My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 22

Fang Yuqi is not only wearing armor, but also heavy armor, and his whole body is like an iron can, so that Lu Chen can’t feel the slightest ripple, and his heart is quite unsightly.

“What are you muttering about?”

Fang Yuqi turned back, Lu Chen’s heart tickled with the heat between his lips.

“It’s nothing, I think you have retrieved the black bell of the fog master?”

“en.” The bell threw it to Lu Chen and explained: “This is the death bell of Daoist Wu. Without this bell, his soul death technique will be greatly reduced.”

The death soul bell is extremely small and also It’s slightly bigger than your thumb.

There are nine Dao Marks in the bell mouth, indicating that this is a Magical Artifact of the cream of the crop in Qi Refinement Realm.

Lu Chen avoided Fang Yuqi’s gaze, hands form a secret art, and recited in his heart:

β€œRadiating Light Technique!”

Then beckoned with one hand , A dark gray breath was captured from the bell body, it was the breath of Daoist Wu, and the breath entered the mirror of his left hand.

The silver white pointer above it starts to chug.

“Turn left!”

“xu lu lu ~”

Fang Yuqi didn’t hesitate, turned his horse and ran left, Guard Soldier lined up behind him chase.

“Turn right!”



Soon, the two of them came on horseback In front of a house, before the dark horse stopped, Fang Yuqi jumped to the courtyard with his long sword in hand. Lu Chen followed closely from behind.


The two of them landed and hurried towards the room.


Fang Yuqi kicked the door open, and saw a man kneeling on the ground with his head bowed, his back to the door, motionless, she quietly stepped forward, sword The sheath was gently poked, and the man fell to the ground with a “thump”.

All limbs were cut off, and his face was miserable, the same way he died just now.



Fang Yuqi nods and explains: “It should be death by the Death Substitution Technique, Wu Daoren Most of the time, he used his identity to enter the town.”

After finishing speaking, he turned to look at Lu Chen and asked:

“Where are the people?”

“One step late.”

The two walked out of the room, Lu Chen pointed to the city wall not far away, and explained, “It’s too close to the city wall, and the people of the fog have already left Fengxian Town.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, are you still chasing it?”

“I’m not chasing it, although I failed to kill Daoist Wu, I’ll replace him. A dead paper man, you can earn it, not to mention… I also killed a wave of lackeys, I’m tired, help me remove my armor.”

Fang Yuqi sighed, sitting on the stone pier in the yard , open your arms.

The heroic face is full of exhaustion.

Lu Chen was stunned, stepped forward silently, opened the hidden buckle, and put pieces of armor on the ground. When he took off Fang Yuqi’s heavy armor, he found that the other party was already sleeping on the stone pier. past.

Still remain seated.

“This silly girl is really desperate.”

Lu Chen was slightly moved and took off the armor he was wearing.

At this time, a team of Guard Soldiers finally caught up, walked into the yard, and dragged out corpses from various rooms, a family of five, three generations of grandparents.

No one was spared.

Even a little baby who was just one month old was strangled to death by Wu Daoren, and his face was dark blue.

“This mister is really damn good.”

With a scolding, Lu Chen instructed: “I’ll leave it to you to clean up here, and I’ll take the general back first.”

< After speaking, Fang Yuqi was picked up by the waist, and without waiting for the Guard Soldier to speak, he quickly walked out of the yard, leaving a group of Guard Soldiers looking at each other in blank dismay, hating the teeth.

You guys, that’s our general.


Lu Chen got on his horse and rode slowly on the black horse. He was full of nephrite jade, and the faint scent of his daughter lingered on the tip of his nose. It was inevitable to begin to stir when he was careful, secretly whispered. :

“Should I take it back to Weapon Suppressing Mansion, or take it back to Long Spring Temple directly…”

My mind was floating.

What a struggle!

Lu Chen still didn’t dare to hold Long Spring Temple back. After all, he still couldn’t beat others.


