My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 4

The longer Hui Neng’s mouth grew, the more terrifying it became. It was like a blood hole that swallowed his head directly, and a mass of black mist finally broke free.

“wu wu wu ~”

The yin wind whistled and the black energy surged.

Hui Neng’s body slumped to the ground, and the black mist highlighted the hideous face of the monk Hui Neng. He laughed wildly, howled, and rushed straight to Lu Chen’s face.


Lu Chen looked calmly without fear, as if he was looking at a novelty, until the black mist rushed in front of him, and he Only then did he suddenly open his mouth and spit out:


A dark red air wave spewed out, one foot away from the mouth, the black mist and red The waves crashed together and melted as quickly as ice and snow.


“no no no~~~”

The monk Hui Neng let out a mournful scream, and in the blink of an eye, the black mist under the red waves There is nothing left of melting.


Lu Chen opened his mouth to inhale, the air wave returned to his mouth, and he smiled:

“That’s it…. ..”

“hehe, you…don’t know anything about me!!”

The thing he spit out just now is called 【Pure Yang Breath】, which has never been old Eternal At the beginning of Spring Art, there is only one more mouthful. It has no formidable power, but it is the most restraint of ghosts and evil spirits. When the Pure Yang Breath reaches nine mouths, you can achieve [Pure Yang Body].

Pure Yang Breath.


Pure Yang Body!

Lu Chen is looking forward to this.

Looking at the contribution of two methods, Lu Chen buried Hui Neng’s body under the big locust tree in the temple, and endured the stench, and cleaned up the right wing. When I came out, I looked at the light curtain in front of me and stretched out my hand a little:


[Eternal Spring Art upgrade conditions]:

[1 ]: Practice for three days (0/3 failed!)

[2]: Three dead souls (1/3 failed!)

[3]: Ten spiritsand (0 /10 not achieved!)



The soul essence that was originally needed has become a revenant, because just now Killing Hui Neng is considered to have collected one. In this case, it seems that killing chickens and ducks will not work.

“Most of the dead souls refer to people, chickens and ducks are called spirits?”

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, and turned his attention to two chickens and a duck. After being mistreated by him, there are only three little fellows left.

It’s so cute, I’m a little reluctant, but… I still have to confirm it.

“ga ga~~”

A moment later, the last duck resisted to no avail, and fell in a pool of blood, the Daoist temple of the promise, only the two little ones shiver coldly remained. Chicken up.

“Pairs, neat and tidy, yes.”

Lu Chen is satisfied with nodded, like a Great Demon King, looking at the data that has not changed, finally Guess confirmed.


Soul Essence=Chicken and Duck


Eternal Spring Art is Body Refinement cultivation technique is Lu Chen’s current major. Because of the need for dead souls, it may affect the progress of cultivation. However, others also need to be improved.

Vajra Fist is integrated into Eternal Spring Art. Although the memory is still there, he can also cultivate, but it is no longer displayed on the light curtain. There are only three things he can improve.




[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

“Expand!” p>

[1]: Practice for fifty days (1/50 not achieved!)

[2]: Five spiritsand (0/5 not achieved!)


[Upgrade conditions for Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra]:

[1]: Qi Refinement First Layer (not reached!)

[2]: One Dao Companion (unachieved!)

[3]: Dual Cultivation ten times (unachieved!)


[Kasyapa Hand upgrade conditions]

[1]: Half a day of palm training (unfulfilled!)

[2]: ten tael of silver (unfulfilled!)


“Plain Woman Secret Dao Sutra” is more demanding and does not have the conditions for committing crimes for the time being. The entry requirements for “Art” have been reduced by half.

With a little effort, it will take less than two months.


【Fifty Days of Diligence】This condition is a bit difficult. In the past few days, Lu Chen actually tried every day, but because it was not enough【Diligence】, it was only counted as one day’s progress. Effort is required.

Aim to meet the requirements every day.

As for the 【Kasyapa Hand】, Lu Chen has no appetite, an Ordinary Level palm technique that is not advanced, the improvement for him is too small, let’s go with it.

The ageless Eternal Spring Art.

Qi Refinement Art!

These two are Lu Chen’s next two main attack directions. After calculating, he began to sort out all his worth.

