My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 25

β€œThis little fellow.”

Lu Chen laughed and walked in.


Small Fox offered Jiang Hong’e’s legs and feet affectionately, with big eyes that were about to cry, Jiang Hong’e was also surprised and happy, but the body The injury was not serious, so he couldn’t hold Small Fox in his arms. When he saw Lu Chen coming, he was startled:

“So much blood, are you all right?”

” It’s alright.”

Lu Chen shook his head, his back was slashed, and an arrow was shot in the chest and left arm.

Fortunately, it’s just a minor injury, nothing serious.

Lu Chen re-examined Jiang Hong’e’s injury, groped carefully, and asked, “What material is this long arrow made of? It’s so hard.”

” Hundred-forged black steel, a thousand forged can make Magical Artifact.”

“No wonder.”

Lu Chen nod, frowned:

“In that case, I’m afraid it won’t be broken, so I’ll restore some Spiritual Qi first, with my strength and Spiritual Qi’s blessing, I should be able to bend the barbs of the nock, you can try to pull the arrow out first.”

“Well, I listen to you, Yingying is carrying a storage bag with gauze and wound medicine in it.”

Lu Chen sat cross-legged on the stone, holding spiritsand in her hand.

Start restoring Spiritual Qi.

Jiang Hong’e beautiful eyes are full of happiness, occasionally glance at Lu Chen beside him.

There is no fear, only peace of mind, because the injury is too serious and the blood loss is too much, and soon can’t hold it anymore, leaning on Lu Chen’s shoulder, fell asleep.



Small Fox ran fast in the jungle, Lu Chen chased behind, shouting: β€œSmall Fox, Hong’e is inseparable from people, where are you taking me?”


Small Fox turned back and continued on.

Lu Chen had to keep chasing, and soon, Small Fox stopped in front of a hidden cave halfway up Diancang Mountain.

“Is it here?”


Small Fox nods and leads Lu Chen into the cave.


A roar suddenly sounded from the depths of the cave. The voice was majestic, but there was an undisguised weakness, Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle: “Is it a tiger? ”


Small Fox kept going and kept going.

After walking more than ten meters, Lu Chen saw a silhouette, that is Black Tiger. Black Tiger is very tall, even if it is lying on its stomach, it is almost half a person’s height, and its body is full of arrows. , the body became a curved stream of blood.

There are scars all over the body.


Black Tiger sensed that someone was approaching, struggled to get up, and fell into a pool of blood with another “thump”. Lu Chen understood that this should have been shot by the previous armor.

He approached cautiously and said softly:

“I have no malicious intentions…”


Before he finished speaking, the black tiger suddenly burst into flames and rushed towards Lu Chen with a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

Lu Chen made a mistake, dodged to avoid the black tiger’s pounce, turned his head to look, and saw that the black tiger missed a hit, lying on the ground, motionless.


Small Fox emerged from the corner and climbed onto the black tiger’s belly.

The little paw gestured down:


Lu Chen looked thoughtful, reached out and took out the Peach Wood Sword, and cut the black tiger with the sword edge He stretched his hands in and pulled out, and five little tigers appeared in front of him.

She was naked.

Four of them are obviously black, and one has sparse white hair.

Unfortunately, three of them are dead, and there are still one black and one white left, crawling around with eyes closed:

β€œao ow~~”

“ao ow~~”


It was the second day afternoon when Jiang Hong’e woke up.

“Where is this?”

She supported her weak body and sat up from the bed, and saw Lu Chen sitting on the head of the bed, stretching a finger Playing with two ugly little things.

“You’re awake.”

Lu Chen relaxed, put a quilt against the wall, leaned on Jiang Hong’e, and explained:

“This is the home of the hunters at the foot of the mountain.”

“Where are the people?”

“passed away.”

“I killed them.. ….”

Jiang Hong’e’s eyes were dim, he had experienced life and death, and there was a feeling of if the rabbit dies, the fox grieves.

β€œIt’s your life and death, so I can’t blame you.”

Lu Chen reassured and said with concern:

β€œIs it better?”

“It’s much better. With Spiritual Qi nourishment, I’ll be fine soon.”

After a pause, Jiang Hong’e realized that he had put on a long and elegant dress, and Liu Mei jumped:

“You changed?”



“Should I see it? I watched it, I watched it anyway…”

Lu Chen took Jiang Hong’e’s slender hand, scratched the palm of his hand, and put on a posture that a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.

Jiang Hong’e smiled and asked again:

β€œHave you touched your feet?”


“Are you soft?”


