivation…”

Lu Chen was startled and hurriedly Explanation:

“Don’t blame the general, Xiaodao… Xiaodao doesn’t mean to offend the general.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Fang Yuqi looked Lu up and down. Chen, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised:

“If you have Dual Cultivation, I don’t mind having a Dual Cultivation with you.”


Lu Chen was stunned, General Fang, who didn’t expect normally not dare to look directly at him, was… so rude, he gritted his teeth and said:

“I have!”

Fang Yuqi turned back suddenly, “puchi” smiled:

“I was joking.”


Lu Chen felt aggrieved for a while, and even let a woman molest, laughed embarrassingly:

“I’m joking too.”


Fang Yuqi laughed, ignoring the eyes of the people on the street, and said with a smile:

“Interesting, interesting…”

Lu Chen looked at Fang Yuqi, who completely ignored his image, was speechless for a while, and suddenly felt a little inexplicably familiar. When the other party restrained a little, he quietly asked:

“General Fang and Jiang Hong’e know each other?”

Fang Yuqi stared straight at Lu Chen and said with a faint smile:

“We…were close friends in my boudoir!”

“… “


“Fengxian Town is too small, and Scarlet Chamber Garden and Weapon Suppressing Mansion are so close together, I should have thought of it long ago, I’m afraid Jiang Hong’e sold me thoroughly long ago. . “

“Ai, these two women are…really not to be trifled with.” ”

Lu Chen sighed in his heart, but he was no longer as restrained as before. Seeing Fang Yuqi turn over and dismount, Lu Chen glanced all around, his heart jumped, opened the mouth and said:

“Yuqi, I’ve been here before. “

Fang Yuqi was much more generous than Jiang Hong’e, and he didn’t get angry, he just asked:

“When did you come here?” “

“Last night.” “

” Talking while walking. “

Fang Yuqi waved his hand and took Lu Chen to the house in front of him. This house was the place where the wedding team picked up the bride last night.

“Meet the General Fang! ”

The Guard Soldier, who was guarding the door, saluted Fang Yuqi.

Fang Yuqi was just nodded, and walked into the yard, Lu Chen recounted what he saw last night, Fang Yuqi Yuqi frowned deeply and asked:

“Are you sure it’s here? “

“That’s right. ”

“en. ”

Fang Yuqi and Lu Chen first met the parents of the deceased and asked about it before entering the second inner house, all the way into the deceased’s boudoir .

β€œMeet General Fang. ”

The Guard Soldier at the door saluted, and Lu Chen followed Fang Yuqi into the room. Just a glance, his scalp tingled, and he saw a woman lying on the exquisite show bed.

The painful expression has solidified.

Both eyes were cut out, the two lines of blood and tears turned dark brown, the mouth was open, the tongue was pulled out, and it was cut off by a sharp weapon. The paper-paste wedding dress has a blood hole in the abdomen, and the internal organs have long disappeared, and there are faint traces of being licked by wild beast.

Not only that, but also the hands and feet were twisted into twists.

Too bad!

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