My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 38

β€œpuchi ~”

Lu Chen holds the handle of the Peach Wood Sword and swings the sword to chop the long tongue into two pieces.


There was a scream of pain not far away, and a green-skinned frog about half the height of a human jumped out, jumping and fleeing into the distance.

“Take your sacrificial sword!”

Lu Chen put his sword into the Spirit Orifice and swept forward.

In the blink of an eye, he chased behind the Giant Frog. With a sound of “cang bang”, he drew his knife out of its sheath, and a black light flashed. Before Giant Frog could react, half of his head was chopped off. Kick back a few times.

A pool of bright red blood flowed from under him.

Lu Chen was observing Yanming Knife when he saw the light curtain swaying in front of him.

“Hey, refresh again?”

Lu Chen’s expression condensed, and he reached out and tapped:


【 Radiating Light Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]: ten days of cultivation (1/10 not achieved!)

[2]: ten dead souls (2/10 not achieved!)

[3]: 100 grains spiritsand (0/00 not reached!)


Radiating Light Technique is already a Great Accomplishment , You need ten souls to upgrade to Perfection. Yesterday, killing ghoul was the first one. Just after killing Giant Frog, the souls added one more.

Lu Chen’s eyes lit up, whispered:

“Giant Frog = Revenant?”

In this way, this place can be regarded as a place to kill the revenant. , I just don’t know how many Giant Frogs there are here, enough to kill.

I’m looking forward to it.

“What’s the matter?”

Fang Yuqi saw Lu Chen’s expression was different, so he stepped forward.


Lu Chen put the knife back, laughed:

“Come on, let’s take a look inside.”

“en. ”

Fang Yuqi didn’t say much, put his hand on the hilt of the sword, looked alert, and followed Lu Chen to the center of Toad Island.

β€œgu gu~~”

Just after walking a few steps, another Giant Frog jumped out.

one after another.

The big one is nearly a person tall, the small one is calf-high, and it comes in all kinds of colors. There are also two slutty toads.

“Let me come.”

Fang Yuqi was about to shoot, Lu Chen energetic and bustling, pressed the handle of the knife and rushed forward.

β€œgu gu~~”

Giant Frog sticks out its tongue, and slutty toad spits fragrance.

Lu Chen lightly stepped on the ground, dodged dodged, jumped up, and instantly unsheathed the Yanming knife in his hand.

β€œpuchi ~”

A knife almost cut a toad in half, the red and white flowed all over the ground, the other Giant Frogs screamed and wanted to escape, Lu Chen tightly Reluctant to chase.

In and out.

One knife for one.

These Giant Frogs are similar to large wild beasts, and the ordinary person is a bit tricky to deal with.

Lu Chen went into battle, it was abusive.


After killing eight in a row, Lu Chen finally stopped after gathering enough souls from the Radiating Light Technique upgrade. Looking at the Yanming knife, I saw that the original black blade was changing to dark red.

Blades drink blood.

Slight quivering.

Lu Chen put the knife back into its sheath, and heard the sound of the nearby frogs disappearing, and the diving sound of “plop plop” sounded.

The two continued to go deep into Toad Island.

After walking a short distance, I saw a stone tablet slanted on the ground with sixteen characters written crookedly on it:

Toad Great Immortal, boundless mana;

Puff up the clouds, countless descendants!


Lu Chen sneered, and halfway through, he saw a bronze toad with four legs upturned. The body and limbs were all like Giant Frog, but the head was personal brain.

Ugly face.

bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.

People stand up.

He also held a steel fork in his hand, which looked rather strange.

“This is what the Great Immortal looks like?”

“It should be.”

Fang Yuqi nominated, explaining:

“At that time, this toad demon was very powerful, and the disaster was not small. Even Fengxian Town was deeply affected by it. Every once in a while, death row prisoners were sacrificed for it to devour.”

” No one can land it?”

“I heard from the father that the Method Release Immortal Master of Fengpo City came more than once, but couldn’t find the exact location of Toad Island, it seemed that there was a large formation shrouded in it. , always help each other.”

“No wonder.”

The two of them talked all the way, and soon came to the center of Toad Island.

It was a hill that was more than ten meters high. A deep cave appeared in front of me. The entrance of the cave faced south and was nearly five meters high. Character.

β€œToad Cave?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful.

“He Fang Xiaoxiao, how dare you trespass on Toad Island!”

At this moment, shouting loudly came from within cave, and then a long tongue shot out, fast and hastily, Lu Chen was startled and instinctively took a step to the left.


Just as he was about to slash a sword, the long tongue missed a hit and quickly retracted.


Frogs croaked, and a huge green toad jumped out of the cave.

This toad can be two meters tall, with two huge eyeballs gu lu lu rolling, opening its mouth to speak human’s words: “Who are you? You trespassed on Toad Island.”

“We …”


Fang Yuqi was about to speak, when Giant Frog took the opportunity to open his mouth, and a mouthful of multi-colored mucus spurted out.

“Be careful!”

“Pear flower!”

Fang Yuqi pretty face changes, it’s too late to dodge, tenderly shouted, the Jinghong sword around his waist instantly unsheathed , flying up and down, the water of the dance can’t be splashed into.

