My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 30

Wrapping the little black tiger in the quilt, Lu Chen put on his clothes and quietly left Long Spring Temple, followed the sound and chased all the way. Soon, he saw the team again.

On a dark street.

Bronco Anti-Flag.

The monkey lifts the sedan chair.

The black sheep banged the gong to clear the way, the yellow-skinned man played the suona, the wild boar stood on the guard of honor, people stood up, brocade robes and jade satin, beating and beating, it was lively and lively.

“human yet not human, ghost yet not a ghost, what the heck is it?”

Lu Chen hid in the shadows, poking around quietly, and suddenly caught a glimpse not far away. After a silhouette, it was Fang Yuqi who only parted in the afternoon.

The other party was wearing a white shirt, holding a long sword, still dressed as a cross-dresser.

Lu Chen just remembered.

The three talismans on his body were originally taken away by Fang Yuqi.

Sneak forward.


“en. ”

Fang Yuqi was nodded lightly, frowning a pair of willow eyebrows, still looking at the welcoming team.

“Can you see the heels?”

“Not good.”

Fang Yuqi shook his head and explained, “I’ve been turning over these days too. The young classics, which I have seen with my own eyes today, are still not completely certain, but they are nothing more than demons and ghosts.”

“What about specifics?”

“Nether Soul, or Resentful Soul.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, he didn’t know much about the two, but he knew that all of them usually had one thing in common, death by sight.

So, often only one night of lifespan.

Life and death.

But these things are obviously different, so I slowly shake my head:

“It’s not quite like it.”

“It’s a little different… ”

Not knowing what the other party was following, the two did not dare to intervene rashly. They followed the wedding party all the way, and soon came to a remote place.

It is desolate, with only one dilapidated temple.

Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“Earth Temple?”

“Well, it was abandoned two years ago, it seems that Lao Temple Zhu died six months ago.”

“There will be someone here?”

expression moved, Lu Chen suddenly became worried, and four words kept appearing in his mind, like a nightmare:

” Sell Meng Yao!”

“Sell Meng Yao!”

“Sell Meng Yao!”


Fang Yuqi saw that Lu Chen’s face was wrong, so he hurriedly asked:

“What’s wrong with you?”

“No…it’s all right.”

Lu Chen came back to his senses, muttered: “I hope it’s not Yaoyao…”

At this time, the welcoming procession finally stopped in front of the temple gate, the beating stopped for a while, and two sedan chairs The monkey passed through the dilapidated temple gate and went straight in.

Lu Chen was a little nervous and squeezed his clenched fist.

Fang Yuqi on the side glanced at Lu Chen, frowned slightly, and then opened his cherry lips lightly:

“Come out.”

Lu Chen hurriedly Looking around, I saw two monkeys came out with a small silhouette, the silhouette was wearing a paper wedding dress, with a red hijab on the top of the head, and the size…the same size as Yaoyao!


Lu Chen’s heart suddenly tightened, seeing that the little silhouette somehow broke free from the bondage of the two monkeys, trotted to escape, just ran After two steps, the monkey chased after him again. While struggling, the red hijab on his head suddenly shook off.


Showing a small face.

The eyebrows are curved, the pretty face is round, red lips, white teeth, and a drop of cinnabar is lit between the eyebrows. Although he is young, he has a Spiritual Qi of his own.

“It’s not Yaoyao!”

Lu Chen let out a long breath and completely relaxed.

Yaoyao is thin and small, her cheeks are sunken and her forehead is not plump. Although this person is two points similar to Yaoyao, she is much prettier than Yaoyao, and she should be bigger .

is a completely different face.


The little girl was forced into the paper sedan, the big red sedan slowly turned around, and the sound of chirping and beating sounded again, all the way back north.

At this moment, the small window on Hua Jiao was suddenly opened.

A small face is reflected.

She looked around, her big eyes full of loneliness, and sobbed: “Where’s big brother, why didn’t big brother come to see me? We pulled Gogo…”


Lu Chen’s mind exploded and roared:

“Let go of that girl!!”

