My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 23

As soon as I entered the Scarlet Chamber Garden, a woman with a frivolous demeanor and a coquettish walking approached her, her big chest muscles trembled slightly, and she wanted to hang on Lu Chen.

“You…Who are you?”

Lu Chen was a little drunk, and he waved and pushed the person out.

“Hey, my lord, you are really heartless. There was a dewy relationship last month, so I don’t remember your servant today?”

“No… no I know you!”

“It doesn’t matter, is it cooked once?”

As he said, he dragged Lu Chen up to the second floor and pushed open a door. Just pull it in.

Lu Chen’s consciousness is awake, he propped up the door with his arms, but he refused to obey, shouting:

“Qinghe, Qinghe~”

When the woman panicked, she turned her head and saw Qing He descended to the third floor.

Qing He’s pretty face is icy cold, scolded: “You dare to pull the mother’s guest, so you’re not afraid that the mother will sell you?”

The woman shuddered and quickly let go Lu Chen, hesitantly said:

“No, it’s not like this…”

“just this once!”

Qing He Coldly snorted, he helped Lu Chen to the third floor.

Lu Chen shook his head, and his mind became clearer again. Surprisedly said:

“Just… what happened just now?”

Just After drinking too much wine, the tongue is still a little uncomfortable.

“Didn’t Young Master publicly say that he is not interested in Girl Yiyi before? It made people unhappy, but no, he wanted to make Young Master look bad while mother was away.”

“That’s it. Ah~”

Lu Chen didn’t think about it, but he didn’t plan to find his way back, just a little girl, his mind is not that small, so he deliberately turned his face off:

“Knowing it so clearly, are you hiding aside and deliberately making a fool of me?”

“hehe ~”


Qing He was snickering, Lu Chen was wicked, he picked up Qing He, “deng deng deng” climbed up the third floor and plunged into the room.

“No, that’s mother’s bed.”

“Anyway, Hong’e’s not here, let’s sleep tonight.”

“Young Master~~ โ€

Lu Chen, regardless of Qinghe’s shy face, lay upright on the fluffy show bed.

Blue yarn tent!

Silk quilt!

The mandarin duck pillow!

Everything is exquisite and everywhere is luxurious!

“It’s really cool!”

Lu Chen let out a sigh of relief, but he didn’t do any evil, he just hugged Qiao Qinghe in his arms and simply wanted to lie down on this bed As soon as I lay down, I can’t get in normally after all, and said softly:

“These days, you’ve been working so hard to take care of me.”

“Young Master~~”

Qing He is leaning on Lu Chen’s chest, her eyes are fascinated:

“Young Master Gu is what Qing He should do. If Young Master doesn’t take Qing He as an outsider, Qing He will be willing to take pictures of Young for the rest of your life. Master Gu, as long as you can share your love and care, it’s worth a lifetime.”

“It’s worth a lifetime, little girl can’t talk nonsense.”

“Qing He didn’t talk nonsense! “

Listening to the little girl’s voice, Lu Chen tightened Qinghe’s thin shoulders, muttered:

“What a silly girl~”

” Qing He is not stupid, Young Master protects Qing He, and does not despise Qing He, but it is not comparable to others. As long as other men know that slaves stay in Scarlet Chamber Garden, they are either disgusted or like wolves, but Young Master is different. .”

“It’s different at all.”

Qing He was a little excited, a pair of slender hands wrapped around Lu Chen like an octopus, chirp chirp twitter twitter:

“Mother didn’t say it, but it definitely feels the same.”



Qing He blushed pretty face and whispered:

“Tell Master Young a secret.”


“mother’s Innate talent is ใ€matchmakerใ€‘.โ€

โ€œI know that.โ€

โ€œYoung Master, donโ€™t worry, this ใ€matchmakerใ€‘innate talent can speed up cultivation, if you can match Promoting a good relationship, the effect is better, but you can’t lose one’s body, once lost, the [matchmaker] innate talent will be transformed, it may be better, or it may become worse.”



Lu Chen looked thoughtful and asked:

โ€œHow old is Hongโ€™e? “

“mother is six out of twenty.” “

“The old girl is already suffering. How old is my pretty green lotus?” โ€

โ€œIt will be fifteen at the end of the year. “

“That’s still small.” โ€

โ€œNot young enough to serve Young Master.โ€ โ€


Qing He grew up in Scarlet Chamber Garden, and has seen too much love and love. The big and small hands were on Lu Chen’s chest, circling jerky, and said softly:

“Young Master must form a good relationship with mother. “

“Why? “

“In that case, Qing He will be able to stay by Master Young’s side for the rest of his life. “


The two were whispering when a footstep sounded suddenly, they looked at each other and held their breath at the same time.

Qing Cao in plain clothes walked into the room with a tea tray and whispered: “Where did Qing He that girl go? I haven’t seen the silhouette for a long time. “

He put down the tea tray and walked out again.

As soon as the two people on the bed were relaxed, they saw Qing Cao quietly turning back and sticking out his head from the screen. , caught the two facing each other.

“Ah~ Qing Cao elder sister! โ€

Qing He let out a coquettish cry and bounced up in an instant, acting like a spoiled child and being cute.


Lu Chen knew Qing Caoโ€™s heart She is kind and shy, and she is also a sister to Qing He. She will never tell Jiang Hong’e for a trivial matter. His temperament, he is the culprit, and at most, he will get a few scorned eyes.

So I don’t care.

Yawned, warned repeatedly: “Qing Cao Qinghe, I will first Take a break and remember to wake me up before midnight. “

Finished speaking.

He tilted his head, and there was no movement.

When Lu Chen woke up, it was four watch. Qing He took off his coat, rubbed his eyes, and turned his head to see Qing Cao and Qing He lying on the bed beside him.

Sleep soundly. UU reading

Lu Chen woke them up and asked, “Your mother didn’t come back? “

The auction in Fengpo City starts at night, usually lasts about one hour, and the two places are separated by a hundred li or so. As usual, Jiang Hong’e can be back at midnight.

It is now the fourth watch.

It stands to reason that I should be able to catch the bad guy sleeping in her bed on the spot.

“No. “

“It should be delayed by something.” โ€

The two women said a word, and fell asleep.

Lu Chen let the two continue to sleep, put on clothes and went out of the room, reached out and grabbed the corner of the eaves, turned over and jumped. When he got to the top of the building, the dark moon was hanging in the sky and the night was deep. โ€

โ€œshua! โ€

The mirror surface appears in the palm of the left hand, and the silver white pointer begins to rotate.

In this mirror surface, Jiang Hong’ E’s breath, so there is no need to temporarily enter, but the expected scene does not appear, and the pointer is always turning.

It goes back and forth.

It doesn’t stop.

“The distance is too far. “

Lu Chen’s heart sank. The Radiating Light Technique when he was getting started can detect a ten-mile radius. After upgrading to [Proficient] yesterday, he can detect a thirty-mile radius.

That is Said that Jiang Hong’e is still thirty miles away from Fengxian Town.

“Wait a minute. “

Lu Chen is not reckless, he stays at the High Level on the top of the building silently, and performs Radiating Light Technique from time to time, until it is almost five o’clock, and still can’t see Jiang Hong’e silhouette.


Lu Chen jumped off the roof and quickly walked back to Long Spring Temple.

The sky is not clear.

The night is heavy!

On this day, Lu Chen left Fengxian Town on his own and galloped all the way to… Fengpo City!

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