My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 37


Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi looked at each other in surprise.

The Jedi.

Whoever enters will die!

The purpose of the two chasing is to find out the origin of Nether Soul. Since they know that they are from the Jedi Jiuqiao Mountain, whether it is true or false, there is no need to go up the mountain to take risks.

“Go back?”

“Go back.”

Lu Chen nodded and was about to run back and forth.

“Stop, what are you doing?”

At this moment, a shout suddenly came, the two of them paused for a while, turned around together, and saw a bird spread its wings from Jiuqiao Mountain After flying close, I found out that it was actually a gray-haired parrot.

The parrot hovered above the two of them and shouted:

“You two are pets, have you seen this General’s subordinates?”

“People pet?”

Lu Chen frowned and asked:

“Which one are you?”

The parrot landed on the low wood beside it and raised its chest , boosted shamelessly: “So you know, grandfather is under the command of the old fairy with red eyebrows, and so is the parrot Great General!”

The old fairy with red eyebrows.

General Parrot!

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi looked at each other and whispered:

β€œNether Soul?”

β€œIt should be.

Lu Chen grinned and said to Meng Yao, “Yao Yao, don’t kill him first, just take a breath. “

“I know big brother~”

The red wedding dress swirled, Meng Yao turned into Little Demoness, and flew into the air, the parrot noticed something was wrong, and just about to take off, a The Hongxi money fell on the forehead.

“Ouch” and fell down.

Meng Yao appeared below, a small fist clenched, and the pink fist smashed out.

“slut you dare! “

“Bold! ”

β€œStop it soon, oops~”

β€œStop it, it hurts this General!” “

“Forgive your life!” “

“Don’t pull it out, don’t pull it out~”

“Surrender, I surrender, let Xiao Xiao die, wu wu wu~~”

In the blink of an eye, the gray-haired parrot turned into a hairless parrot, just like a little chicken, being carried by Meng Yao and thrown at Lu Chen’s feet.

Lu Chen looked down at the other party and asked :

“People’s pets? “

“No, grandfather, you are grandfather!” “

Lu Chen crouched down and asked again:

“What’s the situation in Jiuqiao Mountain? If you say something wrong, you will be cut in the head! “

“Don’t…don’t, I say I say.” “

The hairless parrot was crawling on the ground, covered in dirt, and shiver coldly said:

“This…this Nine Orifices Mountain has nine orifices, and it is an old fairy with red eyebrows.” ..No, the site of the old ghost with red eyebrows, the mountains are full of Nine Orifices Stones, and there are countless Nether Souls hidden in them. All creatures that die in the mountains will turn into Nether Souls. If the living people want to go up the mountain, they will be Nether Souls Drain the anger, the only way to die, is called the Jedi. “

“The Nether Soul is born and destroyed, why doesn’t the Nether Soul here disappear?” “

“What do you know, there is a spiritual spring on the top of Jiuqiao Mountain, which can spew out the spring water of life. Any Nether Soul can drink a sip, plus the old ghost of Chimei and Jiuqiao Mountain Blessed, not afraid of the sun. “

Nine Orifices Stone.

spiritual spring!

The spring of rebirth!

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, thinking of the summon that night The human face should be the old ghost with red eyebrows. He turned his hand and took out a black stone. Nine holes can be clearly seen on it, like the nine orifices of the human body. He asked:

“This is the Nine Orifices Stone? “

“That’s right. ”

The hairless parrot was busy nodding, and wondered:

“Hey, this Nine Orifices Stone doesn’t seem to be the same…”

“What’s the difference? “

“Shape, the Nine Orifices Stone on Jiuqiao Mountain can be seen everywhere, but there is no humanoid shape, alas, I remembered it, this… this is a ghost.” “

“What the hell? “

“Inside…inside are the descendants of the red-browed old ghost.” “


The matter has become clear, someone took the Nine Orifices Stone with the ghost seed across the river, Meng Jiu was chopping wood in the mountainside, Picked it up by chance and brought it into Fengxian Town.

After ghoul hatched.

Devouring flesh and blood while making Resentful Soul.

Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi They looked at each other, fearful in their hearts, turned and walked towards the Akutagawa River.

β€œgrandfather spare your life~~”


β€œUgly. “

Meng Yao stretched out her small hand, her long nails poked a hole in the hairless parrot, opened her small mouth, inhaled the green smoke, stuck out her pink tongue, and licked it. Red lips:

“It’s delicious~”

The body flashed and landed on Lu Chen’s shoulder.

