My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 2

Proficiency is divided into entry, master, Great Accomplishment, Perfection!

The spell is divided into three levels, namely [Ordinary Level], [Authentic Level], and [Secret Treasure Level]. This Rejuvenation Fist is just an Ordinary Level that is not advanced, and Lu Chen has been able to memorize it so well that he doesn’t need to read it at all.

He picked up the Qi Refinement Art.

After reading it carefully, I found that Qi Refinement Art is also an Ordinary Level cultivation technique, but its rank is higher than the First Rank. It belongs to the First Rank Qi Refinement Realm. In the last few pages, there are two spell.

One is called [Sword Control Technique].

One is called [Radiating Light Technique].

However, he doesn’t have Spiritual Qi, so he can’t cultivate yet.

Putting down the Qi Refinement Art, Lu Chen picked up the book “Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra”, and saw the opening line: “The clothes are removed from the gold powder royal, and the pictures are displayed and the pillows are displayed; the plain girl is my teacher, The demeanor is in abundance…”

That’s right.

This is a… serious Dual Cultivation cultivation technique.


Lu Chen recalled Daoist Azure Cloud normally solemn appearance, suddenly a little speechless and a little inconsistent.

“Okay, it’s time to ignore and inexperienced.”

Lu Chen read it carefully, put down the scriptures, and looked at his data.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master

[cultivation technique]: Qi Refinement Art is not a beginner (upgrade conditions can be Expand!); Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra is not entry (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

[spell]: None

[spirit root]: False Spiritual Root

[Fisting]: Rejuvenation Fist Great Accomplishment (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)



“ Expand!”

Lu Chen clicked twice in a row, and the upgrade conditions for two cultivation arts are expanded below.

[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Diligent practice for 100 days (0/100 is not achieved!)

[2]: ten Grain spiritsand (0/10 not reached!)


【Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra upgrade condition】:

【1】 : Qi Refinement First Layer (not achieved!)

【2】: One Dao Companion (not achieved!)

【3】: Dual Cultivation ten times (not achieved!)


“I don’t even need the Orifice Opening Pill?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, he picked up the porcelain vase in the box and pulled it out. When I opened the cork, I saw that it was filled with colorful sand grains. It was spiritsand.

He counted and found 32 spiritsand in total.

This way.

The second condition of Qi Refinement Art has been fulfilled, and only [100 days of diligent practice] is left. In this case, you only need to work hard, no accident, you can become a real Qi after 100 days Mr. Refinement.

And, after several observations.

Lu Chen has determined that the upgrade condition that appears on the light curtain is actually the easiest condition for him to achieve.

“Unfortunately, it took too long.”

Someone killed the original owner with a suspected evil method, so Lu Chen naturally couldn’t sit still, otherwise, wait for him to slowly step into Qi Refinement Realm and say The corpses may have been decomposed.

Therefore, the focus of this cultivation should still be on upgrading the Rejuvenation Fist.

Open the last envelope.

Lu Chen saw a handwritten letter from Daoist Azure Cloud, and a hexagonal token.

The letter is used to prove Lu Chen’s identity, and the token is the Outer Sect Disciple order of [Long Spring Valley]. Mail to Long Spring Valley to get a Long Spring Valley Outer Sect Disciple status.

“It’s like a master, like a father.”

Lu Chen sighed, put away his things, walked out of the room and slaughtered five ducks, and seized the time to continue practicing boxing.



From noon to the scorching sun, and then to midnight, Lu Chen finally completed【Practice boxing for a day】 ], so I immediately took twenty tael of silver, and the light curtain in front of me trembled again.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Fist]: Rejuvenation Fist Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+




“crackle ~”

The skeleton made a loud noise, and when Lu Chen came back to his senses, the Rejuvenation Fist had reached [Perfection], and he raised his hands. Approaching more than three hundred kilograms of force, the light curtain in front of him changed again.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Fisting]: Rejuvenation Fist Perfection (Promote Level conditions can be expanded!)


“Promote Level??”


[Rejuvenation Fist Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: One Grains of spiritsand (not achieved!)

【2】: Ten pounds of flesh and blood (not achieved!)


The upgrade has become Promote Level, no need to practice boxing, but need spirits and flesh and blood.

“This is easy.”

