My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 24

Fengpo City is located on Luofengpo in the south of Yuluan Prefecture, one hundred and twenty li or so from Fengxian Town. into the wilderness.

Walk around Yushan Mountain.

Crossing the Nishui River.

The stars and the moon are all the way to the south.

The gasping for breath of the jujube male under his body, fortunately, Lu Chen spared no expense in horsepower, and he crossed into Spiritual Qi from time to time, not only the running speed was extremely fast, but also the jujube horse barely persevered.

By the time the sky was twilight, Lu Chen had already traveled for seventy miles.

β€œxu lu lu ~”

The jujube red horse let out a long neigh, and suddenly burst one after another blood line, and fell to the ground with a β€œthump” sound, Lu Chen borrowed The force jumped more than ten meters.

Falling down.

Ignore the purplish red horse who died of anger, hands form a secret art, and quickly performs Radiating Light Technique.

The silver white pointer twitched, and Lu Chen’s expression froze:

“I found it!”


The matter is one side, and the words are divided into two ends.

Diancang Mountain, lush and green, is the remnant of the Qingcang mountain range in the east, with a height of more than 100 meters. It is located in the northeast of Fengpo City, because there is no spirit vein, and no immortal family has settled here. Only five hunters live at the foot of the mountain and live on the back of the mountain.

The sky is twilight.

It was foggy.

The walled courtyard was torn down, more than a dozen families had collapsed in a pool of blood, the men were covered with swords, the women’s clothes were shattered, the hounds were beheaded, and the cattle and sheep were slaughtered.

A bonfire is burning in one of the courtyards.

Diancang Mountain behind, countless torches flashed, and hundreds of soldiers surrounded the mountain to search for them.



A small silhouette walks through the jungle, and the lightning saves and bites one The neck of the black armored soldier, the man was still screaming, and the little silhouette had already started to flee.

“Here and here…”

“Wrap around it, don’t let it run away~”

“whiz whiz whiz~~”

A rain of arrows arrived, and several nearby soldiers immediately surrounded him. The little silhouette ran around, almost dying, and finally got rid of the chasing soldiers, and went all the way into a cave on the top of the mountain. .

The armor is getting closer.


In the dark cave, the little silhouette staggered to the depths, with two more knife edges on her body, and a piece of flesh and blood was scraped off her hind leg by a sharp arrow.

A black clothed person came up to meet him, just took two steps, and fell to the ground again.

Her chest was pierced by a very long sharp arrow, half embedded in her body, the blood penetrated the black robe, forming a blood line under her feet, she tore off the cloak she was wearing, revealing a Zhang was astonished.

It was Jiang Hong’e.

She forced the little silhouette into her arms, pushed it out again, and said desperately:

“Yingying, let’s go, leave me alone~”


Small Fox shook his head vigorously, turned around Jiang Hong’e, and still refused to leave.

“It’s too late if you don’t go, let’s go!”

Said, Jiang Hong’e threw out a small blue cloth bag, warned repeatedly: “Take this back, Leave it to him, I, Jiang Hong’e, are innocent and don’t owe anyone.”

“Cough cough~”


Small Fox wept, picked up the cloth bag, and reluctantly left the cave in three steps, leaving Jiang Hong’e alone in the dim within cave.

The look…more and more desperate.



At the foot of the mountain, in the courtyard.

The bonfire was burning, the cattle and sheep were grilling, and a dozen or so armored soldiers sat together, drinking the rice wine of the hunter’s house, eating beef and mutton, and unscrupulously laughed heartily.

“It’s done, it’s done~”

“The several brothers will also do their best in a while, and they will be able to cross the line if they catch them.”

“Hehehe, boss, that person is still secretive, maybe it’s a female Fairy, that’s a lot of fun~”

“Whoever he is, he has been hit with a crossbow, There’s no escape!”

“hahaha, do it~”


Lu Chen hid in the night, with a cold face, Hearing all the voices in his ears, for a moment, his heart was furious, he squeezed his sword and fingers, and drew with one hand, loudly shouts:

“Sword Control Technique, Ji!”