Lu Chen sees Giant Frog and wants to open his mouth again, squeeze sword art with one hand, and quote with one hand:


Peach Wood Sword flies by, stabs out.

“Toad swallows the sky!”

Giant Frog shouted, opening its giant mouth and swallowing the Peach Wood Sword in one gulp.

β€œcourting death!”

Lu Chen sneered, twisting his sword fingers, and inciting the Peach Wood Sword to pierce Giant Frog’s body, the Giant Frog screamed in pain and spat out a large pool Blood, turned his head and was about to hide in the cave.

β€œRemove the armor!”

Fang Yuqi finally got out, his pretty face was frosted, and he swept forward quickly.

The four swords slashed, severing the limbs of Giant Frog, and flew up again, from top to bottom, handed out a sword:

“Flying Crane!”

Giant Frog hasn’t reacted yet, and the Jinghong Sword has been inserted into the opponent’s forehead.

Straight end hilt!

Fang Yuqi floated down, panting slightly.

“This is the First Rank Toad Demon?”

“It should be, after refining the crossbones, you can speak human’s words.”

Lu Chen walked up Go ahead, drag the toad demon’s body out of the hole, and whispered: “My Peach Wood Sword was swallowed by it, and it seems that there is no connection, which is a bit strange.”

“Mostly by Monster. Qi is isolated.”

“Is that so…”

Lu Chen held the Jinghong Sword, directly dissect the toad demon, and tossed it for a while, before it was removed from the stomach The Peach Wood Sword was recovered from the bag, but fortunately there was no damage.


The blade shook slightly and returned to Spirit Orifice.

Fang Yuqi stepped forward, pointed to the stomach pouch that Lu Chen had thrown aside, and said, “This stomach pouch has been demonized, it is a spirit material, it may be able to be made into a storage bag, or a bag. Class Magical Artifact.”


“Well, but Fengxian Town doesn’t know how to make it, so it can only be disposed of.”

” That’s not bad.”

Lu Chen cleaned the stomach sac and handed it over to Fang Yuqi for treatment, and then the two began to explore the Toad Cave. Fang Yuqi ran out after just a dozen steps.

It’s so dirty inside.

Filthy, piss, mucus, a nasty smell everywhere.

unbearable to look at.


Lu Chen pinched his nose and drilled in, but Yaoyao on his shoulders could not smell the smell, his face was full of curiosity, his big eyes looked around, and his small hand suddenly pointed to the stone wall:

“big brother, there’s a shiny thing there.”



little girl nods, Lu Chen takes out the Peach Wood Sword stabbed in with a sword, dug a foot deep, and sure enough, a shiny thing rolled out.

A spiritsand!

Lu Chen couldn’t help laughing.

However, there are only 9 spiritsand left on him at present, and it is not enough to upgrade the Eternal Spring Art and Qi Refinement Art. An extra harvest can also be regarded as provide timely help, so he praised:


“Yes, Yaoyao is awesome!”


“en. ”

“very good ~”

Meng Yao clapped her little hands and cheered, full of joy, her big eyes were bright, and she looked around:

“big brother, there is another one there.”

“I dig!”

“Here here~”

“I dig!”

“I dig!”

“Digging! Digging! Digging!”

Lu Chen is willing to go out. Where there are spirits and digging, he unconsciously came to the deepest part of the toad cave. The smell here is even more horrible, and the feces and urine become rivers. Smoke halo. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Lu Chen is leaving.

Meng Yao on the shoulder pointed to the ground and suddenly called out: “big brother, there, there, there is something very bright~”

“What is it?”

“A lot of them, anyway, very bright, very bright things.”

“How deep?”

“So deep.”

Yaoyao stretched out her small arms vigorously, her big eyes sparkling.

“It’s half a meter, and… it’s still in the innermost.”

Lu Chen’s face turned pale, his expression changed, and he stomped his feet for the last time, clenched the teeth:

“I’ll give it up!!!”

“Sword Control Technique!”

Lu Chen squeezed sword art, Peach Wood Sword stabbed, Meng Yao from the shoulder It flew up and fell to the ground, and the small body sank directly, seeing the ground as nothing and without the slightest filth.

“big brother, a little further down~”

“To this point.”

“Well, that’s right there.”

Under the command of Meng Yao, Lu Chen finally found the master, reached out and lifted a plate-shaped thing up, and in an instant, the azure light overflowed.

I saw nine azure spar set on a circular bronze plate.

Each grain is sparkling, crystal clear and near-transparent.

β€œSpirit Stone!”

Lu Chen stared wide-eyed, breathing hard.

Spirit Stone, also known as [Seven 12 Unsullied Crystals], one Spirit Stone is worth a thousand spiritsand, and nine Spirit Stones are worth nine thousand spiritsand.

“It’s developed!!”

Lu Chen was dizzy for a while, hugged Meng Yao who flew back and kissed fiercely:

“Well, Yaoyao stands Great work.”

A red glow rose on Meng Yao’s little face, her little hands clenched the corners of her clothes, and said shyly:

“big brother, stinky~”


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