My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 33

β€œgrandfather ~”

Meng Yao’s big eyes are dim, and her small body is hidden in Lu Chen’s long hair.

“Come in!”

Fang Yuqi waved his hand, and ten Guard Soldiers lined up and rushed towards the opposite house.

After some inspection, Fang Yuqi asserted:

“The identity should be Yaoyao’s grandfather Meng Jiu, only the clothes and skins are left, the skeleton and flesh and blood are gone, no It seems artificial, it should be a ghost.”

“General, found two more bodies!”

The Guard Soldier’s call came from the front, Lu Chen burned Meng Jiu’s skin, Walk into the courtyard with Fang Yuqi.

In the yard.

A middle-aged man was lying on his back, with a large piece of flesh missing from his neck, as if he had been bitten by something, and even his throat was gnawed off.

Eyes wide open.

I can’t wait to die!

Lu Chen squinted for a few moments, then followed Fang Yuqi to the room.

In the boudoir.

On the show couch.

A 28-year-old woman died tragically, her eyes were gouged out, her tongue was pulled out, and most of the His internal organs were also missing, and there were traces of being licked by wild beast.

“big brother, there is an elder sister in the body.”


The two looked at each other, Lu Chen Out loud:

“It should be Resentful Soul, it seems…Nether Soul will come to welcome you tonight.”


Fang Yuqi solemnly nodded, and asked:

“Yaoyao, can you communicate with the elder sister inside?”

Yaoyao’s small body shook, from Lu Chen’s long hair He flew out of the middle of the corpse and landed on the forehead of the corpse, shaking his head:

“The elder sister fell asleep and woke up at night.”

Lu Chen’s eyes turned. , reached out and picked up the small bowl on the tea table at the head of the bed, found some brown liquid at the bottom of the bowl, sniffed, whispered:

“There is a medical smell.”

“I As soon as I entered the door, I smelled it. It is a blood nourishing recipe. I drank it when I was a child.”

“Radiating Light Technique!” black pointer.

“Any clue?”

“Well, there was a third person last night.”

Lu Chen nodded along and stretched out his hand to take a picture from the bowl. With a dark gray breath, after entering the mirror of the left hand, the silver white pointer began to spin.

After stopping, point to a bearing again.

“Follow Yaoyao, let’s go!”

After the words fell, the entire group followed them away again.

Soon, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi appeared at a crossroads, all around people coming, people going, not far away there was a pharmacy with three characters written on the plaque in front of the door:

Ji Chun Tang.


Lu Chen took a breath, canceled the Radiating Light Technique, reached out to the pharmacy, opened the mouth and said:

β€œ It’s in there!”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, I’ll call the staff first, you wait first, don’t rush Do it.”


Seeing Lu Chen nod

Fang Yuqi said no more, and hurried to Weapon Suppressing Mansion. Lu Chen had nothing to do, so he just took the opportunity to inquire about the situation of Ji Chun Tang.

“uncle, whose pharmacy is this Ji Chun Tang?”

“Don’t bother me!”

“Brother, ask me something.”

“I don’t know!”

“Auntie, ask…”

“Bah, how old is your servant?”



Lu Chen looked down at the long gown he was wearing, and suddenly remembered how many He didn’t wear a daoist robe anymore, and Qinghe bought this azure gown for him.

“You can’t just rely on your face~”

Lu Chen murmured, turned and walked into the tea shop opposite Ji Chun Tang.

“Boss, have a cup of hot tea!”

“Guests wait a moment~”

The response was an old man over fifty with a hunched back. Legs and feet are still agile, he came with a pot of hot tea, and tried to squeeze a dry smile on his face full of vicissitudes.

When the old man was full of tea, Lu Chen took out the two remaining copper plates from the storage space and placed them lightly on the table:

β€œAsk something.”

“The guests are welcome to ask.”

The old man’s smile became more sincere, and he took the copper plate away calmly.

“What’s the situation at Ji Chun Tang opposite?”