“Boom! ~”

With a sword cry, the Peach Wood Sword went out of the body instantly, pierced the necks of the four with one sword, and then twisted the sword fingers to let the Peach Wood Sword pierce back and forth. Eight people were killed in succession by Lu Chen.

“Enemy attack!”

“I am your grandma~”

“Smash, die!”

The rest The man grabbed the weapon and rushed towards Lu Chen howling. Lu Chen stepped back and manipulated the Peach Wood Sword to attack and kill again and again. In just a few breaths, of the fourteen soldiers, only one survived.


The man wearing a tassel helmet, strode wildly, smashed the Peach Wood Sword with an axe, furiously shouted, and threw a big axe suddenly:

“Rotary Strike!”

“Buddhist Blade!”

Lu Chen advanced instead of retreating, the short blade around his waist was instantly unsheathed, and he slashed the big axe with all his strength. , the short blade also all split up and in pieces. Seeing that the man was hugged by big hands and rushed towards him like a wild bear, Lu Chen stretched out his hand to hold the Peach Wood Sword that flew back, sat down on the horse, and slashed with a sword:


“puchi ~”

One stroke, two halves of life and death.

Lu Chen gently put out a breath, returned the Peach Wood Sword to the Spirit Orifice, and quickly ran to the top of the mountain.



Sound like a frightened deer, Jiang Hong’e holds a dagger across his neck , has a will to die. Lu Chen walked slowly, his figure appeared in the darkness, and said softly:

“Hong’e, it’s me!”

“You…you… .”

Jiang Hong’e burst into tears and burst into tears for a while.

Lu Chen hurriedly stepped forward, stretched out his hand to support the opponent, and looked at the sharp arrow pierced in the front and back of Jiang Hong’e’s chest, heart trembled, the arrow was nearly two meters, and both the arrow and the tail had hideous barbs , to hard pull it out.

You can only smash your chest.

If this is the case, it is estimated that…people will not survive.

The only good thing is that the sharp arrow only passed through the chest and did not hurt the heart. Jiang Hong’e and Qi Refinement were successful. Although he did not exercise his body, it could pass through Spiritual Qi tempering’s body. Very comparable.

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“Shooting the Immortal Crossbow?”

“Well, the arrow is mixed with the stone powder of the Immortal Stone. As long as it is shot, it will be difficult for Spiritual Qi to accumulate, and now I feel as if Ordinary people, Spiritual Qi can’t be called even if there is Spiritual Qi.”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here!”


Jiang Hong’ With tears in his eyes, he looked up at Lu Chen’s resolute face, as if a boulder had been thrown into the lake of calm heart.

This moment.

The waves are up and down, the blue waves are rippling!

Lu Chen squeezed the sword art in his hand, raised a hint of Spiritual Qi, and summoned the Peach Wood Sword.

Spiritual Qi on the top of the sword just smashed into the tail of the arrow.

“It’s really tricky.”

Lu Chen was about to try again when there was a sudden scream of killing outside the cave. Seeing Jiang Hong’e getting nervous, Lu Chen comforted: “They I killed the leader of the army, and there are only a few miscellaneous soldiers left, I will send them first.”

“You…you should also be careful.”

“en. ”

Lu Chen supported Jiang Hong’e to sit down on a rock and walked out of the cave alone. His Spiritual Qi had just been exhausted, and he could only use this strength to kill the enemy.

“Kill Sha~”

A wave of soldiers rushed up the mountain.

On this day, Lu Chen stood alone on the top of the mountain, with his bare hands, killing many with one enemy, blood billowing, corpses everywhere, more than 200 soldiers and armor, and the last survivors were less than 20!


After the battle, a cry caught Lu Chen’s attention, he turned his head and saw Small Fox hiding in a place not far away In the crack, he secretly looked at him.

“Come here~”

Lu Chen grinned and waved at Small Fox.


Small Fox blinked his big eyes, wagged his little tail lightly, picked up a blue cloth bag, turned his head and got into the cave where Jiang Hong’e was.

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