One Long Spring Temple.

100 catties of black pork.

14 chickens and ducks.

Two chicks.

Silver 5 taels!

spiritsand 21 capsules!

One Magical Artifact Peach Wood Sword, one token, and one letter.

“Ai, there is not enough upgrades for the time being.”

Now his strength can barely protect himself, and he has a Pure Yang Breath to defeat evil spirits, and he also knows the black hand behind it. , so to speak, finally sighed in relief.

Next, there is no need to be afraid.

Take a shower.

It was past midnight, and it was almost the fourth watch.


Sleep till dawn.

On the second day, Lu Chen put on a simple daoist robe, with a short blade attached to his waist, carrying the Peach Wood Sword wrapped in cloth, carrying something on his back, and opened the door for the first time.


The old wooden door let out a groan, and Lu Chen staggered out of the Taoist temple.

Look back.

On the mottled gate, there is a long plaque hanging diagonally with the word “Spring View” written on it, which makes people think about it. As for the first “long” word, it has long disappeared. .

“The law, the law, and the law are impossible, and the emptiness is not empty~”

“The useful is useless, and the reactive power is used~”

” Quiet, loud and silent, originally the same,”

“How can I ever talk about dreams in my dreams~”

“If it is ripe and naturally red, don’t ask how to cultivate seeds~”

Lu Chen hummed a tongue-in-cheek speech, walking through the streets and alleys, all the way to the market.

“Little Daoist Priest long time no see.”

“Morning layman!”

“Little Daoist Priest, where is your Master? I haven’t seen you for several days. Now.”

“The tutor is retreating, no outsiders.”

Leaving the remote northeast corner, I met more and more pedestrians, and acquaintances greeted Lu Chen from time to time. , Lu Chen has to stop from time to time to return the salute, the bandit disaster a few days ago seems to be gone.

After a while.

Finally came to the lively market.

He found an open space, put down the things he was carrying, placed them neatly, sat on the ground, and waited silently.

“Little Daoist Priest, how do you sell this chicken?”

“Fifty coppers a piece.”

“Yo, so expensive. “

“The old hens that have been raised for a few years, the men eat to strengthen their bodies, the women eat like flowers and jade, and the aunt, if you eat them, can at least be three or five years younger, no loss!”

“Look at your little mouth, okay, Auntie bought it.”

“Auntie is proud!”

Yes, Lu Chen is selling chicken, duck and pork, It’s been a few days, and he can’t finish it. If he puts it down again, he is afraid that it will break. UU reading is a waste. His Master is already on the third floor of Qi Refinement, and he has also done this kind of activity. It is also inseparable. Open firewood, rice, oil and salt.

The vulgar fireworks are the most soothing!

Cultivation and ordinary life, this is the life of the bottom cultivator.

No shame in selling chickens!

One hour passed, and most of the chickens and ducks had been sold. At this time, a woman appeared on the street, attracting the attention of many people, and the woman came all the way.

Mature and charming.

Look forward and backward.

A graceful posture.

He has a crested gold ornament on his head, a snow-white fox fur on his shoulders, a mandarin duck silk handkerchief in his slender hands, and his small waist is full of hands, as if his hands are boneless.

Sweet face and charming figure!

The woman came with a scent of fragrance, bowed to Lu Chen Yingying, and said softly:

“Little Daoist Priest, where is your Master?”

“Woman… is there something wrong with the layman?”

“My family Yingying has been lost for two days. I would like to provide five silver tael. Can your Master help you find it?”

“Yingying Who is it??”

“Small Fox in my family.”

“Sorry, the tutor is in retreat and can’t see guests!”

“Okay then ~”

The woman left in disappointment, Lu Chen’s eyes widened, staring at the other party’s graceful back, the fragrance remained, swaying, until she disappeared, and then she looked back with a deep look,


His Master can save dozens of spiritsand, all relying on one craft, [Radiating Light Technique], that Radiating Light Technique is the most convenient to track and trace.

Can be used in many places.

In his spare time, he also picks up small jobs, five silver tael at a time, it is worth his Master to perform once, but unfortunately… he has not learned it yet, so he can only sell chickens.

However, this woman is different.

There is a big problem.

Because when she walks… feet don’t touch the ground!

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