“Let go Let go of that girl!!”

“Let go of that girl!!”

The voice is still echoing in the night, Peach Wood Sword has appeared in Lu Chen’s hand, he is holding the hilt of the sword , strode towards Hong Huajiao, angrily said:

“Sword Control Technique!”

The Peach Wood Sword carries numerous phantoms, wrapped in auras, swept away rapidly, pierced back and forth, and stabbed the beast shadows into thousands of holes.

Yaoyao cried and laughed.

Taking the opportunity to jump out of the big red sedan chair, wearing a red wedding dress made of paper, he quickly ran to Lu Chen:

β€œbig brother, Daoist Priest big brother ~”


Lu Chen was also delighted, and opened his arms, wanting to pick up Yaoyao, the two figures touched each other, and suddenly passed through their respective bodies.

β€œbig brother~”


The two of them turned around and were at a loss for a while!

“Be careful!”

Fang Yuqi let out a coquettish cry, the long sword in his hand flew up in vain, the sword swept away, and stabbed Lu Chen behind him. The shadow of the beast he pierced with his Peach Wood Sword.


For a while, I was shocked and all!

You must know that his Peach Wood Sword is a Magical Artifact, which can exorcise ghosts and evil spirits.


The four monkeys carrying the sedan chair were extremely angry, jumping up and down, baring fangs and brandishing claws rushing towards Lu Chen, Fang Yuqi stabbed with a sword Next, the monkey just froze and scratched Lu Chen’s face with one paw.

Lu Chen dodged.

Reach out to hold the flying Peach Wood Sword, and swipe with a sword:


The monkey should have been cut off in the middle, but the opponent only His body paused for a while, and then returned to normal. Lu Chen was horrified, and split more than ten swords in an instant.

The swords are all in the middle, and the swords are not injured.

A little delay.

The four monkeys had already surrounded Lu Chen, one of the monkeys contorts one’s face in agony, stretched out its paws to Lu Chen’s abdomen, and before Lu Chen could avoid it, the monkey stumbled and walked away from him. Pass through the body.

No harm!


Lu Chen simply stopped dodging and let the four monkeys scratch him.

All unscathed.

At this time.

Fang Yuqi ran over holding two torches, UU reading quickly explained: “They are Nether Soul, they should be afraid of fire.” He smashed it, and the fire star exploded. , knocked out a monkey.


The monkey didn’t seem to be injured, and after getting up, it pounced again.

“Mostly it’s not an ordinary Nether Soul!”

Fang Yuqi brows tightly knit, he felt extremely tricky, and when he turned his head, he saw other beast figures rushing up, a dozen wild beasts , one by one baring fangs and brandishing claws.

Not just two people.

There are also two yellow-skinned children, Nether Soul, who took the opportunity to sneak attack Yaoyao and chase Yaoyao back and forth.

Lu Chen took a torch, stepped forward quickly, and smashed the yellow skin out with two blows. Yaoyao hurriedly squatted on the ground, shiver coldly:

β€œYaoyao” Afraid~”

“Afraid of fire?”


Seeing Yaoyao nodded, Lu Chen’s heart suddenly sank, and he quickly backed away a few times. Then Yaoyao stood up with a pale face.

Just a moment.

The two torches were extinguished one after another, and a dozen Nether Souls still did not retreat.

“Yaoyao run!”

Lu Chen loudly roared, blocking Nether Soul with Fang Yuqi, Yaoyao wearing a paper wedding dress, facing the night wind, panicked Zhang, hurriedly fled into the distance.

Running farther and farther, looking back from time to time.


A monkey wanted to catch up, but Lu Chen caught up with a few steps, extremely angry in his heart, and spit out:

β€œGo to Die!”

The dark red air surged, and half of the [Pure Yang Breath] poured out, and spit it on the monkey’s face.


The monkey let out a mournful scream, scratched his face with his claws, smeared his own face, and rolled on the ground whimpering.

I struggled for a moment.

It turned into a puff of smoke and completely dissipated!

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