My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 21

Run away!

Run away!

Lu Chen knew that he was by no means an opponent of Daoist Wu, and he couldn’t deal with the [Soul Death Technique] alone, so after secretly beating Sanjiao Sanjiao to death, he ran for his life without saying a word. .

“Ah~ I want you to die!”

With his own son dying in front of his eyes, how could Daoist Wu not be angry.

He reached out and grabbed the black bell, jumped up, and went straight to Lu Chen, who was running away.


Lu Chen jumped suddenly, nudged with both palms, smashed a window of the shop facing the street, and flexibly got in.

“Giant Strength Technique!”

The fog man was extremely angry, single fist smashed out, and a “bang” sounded.

The entire store collapsed.

But seeing that Lu Chen had fled far away and was about to continue chasing him, the dull sound of horse hooves suddenly came to mind on the street.


The people scattered in panic, Fang Yuqi was wearing heavy armor, holding a sharp sword, with a bright yellow talisman on his chest, riding a The dark horse came roaring, and the distance was still far away, so he gave a coquettish shout:


Before he finished speaking, he squeezed sword art in his hand and shrewdly cited it.


The long sword let out a sword cry, soared into the sky, and stabbed Daoist Wu in the head.


The fog man avoided two swords, stretched out his hand and grabbed the stone pier beside him, and smashed the sword out with one blow, and then loudly shouted: ” Soulless!”

He waved his hand and threw out the black bell in his hand.

β€œding ding dong dong ~”

β€œDang ding ding ding~”

The black bells danced up and down around Fang Yuqi, and the bells kept ringing.

Fang Yuqi was well prepared, the talisman in his chest emitted a misty azure light, and he was not afraid. He jumped up from the horse and reached out to catch the long sword. p>

“No front!”

“soul guarding talisman ~”

Daoist fog cry out in surprise and hurried back.


Fang Yuqi slashed the air with a sword, splitting a crack in the ground, but his figure was not stagnant. quick.



“Pear Blossom!”

Swords fall like rain, people like flying cranes .

The Daoist Fog was struggling to dodge, surrounded by perils, and from time to time a sword wound was drawn on his body, and he was extremely embarrassed.


Lu Chen relaxed, and saw that the paper cranes in the air had fallen. There were more than 30 people in total, fighting with the remaining Guard Soldier, trying to save the rest The prisoner on death row, he didn’t run away anymore, he took the Peach Wood Sword, bypassed the place where the two were fighting, and hurried towards Caishikou.

“Brother, I’ll save you~”

A robber rushed to the high platform, just about to rescue the kneeling death row prisoner.

Lu Chen suddenly rushed, and the Peach Wood Sword sent it forward. Taking advantage of it, he pierced the opponent’s neck with a sword, picked it gently, and threw the person out, whispered in his mouth:

“So weak~”

The death row prisoner just saw hope, but suddenly panicked and exclaimed:

“Help, help… .”

Lu Chen didn’t hesitate, he picked up his sword and dropped it:


He chopped off the head of a death row prisoner with one sword, and whispered: “Three. One…”

“puchi ~”



Lu Chen was enjoying the kill when the two robbers rushed towards him with a grin.

Stabbed to Lu Chen’s back and slashed to his head with a knife. Lu Chen’s face was unafraid, and he twisted his feet to avoid the heart-stab, Peach Wood Sword took advantage of the situation to block another blow.

He kicked the opponent’s neck with one kick, and the short blade around his waist was unsheathed at the same time.


Cut off the head!


Lu Chen turned his head and looked around, seeing that Guard Soldier was inextricably linked with the robbers, so he was not in a hurry to help, and turned his eyes to the light curtain.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master /Weapon Suppressing Mansion worship

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement First Layer

[spirit root]: False Spiritual Root

[cultivation technique]: Proficient in Eternal Spring Art (upgradeable) +; Introduction to Qi Refinement Art (upgradeable!) +; Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra not entry

[spell]: Introduction to Radiating Light Technique (upgradeable)+; Introduction to Sword Control Technique (upgradeable!)+


Except for the Buddhist Blade, which is still two days away from the cultivation progress, the other four methods have all reached the upgrade conditions.

