My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 35

“Mighty! Mighty!!”

Guard Soldier is in awe, beating his chest with his left hand, hitting the ground with his right hand blade again and again, with reverence in his eyes , more of a passion and yearning.

โ€œthis blade…โ€

Lu Chen opened his mouth, not knowing how to speak, this blade is too terrifying, not only him, but also Fang Yuqi It’s hard to avoid it, it’s just killing someone to death.

โ€œA desperate sword.โ€

Fang Yuqi wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and explained:

โ€œHe is a veteran, and he has repaired the “General Sha” to the point of To a very deep level, although the battle strength is greatly lost after getting old, there is still a knife, a knife to cut all the soldiers accumulated before birth, and a desperate blow, they are veterans who have been fighting for half their lives, and they are also the heritage of Fengxian Town.”

After finishing speaking, Fang Yuqi waved his hand sharply:

“Thick Burial!”


Guard Soldier stepped forward, iron armored .

A team of Guard Soldiers carried the old man’s body away. Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi walked towards ghoul together.

The lower body twists and the upper body crawls back and forth on the arms.

I didn’t wait for Fang Yuqi to make a move.

Lu Chen’s Peach Wood Sword flew out first and stabbed ghoul’s eye socket with a sword.


With a cry, the ghoul who poisoned Fengxian Town finally died.

โ€œAmitabha ~โ€

The Buddhaโ€™s horn sounded, Ben Ming archmage came from a distance with Huang Meiโ€™er, and Huang Meiโ€™erโ€™s [Vajra ] innate talent had already subsided. , restored to its original appearance.

No injuries, just bowed his head and played with the two glass beads in his hand.

โ€œWhat advice does archmage have?โ€

Because Yuan Zhen and Lu Chen didnโ€™t like the Withered Cicada Temple very much, the last time they reported to Fang Yuqi, they put up the Withered Cicada Temple, Folded a few of the other party.

This time, I didn’t have a good face.

“I don’t dare to be.”

Ben Ming archmage put his hands together and looked sad:

“God has the virtue of good life. This poor monk wants to take the corpse back to the Withered Cicada Temple and recite the mantra for seven days, so that the deceased can live in peace as soon as possible, please ask the general for permission.”


Fang Yuqi hesitated.

This ghoul is special, maybe there is some secret in him, but Huang Mei’er has done his best before, but he is not easy to refuse, and it is a bit embarrassing for a while.

Lu Chen kept his face and made a bow:

“Archmage said very well, Xiaodao also wanted to make a little effort, and read “The Supreme Rescue the Suffering” for a few days. “Sutra”, since I have saved the souls of the dead, I also asked Layman Fang not to be stingy, and give some points to Xiaodao.”


Fang Yuqi almost laughed out loud Come on, keep a straight face for a while, opened the mouth and said:

“In this case, each person gets half.”

Ben Ming archmage was about to speak, Lu Chen took the lead and said:

“Alright, Xiaodao will do my part. Since Xiaodao comes first, the upper body of the ghost will be handed over to Xiaodao.”

“…. ..”

Ben Ming archmage lowered his eyebrows.

Silence for a moment.

Huang Mei’er suddenly raised his head and said naively: “Master, I want those eyeballs.”


Huang Mei’er played with a pair of scarlet eyes and left, and the two corpses of the ghoul were left to Lu Chen, and the storm returned to calm.

Soon, night fell.

Lu Chen turned back to Long Spring Temple, and only now did he have time to pay attention to the light curtain in front of him.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement second layer

[spell]: Unexperienced in transportation (upgrade conditions can be expanded! )


There is another [Transportation Technique] in the spell, which was deceived from the human face last night. The specific power is unknown. It is a spell that moves the class Authentic Level.


[Transportation upgrade conditions]:

[1]: One skeleton (not achieved!)

[2]: One day of cultivation (not achieved!)

[3]: Five spiritsand (achieved!)



Lu Chen thought of ghoul’s body.

After dinner, Lu Chen took the little black tiger and walked all the way to Weapon Suppressing Mansion, unobstructed, and met Fang Yuqi.

“Yuqi, what’s the catch?”


Fang Yuqi shook his head, and led Lu Chen to a room.

There is a long table in the middle of the room, on the long table lies ghoul’s broken body, which looks extremely terrifying in the night, Fang Yuqi explained: “In the afternoon, I was checked. After a while, I don’t see any items on my body, and the scales are too thick, which makes it inconvenient to dissect for a while.”

“Well, if there is no gain.”

“Also is not that absolutely does not have, this scale can at least be made into an armor, and the protection is not bad.”

“It’s okay, I’ll keep the rest of the skeletons for me.”

” en. โ€

The two were about to close the door and leave when Lu Chen stepped one stopped and moved his ears.

