My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 36

starlight dots.

The night was dark.

In Fengxian Town, the sound of blowing and beating sounded again.

Bronco Anti-Flag.

The monkey lifts the sedan chair.

Beating and banging, it was lively and lively, walking all the way, and finally stopped in front of an alley, Nether Soul got off the sedan chair, two monkeys ran into the alley, and after a while, a body The woman in the paper wedding dress floated out.

“ying ying ying~~”

The woman wept and got on the big red sedan chair, and the welcoming team began to turn around.

Just a short walk away.

I saw two people walking out of the night, blocking the way forward.

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi stood side by side, Meng Yao’s face on her shoulders was slightly cold, she opened the mouth and said in a crisp voice: “You are all bad guys, Yaoyao is going to destroy you today.”


The monkey carrying the sedan seemed to have forgotten the shock of Lu Chen last night.

“Smashing you!”

Yaoyao lightly snorted, pointed her little hand forward, and the red brows and happy money disappeared out of thin air.


Before he could react, Hongxi money smashed on the monkey’s head, the monkey stumbled, “plop”, and fell to the ground, momentarily at a loss .


After reacting, contorts one’s face in agony wanted to get up.

“Smash you again.”


“Smash again!”


With three heavy blows in a row, the monkey’s forehead bulged with three large lumps, dizzy, his limbs twitching, and his legs turned into a plume of smoke.

The red wedding dress swirled, Yaoyao’s expression suddenly changed:

“It’s so fragrant~”

Lu Chen turned to look at his shoulders and saw Meng Yao Completely changed.

The red wedding dress turned into pure black, with thick smoky makeup on the upper eyelids, two small tiger teeth protruding from the corners of the mouth, and long black nails on a pair of small hands.


Lu Chen was stunned for a moment, then saw Yaoyao’s small mouth opening slightly, and after a gentle inhalation, that wisp of blue smoke floated over , passed through the square hole of the Hongxi money, and sank into the mouth.


Yaoyao murmured, and her little body rushed forward with an afterimage.

Blinking into the Nether Soul, flickering, baring fangs and brandishing claws, shaped like a ghost, a pair of small hands scratched to and fro, harvesting the Nether Souls one by one.


“wu wu wu ~”

Nether Soul fled in panic, flag flags, sedan chairs, silver gongs, suonas scattered one place.

“Meng Yao!”

Lu Chen roared loudly, causing quite a few lights to start up. Yaoyao, who was chasing Nether Soul, stopped abruptly. Wearing a red wedding dress, Yaoyao lowered her head and returned to Lu Chen, holding the corners of her clothes with her small hands and staring at the embroidered shoes with her big eyes.

Shy and timid.

Like a little girl who did something wrong.

“big brother~~”

Lu Chen reached out and pinched Meng Yao’s little face, without blaming, but warned repeatedly: “In the future, we must learn to control our instincts, and we must not let them Left and right minds.”

Yaoyao was happy, her body flashed, and she instantly became smaller, and landed on Lu Chen’s shoulders.

Nodding his head vigorously:


Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi looked at each other, raised their feet and walked towards the big red sedan chair, There was a slight sob, and Lu Chen reached out and squeezed a corner of the car curtain.

The sobbing stopped abruptly.

“Let’s go…”

Lu Chen put down the curtain, did not open it again, faintly sighed, and walked towards the north city gate with Fang Yuqi.

Nether Soul, Resentful Soul.

Life and death.

It’s just weird, she doesn’t have a big brother named Lu Chen!

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi left, and the woman in the sedan walked out quietly, staring blankly at Hua Jiao, blankly at the lights, blankly at everything around her.


Gathering up the courage, I drifted towards home.


In the dim alley, there were light footsteps, and a short silhouette blocked the woman’s way.

“I…I want your eyeballs~~”

Eighteen Nether Souls, almost killed Meng Yao killed them all, but fortunately Lu Chen stopped them in time, there were still two left, Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi walked through the northern city gate, chasing the two Nether Souls who were almost scared to death, all the way through the wilderness.

Ten miles north.

The two saw a surging river.

The two yellow-skinned Nether Soul floated on the river and fled north quickly. Lu Chen stopped by the bank and said surprisedly:

“What river is this?”


“Akutagawa River.”

Fang Yuqi pondered, introduced:

“This river is ten miles wide, and the opposite is Beimangzhou, which is opposite to our Yuluan. The state is across the river, and it is one of the 18 states of the Great Hao Dynasty. In the past, when there was peace, there were three iron cables crossing the river, and there were pedestrians coming and going. I don’t know who cut it off 20 years ago. .”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful and asked: “This Beimang state is the northernmost state in Great Hao?”

