My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 27

“Who are you?”

Lu Chen furiously shouted, keeping Jiang Hong’e in his arms behind him, and with Lu Chen roaring, the bed Jiang Hong’e also woke up, and when he saw Jiang Hong’e behind Lu Chen, he was also furious and said coquettishly:

“Who are you? How can you look exactly like me?”

While speaking.

The chest is choppy and breathtaking.

Lu Chen was startled and was almost stunned. After a second thought, he realized that the Jiang Hong’e he was protecting was absolutely real, and Small Fox and his breath could not be faked.

This one is fake.

Behind him, Jiang Hong’e glared angrily with a pair of beautiful eyes, with fear, surprise, doubt, shock, and so on. Seeing that Lu Chen had no doubts about her, he calmed down. Complex expression:

“Who are you and why are you impersonating me?”

“Who are you and why are you impersonating me?”

“You are fake .”

“You are fake.”

“You are fake!”

“You are fake!”





In addition to the different clothes, it is hard to tell the difference between the real and the fake.

“True or false Monkey King?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, reached out to hold Jiang Hong’e’s catkin, and looked at the opposite side coldly.

The quarrel was very loud, and after a while, Qing He saw Qing Cao hurried in, and when he saw two Jiang Hong’e, he was stunned. Qing He opened his mouth and said in fear:

“President…Young Master, this…what’s going on?”

“Don’t be afraid.”

Lu Chen comforted softly, Asked: “After I left, when did this guy come back?”

“On the evening of January 3rd, it’s been four days since I came back.”

“No abnormality?”


“No, it’s the same as mother used to, living and speaking is normal.”

Lu Chen and Jiang Hong’e looked at each other, and they were both in shock. First Rank spoke human’s words, Second Rank hair removal, third rank fickleness.

This…is this the Great Demon of the game world? ?

Opposite Jiang Hong’e, seeing Lu Chen calm down the audience, no matter what she does, she is sure that she is a fake, even the two maids obey him, and she is anxious, tenderly shouted:

“Look at the trick!”

Said, waving a red light.

โ€œBe careful!โ€

Lu Chen picked up Jiang Hong’e and dodged, but Qing He and Qing Cao were thrown straight on the spot, their feet softened, and they fell down On the ground, his face flushed.

โ€œSword Control Technique!โ€

Lu Chen didnโ€™t hold back any more, but with one hand, he released the Peach Wood Sword.

The sword light flickered slightly, and a sword stabbed.


The woman cried out in pain, and the gauze fell to the ground, but she didn’t care about the spring light leaking out, and hurriedly rushed to the window, only to see the red light flashing , and disappeared into the room.

Lu Chen rushed to the window and saw the darkness outside the window.

The other party has long since disappeared.

He returned to the house, took back the Peach Wood Sword, picked up the gauze, hands form a secret art, and recited in his heart:

โ€œRadiating Light Technique!โ€

A blurry mirror surface appeared in the palm, and a black pointer appeared in the left eye, Lu Chen beckoned with one hand, and a red breath was captured from the gauze. After hitting the mirror, the silver white pointer began to drip Spin around.

Wait for the pointer to stop.

Lu Chen looked thoughtful.

“Lu Chen, come here.”

“Come here.”

Lu Chen dropped the gauze and walked quickly into the screen , at a glance, I saw Qing He and Qing Cao lying on the bed, blushing, with a sound of “haha” in their mouths, a pair of small hands scratching their bodies, they were originally thin, but now they are pulling themselves Got a bits and pieces.

The spring breeze is blowing.

Ying Ying grasped.

To be as fragrant as possible.

Lu Chen’s blood was boiling, he quickly took a deep breath and suppressed the ripples in his heart. Jiang Hong’e stood beside him at a loss. Seeing Lu Chen’s appearance, he rolled his eyes and urged:

“Don’t come and help…”


Lu Chen stepped forward, picked up the two little girls, and put them down. on the bed.

Jiang Hong’e looked hesitant, glanced at Lu Chen, and said:

“They should have been hit by a spell similar to Qingqing, if I have Spiritual Qi, It can be solved by casting a love spell, but now it’s a hassle, or… you can just accept them, just for the cultivation Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra.”

“Uh… …”

Lu Chen didn’t expect Jiang Hong’e to be so sturdy, worthy of being Jiang Hong’e, he laughed:

“It’s okay.”