The two came to the riverside, Lu Chen Using the Sword Control Technique, he flew to Fengxian Town with Fang Yuqi, and just flew out of several hundred meters.


The river surface suddenly exploded, and the white waves were surging into the sky. Zhang bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

“Be careful! “

“Sick! ”

Fang Yuqi cried out in surprise, the shocking sword around his waist was unsheathed instantly, Lu Chen squeezed the sword art, and the Peach Wood Sword under his feet suddenly accelerated, passing through the giant mouth.

“ceng! ”

Peach Wood Sword quickly turned around and flew back to the shore.

Both of them landed, both of them were in shock. Looking at the river again, it was already calm and tranquil, but there is a turbulent undercurrent under the water, Lu Chen took a breath and asked:

“What was it just now? All I saw was a pair of scarlet eyes, like two red lanterns. ”

“ceng! ”

Jinghongjian flew back from the river, Fang Yuqi received sword enters sheathe, willow brows slightly wrinkle:

“It should be Spirit Beast, it looks like a big boa constrictor. “

“The water is its home ground. We can’t fight, so let’s take a detour.” “

“Alright. ”

Fang Yuqi could look at

together, and went westward along the bank of the river with Lu Chen. After walking for five miles, Lu Chen turned towards the river and still saw a huge shadow lurking under the water. I’m chasing after me.

“I’m still chasing. “

“Continue. “

The two of them traveled for another five miles.


The surface of the river suddenly exploded and the waves were turbulent.

A huge monster Breaking out of the water, he opened his mouth and swallowed it towards the two people on the shore. It was a python, not too long, nearly three meters thick, with ash-gray scales all over its body, and a pair of scarlet eyes full of violence, like two big red lanterns.

The fangs are ferocious.

The brutal and bloodthirsty.

The two quickly retreated dozens of meters and performed the Sword Control Technique together.

“ceng !”


The long sword swept, and stabbed pieces of fire star on the scales, dinging, but failed to achieve merit, Lu Chen hand Squeeze your sword fingers and cite with one hand:

“Disease! ”

Peach Wood Sword spun and stabbed python in both eyes.

The python closed his eyes suddenly, his eyelids bounced Peach Wood Sword, and slammed his head into the two of them.

“Retreat! “

Lu Chen grabbed Fang Yuqi and retreated dozens of meters.

“Boom!” ”

The ground shook violently, and a deep pit appeared. Lu Chen was just relieved when he saw snake tails swept close to the ground, grasses were crushed, large trees fell, aggressive. UU Reading

It looks like the Earth Dragon is rolling.

Peach Wood Sword flew back, and the two hurriedly stepped on the sword and flew up.


A hissing sounded, and python suddenly flew up into the sky, like swimming in the river and sea, opening its mouth to bite at the two of them.

“You Tian python! “

Fang Yuqi screamed, reached out to catch the Jinghong Sword, jumped down, and slashed with a sword:

“Juque!” ”

“ceng! ”

The Jinghong Sword suddenly expanded five times its size, Fang Yuqi held the hilt in his hand, and smashed the sword on the big mouth of python, directly smashing the python down High in the sky.

β€œGo! ”

Lu Chen stepped back with his sword, stretched out his hand to grab Fang Yuqi who had fallen, and quickly flew into the distance, flying for several miles before finally getting rid of python.

The two of them After a short rest, fly over the Akutagawa River again.


Flying to the heart of the river, the frogs croak suddenly loudly.

The water mist fills the front. , an island appeared in front of him, Lu Chen surprisedly said:

“What island is this? “

Fang Yuqi thought for a while, and replied:

“It’s Toad Island, only two miles in a radius. Giant Frog was born on it. Making waves, swallowing clouds, and making a lot of noise, it is known as the Great Immortal of the toad. Later, it was cleared by the Great Hao navy, and the spirit vein above was also broken. “

“Giant Frog? “

Lu Chen looked strange and asked again:

“Someone occupies it now? “

“Haven’t heard of it.” “

Lu Chen looked thoughtful and said with a smile: “Let’s take a break on the island first, just as my Spiritual Qi is almost exhausted, I took the opportunity to recover. “

“Alright! “


The two of them just landed on the reef of Toad Island, and a frog croak suddenly sounded, and Lu Chen turned his head and saw a bright red tongue rolled up.

β€œGiant Frog? “

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