” No.”

Fang Yuqi shook his head and explained, “There is a state further north called [Yezhou], which does not see sunlight all year round.”

“What about further north?”

“Further north, it is not the territory of Great Hao. I have read historical materials and remember that it seems to be a place called [Great Tamarin Dynasty]. The people there devour raw meat and fowl, and we Great Hao. Hao is completely different.”

“Akutagawa River…”

“Northern Mang….Yezhou…The Great Tamarin Dynasty!”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, then he stopped thinking about it, stretched out his hand to wrap Fang Yuqi’s waist, badly said with a smile:

“Stand still.”

“Basos ~”

The sword cry suddenly sounded, and with Fang Yuqi’s coquettish cry, the two stepped on the Peach Wood Sword and soared into the sky.

The long river is magnificent.

The white waves are surging into the sky.

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi were walking with their swords, chasing Nether Soul and flying across the Akutagawa River. When they were halfway through, he squeezed his sword fingers and stopped suddenly.

“Do you feel it?”


Lu Chen nodded and said unexpectedly:

“The Spiritual Qi here is very good. It is rich, but there is a spirit vein in the river?”

“Not bad.”

Fang Yuqi overlooked the Akutagawa River and explained:

“The Akutagawa River is hundred from east to west. thousand li is a spiritual river with many Water Attribute spirit veins underwater. Spiritual Qi is naturally richer than other places. A large part of the spirits and of Fengxian Town are salvaged from the river. We, Weapon Suppressing Mansion, built a vein by the river. At the ferry, where the Guard Soldier of the three A-teams are stationed all the year round.”

“Is it because of the Spirit Beast?”

“Well, when there is a spirit vein in the river, when the Water Attribute Spirit Beast is present. There is a haunt, always be on guard.”

There are spirit veins in the river, and spirit veins can breed spiritual objects.

In order to occupy the spiritual vein and compete for spiritual objects, Spirit Beast in the river will often fight for life and death battles. If you fight too much, baleful aura will accumulate in the body, which will affect the spirituality. Without the help of cultivator to disperse, it will gradually become bloodthirsty.

“How many spiritsand can the ferry buy in a month?”

“About 200 grains, minus the remuneration for the four of you, my own Qi Refinement consumption, plus The part that was handed over to Fengpo City is actually not much left.”

“Can the production be expanded?”

“It’s not easy, currently it can only be salvaged by the river, and the more you go The deeper the water is, the more difficult it is to scour the water, and it is also dangerous, and the losses often outweigh the gains.”

Speaking of Fengpo City, Lu Chen thought of the rebels in the south and asked:

“UU Reading What is the specific situation in the south?”

“It’s not clear yet. Two teams of Guard Soldiers have been dispatched, but they have not returned yet.”

“Okay. .”

In Lu Chen’s view, if Fengxian Town is to develop, it must at least occupy a spiritual place, which can not only speed up cultivation, but also increase more output.

It can also breed spiritual objects and create spiritual farms.

That’s it.

Everything goes right.

As for himself, he doesn’t care much, he just needs to upgrade silently, and when his strength is enough, everything can be said.

No more words after that.

He squeezed his sword fingers and urged Peach Wood Sword to continue chasing towards Nether Soul. He kept going all the way. Soon, he finally crossed the Akutagawa River. After landing, he traveled another three or five miles.

A black mountain appeared before me.

The mountain is nearly a thousand meters high.

Tall and imposing manner.

There is no vegetation on it, it is bare, full of black rocks, fuse together with the night, if Spiritual Qi is not integrated into the eyes, it is almost impossible to see the existence of the mountain.


Lu Chen whispered.

Meng Yao stepped forward quickly, like a ghost, swept a hundred meters, and before the two yellow skins approached the mountain, they were taken away by a wave and turned into a plume of blue smoke.


Yaoyao stuck out her pink tongue, licked her red lips, and returned to Lu Chen’s shoulder.

Lu Chen asked: “What kind of mountain is this?”

“Not quite clear, there has been little contact for more than 20 years, and I don’t know much about the situation here. “


Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi walked towards Montenegro together. After a while, it was not far from Montenegro, and a tall stone tablet appeared in front of him. Several striking characters are engraved on the tablet:

Jedi – Jiuqiao Mountain!

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