My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 40

The last five spiritsand disappeared, and Lu Chen’s body shook suddenly.

“clang dang~”

The skeleton on the long table also trembled, all the black blood was thrown off, and a pale, withered bone appeared in front of me, and “oh la la” “A sound, scattered into a large piece.

Lu Chen subconsciously stretched out his right hand and twisted his fingers.

โ€œcrash-bang ~โ€

The bones flew up and landed in front of Lu Chen. In a blink of an eye, they were reassembled into a circular altar composed of bones. , A cloudy wind blew, and the white bone altar shattered into bone powder, leaving a pale imprint of a circular altar on the ground.

“So evil??”

Lu Chen’s eyes flickered, his thumb and little finger were interlocked, his index finger was in front of his chest, the fingertips changed, his hands quickly formed seals, and he said silently:



“wu wu wu ~~”

The yin wind whistled, the altar mark silently appeared at Lu Chen’s feet, and he only felt Spiritual Qi fast After the passage of time, two skeleton hands appeared in the footprints.

He took hold of his feet.


โ€œka ka ka ~โ€

The bone racks rattled, the altar mark and the skeleton hand revolved at the same time, Lu Chen felt a Cold, suddenly appeared outside the door.

“Five meters!”

Lu Chen looked back at the closed door, a little speechless and a little shocked.

Introduction to portability.

The limit is five meters!

And, the consumption is quite large, but the effect is also very wide.

Not only can he move people, he can also move objects, he can move anything, he can move wherever he wants, but the movement is a bit loud and the experience is not good. Fortunately, he is strong and strong.

It doesn’t matter.

If it is an ordinary person, it can make people vomit blood.

“The future is promising.”

Lu Chen grinned, and the skeleton hand under his feet suddenly retracted, leaving only the First Layer bone powder on the ground, which was a bit infiltrating. He was just about to Going to see Fang Yuqi, he turned his head and saw the little black tiger running over.

Lu Chen squatted down and reached out to rub the other person’s head:

“Did you miss me?”

“ao ow~~”

Xiao Heihu braked suddenly, sniffed with his little nose, turned his head and rushed towards the door.

โ€œThe meat inside cannot be eaten.โ€

Lu Chen reached out and lifted the little black tiger up.

โ€œao ow~~โ€

The little black tiger twisted and twisted in his hand, the little mouth kept screaming, the little tiger tooth squeaked, fierce. Lu Chen stared and slapped his palm on his buttocks:

“Make you fierce, make you naughty~”

“ao ao ao ~”

“Let you be disobedient~”

“ao ow~~”

“I’ll let you bark~”

“wu wu wu ~~”

“Good, that’s right.”

“hehe, big brother, let’s name it?”

“Yaoyao. “

“Is it okay to call it Niuniu?”

“Okay, my real name is Lu Niuniu, my nickname is Hu Niu, and I will be a member of our old Lu Family in the future.” .”


As night fell, one large, two small, three silhouettes left Weapon Suppressing Mansion and walked all the way to Long Spring Temple.


Walking, Lu Chen turned and walked into the Scarlet Chamber Garden.

โ€œRed E~โ€


โ€œRed E~โ€



Jiang Hong’e sat up on the reclining chair wearing a gauze coat, looking lazily, looking at the little man in front of him, his eyes were sparkling, and his eyes were full of spring water. Lu Chen held up the soft weeds and loved them deeply:

โ€œHongโ€™e… lend me some spiritsand.โ€


Jiang Hong’e’s red lips parted slightly, and he was lost for a while.


Qing He quietly walked into the room, pursed her lips and smiled, poured two bowls of tea, one white and one red two Small Fox secretly peering under the screen, Wonderful look.

Jiang Hong’e came back to his senses, angrily said:

“Look for me at night…borrow spiritsand???”



Jiang Hong’e was short of breath, his chest heaving, it was spectacular, and then he withdrew his jade hand and pretty face. Han, coldly said:

“When will it be paid back?”

“Next life~”

Jiang Hong’e “puchi” smiled, smiling beautifully, beautifully and alluring like flowers, Jiao Tian said:

“Guang will make fun of people, how much does it cost?”


“Let’s go today What?”

“Let’s go.”

“Don’t stay overnight?”

Lu Chen had a toothache, whispered: “Get angry…. ..”

“gฤ“ gฤ“ gฤ“ ~~”

“hehe ~”

Lu Chen’s eyelids jumped, feeling dazzling, he quickly changed the subject and asked. Dao:

“Qi Refinement?”

“Well, it just started today, it’s barely a Qi Refinement First Layer.”



Lu Chen nodded and said again: “Ask a question.”

“You say, gฤ“ gฤ“ gฤ“~~”

“Be serious.”

“Okay, gฤ“ gฤ“ gฤ“ ~”

Fairy, sooner or later I will take you.

Lu Chen reluctantly opened the mouth and said: “Qi Refinement is difficult to break through to Method Release, so how can Body Refinement break through to Second Rank?”