Lu Chen couldn’t take it anymore, his eyes were dodging, and he felt guilty…

Jiang Hong’e tilted his head, resting on Lu Chen’s shoulder, his thoughts drifted away, muttered: “little man, you make it difficult for me~”

“What’s the matter?”

“You know that when I was going to Fengpo City, I met with the surname Fang?”

“I didn’t listen to her.”

“Yes, I said I’m going to bring the two of you together and make a pair together.”


” Do you know how she reacted?”

“I don’t know.”

“She agreed, but little man, I regret it now.”


The amount of information was huge, and Lu Chen couldn’t stand it, so he said:

“And… it’s not like you can only marry one ……”

“gΔ“ gΔ“ gΔ“ ~”

Jiang Hong’e’s smile was full of flowers, the waves were up and down, and the injury that almost affected his chest made Lu Chen’s eyes straight. I’m worried.

“What a greedy little man…”

Jiang Hong’e murmured, moved in, and gave Lu Chen a wink :

“Can’t get up?”


Lu Chen almost spat out a mouthful of blood, speechless saying :



“You’re still hurt…”

“I don’t care, can’t you come up? There’s only one chance.”

“Go, definitely come up. Ah!”

Lu Chen rolled over and jumped onto the bed, reached out to hold Jiang Hong’e in his arms, and lay down together.


The imaginary Swift Wind Rainstorm did not come, Jiang Hong’e secretly opened her beautiful eyes, not knowing whether she was lost or moved, she was lighthearted. Lightly resting on Lu Chen’s chest, muttered:

“You still have a little conscience~”

Lu Chen clenched the Zhongmei woman tightly, and said warmly:

“I’ve figured out all your little secrets. Your [matchmaker] innate talent can speed up cultivation. How can you easily lose your job? It will last a lifetime. We will grow in Japan…”

Jiang Hong’e beautiful eyes are hazy, looking up at Lu Chen, leaning against his chest again, red lips lightly parted:

“little man, I’m ready to rebuild!”

On this day, Jiang Hong’e finally made up his mind to transform the ninth layer Qi Cultivation Base into a soil element, leaving no Spiritual Qi points left!


As the years pass by, the seasons flow.


Two days have passed!

β€œTa Ta Ta~”

Lu Chen came on horseback, bypassed a new tomb, and slowly stopped in front of the courtyard at the foot of the mountain. Jiang Hong’e pushed Out of the door, wearing a coarse cloth dress, beautiful eyes full of beauty, do not have a charm.

Looking at the dark horse that Lu Chen was riding, Surprisedly said:

β€œWhere did this horse come from?”

Lu Chen got off the horse and said with a smile :

“I picked it up, it should be the mounts of those soldiers. I happened to see it on the mountain just now. I wanted to run, so I chased after it. With this mount, we can go back.”

“Aren’t you leaving today?”

“Stay one more day and go back tomorrow. UU reading”

Jiang Hong’e hearing this was happy, Greeting: “The food is ready, come and eat.”


Lu Chen got off his horse, picked up Jiang Hong’e, said with a big smile :

“Eat and eat!”

“Put me down, I’ll die~”

“If you don’t let it go, don’t let it go, hahaha ~”

A rough meal.

Geek sarong.

Let the old bustard in Scarlet Chamber Garden experience a different mood. The two sat opposite each other. Lu Chen grabbed a bowl full of rice and asked while eating:

β€œ Hong’e, haven’t Spiritual Qi gathered yet?”

Jiang Hong’e took a piece of green bamboo, rolled his eyes, and said angrily:

“With Spiritual Qi Qi, I can still be bullied by you.”

“That’s not certain…”

Lu Chen was triumphant, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“hmph ~”

Jiang Hong’e tenderly snorted, explaining: “Tu Yuan is still merging with Spirit Orifice, and it is estimated that it will take a few days.”


Seeing Lu Chen listening carefully, he asked casually:

“The rebels didn’t go north, right?”

“No, not yet. There is no sign of going north, and Fengxian Town is safe for the time being.”

Speaking of the rebellion, Lu Chen’s face became solemn. The reason why Jiang Hong’e was injured was because of the rebellion. After participating in the auction, the entire Fengpo City happened to be surrounded by the chaotic army.

Jiang Hong’e was worried about the city breaking down and left in a hurry.

Flying away with a lot of cultivators, didn’t expect that the chaotic army was equipped with an Immortal Archer, so I got hit and flew here with a mouthful of Spiritual Qi.

But they were chased by a chaotic army.

β€œao ow~~”

Lu Chen was cooking rice when two little things, one black one white, rolled over from under the bed, wailing and begging for food.

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