My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 31

The other Nether Souls were frightened and ran away from Lu Chen in fear, but were reluctant to leave and confronted each other. Fang Yuqi also took the opportunity to get out and said surprisedly:

โ€œWhat was that just now?โ€

โ€œPure Yang Breath.โ€

โ€œAnything else?โ€


“It won’t take a few times.”

Lu Chen shook his head. He spat out half a mouthful just now, but he couldn’t take it back. Now there are only two mouthfuls left. If it weren’t for compelled by circumstances, he would rather not use it.

The two sides stalemate for a little one hour, and a dozen Nether Souls finally went away with Kong Huajiao.

Lu Chen relaxed and said, “Yuqi, you go to the broken temple to see if there is a living person grabbing it directly, I will go after Yaoyao, let’s meet at Long Spring Temple!”


Fang Yuqi didn’t talk nonsense, threw a jade pendant to Lu Chen, and hurried to the ruined temple.


Lu Chen shouted all the way and chased in the direction Yaoyao left. In the middle of the night, the lights of every house startled, causing a burst of dog barking, and there were night patrols from time to time. Guard Soldier stepped forward to ask.

After Lu Chen took out the jade pendant, he left respectfully.



Lu Chen searched all the way, but never saw Yaoyao’s silhouette, waiting for him to leave Yaoyao After leaving the empty home, it has passed the fourth watch and returned to the entrance of Long Spring Temple.

Sighed in relief immediately.

I saw Yaoyao curled up in a small body, squatting in the corner under the eaves of Long Spring Temple, her red wedding dress made of paper, crash-banging in the night wind.

Small look.

It’s so helpless, so pitiful.


“big brother ~”

Yaoyao raised her head, surprised and happy.


Lu Chen stepped forward quickly, one big and one small two palms touching, but could not feel each other.

Yaoyao suddenly lowered her head and her big eyes filled with tears:

“big brother, is Yaoyao dead?”

Lu Chen’s His body trembled slightly, and he smiled comfortably: “Life and death are just a form. Since Yaoyao can see the big brother, in the eyes of the big brother, Yaoyao is still alive.”

” Oh~~”

Yaoyao seems to understand, but she just doesn’t feel so sad anymore.

I don’t know when, Fang Yuqi appeared behind Lu Chen, a pair of beautiful eyes were red, as if he had just cried.

“What’s the matter?”

Fang Yuqi didn’t speak, dragged Lu Chen to the side, and whispered:

“little girl, I ate a lot during my lifetime. Suffering.”


Lu Chen was a little silent.

“There is someone in the temple?”

“No, it took too much time to block Nether Soul, and some people have already fled.”

“He fled No, what’s going on with Yaoyao?”

Fang Yuqi glanced at Yaoyao and said in a low voice, “Yaoyao’s situation is very special, and now someone should have made a small Resentful Soul.”

“Resentful Soul…”

Lu Chen’s mouth trembled and asked:

“Dawn…is about to dissipate?”


“No, Yaoyao can’t dissipate!”

Lu Chen paced and thought.

Fang Yuqi looked at Lu Chen seriously, as if he knew this Little Daoist Priest for the first time, and was looking forward to the other party to save the little girl. Seeing Lu Chen stop, he quickly asked:

โ€œThere is a way?โ€

โ€œThere is nodded thread.โ€

Lu Chen took a deep breath and explained:

โ€œNether Soul can If they survive, Yaoyao will survive, I can track them, and there should be gains.”

“It’s not long before dawn, and time is too late.”

“Then There is a solution.”

Lu Chen reached into his arms, took out the two talismans he carried with him, and without further delay, brought Yaoyao and Fang Yuqi into the Long Spring Temple together.

It was dark at night.

The dark moon hangs high.

Fang Yuqi and Yaoyao hid in the room, looked out quietly, and saw Lu Chen standing in the middle of the yard, blowing a fire, igniting a talisman in his hand.

The talisman burns, and the green smoke curls into the nether!

In an instant.

