My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 39

Lu Chen was embarrassed and calmed down instantly.

He looked carefully at the bronze plate in his hand, and saw that the bronze plate was engraved with small ancient and clumsy rune. Although it was filthy, it was as bright as new.

With nine Spirit Stones embellished, it must not be a mortal thing.

Turning the bronze plate over, Lu Chen immediately found a full 47 white tadpole-shaped Dao Marks, and also saw five small characters on the edge: !”

“Good guy, 47 Dao Marks, this… This is the Second Rank Wuhai Hidden Mountain Array, and… it’s intact, and it also gives you nine Spirit Stones.”


“What’s wrong, big brother??”

“I’m a little dizzy, help big brother.”


The strong stench finally calmed Lu Chen down. For a while, he felt a little embarrassed. The value of this Second Rank array is so great that he can almost buy it. Go down the whole Fengxian Town, then, do you want to tell the little wife outside…cough cough?

“Don’t rush.”

Lu Chen finally made a decision, not because he didn’t trust Fang Yuqi.

But the other party is not as pure as him, with the father Fang Hong on top, and the entire Fengxian Town below, too many worries and too many entanglements, if there is any leak, I am afraid Method Release Immortal Master will come to silence.

It is the safest way to hide from the other party first.

The array plate can weigh 30 pounds.

The small storage space can no longer hold it. Although I didn’t concentrate on the cultivation technique, I still achieved the cultivation conditions after so many days. Conditions can also be barely satisfied.


[Conditions for upgrading the preservation technique]:

[1]: One day of practice (achieved!)

[2]: One soul (achieved!)

[3]: Twenty spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement second layer

[spell ]: Introduction to Preservation (Upgradable!)+




Twenty spiritsand disappeared, and the preservation technique was successfully upgraded to [Proficient] ], Lu Chen realized for a moment, took out all the things in the sealed space, and then hands form a secret art, gathered Spiritual Qi at his fingertips, and pointed to his heart:

“Seal Art!”

One success.

Lu Chen felt that there was an extra storage space the size of a grain of rice on the ribs, and quickly put all the remaining Spiritual Qi in, and the storage space was blown up a little bit.

Finally, a circular space with a radius of one meter is formed.

One meter in diameter!

Hundreds of pounds!

“Enough is enough.”

Lu Chen was satisfied, put everything in, pinched his nose, and took Meng Yao out of the toad hole.

A grey dawn has appeared in the east, and Fang Yuqi has been waiting anxiously for a long time:

β€œWhy so long?”

Lu Chen laughed, spread his palms, only See an azure spar appear in the palm.

crystal clear and near-transparent.

azure light shines!

β€œWater…Water Attribute Spirit Stone ?”

Fang Yuqi cried out in surprise , his eyes radiant.

Lu Chen said with a smile:

“It’s all due to Yaoyao, I just put in a little hard work, I can’t use this Water Attribute Spirit Stone, can you use it? “

“I am Metal Attribute spirit root, and I can’t use it.”

“Can I redeem it?”

“I’m afraid it will be difficult for the time being.”


Fang Yuqi shook his head, thinking:

“We have only a few cultivators in Fengxian Town, and they can’t be redeemed.”

“There are chaos in the south, Fengpo City… I’m afraid it won’t be easy to enter in the future. The fog people from Dayan Mountain in the west blocked the road to Mozhou in the west. If you want to exchange, you can only go to the Qingcang mountain range in the east, and go to two places in the east. Thousands of miles, there is a square market there, called [Tianmufang City], which is the site of Tianmu Sect, Qianqing Sect, Baihua Palace, Four Seasons Villa, including your Long Spring Valley, many sectors are crowded there.”

Desert State.

Qingcang mountain range.

Tianmufang City!

Tianmu Zong, Qianqing Zong, Baihua Palace, Four Seasons Villa, Long Spring Valley!

Lu Chen pays less attention to the situation outside Fengxian Town. Now that he hears it, he feels a little enlightened. However, if he travels two thousand miles east, he will go to Tianmufang City.

That’s fine.

It’s two thousand miles away, not sure how dangerous it is.

Not so.

He would rather stay in Fengxian Town and upgrade silently. Although it will be slower, it will be more secure in the end. When his strength is enough, it will not hurt to go out and turn around.

Lu Chen had no choice but to put away the Spirit Stone, meditate to recover some Spiritual Qi, and fly to Fengxian Town with Fang Yuqi’s sword.

All the way through without incident.

It was not long before dawn, and finally returned to Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

As soon as he landed on the school ground, he saw a man walking in armor, walking like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, imposing manner like a mountain, it was Fang Hong who saw Lu Chen and asked directly:


“Good boy, where did you take my daughter?”

“Go out for a walk…”

Lu Chen smirked, inexplicably a little cowardly .


Fang Hong put his hand on Lu Chen’s shoulder. Lu Chen felt his shoulder sink and was caught off guard. He almost fell on the ground. increased to more than 1,500 pounds.

Stand on.

Fang Hong applauded and said slowly:

“The muscles and bones are not weak, in the future… my daughter will be handed over to you to take care of.”


Is it so sloppy…


Fang Yuqi shouted, said resolutely:

“Why is Daddy dressed like this today, but what happened?”

“The Guard Soldier sent out is back.”

Fang Hong lightly sighed, explained: “I also brought back a messenger. The rebels claimed to be the [Black Armor Army]. They came from the south, and the number was no less than 100,000. They also had weapons such as the Immortal Shooting Crossbow, which were very difficult to deal with. Fengpo The city has been besieged for almost ten days, on the verge of collapse, the messenger is here to ask for help.”

Fang Hong looked all around and said solemnly:

“The body… With Fengpo City’s Seven Killing Orders, UU Reading Seven Killing Orders issued, either obey or die!”

On this day, Fang Hong put on his armor and led 2,000 Guard Soldiers to help Fengpo city!


“Daddy is gone~”


“I don’t know if I can come back ?”

“Don’t worry too much, Old Fang has been fighting for most of his life, he is a shrewd man, he will never rush up stupidly, we can take care of ourselves and guard Fengxian Town.”


The sunset is afterglow and the winter wind is bitter.

The two stood on the tower, watching the two thousand Guard Soldiers meandering southward. Fang Yuqi, dressed in white robes, with bright red eyes, leaned lightly on Lu Chen’s shoulder.



The two returned to Weapon Suppressing Mansion, Lu Chen pushed open the door, ghoul’s body Still lying on the long table, he rolled up his sleeves, took out the Magical Artifact Peach Wood Sword and began to dissect himself.

β€œChop chop~~”

β€œka ka ka ~”

The blood orangutan horror.

It’s terrifying.

After a lot of work, Lu Chen finally completed the dismemberment. In addition to more than 300 pieces of hard scales, the flesh and blood on the corpse were also removed, leaving only a skeleton stained with black blood.

“Upgrade again.”

Lu Chen let out a long sigh of relief and reached out to tap the light curtain:


[Transportation upgrade conditions]:

[1]: One Skeleton (achieved!)

[2]: One day of cultivation (achieved!)

【3】: Five spiritsand (achieved!)


【Name】: Lu Chen

【 cultivation base 】: Qi Refinement second layer

【spell 】: Uninitiated (upgradeable) +


“Upgrade !”

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