Lu Chen didn’t delay. He quickly took out a spiritsand and brought three dead ducks. The data changed instantly.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Fisting]: Rejuvenation Fist Perfection (Promote Level!)+



“Promote Level!”

Lu Chen took a deep breath and immediately pointed to [+].


The spiritsand and the duck disappeared out of thin air, and Lu Chen’s skeleton made a loud noise, and then the muscles on his body began to wriggle, burrowing back and forth like mice.

It wasn’t until after four or five breaths that it gradually calmed down.


Lu Chen moved around and found that he had grown three inches taller, and his strength was close to four hundred pounds. He raised his hands and gestures, and he had the air of an adult.

The light curtain in front of me suddenly trembled, and when it stabilized, the data changed drastically.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Fist]: Long Spring Fist Mastery (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)


[Long Spring Fist upgrade conditions]:

[1]: One day of boxing practice (not yet achieved!)

[2]: Five Essences (not yet reached) Achieved!)

[3]: Twenty tael of silver (not achieved!)


[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions ]:

[1]: Diligent practice for ninety days (0/90 not achieved!)

[2]: Nine spiritsand (0/9 not achieved!)



The Rejuvenation Fist is a thing of the past.

Promote Level is [Long Spring Fist] of Authentic Level. Because of common origins, at first is [Proficient]. In addition, Qi Refinement Art also has new changes, and the requirements in all aspects are reduced some.

“The future is promising!”

It was getting late, Lu Chen suppressed his excitement, and hurriedly went to bed with Peach Wood Sword in his arms. The next day was twilight, and he got up to continue cultivation.

Time flies, and light flies!


Three days have passed!

For the past three days, Lu Chen closed the door, focused on practicing boxing, and never left. There were several knocks on the door during this period, but Lu Chen just observed it secretly and ignored it.

Among them.

Two waves are Guard Soldiers, and the other waves are people who want something.

Seeing that no one opened the door for a long time, he left. However, there was one person who was always lingering, sneaky, and knocked on the door from time to time. Lu Chen watched from the sidelines, and wanted to see the other party fight. What the hell.

This evening.


Lu Chen was practicing boxing in the room when he suddenly heard a slight landing sound, heart shivered with cold, silently put away his fists, and pressed out against the crack of the door. Looking around, I saw a man in a hood crept up to the room under the high wall and pushed open the doors of the rooms.

stick one’s head around to look for.

Soon, this person came to the left wing where Lu Chen lived.


The door was pushed open, and the man walked in quietly.


On the roof beam, Lu Chen suddenly jumped off. The opponent was about to throw a punch when Lu Chen kicked him on the neck, groaned, and fell straight. land.

“That’s it…”

Lu Chen landed steadily, feeling a little uncomfortable for a while, reached out and tore off the opponent’s hood, his face changed slightly:

“Monk? Withered Cicada Temple??”

Long Spring Temple is located in the northeast corner of Fengxian Town, UUkanshu is located in a remote area, Withered Cicada Temple is due south, one is Private Taoist temple, cold and cheerless, one incense flourishes, one south and one north, there has never been any grudge.

“Let’s try the first trial.”

Lu Chen sighed and found a rope to tie him up.

The night was dark, Lu Chen was still practicing Long Spring Fist, sweating profusely, gasping for breath, and finally stopped until midnight, whispered: “Finally… Finally, I can upgrade again.”


[Long Spring Fist upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice boxing for three days (achieved!)

[2]: Ten spirits (achieved) !)

【3】:Three tael of gold (achieved!)


【Name】:Lu Chen


【Fist Technique】: Long Spring Fist Great Accomplishment (Upgradeable!)+



Lu Chen didn’t delay, just stretched out his hand just a little bit, and when everything calmed down, the Authentic Level Long Spring Fist has reached Perfection, and he has gained more than 600 pounds of strength, and the data has also undergone unprecedented changes.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Fist]: Long Spring Fist Perfection (Upgrade conditions can be expanded, optional!)

….. ..


【Long Spring Fist Promote Level Condition】:

【1】: Five spiritsand (not reached!)


[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not yet achieved!)


[Long Spring Fist Promote Grade condition]:

[1]: Ten spiritsand (not reached!)

[2]: One boxing score (not achieved!)

[3]: 100 catties of flesh and blood ( Not reached!)


Two choices! One is [Promote Level] and the other is [Promote Grade]!

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