The robust dark horse stepped forward silently on the street, and soon, he finally saw Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

In front of the mansion, the Guard Soldier, an old man in commoner clothes, sat unceremoniously on an Imperial Tutor chair, looking at the streets on both sides from time to time.

Hearing the sound of hooves, I immediately cheered up.


Lu Chen embraced Fang Yuqi, reined in the reins, and said surprisedly: β€œOld man, who are you, why are you sitting at the gate?”

The old man got up slowly, looked Lu Chen up and down, and said with a dark face:

“You’re holding my daughter and asking who I am?”

“… …”

Lu Chen was speechless, and suddenly understood that this person was Fang Hong, the Guard Lord of Fengxian Town, the controller of the entire Fengxian Town, the father of Fang Yuqi, and his future old man. ..


“The old man doesn’t seem to have a good temper…”

Lu Chen muttered in the heart, his face A little embarrassed, he explained:

“That… Yuqi is tired and not hurt.”

Fang Hong’s expression softened a little, pulled the chair out of the way, and saw Lu Chen wanted to dismount, and shouted angrily: “Don’t dismount, move gently, and send my daughter back to the room.”


Lu Chen shyly smiled and rode a dark horse into Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

“This kid…”

Fang Hong had long gray hair and looked at Lu Chen’s back with his hands behind his back. Not everyone can touch it. If it is normal, no matter how tired it is, it will forcefully return home.

How can I be held in my arms like today…


Thinking of this, Fang Hong coughed dryly , instructed: “Boy, don’t leave in a hurry, drink two cups with me.”



Fang Yuqi’s boudoir is different from ordinary women. There is not much decoration, but the walls are covered with swords, long, short, good, and broken.

There are also hand-carved wooden swords, which at first glance look like they were played with when I was a child.

“Not even a maid.”

Whispering in a low voice, Lu Chen placed Fang Yuqi on the show couch, and turned around to see Fang Hong following outside the door, like a Staring at him like a thief.

This Little Old Man……

Lu Chen was speechless and ignored, helping Fang Yuqi to untie the red rope that tied his head, and suddenly, full head fine The black hair spread out, making the normally heroic Fang Yuqi a little more feminine and feminine.

Red lips don’t need rouge spots. UU reading

Vermilion noodles do not need fendi.

The skin is like a silver moon, the eyes are like water apricots, and the willow eyebrows are curved.

“It’s so beautiful…”

“cough cough ~”

At this moment, a cough sounded outside the door.

This Little Old Man, Interesting…

Lu Chen looked back as if nothing had happened, gently covered the bed, and Shi Shiran walked out of the boudoir.

On this day, one old and one young drank a plate of peanuts and fought for an afternoon of wine. They drank so much that their face was flushed and their necks were thick. The wine jar wept loudly.

Scolding Lu Chen for stealing his little cotton jacket.

Tell me the pain of my life.

“Fengxian Town…Fengpo City…Great Hao Dynasty…Toad Island…Great Hao Navy…Golden Crow Angel…Army Chaos…Caster. …demons and ghosts, battles, genocide, lost sons in old age…”

A scene of sadness.

A pain in the ass.

Lu Chen was also very emotional when he heard it, this Little Old Man…it’s not easy!

At the same time, Lu Chen opened his eyes and learned a lot of inside information. For example, there are only two of them left in the Fang Family. For example, in order to send Fang Yuqi to the Baiyun Temple in Fengpo City, he learned ” White Tiger Body Refinement.

I almost emptied Fengxian Town and spent a full 3000 spiritsand.

For example.

Because someone was watching Fang Yuqi, he had to leave Baiyunguan in pain and go to Cultivation at home.


Until evening, Little Old Man was very drunk, and Lu Chen staggered out of Weapon Suppressing Mansion, originally planning to return to Long Spring Temple, and suddenly remembered that Jiang Hong’e went to Fengpo City today.

Step down and enter the Scarlet Chamber Garden.

“Hey, uncle come to play~”

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