My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 19

The butcher on the street.

Lu Chen knew that person, he was in his forties, he was tall and tall, with fat head and big ears, and a fierce face. His mother-in-law died in his early years, and he had no ancestral hall. If he let the little girl marry him.

I’m afraid… I won’t survive for three days!

“What a great grandfather!”

Lu Chen hair stands up in anger and asks: “Do you look like a grandfather???”

“She…she’s my granddaughter, I don’t need you to worry about it!”

Seeing that Old Guy was still stubborn, Lu Chen complexion sank, squeezed sword art, and stretched out his hand to point forward.

“You…what are you going to do??”

Meng Jiu was so frightened that she stepped back again and again, only to see the sword light flickering slightly. Put the Peach Wood Sword appear out of thin air and pierce the hard wooden door.

“Pu pass!”

The Old Guy nearly died and fell to the ground.

Lu Chen coldly said: “Just this once, if it happens again, don’t blame Xiaodao for being rude. When the time comes, I will send you a coffin directly, since your Meng Family is unwilling to support your own. Granddaughter, then let Xiaodao take care of it.”

“No…I don’t dare, I don’t dare anymore…”

“Daoye spare your life~ “

Meng Jiu finally bowed his head and fell to the ground, shiver coldly.

Lu Chen ignored Old Guy, squatted down and pinched the little girl’s face, and said warmly: “Don’t listen to grandfather’s words in the future, go to Guanli to find big brother if you have something, and I will make the decision for you. “


little girl is well-behaved and nodded, and she knows that Lu Chen is for his own good.

Lu Chen laughed and said jokingly: “When Yaoyao grows up, she will find an ideal husband. When the time comes, Daoist Priest big brother will prepare a wedding ceremony for you and will give you a wedding in person. Sedan chair.”

“Pu Gogo.”

little girl is very smart, blinking her big eyes and holding out her little finger.

Lu Chen laughed dumbly, nodded and said:

“Okay, pull the hook!”

“Pull the hook and hang it, it won’t change for a hundred years!”

One big and one small two little fingers hooked together, a happy smile appeared on the little girl’s face, and her little white teeth gleamed.


After dealing with Meng Yao’s affairs, Lu Chen returned to Long Spring Temple.

After combing through himself, he felt that his cultivation was a bit complicated. In order to complete the daily progress, he had to disperse his energy, and he had very little time to concentrate on the practice of Eternal Spring Art and Qi Refinement Art.

Because of that.

The cultivation base is progressing slowly, and his second Pure Yang Breath has not been able to be cultivated.

Feeling this.

After careful consideration, Lu Chen decided to suspend the cultivation of Kasyapa Hand, Conservation and Shamanism, and leave the time for two cultivation arts to speed up Cultivation.



The short blade was pulled out and inserted, pulled out and inserted, so cultivated for a while, Lu Chen finally Completed the conditions for Buddhist Blade [Three Days of Sword Practice].

He turned his eyes to the chicken coop.

I saw a hen take a flock of chicks for a leisurely walk.



Reluctantly sent the three chicks away, Lu Chen stared at the light curtain.

[Buddhist Blade upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Three days of sword practice (3/3 has been achieved!)

[2]: Three essences Soul (3/3 achieved!)

[2]: Thirty tael of silver (achieved!)


β€œ Upgrade!”

The thirty tael of silver in the sealed space disappeared, and the Buddhist Blade of Authentic Level was successfully upgraded from entry to [Proficient], Lu Chen realized it for a moment, and began to earnestly cultivate [Eternal Spring Art] .




It’s perfect, there is always moon.


Two days have passed.

Today is the first day of the first lunar month, the day of Caishikou.

After five days of continuous digestion, the effect of Eternal Spring Art being upgraded to mastery gradually eased. Lu Chen’s strength stopped at 1,200 pounds.

At the same time, food intake also dropped significantly.

Early in the morning, Lu Chen had another breakfast in the Scarlet Chamber Garden. Qing He cleaned up the dishes and started helping Lu Chen put on his armor. Today he is the executioner.

The protagonist of Caishikou!

“Young Master is really heroic in his armor, like a little general.”

Lu Chen scratched Qinghe’s palm, his face turned pale: “Remove the ‘small’, Pretty Qinghe, I’m so angry.”


Qinghe pursed her lips and chuckled, tied a scarlet cloak behind Lu Chen, and was busy again Pack your changed clothes.

Lu Chen turned his head to one side.

I saw Jiang Hong’e leaning lazily on the reclining chair, reading a book, wearing a red gauze, with a Small Fox lying on her full breasts, her slender legs slightly curved, showing a little spring.

When Lu Chen saw the name of the book clearly, his heart swayed again, it was “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra”.


Lu Chen murmured, walked over quietly, and looked down at the other party.


Small Fox screamed at Lu Chen, trying to drive him away.

Lu Chen ignored it, leaned over to Jiang Hong’e’s ear, and whispered:

“Or… let’s forget about Dual Cultivation?”



Jiang Hong’e closed the book, licked his red lips, and stared straight at Lu Chen, his charming eyes seemed to be filled with spring water .


Lu Chen almost spat out a mouthful of blood.



Jiang Hong’e red lips slightly parted, spit out two words, two words again All over Lu Chen’s mind, his thoughts melted like ice and snow.

Lu Chen was frustrated for a while, whispered: “What kind of sorcery is this? It’s so weird.”

“Emotional love!”

“You guys The spell of Qinqingzong?”


Lu Chen has inquired about Jiang Hong’e’s heels from Fang Yuqi’s mouth, it is said that [Qianqingzong] went down the mountain Experienced Disciple, if you can’t break through to the Second Rank Method Release environment, you will never be able to return to the mountain gate for a lifetime.

Lu Chen took the opportunity to ask: “Are you sure about a breakthrough?”

“How can it be that simple. UU Reading”

Jiang Hong’ e bright eyes dimmed and explained:

“In order to break through the Method Release environment, you need to find a spiritual object and fill in the Five Elements spirit root. I am a single-line Fire Spiritual Root. I have fire, and I need to collect it. The essence of gold, the heart of wood, the pearl of water, the essence of earth, and the Five Elements are all gathered together to give it a try.”

“It’s hard?”

“Of course, There are absolutely cultivators in the world, but there are quite a few spiritual veins. Spiritual objects take a long time to breed. If you don’t want to get them, you will be killed when they appear. We are not good at fighting, so I can only use stupid methods.”

“What’s the way?”

“Rebuild five times, Five Elements are born, I have Fire Spiritual Root, fire creates earth, I can use ninth layer Fire Spiritual Qi to give birth to an earth element, and then earth creates metal , created water by metal, and rebuilt it five times in turn.”

Lu Chen was stunned, whispered:

“So troublesome, what about me?”

“You , hehe, you are a False Spiritual Root, you don’t even have the chance to be born with the Five Elements.”

“It’s so hard…”

Lu Chen didn’t care, when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current , at worst when the time comes, see Jiang Hong’e sighing to himself, he asked again:

β€œYou Where is it?”


Jiang Hong’e looked down and opened his red lips, but was reluctant to speak.

The Five Elements are interdependent and need to be rebuilt.

Once it is rebuilt, its strength will plummet!

A female cultivator is alone, how dare to rebuild easily, she has reached Spiritual Qi Peak for more than a year, and she still can’t make up her mind.

Lu Chen’s mind is clear-headed, and as soon as his thoughts change, he understands the other party’s concerns, boldly holds the slender jade hand, and said softly:

“Wait for me for two months, when the time comes, I’ll protect you!”


Jiang Hong’e lightly opened his red lips, and his heart was slightly rippled.

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