“What’s wrong?”

“There is a voice.”

Lu Chen stepped back again, looking around the ghoul’s body repeatedly, his eyes narrowed, opened the mouth and said:

“Look at its forehead.”

Fang Yuqi turned his head to look, and saw that the center of ghoul’s brow was slumped a little.

“Be careful!”

The golden light suddenly appeared, and a small insect shadow crawled out from between ghoul’s eyebrows. It was a cicada, a golden cicada, with twins on its back. Wings, six-legged belly.

It spread its wings and flew around the room.

Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“What is this, Spirit Insect?”

“Like two-winged Golden Cicada.”

Fang Yuqi frowned, suddenly stared wide-eyed, and happily said:

“Golden Cicada has no eyes, this is spiritual grass!”

As he said, he stretched out his hand to push Open the door.

As the night wind blew in, the Golden Cicada spread its wings and flew out of the room. The two quickly chased after them and saw the Golden Cicada lying in the flowerbed outside the house.

In an instant, put down roots.

A turquoise grass grew, and the leaves were like Zen wings, growing bigger and bigger.

It’s just ten breaths.

A golden-bright and dazzling flower blooms.

The rhizomes began to wither, Fang Yuqi reached out and picked the flowers, carefully placed them in a jade box, and counted them carefully, there were thirty-six petals.

โ€œWhat is this?โ€

โ€œGolden Cicada flower, Cordyceps and Cordyceps, when they are insects, can be parasitic in the main body of the object, and the insects live and turn into grass. Ordinary owners can produce at most three or five petals. This ghoul is not bad, and actually makes the Golden Cicada flower 36 petals.”

“What’s the use?”

Fang Yuqi explained: “There are two kinds of medicine efficacy, one can speed up Qi Refinement, and the other is to temporarily enhance perception, which is beneficial to cultivation spell.”

The underlying Qi Refiner is very shabby, and may not last in life. Saw spiritual medicine a few times.

Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e are slightly better.

One is supported by Weapon Suppressing Mansion, and the other is supported by Qianqingzong, but even so, he still pays so much attention to this Golden Cicada flower.

It’s no small feat.

“That’s not bad.”

Lu Chen nodded and was slightly happy.

Fang Yuqi said happily: “The Golden Cicada flower is put here first, and tomorrow I will let Qiu Daozi make a pot of pills, the effect will be improved a little, and I will give it to you when the time comes.”


“Qiu Daozi? He can pill concocting?”

Lu Chen was a little surprised, and sounded the Old Daoist Priest who had a relationship, dive poise and sagelike features, didn’t expect each other Even with this unique skill, it is no wonder that it can become the worship of Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

“Well, he is the only one who can pill concocting in Fengxian Town.”

“Okay, you can decide.”

“ao ow~”


As soon as Lu Chen finished speaking, he saw a small white tiger running from a distance, running and barking at the same time, came to Lu Chen’s feet, and kept barking around him.

โ€œao ow~~โ€

Lu Chen had a small black head sticking out of his arms, and he should also cried out in unison. UU Reading

“She gave you little White Tiger?”

“Well, surname Jiang has Yingying beside her, two little fellows are competing for favor, go to If you don’t come, you’ve been arguing all the time, just let me keep it.”

Lu Chen put the little black tiger on the ground, and the two little fellows fought and ran after him.

Intimacy is not acceptable.

Fang Yuqi led Lu Chen to another room.


The door opened.

The oil lamp is lit.

The whole room was lit up, Fang Yuqi introduced: “This is Dad’s knife room, if you lack a saber, just choose here, the whole Fengxian town can’t be better than here.”

“Not good…”

“hmph, what’s so bad?”

“Uh… good .”

Lu Chen looked around, and saw that all kinds of long knives were hung on the walls, exactly like Fang Yuqi’s boudoir.

“As expected of father and daughter.”

Muttering, Lu Chen didn’t refuse and went forward to choose carefully.

In the end, I chose a short blade with a sheath. The blade is slightly narrower, two and a half feet long, black in color, and has a blood groove on the front and back. The handle is slightly longer, which can be held with one hand or with both hands. .

There are two words engraved on the knife jaw:

Yan Ming!

Fang Yuqi pretty face slightly red, explained: “This knife is called Yanming knife, and it was made together with the Jinghong sword in my hand, but unfortunately this knife has not been forged and failed to become Magical. Artifact.”

“Is it a couple?”


Magical Artifact is not Magical Artifact, Lu Chen doesn’t care , Anyway, to keep a knife, as long as it is in hand, he draws the knife out of the sheath, and strokes the palm of his left hand, blood splattered all over the blade, blood red.

The knife never leaves the body.

Fed on blood.

On this day, Lu Chen started to keep a knife for the first time!

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