My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 26

“Fuck off!”

Lu Chen kicked the little thing aside, but Jiang Hong’e was softhearted, and his beautiful eyes kicked Lu Chen, Put a chicken thigh into a small bowl on the ground.

“ao ow~~”

The two little fellows devoured it.

In just two days, the two little tigers have grown a circle, from the size of their fists to the size of their bowls, with their heads and heads, and they are cute and cute.

“What are they? Spirit Beast?”

“Not quite.”

Jiang Hong’e experienced and knowledgeable, hugging one of them In his arms, he explained: “Their mothers may have swallowed spiritual medicine before they died, and they seem to have Spirit Beast bloodline. They are born as aliens. If they are cultivated well, there is a chance to promote Grade Spirit Beast. How about it? Do you want to keep it?”


It belongs to the transitional species between wild beast and Spirit Beast. The further one is Spirit Beast, and the next step is wild beast. The strength is also different, like tiger and leopard.

As an adult, you can compete with some weaker Spirit Beasts.

Lu Chen was moved and asked again:

“What’s the condition of your Small Fox? It’s small and doesn’t look like an ordinary fox.”

“Yo yo~”

Small Fox heard Lu Chen say it, got a small head out of the bedding, gave Lu Chen a hard look, put his head down, and continued to sleep late.

“It’s a little fox-spirit.”


“Well, First Rank spoke human’s words, Second Rank hair removal , the third rank is impermanent, Yingying was obtained by accident, I opened Spirit Orifice, I am currently refining, and I have already entered the First Rank.”

“No wonder she is so smart.”


Lu Chen suddenly realized that compared to the Qi Refinement exercise for humans, animals also have two ways to go.

One is to open the Opening Immortal Orifice like a human, to take World Aura, to transform into Monster Qi, and finally to shedding the body, exchanging bones, which are called “demon”, and can cast all kinds of spells like humans; the other One is to purify the bloodline, reverse the ancestors, and transform the body into the Divine Beast.

One is eating qi to become a demon.

One is the bloodline Spirit Beast.

However, the Great Hao Dynasty has been in existence for a long time, and animals are not allowed to become sperm. Whether it is a demon or a Spirit Beast, they are rare. They usually live in remote mountains and marshlands.


As the world is in turmoil, this is bound to change.

“Do you want to keep one?”

“Let’s keep one, which is only male?”

“It’s all female.”


“Which one to keep?”

“Black tiger.”

The next morning, Jiang Hong’e packed up, put on plain clothes, and walked out of the courtyard. From time to time, he looked back at the small courtyard of the farmhouse where he had lived for three days, and his eyes were filled with reluctance.

Lu Chen came with the horse and asked:

“How many days do you want to stay?”

“No, it’s too close to Fengpo City. , in case the rebel army goes north and still has to leave, it is better to go back to Fengxian Town to be safe, and to remind Fang Fang when you go back, let her do more preparations.”


Lu Chen didn’t say more, turned over and got on the horse’s back, stretched out his left hand:

“Come on, I’ll pull you up.”

Holding his hands, Lu Chen gently Bullshit, he hugged Jiang Hong’e in his arms, full of fragrant jade, and Lu Chen couldn’t help swaying.

“hmph, still doing evil~”

“How can…”

“hmph ~”

” haha, drive~”

Lu Chen laughed heartily, and ran his horse to the north, a hundred miles away, and walked for two days. It was not until the evening of the seventh day of the first month that he saw Fengxian from a distance. Outline of the town.

That’s true.

Jiang Hong’e is also bumpy enough.

After all, she has no Spiritual Qi and is injured, so she is slightly better than ordinary weak women.

Fortunately, Lu Chen took care of her, and the journey went smoothly.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

The dark horse moved forward slowly, Jiang Hong’e was resting against Lu Chen, the beautiful face could not hide the tiredness, Lu Chen pulled Pulling the cloak behind her, she almost shoved the beauty in her arms into her arms.

He stretched out his hand a little and said silently in his heart:


[Radiating Light Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1] : cultivation for five days (5/5 has been achieved!)

[2]: Five souls (5/5 has been achieved!)

[3]: Twenty spiritsand (20 /20 has been achieved!)


[Sword Control Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Three days of sword training (3/3 has been achieved!)

[2]: Three souls (3/3 has been achieved!)

[2]: Ten spiritsand (10/10 has been achieved! )


[Buddhist Blade upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice the sword for five days (5/5 has been achieved! )

[2]: Five Essences (5/5 has been achieved!)