A dark, gloomy, distorted, and terrifying atmosphere descended on Long Spring Temple, Meng Yao scared to the point of shivering, Fang Yuqi’s eyes widened, his expression horrified.

in midair.

The curling blue smoke gathered into a terrifying face, the eyes were like a blood-red moon, the head was born with sharp horns, and the two long eyebrows were like meandering rivers, fluttering.

“Who, who is summon Benxian?”

The dull voice echoed in Long Spring Temple, a heavy pressure fell on Lu Chen’s shoulders, he hurriedly bowed his head and followed the trend Kneeling on the ground, he said respectfully:

“Meet the great…great Immortal Venerable!”

“Which servant are you?”

The voice sounded, and Lu Chen felt a line of sight fell on him. He hurriedly squatted on the ground, and said respectfully:

“My servant Yuan Zhen, meet the Immortal Venerable.”

” Yuan Zhen? Seems to be a monk.”


“The little servant…the little servant is still vulgar.”

” Well, it’s the breath of the ghost report, what’s the matter with you summon this immortal?”

“Reporting to Immortal Venerable, today the servant held a gift, digging out the eyes, cutting the tongue, digging the belly, welcoming relatives, wild horses Fighting flags, monkeys carrying sedan chairs, black sheep banging gongs to clear the way, yellow skins…”

“Laughing, has this immortal’s resentment changed?”

“It really is.”

Lu Chen was stunned, and quickly said: “Yes, Xianzun, Xianzun’s grudge was robbed by the rogue.”

“One It’s just grudge, it’s gone without it.”

“Yes, the servant will definitely make more sacrifices, but that man doesn’t seem to be simple, and the grudge he stole doesn’t exist. Dissipated, but it can continue to survive.”

The face in the air seemed to be interested, two long eyebrows trembled, and said in a muffled voice:

“How did that person do it? ?”

“It doesn’t seem to be troublesome, and it doesn’t need any treasure.”

“Oh, except for this immortal’s reincarnation spring, it should be the completion of the ghost marriage ceremony, let The grudge turned into a wraith.”

The fountain of rebirth.

The ghost marriage ceremony!

Lu Chen was shocked, and opened the mouth and said:

“reporting to Xianzun, there is a rebellion in Fengpo City in the south, UU reading Xianzhen will also be in chaos, and the servant intends to take advantage of the chaos to dedicate all women in Fengxian Town to the great Xianzun as a grudge.”


Human face Laughing loudly, one long eyebrow lowered, lightly touching Lu Chen’s eyebrows, and said cheerfully: “Okay, this immortal really saw you right, this is a reward for you, this immortal is looking forward to more grudges, the more the better , hahaha~~โ€

Lu Chen stood up expressionlessly.

I took off the belt, and a bath of boy urine drowned out most of the burning talisman.

“It’s so good… you bastard!”

The laughter stopped abruptly, and the face was about to get angry, but suddenly collapsed.

Thoroughly dissipated.

Fang Yuqi in the room widened his eyes, took a sip, and hurriedly looked away. The heroic Li Rong was stained with the red glow of First Layer, and she was ashamed and embarrassed.

Fang Yuqi led Yaoyao out of the room, six pairs of eyes looking at each other.

Fang Yuqi looked complicated, opened the mouth and said:

โ€œYou decided?โ€


โ€œ “Marriage?”


It’s busy, it’s five watch, and there’s still one hour before dawn, posted on Long Spring Temple outer sect On a blank piece of paper, two candles were lit on the table.

A white candle.

A red candle.

Jiang Hong’e hurried from the Scarlet Chamber Garden to witness with Fang Yuqi.

Lu Chen, dressed in a uniform, wrote down his birthday and name on the rush-made dragon sticker, and wrote the word [Meng Yao] on the phoenix sticker, as well as the period of life and death.

Then the two sides exchanged Dragon Phoenix stickers.

Yaoyao put on her red hijab again and stood side by side with Lu Chen in the shadow of the candle, her pretty face was full of apprehension and unease.

โ€œbig brother ~โ€

โ€œYaoyao is not afraid, there is a big brother!โ€

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