My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 3

Long Spring Fist can promote the level of not advanced [Secret Treasure Level] boxing, or simply Promote Grade is First Rank Qi Refinement Realm method, Secret Treasure Level boxing, perhaps more potential, But Lu Chen urgently needs to protect himself now.

I prefer to be promoted to First Rank.

But don’t be in a hurry. If you want Promote Grade, you need another boxing technique.

“It should be almost there.”

With a murmur, Lu Chen exited the left wing and walked to the right wing. Just as he reached the door, he heard “wu wu”. Sobbing, this right wing room was sealed by Lu Chen.

It turned into a small dark room.

This guy was locked up for half a night, and he couldn’t hold on anymore.

Lu Chen walked into the room with the oil lamp in hand, closed the door with a sound of “peng”, reached out and pulled off the gag stocking, put the oil lamp on the other person’s face, and showed a fat head Big ears, panicked faces.


“Hui…Hui Neng.”

“From where?”

“.. ….”

“Bang! Where did it come from?”

“Kry…wither away.”

….. .

Hui Neng, 23 years old, withered Cicada Temple welcomes the incoming monk, has been in the temple for five years, has practiced Vajra Fist and Kasyapa Hand, and his identity is just entered nun Slightly better.

It is still the bottom layer of Withered Cicada Temple.

The other party is directly under the command of the acquaintance in the living room, Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk. The task this time is to monitor the Long Spring Temple and find out the truth of the Long Spring Temple. And the foundation of the entire Withered Cicada Temple was completely exposed to Lu Chen.

Withered Cicada Temple has hundreds of monks divided into three levels:

archmage .

Great Buddhist Monk.

The monk and nun.

The monks and nuns are the lowest level, and the Great Buddhist Monk is the middle level. They practice the method of training their bodies. The strength is strong and weak. The powerhouse can match the archmage, and the weak are also ten enemies.

As for archmage.

The practice is the law, or the movement method Dual Cultivation, the status is respected, it is the expert of Qi Refinement.

“Yuan Zhen…”

Lu Chen frowned deeply.

This Yuan Zhen is not weak. It is said that he can match Qi Refinement Realm archmage.

Either the method or the Magical Artifact Peach Wood Sword.


Since the other party sent people to inquire, most of them don’t know the exact news of Daoist Azure Cloud’s death, he still has time to arrange it, and there is Weapon Suppressing Mansion on it, so the other party doesn’t dare to be too blatant.

After some intimidation.

Lu Chen successfully obtained the practice of Vajra Fist and Kasyapa Hand. As a result, Long Spring Fist Promote Grade only has the last condition, a hundred pounds of flesh and blood.

The little dark room suddenly fell silent.

Lu Chen looked hesitant, and glanced at the monk Hui Neng. A hundred jins of flesh and blood is not a small amount. The chickens and ducks that have been killed in the past few days must not be enough, so… only two. a choice.

A Hui Neng.

A live pig.

The fat pig loves more, he is a little reluctant.

Between life and death, Hui Neng had a feeling in the heart, almost fainted from fright in an instant, his bound body trembled like a sieve, and said in horror:

“Don’t. ..don’t kill me…”

“I…I have something to say.”

Lu Chen smelled feces and piss and backed away in disgust After two steps, he said fiercely: “If you have something to say, then dilly-dallying … kill you!”

“I said, I said, I was cast on my body, kill me and you It will also suffer.”


Lu Chen raised his eyebrows, became interested, and asked:

“What technique?”

“Evil… sorcery!”

“I don’t believe it is true or false.”

Lu Chen holds an oil lamp in his left hand, right hand Holding the duck slaughter’s short blade, he poked it forward.

Hui Neng almost died of fright, and burst into tears:

“wu wu wu, I really don’t know…”

“ He ordered me to do all kinds of sinful things. He buried a little lady for him last month. He abducted a pretty nun for him a few days ago. Yesterday, he called me into the room. ..Tell me not to be afraid, even if you die, you can’t escape from his palm, wu wu wu ~”

“tsk tsk … a Withered Cicada Temple.”

Lu Chen complexion turned cold, this Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk really knows how to play, is a little lady, and a pretty nun, huh, it’s just too hateful, this Hui Neng is also a guy who helps the evil.

Not enough.

Damn too!

However, Lu Chen had some scruples about that sorcery after all, and he simply couldn’t run away until he upgraded.


From the right wing, Lu Chen went straight to the pigsty with the knife in hand.

“Second Senior Brother, I’m here to see you.”