“Mr. is ill, do you want to ask the doctor for medicine?”

“Ask whatever you want? .”

“Oh, this Jichuntang is the ancestral sign of the Xu Family. It has been passed down for three generations. The medical skills are really extraordinary. The medicine can cure the disease. Neighbors and neighbors are here to see the doctor. That’s not to say, it’s…hehe, it’s not cheap. Now this Jichuntang has been passed down to the fourth generation, with Laozi Xu Shilin suppressing it, and son Xu Hanwen sitting in the hall…”

The old man is a talkative.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he never stopped.

Lu Chen yawned and interrupted: “Old man, who went to the clinic last night?”

“Did you go to the clinic?”

The old man briefly After thinking about it, replied: “little old man feels shallow, I really know that, around the fourth watch, someone peng peng slammed the door, listening to the conversation, it seems that someone suddenly fainted, and it was Dr. Xu Shilin Old Xu who came to see the doctor.”

“Xu Shilin?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and when he turned his head, he saw the crowd on the street panicked and evaded. A team of Guard Soldiers in armor rushed towards this side, one by one. In the same way, there are a hundred people.

Fang Yuqi, headed by him, rode a tall black horse.

White tassel helmet.


“Hey, guest, I haven’t had the tea yet…”

Lu Chen quickly walked out of the tea shop and waved:

“Yuqi, here!”

“xu lu lu ~”

The dark horse kicked back and stopped in front of Lu Chen, Lu Chen quickly opened the mouth and said:

“Jichuntang, Xu Shilin!”

Fang Yuqi waved his hand and ordered:

“Break the door and capture Xu Shilin of Jichuntang!”


Guard Soldier takes the lead.

Iron armored.

A group of Guard Soldiers rushed to the Jichun Hall. The guys at the door rushed to the front hall. With a “bang”, the Guard Soldiers smashed the door, and the tide poured in.

Lu Chen followed Fang Yuqi into Jichun Hall, and many people knelt down in the front hall.

“Who is Xu Shilin?”

Fang Yuqi tenderly shouted, the whole place was silent.

A middle-aged man in his thirties trembled suddenly, and hurriedly said:

“I have seen… I have seen the general, Xu Shilin is my father.”

“Where is it now?”

“My father went to the doctor last night, came back at dawn, and is… resting in the backyard. UU reading”



A group of Guard Soldiers ran to the backyard, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi followed closely from behind, and their footsteps suddenly stopped. , looking back to see the middle-aged man trying to slip through the front door, frowned:


The middle-aged man stopped and said with a smile: “What’s your order?”

“Your name is Xu Hanwen?”

“Yes, the villain Xu Hanwen.”

“Your father has an accident, you don’t Worried, but…plan to slip away?”


At this time, a red coin appeared out of thin air and hit it On Xu Hanwen’s forehead, Xu Hanwen staggered and a large bag was arched over his forehead. Meng Yao put his hands on his hips, pointed to the other side, and said in a crisp voice:

“big brother, he’s a badass~”



Two sword crys sounded one after another, Peach Wood Sword appeared out of thin air, a sword stabbed the opponent’s chest, Fang Yuqi slightly Taking a half step, the long sword came out and stabbed the opponent on the shoulder.

Both swords hit.

I can’t get through it, just about one inch into the meat.

“Ho…ho ho~”

Xu Hanwen let out a hoarse laugh, swept his right arm in front of him, and swept the two swords out, but there was no blood in the wound. Instead it was pitch black.

“I’m so hungry~~”

Xu Hanwen roared up to the sky, two black claws came out from his chest, and with a “tear”, he tore himself in half , the human skin fell to the ground, and a monster jumped out.

face looks sinister.

The spine is curved.

The whole body is covered with dark scales, a terrifying mouth occupies half of the head, the mouth is full of white fangs, and a pair of bloody eyes gu lu lu turns.

Evil, brutal!

At the same time, a stench of rotten smell permeates the air.

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