My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 18

Fang Yuqi doesn’t mind, go ahead and check it carefully.

Lu Chen sighed, extending his left hand.

“Radiating Light Technique!”

After a silent recitation in his heart, Lu Chen quietly performed the Radiating Light Technique. In an instant, a circle with a silver white pointer appeared in the center of his left hand. mirror, a black pointer appears in the pupil of the left eye.


Lu Chen could see all the breaths in the room.

Fang Yuqi’s is light white, the most conspicuous, the dead are light azure, shrouded in the show bed, and there are some other dead things.

apart from this and nothing else.

“It’s too late.”

Lu Chen understood that after one day and one night, everyone else’s breath had dissipated.

Of course, including the murderer.

“No, it’s not exhausted, it’s just that my Radiating Light Technique was just entered, and the breath left behind is too unremarkable, I can’t see clearly yet.”

“It’s me. Not strong enough!”

Lu Chen woke up and felt a little more eager to level up.

“Any clues?”


Lu Chen shook his head, said without thinking: “It’s been too long, it’s hard to have clues.”

Lu Chen is more interested in upgrading than tracking down the murderer.

Yesterday I killed Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk, which not only solved the problem of my confidants, but also harvested three dead souls including two ghosts. vacancy.


The Qi Refinement Art upgrade requires three souls.

Three pieces of Radiating Light Technique.

A Sword Control Technique.

One of the preservation techniques.

A ghost report.

Lu Chen calculated silently and found that eleven dead souls were needed. Even if the sealing technique and the ghost report were not considered for the time being, there were still nine dead souls vacant.

Nine lives.

killing people like scything flax!

Lu Chen faintly sighed, unconsciously, how did he become a Great Demon King.

The two went out of the house, Fang Yuqi got on his horse and turned around and asked:

β€œI want to go back to Weapon Suppressing Mansion, where are you going?”

β€œ Me? Oh, I replied the view.”

“Just drop by and tell me about Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk.”

“Yuan Zhen!”

Lu Chen was startled and said depressedly:

“She even told you this?”

“What do you think?”

Lu Chen embarrassedly laughed:

“That…that, won’t you arrest someone?”

“Forget it at this time, the next time you commit a crime, I’ll detain you with my own hands. Death row.”



“You’re so nice~”

“Stop talking, Quickly clarify the matter of Yuan Zhen.”


Lu Chen absently stated his grievances with Yuan Zhen, but the two kept echoing in his mind. Words:

Death Row!

Seeing Fang Yuqi thinking about the Withered Cicada Temple, Lu Chen asked in a low voice:

β€œYuqi, there are many death row prisoners on death row?”

β€œ Not many times before, a group of robbers were caught some time ago, and then they were locked in.”

“When will I ask the beheading?”

“The first day of next month.”

Today is the end of November, and there are only two days left until the first day of the first lunar month. Lu Chen rode on horseback and kept calculating, saying with a smile:

“Yuqi, hit me up. Discuss?”

“Do you want to practice Yin Soul? Don’t even think about it!”

Fang Yuqi gave Lu Chen a sideways glance, as if seeing through all his thoughts.

“No, absolutely not!”

Lu Chen earnest and well-meant advised, after a lot of talk, Fang Yuqi finally let Fang Yuqi promise him to act as an executioner early next month. Before the two parted, Fang Yuqi was going to take a talisman and gave him the jujube red horse.


Fang Yuqi besieged Withered Cicada Temple. After a search, he found a lot of bastards, and several bald heads were put on death row.

Lu Chen leads the horse in the market.

Look around.

When she turned her head, she saw a cheerful little lady standing by the street, with a wooden hairpin on her head, wearing a blue cloth sur skirt, and a bamboo cage in front of her.

Lu Chen’s eyes shined and he walked over quickly.

“Little lady, how did you sell it?”

There are dozens of chicks crowded in the small bamboo cage, chirp chirp twitter twitter, and they keep calling.

“Fifteen copper plates each, and a silver tael per cage.”

The little lady is shy and timid, her voice is smaller than that of mosquitoes, and she has a unique style.

“Okay, I’ll buy it.”

Lu Chen didn’t bargain, threw out a coin or two, picked up the bamboo cage, rode his horse, turned around Long Spring Temple, and passed by When I was in a house, I knocked on the courtyard door.

β€œdong dong dong!”

After a while, little girl Meng Yao put out a small head:

β€œDaoist Priest big brother ~”

β€œDaoist Priest big brother ~”


“Well, I bought a litter of chicks at the market, do you want a few?”

little girl wiped her dirty little face and said happily :

“I…I can keep them?”


Lu Chen reached out and caught three from the bamboo cage and put them in In the arms of the little girl, warned repeatedly:

“You can feed yourself by throwing away some food. It’s very good.”


little girl happily hugged the little chick, raised her head, and said timidly:

β€œDaoist Priest big brother, let Yaoyao be your little daughter-in-law?”

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, but he could feel the little girl’s closeness to him from the bottom of his heart. He tapped the little girl on the head and scolded:

“You are only a little older, don’t talk nonsense.”


little girl lowered her head in despair.

Lu Chen was about to lead the horse away when he heard little girl whispered: “But…but the grandfather said that he was going to marry Yaoyao…”

“What did you say?”

Lu Chen step one stopped, furious.

“cough cough cough ~”

At this moment, there was a sudden coughing sound in the house, followed by an old voice: “cough cough, girl, who is outside?”

“grandfather, Daoist Priest big brother.”


The voice was silent for a moment, and then slowly sounded: ” There are many bad people outside, don’t talk to outsiders.”

“Daoist Priest big brother is not a bad person~”

“Close the door!”

little girl just retorted, The voice suddenly became harsher.

“UU Reading can…”

The little girl was in a dilemma, Lu Chen tied the horse at the door and rubbed the little girl’s Head, pushed the door and walked into the yard, only to see a silhouette standing under the eaves of the house.

The man was in the shadows.

She is thin, with messy and withered hair, with a crooked back, wearing a geese coat, leaning on a dead wood stick in her hand, and her face wrinkled like a dead man.

Looking at Lu Chen, fear flashed on the old man’s face.

Lu Chen frowned: “What’s the old man’s name?”

“Meng…Meng Jiu.”

Lu Chen asked again: “How old is your granddaughter? Are you old?”

Meng Jiu’s eyes were dodged, and she stammered: “Ten… Eleven or twelve years old.”

“The old man is really a noble person who forgets things.”

Lu Chen sneered, pulled the little girl in front of him and asked, “Yaoyao, tell you how old the grandfather is.”

little girl took the three little chicks Putting it down, he said timidly:

“By the end of the year, Yaoyao will be nine years old.”

Lu Chen’s face became even colder, and he asked: “A child who is only nine years old, Old man, are you in such a hurry to sell your granddaughter? Oh, you are not afraid of your own death, no one will collect your body?”


Lu Chen’s voice was very heavy, Meng Jiu was deterred by the imposing manner, and couldn’t help but take a step back:

“You are talking nonsense, old man…old man doesn’t.”

“No? hehe! Then I have to ask you, what kind of family did you marry Yaoyao to?”


Meng Jiu was speechless, leaning on the wooden door and panting heavily.

The little girl tugged at Lu Chen’s clothes and said weakly: “grandfather said that Yaoyao was betrothed to a butcher on the street, so that she can live a good life in the future, and have meat to eat every day…


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