My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 29


Lu Chen turned his head to look aside, and saw a bamboo basket quietly placed under the eaves in the corner of the wall. The gauze had been blown away by the wind, and only one steamed bun in the shape of a little bunny remained.

Lu Chen lifted the bamboo basket and pinched it, the steamed buns were hard.

“It’s been at least two days.”

He didn’t go into the spectacle any more, he walked quickly to the street with the bamboo basket, and soon came to the door of Yaoyao’s house.

“dong dong dong ~”


The courtyard door was not closed tightly, Lu Chen walked in and said softly:

“Yaoyao, is Yaoyao here?”


No one responded, Lu Chen quickly searched all the rooms Once again, I found that there are many traces of furniture moving, and some commonly used items are missing.


With a slight sinking in his heart, Lu Chen stopped in a room. This should be the study room of Meng Yao’s father before his death. There are few books, and some cheap rice paper is piled on the dilapidated desktop.

Lu Chen stepped forward, pupils shrank, and saw some scribbled handwriting on the page.

“I don’t want to die!”


“Alive! Alive! Alive!!”

“What should I do? “

“God? Immortal? Ghost?”

On the top sheet of rice paper were four large characters:

“Sell Meng Yao!”

Lu Chen looked gloomy, put down the bamboo basket in his hand, hands form a secret art, and whispered:

“Radiating Light Technique!”

The black pointer in his left eye appeared , Lu Chen looked all around carefully, only to see that in the whole room, except for the smell of tables, chairs and benches, there was not the slightest bit of anger in the living.

There is no Yaoyao scent on the bamboo basket.

Now his Radiating Light Technique is the Great Accomplishment, and he can observe the residual breath within two days, but unfortunately Yaoyao left for more than two days.

“What should I do?”

Fengxian Town, a town of 50,000 people, wants to find someone.

It was easier said than done.

Lu Chen left the yard and ran all the way to Weapon Suppressing Mansion. When he saw Guard Soldier outside the mansion gate, he immediately asked:

“Can General Fang be in the mansion?”

“The general is not here, so I went to the Guard Soldier camp early in the morning.”

The Weapon Suppressing Mansion is the center of the entire Fengxian Town. Normally, there are only 200 Guard Soldiers stationed there, and more than 2,000 people remain. , except for some on duty.

The rest are usually practiced in the Guard Soldier camp.

Fang Yuqi manages the entire Guard Soldier battalion, and although he is helped by his subordinates, he visits every few days.

“many thanks!”

Lu Chen didn’t talk nonsense, he raised his feet and ran to the Guard Soldier camp.

Came to the Guard Soldier camp in the southwest corner of Fengxian Town, and found that there was a lot of noise. The monthly grand competition was being held. Lu Chen used the offering tokens to open the way. Fang Yuqi practicing swordsmanship in a secluded place.

Wear white armor.

He wears a tassel helmet.

valiant and formidable looking.

The sword is like a flying crane.

The peach blossoms immediately invite the tassel spear, and the mandarin ducks hold the military amulet in their sleeves!

Seeing Lu Chen coming, Fang Yuqi put away the sword pose, willow brows wrinkle, said with displeasure: “Where have you been these days? I can’t find it no matter how I look.”

“It’s a long story.”

Lu Chen sneered and said resolutely: “I’ll talk about it later, Yuqi, do me a favor first.”

“What’s your business?”

“Find me a little girl.”


Fang Yuqi put the long sword back, fiercely dug Lu Chen a glance, complaining Said:

“I just know how to mess with flowers~”

The amorous feelings revealed in a moment made Lu Chen’s heartbeat slow by half a beat. He raised his sleeves and wanted to He wiped the sweat from his forehead, but Fang Yuqi avoided him.

Lu Chen smiled awkwardly and explained:

“It’s not what you think…” He immediately explained Meng Yao’s affairs in detail.

Fang Yuqi’s face softened a little, pondered then said:

“I will give instructions in a while, and I will be able to find someone in three days at most.”

Lu Chen relaxed, and he was no longer unsatisfied. Although three days was a long time, there was nothing he could do. If he was asked to find it by himself, he might not be able to find it in two weeks.

“You can go.”

Fang Yuqi turned sideways and started chasing people.