“hmph 唧~hum hum ~ hum chi~”

“puchi ~~”

“hmph 唧~jijiji~~”

Second Senior Brother weighs more than 200 pounds, and the strength of the struggle is even more appalling, so Lu Chen is not what he used to be. Put one hand on Second Senior Brother’s head and let him fight to the death.

Still still.

After tossing the time it takes half an incense stick to burn , Second Senior Brother finally took his last breath.

“It’s done.”

Lu Chen put down his short blade, took out a porcelain bottle from his arms, and poured out ten spiritsand carefully, and the light curtain suddenly changed.

【Long Spring Fist Promote Grade Condition】:

【1】: Ten Spiritsand (Achieved!)

【2】: One Fist ( Achieved!)

[3]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master

[cultivation technique]: slightly

[spell]: none

[spirit] root ]: False Spiritual Root

[Palm Technique]: Kasyapa Hand is not entry (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

[Fist Technique]: Vajra Fist is not entry (upgrade conditions can be expanded!) ); Long Spring Fist Perfection (Promote Grade available!) +


“So excited to be Promote Grade.”

Lu Chen’s heart was beating peng peng, and he didn’t know much about Promote Grade. He only knew that it led to the extraordinary, and it was also the beginning of longevity. The original owner could not ask for it.

Now he Lu Chen … is about to enter.

“Promote Grade!”

Lu Chen took a deep breath and pointed to 【+】.

The spiritsand shattered into powder, and Second Senior Brother vanished almost half of its flesh.

A shivering sensation went straight to the sky, Lu Chen couldn’t help trembling, his whole body started to get hot, getting hotter and hotter, like a big stove, so hot.

My throat also started to itch, so itchy, so itchy.

“cough cough cough~~”

Lu Chen couldn’t help coughing, coughing to the core, hovered between life and death.


Then he opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of black blood. His body seemed to have broken through an invisible boundary. In an instant, everything was quiet, Heaven and Earth were clear!




“Hehe, this fool just now Cut half of the rope for me, haha ~, the door is not even locked, wait, when Hui Neng escapes, I must call Yuan Zhen Martial Uncle, I will make you die!”

Crickets hummed in the corner.

The multi-legged centipede crawls fast under the dead grass, a grey and white short-tailed sparrow flies under the night sky, holding a winged black insect in its mouth, in the right wing room, Hui Neng The monk was ecstatic, muttering and suppressing.

The hidden door was quietly opened.

Everything is so clear and weakened many times in an instant.

“crackle ~”

Lu Chen squeezed his fists hard, the skeleton let out a loud cry, the bare skin showed an abnormal black red, his eyes Becoming very bright, looking up at the night sky that is no longer completely dark, UU reading was surprised and delighted, muttered:

“Not old…Eternal Spring Art!”

[Name]: Lu Chen

[Identity]: Long Spring Temple Temple Master

[cultivation technique]: Getting Started with Eternal Spring Art (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)

[spell]: None

[spirit root]: False Spiritual Root

[Palm]: Kasyapa Hand is not entry level (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)


Long Spring Fist Promote Grade became the First Rank Ordinary Level Body Refinement cultivation technique 【Eternal Spring Art】, because of common origins, direct Getting started, the body has also been transformed in all directions, and every move is made.

It’s so powerful.

He didn’t understand the changes in his body too much. He held the short blade stained with pig’s blood, walked out of the pigsty with a sullen face, and turned around to see monk Hui Neng tiptoeing over the wall in the dark night.


Lu Chen smiled coldly, and threw out the short blade in his hand.

“puchi ~”

The short blade swirled and flew out nearly ten meters, stabbed the back of the opponent’s head with a knife, and went straight into the small half. The monk Hui Neng fell off the courtyard wall with a “thump”, his body twitched and looked in the direction of Lu Chen:

“Hoho, you…you did it on purpose??”

Lu Chen walked slowly, not saying a word, and looked at each other quietly, as if looking at a dying prey.

“Hoo…hoho, I’m dead, you can’t live, I’ve been hit by Yuan Zhen Martial Uncle’s ghost.”

Hui Neng’s face gradually changed. Ferocious, gnashing teeth said:

“You…you…you are going to be buried with me!!”

When the words fell, his expression froze in vain, but his mouth became longer The bigger it was, the corners of his mouth were already torn, blood spurted out, and a dark green [Yin] character appeared on his forehead.

[Yin] wiggled violently, as if something was about to break free.

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2 months ago

I hate palm techniques…. They are logicless martial technique, if you think that they are so good, ask your army to practice them from now on….