Lu Chen’s eyes were deep, and he stretched out his hand several times:



“Upgrade! “


Lu Chen almost fell to the ground with a stumble under his feet.

The hands and feet are twitching!

Bulging muscles!

Breathe hard!

“It’s so cool… it’s so cool!”

Lu Chen grinned his horns, his body gradually calmed down after a few breaths, and a burst of chirping sounded from his skeleton, and he vomited one mouthful of impure air. , coldly said:


Turning his head, he saw Caishikou all around, a group of Guard Soldiers lined up and gradually surrounded Caishikou.

“Remove the armor!”

A coquettish voice came from a distance.

I saw Fang Yuqi strike out four swords in a row, severing the limbs of Daoist Wu, his sturdy body spinning in mid-air, and slashing with one sword:

“Severed the head!”

Wu Dao Ren is unavoidable, but not afraid of color, said with a big smile:

“It will be long in Japan…”

I just said four words , “puchi”, and was decapitated by Fang Yuqi’s sword.


The body fell to the ground and suddenly exploded, a black mist filled all around, Fang Yuqi quickly retreated, and when the black mist dissipated, only the place was left. A paper man with a broken head and limbs.

Lifelike, palm-size, and at least eight points similar to the fog man.

β€œCatch life instead of death!”

Fang Yuqi saw this, his pretty face sank suddenly.

“It’s a pity…”

Lu Chen is also a pity, no wonder the other party dared to step into Fengxian Town alone. , Lu Chen carried the Peach Wood Sword and quickly killed the death row.

Added eight more souls, and then cooperated with the Guard Soldier to start strangling the remaining robbers.

“Withdraw! Brothers, get back~”

Seeing that the situation was over, the robbers tried to escape with the help of paper cranes. Four of the paper cranes were chopped up by Guard Soldier one after another, and only one was the only one. Carrying the last three people, it staggered and flew into the air.

“Smashers, grandfather is gone~”


The escaped robbers laughed wildly, and the Guard Soldiers were helpless, gnashing teeth.

β€œTa Ta Ta~”

At this moment, Fang Yuqi came on his horse, Liu Mei was condensed, and he was about to use his sword.

β€œSword Control Technique!”

Lu Chen loudly shouts, taps the Peach Wood Sword blade, squeezes sword art with one hand, and quotes with one hand:



The sound of sword cry resounded in all directions, UU Reading a sword rushed into the night…like a dragon!

In an instant, a wonderful sense of sense came to mind, Lu Chen’s consciousness was divided into two parts, half of which seemed to be fused with Peach Wood Sword, he gently twisted his sword fingers, and he saw Peach Wood Sword in the air. Puncture back and forth.

Several repetitions.

The paper cranes are riddled with holes.

The three robbers above died one after another, and their bodies fell from the crane’s back.


Lu Chen’s eyes were as bright as stars.

The Peach Wood Sword suddenly fell, hanging in front of him. He stroked the blade lightly and put away his fingers. In an instant, the sense of two-pointed consciousness disappeared.

Lu Chen brought Peach Wood Sword back to Spirit Orifice, muttered:

“It’s so good!”

The only regret, with the current proficient Sword Control Technique can only bear 50 pounds. If you want to Yujian, you still need Great Accomplishment. There is still a long way to go.

Fang Yuqi restrained the shock in his eyes, and loudly instructed:

“Wu Daoist escaped for death, the hiding place must be not far from here, it is probably in the town, leave behind Twenty people clean the battlefield, take care of the wounded, and the others follow me to search the town, make sure not to let the thief get away!”

“Yes, General!”

Guard Soldier took the lead , run quickly.

Lu Chen saw Fang Yuqi was about to go on horseback, so he quickly said, “Wait for me, I’ll help you find someone!”

Fang Yuqi raised his eyebrows and turned his horse’s head. , stretched out his right hand:

“Come up!”

Lu Chen didn’t talk nonsense, clasped his hands, turned over and rode behind Fang Yuqi.


Fang Yuqi snorted and galloped on horseback, leaving behind a group of big-headed soldiers winking and staring. Lu Chen embraced Fang Yuqi, feeling a little regretful in his heart, whispered :

“It’s a pity to wear armor…”

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