Jiang Hong’e gradually He calmed down, put his jade foot up, and explained:

“Compared to Qi Refinement, Body Refinement is actually more difficult to break through. Let’s say Weapon Suppressing Mansion has 2,500 Guard Soldiers, all of whom are cultivation “General”. “Sha”, how many can break through to Second Rank? None, but impossible.”


“Because there is a kind of obstacle in the human body, called [Prisoner barrier], this is a kind of bondage that people are born with. Once the terrifying matchless is broken, in order to break through the Second Rank, you must break the prison barrier. If you want to break through, there is a prerequisite, you must have ten thousand pounds of strength. Ordinary Level Even if you cultivate to a very deep level, your strength is only 3,000 jin, which is a far cry from 10,000 jin. Even if the surnamed Fang Xiu’s Authentic Level “White Tiger Body Refinement Technique” is terrifying, it’s just that Itโ€™s enough to cultivate five thousand pounds of strength.โ€

โ€œSecret Treasure Level?โ€


Jiang Hong’e threw it to Lu Chen With a wink, he said:

“In order to break through the barrier, in addition to extraordinary natural talent, or swallowing Heaven and Earth Treasure, you must cultivate Secret Treasure Level Body Refinement Art, only Secret Treasure Level Only with the Body Refinement Art can we touch the threshold of the imprisoned handicap.”

The imprisoned handicap!

A million pounds!

Secret Treasure Level!

It is difficult for others, but it is easy for Lu Chen. He can upgrade “Eternal Spring Art” all the way to Secret Treasure Level. In this way, Body Refinement has become a shortcut.

Good, good!


It was dark when we returned to Long Spring Temple.

Meng Yao ran outside the chicken pen and stared at a group of chicks with relish. Lu Chen took a futon and sat down in the yard. Light curtain in front of you.

Slightly excited, reach out and lightly:


[Eternal Spring Art upgrade conditions]:

ใ€ 1]: Ten days of practice (achieved on 10/10!)

[2]: Ten dead souls (achieved on 10/10!)

[3]: Thirty spiritsand (30/30 has been achieved!)


[Qi Refinement Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: cultivation seven days (Achieved on 7/7!)

[2]: Three souls (achieved on 3/3!)

[2]: Twenty spiritsand (achieved on 20/20 !)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement second layer

[cultivation technique]: Eternal Spring Art Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+; Qi Refinement Art Mastery (upgradeable!)+


โ€œ Upgrade!”


In an instant, Lu Chen’s body swelled up and disappeared quickly, his skin became more and more red, and the top of his head became more and more red. There is white smoke in the transpiration, the throat is numb and itchy.

Like something.

Lu Chen felt that the blood was boiling in the night, the flesh was shaking, the strength was rapidly increasing, and the Pure Yang Breath was accumulating frantically.




In the blink of an eye, five pure Yang Breaths accumulated in his mouth, and it was only at this moment that his body gradually calmed down. ….”

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation technique]: Eternal Spring Art Perfection (Promote Level conditions can be expanded!); Qi Refinement Art Great Accomplishment


“Promote Level?”


ใ€Eternal Spring Art Promote Level Conditions ]:

[1]: Pure Yang Body (not achieved!)

[2]: A body refinement (achieved!)

ใ€3 ]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not reached!)

[4]: 50 spiritsand (not achieved!)


he There is a book “Yijin Body Refinement”. UU Reading

[One body refinement] has been achieved, flesh and spirits and spirits are not difficult, the first condition [Pure Yang Body] is the most difficult to achieve, but he has accumulated five The Pure Yang Breath, the remaining four mouthfuls, will not take a few days.

Much faster than expected.

“One thousand seven hundred pounds of strength.”

Lu Chen murmured, closed his eyes slowly, and started Qi Refinement Art of cultivation Great Accomplishment.



With the breath, the no-attribute Spiritual Qi accumulates rapidly, and the heart… also becomes more and more more quiet.

The winter nights are long.

White frost blossoms.

On the temples, two strands of gray hair fluttered in the night wind.

Meng Yao floated from a distance, stepped on top of Lu Chen’s head, looked up at the falling Baishuang, stretched out her small arms, and wanted to cover Lu Chen, but Baishuang wore it ruthlessly. Over Meng Yao’s body, it still fell on Lu Chen’s shoulders and head.

The whole body is crystal clear.

Meng Yao raised her little head, her eyes were disappointed and depressed, but she still stood.

Silly, motionless.

morning sun was born.

Myriad forms are new.

Lu Chen woke up leisurely, ended the night of ascetic cultivation, opened his mouth and exhaled two feet of white air, the cultivation base has been raised to the third level of Qi Refinement, he said:

โ€œ Yaoyao, are you tired?”

little girl shook her head:

“Yaoyao is not tired.”

“But…big brother is tired, Come on, let’s rest for a while.”


Meng Yao lay quietly in Lu Chen’s arms, her big eyes slowly closed, her small mouth small. Whispering: “big brother, so… can Yaoyao give birth to a little Yaoyao?”


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