Lu Chen understands that this silly girl is still sulking with him, and now he opened the mouth and said:

“There is one more thing.”

“What’s the matter?”

“When will we… get married?”


For a moment, Fang Yuqi’s face was full of red, She looked flustered and squeamish, how could she still look like a female general, she pretended to be stupid:

“What… what marriage?”

“hmph, Hong’e said You agree.”

“Don’t listen to surname Jiang’s talk nonsense.”

“I don’t care, I take it seriously anyway.”

” You…you…”

“Yuqi, are you almost twenty?”


“The eldest is not too young, we can’t drag it on any longer, the old man is still waiting to hold his grandson…”

After finishing speaking, Lu Chen laughed and ran towards the way he came.


Fang Yuqi couldn’t be shy, stomped his feet, and snorted:

“Lu Chen, Look at the sword!”


On this day, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi fought three times in a row, losing three times in three battles. Frustrated and weak, Fang Yuqi used the [Three Swords of Flying Cranes], high-spirited and vigorous, triumphantly said:

“Want to marry this General? Hmph, wait until you defeat me!”



Lu Chen left the Guard Soldier camp in despair, suddenly grinned again, whispered:

“What a silly girl…… ”

I saw that he had an extra book in his hand, the Ordinary Level Blade Technique in the army called “Breaking the Mountains”, which was given to him by the little wife…ahem~Fang Yuqi.

The night was hazy.

Jade Rabbit ascends.

Lu Chen returned to Long Spring Temple. At the door, the big black horse was still tied under the eaves. When he saw Lu Chen coming, he subconsciously took a few steps back. Lu Chen raised his expert palm, and the big black horse instantly became alert. .

He was laughed, comforted:

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!”

“ao ow~”

The dark horse just relaxed , I saw a small black head drilled out of Lu Chen’s arms, with a tiger’s head.

“xu lu lu ~”

The big black horse was so frightened that he struggled desperately and almost tore the gate down, but fortunately Lu Chen grabbed the reins in time and pushed the door with one hand. Dark horse suppression.

“ao ow~”

The little black tiger blinked and indented into Lu Chen’s arms again.

Lu Chen opened the gate of the temple, led a horse into the Taoist temple, threw the more than 100 kilograms of pork on his shoulders with a “peng”, and grinned:

“Hey, I can upgrade again!”

【Buddhist Blade Promote Grade condition】:

【1】: Ten spiritsand (achieved!)

【2】: A knife manual (achieved!)

【3】: 100 catties of flesh and blood (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement second layer

[Blade Technique]: Buddha Blade Perfection (Promote Grade available! UU reading www.uukanshu .com)+


“Promote Grade!”


Flesh and Blood, spiritsand exhausted.

Perfection’s Authentic Level Buddhist Blade started the Promote Grade, Lu Chen closed his eyes, stood still, various knife styles flashed in his mind, and finally came down to one knife.

Lu Chen suddenly opened his eyes and spit out one mouthful of impure air:

“Blade Drawing Technique!”

Blade Drawing Technique, First Rank Ordinary Level method , there is only one way to draw a knife.

One shot will decide the outcome, one shot will divide life and death!

Although there is a formula.

But in two steps.

The first step is to raise the sword and gain momentum. The long sword is in the sheath. It is kept and stored all the time. The longer the momentum is, the greater the power. .


Destroyed by the knife, the potential is broken!

Not only do you need to regain strength, but also backlash yourself. If you can kill the enemy, feed it with blood, and the sword will become stronger.

“What a fierce Blade Drawing Technique!”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, but unfortunately his short blade has been destroyed, so he can only find another one tomorrow to raise and use the rest The pork was fed to the little black tiger, and he started cultivation on the side.



It wasn’t until late at night that Lu Chen returned to his room with the little black tiger to sleep, lying on the bed, I felt the quilt on my body was wet and had a faint musty smell.

Tossing and turning, difficult to sleep.


With a sigh, Lu Chen remembered the gorgeous scene in Scarlet Chamber Garden last night, but unfortunately, just watching it can’t be practical, for him. ..that was also a painful torture…

Just fell asleep.

Lu Chen was in a trance, and suddenly heard a whistling sound, a shivered in his heart, and immediately woke up:

“Here again…”


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