Jiang Hong’e winked and asked:


“They’re too young…”

Jiang Hong’e clearly didn’t believe it, hugged his chest and stared straight at Lu Chen.

“Want to hear the truth?”


Lu Chen sat down on the bed and hugged Jiang Hong’e in his arms Inside, Wen said: “The Body Refinement Cultivation Art I cultivated is special, called Eternal Spring Art, I need to accumulate nine Pure Yang Breaths before I can refine [Pure Yang Body]. Once Primordial Yang is vented, it will stop. “

“gฤ“ gฤ“ gฤ“ ~”

Jiang Hong’e laughs flamboyantly, his lovable body trembles, and he flirts with Lu Chen unscrupulously.

“Which step have you reached?”

“The third Pure Yang Breath, it will be faster and faster, at most two months.”

“It’s hard for these two girls.”


The two were speaking while speaking, and the two little girls were posted from the back. Chen rubbed his back.

“I want to take a shower.”

“I’ll fetch water for you…”

Two people took a bath, four people Lying on the bed, Jiang Hong’e slept soundly, but the two little girls struggled for a long time until midnight.

At the fourth watch, Lu Chen quietly got up.

Put on the coat, got out of bed, opened the door, and came to the corridor on the third floor alone.

โ€œRadiating Light Technique!โ€

The pointer in the palm of the hand spins, then stops and points to a direction, Lu Chen turns around in the Scarlet Chamber Garden by the light of the glass lamp .

The footsteps are silent.

Unconsciously came to the second layer.


โ€œhehe ~โ€

The sound of extravagance rang out, Lu Chen quietly lay outside the door, looked around secretly, and saw the big bed , A man and a woman are playing a game, but there is a small red shadow lying on the head of the bed, with its mouth open, sucking in the white air.

The two men and women are not in sight of Red Films.

The man fell on the bed, snoring loudly.



The woman, foul-mouthed, tossed and turned on the bed.

“Inhale sheep’s breath?”

Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, showing a look of looked thoughtful, and then quietly retreated.

Not long after that, the red shadow also left the room, scurrying about in the corridor of the second layer, crawling into the rooms from time to time, and didn’t climb up to the third floor until the fifth watch.

Turn right and enter a large room.

Lu Chen appeared quietly, pierced the window paper with his hand, leaned in front of the window, peered in secretly, only to see the fog in the room, a beautiful and alluring woman stepped into the bathtub naked, washed body.

I’m so pitiful.

Extraordinarily tempting.

Lu Chen took a few glances, UU reading only felt hot all over, bloodline spewed, and the whole person seemed to be about to explode.

“I can’t take it anymore…”


Lu Chen pushed open the door, red Walking in with eyes wide open, the woman didn’t seem to be surprised and stood up in the tub.

A charming figure.


He grabbed a handful of clear water in his slender hands and threw it out at Lu Chen, said with a lovable smile:

“Come on, be happy~~”

The magic sound filled his ears, Lu Chen was even more lustful, he tore off his shirt and threw himself on it, the woman’s eyes flashed with pride, but she didn’t want to, Lu Chen punched the opponent on the back of the neck.


The woman gasped, rolled her eyes, and fell into the bathtub, turning into a fox with red fur.


Lu Chen sneered, whispered: “Charm? Oh, that’s it.”

Two little girls were beside him After tossing around for a long time, he can sit still, trifling tricks, and how can he tolerate him. If it is only Qi Refinement, he may really suffer a big loss.

Fortunately, he is successful in Body Refinement, has a strong control over his body, and has Pure Yang Breath in his mouth, which is the most restrained against these ghosts and evil techniques.

Trifling trick.

Not worth mentioning!

Lu Chen reached out and lifted the fox out of the tub, closed the door, Shi Shiran walked to the room where Jiang Hong’e was, turned the screen, and saw Jiang Hong’e wearing a single coat, leaning on the On the show couch, the two little girls were lying on the innermost side, sleeping soundly.

“Wake up so early?”


Jiang Hong’e came back to his senses, and turned to see Lu Chen carrying A fox walked in, surprisedly said:

“This is?”

Lu Chen grinned: “The top card of your Scarlet Chamber Garden, girl Yiyi!”

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