[2]: Forty tael of silver (40/40 has been achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master /Weapon Suppressing Mansion worship

【cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement second layer

【spell 】: Radiating Light Technique proficiency (upgradeable!)+, Sword Control Technique proficiency (upgradeable!)+

【Blade Technique 】:Buddhist Blade Great Accomplishment (upgradeable)+


The cultivation base has been unconsciously raised to the second layer of Qi Refinement, and the cultivation speed is not only not slow, but a little faster, and Pure Yang Breath is already accumulating the third layer.

We are getting closer and closer to 【Pure Yang Body】.

Eternal Spring Art and Qi Refinement Art are still a few days short of Cultivation progress. The Buddhist Blade was upgraded once a few days ago and reached the Great Accomplishment.

Now…upgradeable again.

Don’t hesitate now, reach out and count the points:




All kinds of insights came to mind, Lu Chen sat on the back of a horse, silently digesting the income, and after a long time, he gently put out a breath, his eyes were as bright as stars.

The Great Accomplishment is the threshold.

After Radiating Light Technique Great Accomplishment, the exploration distance is increased to 50 miles, and the spellcasting is simpler and the location is more accurate. After Sword Control Technique Great Accomplishment, the change is even greater, and it can carry more than two hundred kilograms of weight.

Within 100 meters, as directed by an arm.

It can be said.

The current Lu Chen can completely Controlling Sword Flight.



Lu Chen was excited, flying through the skies or escaping through the ground, this is his until now My dream, now that I can Controlling Sword Flight, I can come and go freely, which is a firm foothold in this Great Hao Dynasty.

Wait for him to calm down and look at the light curtain again.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Buddha Blade Perfection (Upgrade conditions can be expanded, optional!)



【Buddhist Blade Promote Level Condition】:

【1】: Five spiritsand (achieved!)

[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not yet achieved!)


[Buddhist Blade Promote Grade condition]:

[ 1]: Ten spiritsand (achieved!)

[2]: One sword score (not achieved!)

[3]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not achieved!)


Perfection’s Authentic Level Buddhist Blade faces two choices, one is Promote Level Secret Treasure Level Blade Technique, the other is Promote Grade Qi Refinement Realm method, Lu Chen still prefers Promote Grade.


There is still one Blade Technique missing for the time being.

Jiang Hong’e doesn’t have it, um, you can find my wife…cough cough, you can find a way to find a way to do it with Fang Yuqi, the army has the most knives, this shouldn’t be difficult.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

The sound of the hooves gradually stopped, the beauty in UU reading woke up slowly, Jiang Hong’e was sleepy, and said doubtfully:

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, home.”


Jiang Hong’e leaned against Lu Chen sat up, only to see the dark night, the tall southern city gate in Fengxian Town was already in front of him, a bonfire was burning upstairs in the city gate, and the Guard Soldier in armor and sharpness could faintly be seen walking back and forth at the top of the city.

A southbound trip.

Life and death are on the line!

Now that he is back in Fengxian Town, Jiang Hong’e will inevitably have more feelings. Seeing that the city gate is closed, he is slightly disappointed: “The city gate is usually not opened at night, unless the surname Fang is called. , let’s spend the night outside the city tonight.”

“Not afraid.”

Lu Chen smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to embrace Jiang Hong’e in his arms, and put him on horseback again He stood up, his eyes were slightly brightened, he squeezed sword art in his hand, raised his head and said:



The sword cry resounded in all directions .

Jiang Hong’e cried out in surprise , riding the wind with Lu Chen’s sword and rising into the night!

Thousands of lights.

Star River together.

Jiang Hong’e stepped on the tip of the sword, overlooking the square, with beautiful eyes:

“It’s so beautiful~”

“Then look at it for a while.”

Facing the night wind, the two hovered in the midair, the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, and then landed on the roof of the Scarlet Chamber Garden. Lu Chen put away the Peach Wood Sword and stopped Jiang by the waist. Hong’e picks up:

“Hong’e, tonight… let’s sleep in a bed.”


Lu Chen He jumped into the third floor of Scarlet Chamber Garden excitedly, walked into the room, bypassed the screen, his body suddenly froze, his eyes widened instantly, and he saw a silhouette already lying on the couch.

The chest is half exposed.

Charming and enchanting!

It’s actually…the same as Jiang Hong’e in his arms!

“You… who are you??”

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