My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 34

β€œahhhh ~~”

The ordinary person in the front hall shouted in horror and ran around. The two Guard Soldiers raised their shields and resolutely blocked the exit.


The monster made a terrifying cry, stretched out its right arm, crushed a patient’s head, and shoved it into his mouth, filling his mouth with blood. , the long arm propped up on the ground, and rushed to the exit.


The claws hit the big shield, and the two Little Giant-like Guard Soldiers tumbled and smashed into the street, not knowing if they were alive or dead.

“Where to escape!”

Fang Yuqi let out a coquettish cry.

He stretched out his hand to catch the flying long sword, swept away with one step, and stabbed the monster’s back.


The monster turned around abruptly, half chi long’s sharp claw swung out, and fought with the long sword, Fang Yuqi, if he was hit hard, took a few steps back, the monster Then he took the opportunity to rush out of Jichun Hall.

At this time.

The Guard Soldier, who ran to the backyard, finally turned back. Zhang Kui, the leader of the armor, was Lu Chen’s old acquaintance. He threw a human skin on the ground and reported:

“General, the person is dead, only a human skin is left.”

“Understood, immediately lead someone to catch up, don’t let ghoul escape.”

“Yes! “

Zhang Kui led people to the street.

Lu Chen asked thoughtfully:

β€œThat’s ghoul?”


Fang Yuqi slowed down After taking a breath, he explained:

“Ghost-like ghosts eat corpses and are not afraid of sunlight, but this ghoul is a bit special, it can actually wear human skin, it should have a special innate talent, its strength Not weak, be careful for a while.”

“Well, you should also be careful.”

Lu Chen nods and leaves Ji Chun Tang with Fang Yuqi.

The streets were in a mess, and many people died. Fang Yuqi got on his horse and Lu Chen surprisedly said:

β€œDon’t use swords?”

β€œI The Authentic Level Feihe Thirteen Swords, which are specially practiced, feel that they are about to be Perfection. I haven’t practiced the Sword Control Technique very much. At present, I am only proficient in the sword control technique. The horse chased after the ghoul.

“No wonder.”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, Fang Yuqi has innate talent [Elegant Sword], and sword practice innate talent is nothing to say, [Feihe Thirteen Swords] It is Authentic Level spell, which is Level 1 higher than Sword Control Technique. Ordinary people can practice it for a lifetime, but she is almost perfection at a young age.

As expected of my little wife…cough cough ~


Lu Chen squeezed sword art, Peach Wood Sword flew around in the air Half a circle, he landed under his feet and lifted Lu Chen up into the sky. However, the speed was not fast, and he could only barely hang behind Fang Yuqi, who was riding a horse.

“big brother, we’re flying~”

Meng Yao blinked her big eyes, looked down at the passing scene below, her brows were red and the money was shining.

“en. ”

Lu Chen has long hair flowing, nodded with a smile.

He squeezed his sword fingers and focused on controlling the Peach Wood Sword. Now the speed is at its limit, and it is not easy to fly with a weight of more than 100 kilograms. It is not realistic to want to go faster.

At the very least, the Sword Control Technique should be upgraded to Level 1.

“No Front!”



“Pear Blossom!”

Ahead, Fang Yuqi had caught up with ghoul, and with the assistance of Guard Soldier, he abandoned his horse and fought.

The long street is chaotic and chaotic along the way.


ghoul didn’t fall behind, he fought and retreated, suddenly violently, swooped on the intercepting Guard Soldier, and pulled his hideous long arm.


With armor, it was torn on the spot.

“Flying Crane!”

Fang Yuqi was furious, he let go of the long sword, the sword was like a white rainbow, and the sword was nailed half a foot deep into ghoul’s chest. The corpse came and hurriedly avoided it.


That ghoul took the opportunity to shoot the long sword, stepped on the ground, and suddenly hit the spit blood flying upside down of the rushing Zhang Kui. , quickly jumped out of the siege, and jumped to a two-story attic on the side of the street, trying to escape.

“Stop it!”

Fang Yuqi tenderly shouted.

Lu Chen quietly fell from the air, holding the Peach Wood Sword tightly in both hands, and the veins in his arms burst out.

A sword… slashed to the head:

“Go down!”


The aura exploded, Peach The Wood Sword ripped open the scales on ghoul’s head, digging into the flesh two inches deep.

β€œao ~”

ghoul screamed in pain, as if he was being hit in the head with a stick, banging and smashing on the street. Lu Chen floated to the top of the attic, squeezed sword art in his hand, and cited it with one hand:

“go! ”

Peach Wood Sword cooperated with Fang Yuqi’s long sword to stab ghoul together eyes.

But it was knocked into the air by a claw.

The other party was severely injured, but he didn’t show the slightest panic, fighting and retreating all the way. Lu Chen didn’t dare to get close, so he flew in the air, cooperated with Fang Yuqi, and controlled the Peach Wood Sword to attack and kill from time to time, leaving one after another fine scar on the ghoul’s hard scales.

Black and bloody.

Walking through three streets and alleys, a silhouette suddenly appeared in front.


Fang Yuqi ordered, and Guard Soldiers retreated.

Besieged but not attacked!

Lu Chen put away his sword and landed on a roof on the side of the street, browsing slightly wrinkle, in the middle of the street, a man standing with his head bowed, a small silhouette, a bare forehead, and a dark yellow monk robe.

A pair of small hands, playing with two glass beads.


ghoul roared and charged, getting closer and closer.

The man raised his head suddenly, revealing a small face, and… a pair of withered yellow eyebrows.

“Huang Mei’er!”

Lu Chen murmured, and saw two glass beads “pa slap” falling to the ground, Huang Mei’er took half a step back, his legs slightly Qu, the little fist clenched suddenly:


The golden light was dazzling, Little Baldy turned into a bronze figure, single fist smashed out.


ghoul came fiercely and was punched in the face by Huang Mei’er, the whole face was deformed, and the body smashed into the street An Inn on the side caused screams and exclamations.

“Bang! Bang!”

Huang Mei’er stepped forward, bent his legs slightly, and jumped into the Inn with a “peng” sound.

“UU reading bang, peng peng ~”

A fierce fight sounded, and the silhouettes of both sides did not reappear until the entire Inn “bang” collapsed. In the eyes of everyone, the two scuffled together.

Fist to the flesh, close combat.

Fight all the way.

Walk all the way.

Wherever he went, potholes appeared in the streets, and houses collapsed one by one.

“get lost!!”

After fighting the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, ghoul finally broke free of Huang Mei’er. ‘er kicked dozens of meters and limped to the north city gate to escape.

It was.

Unconsciously, it is already not far from the north city gate.

“Don’t worry!”

Lu Chen was about to stop him when Fang Yuqi suddenly opened his mouth and pointed to the north city gate.

Lu Chen turned to look.

I saw an old man standing under the north city gate.

The old man’s eyes were half-open and half-closed, his back was straight, and his skinny hands were leaning on a sheathed knife.

and ghoul giving tit for tat.


ghoul roared at the old man.

The old man closed his eyes, stepped forward, the scabbard fell to the ground, the old man dragged the knife and walked away, more and more hurried, suddenly opened his eyes:


The words fell, and the long knife went around the back and slashed with one knife.

A black blade awn burst out from the tip of the blade, press forward, and a ten-zhang or so long ravine appeared on the flat ground.

A golden horse.

Flying sand running stone.

ghoul took a few steps and suddenly fell to the ground.

The old man stopped.

Grey hair is desolate.

The long knife in his hand shattered, he held the hilt in his hand, slowly closed his eyes, and died on the ground, without falling down!

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