My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 41

Lu Chen shook off the hoarfrost all over his body, got up, and started the Eternal Spring Art of Culture Perfection.

Cangsong welcomes guests.

Hold the tiger back to the mountain.

Azure Dragon Panling.

A combination of action, breathing, and thought, neither fast nor slow, fast or slow, with white smoke rising above the head, and qi and blood surging in the body.

Sit down and sit on a horse, strength comes from your heart!




After finishing the work, Lu Chen listed Raised a knife with blood, then went to Scarlet Chamber Garden to have a breakfast, ate enough for ten people, and was 70% full, and was kicked out by Jiang Hong’e.

Walking down the street, swaying all the way to Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Today is January 11.

The second day when Guard Lord Fang Hong left was also the day to invite Qiu Daozi pill concocting.

Lu Chen came to Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Qiu Daozi was preparing for pill concocting in a room. Seeing Lu Chen coming, he didn’t make a sound. Wait.

Clean hands.

Burning incense.


After tossing for a while, Qiu Daozi waved the dust lightly, “clang dang”, and released a small pill furnace, the furnace is more than a foot high, the whole body is dark golden, and there is one dragon one entrenched on the furnace cauldron. tiger.

The Turtle Snake Qi Refinement.

Dragon-Tiger holds a pill.

According to Fang Yuqi yesterday, this pill furnace is Qiu Daozi’s famous Magical Artifact.

It is called [Dragon-Tiger Gold Plated Furnace].

Qiu Daozi waved the whisk again, hands form a secret art, used Spiritual Qi to create a red fire, and began to warm the pill furnace carefully.



Yaoyao lay on her shoulders, yawned a little, fell asleep, Lu Chen looked at the sky speechlessly, turned and walked outside the door.

The youngster squinted at Lu Chen’s back, coldly snorted:

“I really don’t know.”



Lu Chen paused for a moment, then he laughed again, why should he lower oneself to somebody’s level with a Tie Hanhan, shook the head, and walked straight out of the room.




β€œWhat’s wrong?”

“It’s alright, I just missed you.”

“glib tongue.”

Fang Yuqi lightly snorted, sitting on the chair, continued to handle the official business at hand, wearing a White clothed long gown, tall and straight, beautiful and dignified, I feel that Lu Chen has not looked away, turned his head, and glanced at Lu Chen:

“Daddy is not here, I will handle these official affairs, don’t It’s wasting my time.”

“I’ll take a look, and I didn’t bother you…”

A faint red glow rose on Fang Yuqi’s pretty face, just about to After driving Lu Chen out, footsteps suddenly sounded outside the door.

“See the General!”

“Come in!”

Fang Yuqi’s pretty face is straight, and her back is straight.

old acquaintance Zhang Kui pushed the door and walked in, cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“I have seen the general!”

“Well, things How’s it going?”

“General, the three hundred Guard Soldiers have all entered the camp.”

“Okay, you go down and pay attention to the aftermath.”


Zhang Kui left, and Lu Chen surprisedly said: “The three hundred Guard Soldiers at the Akutagawa River Ferry are here?”



Fang Yuqi gave up his nod and explained: “After Dad left, there were still two hundred Guard Soldiers left in Fengxian Town, and some were stretched, so they simply abandoned the ferry and transferred the Guard Soldier back for the time being.”

“What about the people in the ferry?”

“A group was moved yesterday, and all were moved this morning.”

“That’s fine.”

Lu Chen bowed his forehead, knowing that Fang Yuqi was guarding against the robbers led by Daoist Wu, and now hands form a secret art, silently reciting: “Radiating Light Technique!”

“How is it?”

Fang Yuqi turned his head to look when he felt something.

“Nothing is happening, within fifty miles…you can’t find Daoist Wu.”

“Fifty miles?”

Fang Yuqi’s eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly. , shocked:

“Great…Great Accomplishment??”

“en. ”

Lu Chen no longer hides it, warned repeatedly:

“Don’t tell Hong’e yet, I’m afraid she won’t be able to take the blow.”


Jiang Hong’e this morning She is still capturing the inspiration on the roof, comparing the two with one another. It is really the difference between Heaven and Earth. She actually knows that Lu Chen’s Radiating Light Technique has already gotten started.

However, I only know [Getting Started].

Fang Yuqi’s heart in chaos trembled, her apricot eyes opened slightly, just as she suppressed the strangeness in her heart, she heard a sound from outside the door.


“What’s the matter?”

“General, Qiu Daozi said that the furnace is about to start, please go there.”

“Got it.”

Guard Soldier left, the two exchanged glances, and walked out the door side by side.


“General Fang, wait a moment.”

Qiu Daozi nodded slightly to Fang Yuqi, hands form a secret art, Slowly put away the pill fire, and waited for a while, lightly shouted:

“Pill up!”




The furnace cover quivered and flew up, Falling to the side, one dragon one tiger trembled slightly, and the tiger’s roar dragon’s cry faintly sounded, Qiu Daozi flicked the dust, and the pale-gold pills flew out one after another, and fell on the jade box.


Fang Yuqi took two steps forward, picked up the jade box, willow brows slightly wrinkle, said with displeasure:

β€œThree The sixteen-petal Golden Cicada flower is said to be at least 18 pills in the offering, why is there only eight pills? Does it mean that the medicine efficacy is greatly reduced, so it is better not to practice, the offering can explain it to me?”

The young man on the side pouted and said:

“Pill concocting pill concocting, there is success or failure, the success or failure of the pill is entirely up to God’s will, although my master can achieve 18 pills, it may not be accurate, pill Concocting failure is always a thing, the general is not ignorant, how can you blame me Master.”


Qiu Daozi smashed the dust on the furnace wall. , a pile of charred objects flew out of the furnace.

He looked ashamed, gave a solemn bow, and explained:

“Poor Daoist pill concocting was accidentally damaged nearly half of the medicinal properties. This pill concocting capital, Poor Daoist also I have no face to accept it, please forgive me.”

Fang Yuqi’s face softened slightly, stretched out his hand to help, and said with relief: “This is the end of the matter, it is God’s will, don’t feel guilty for worshipping, in the future, pill concocting will have to rely on it. Enshrined.”

“It’s easy to talk about it~”

Meng Yao’s eyes widened and she bit Lu Chen’s ear.

“God’s will?”

Lu Chen’s eyes slightly narrowed, suddenly stepped forward, said with a sneer:

“I don’t think so!”

Saying that, he kicked over the pill furnace.

β€œding ding dong dong ~”

Before Qiu Daozi could react, the Dragon-Tiger pan-gold furnace had tipped over onto the ground, and there was a lot of noise in the furnace.


For a moment, Fang Yuqi, Qiu Daozi and his disciples were all stunned.

“It’s an eye-opener for this General!”

Fang Yuqi came back to his senses, his pretty face was cold, and he took out another 13 pills from the Panjin furnace. Then coldly snorted, along with Lu Chen, walked away.

Qiu Daozi face deathly pale, his lips trembling, his expression fluctuated, he slapped the face of the disc beside him suddenly, and sent it flying more than ten meters, angrily said:

“Rebel! Rebel!! You bewitched the teacher to do this kind of deed, and let the teacher have a foothold in this Fengxian Town!!!”


Put the offering token respectfully on the table, cover your face with your sleeves, and walk away!


The sky is dark.

The full moon has not yet risen.

Tonight, Lu Chen is having a meal at Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

Fang Yuqi put down the bowls and chopsticks, his eyes dimmed, and said softly:

“Qiu Daozi has been at Weapon Suppressing Mansion for almost ten years, and has been staying at the Immortal Palace for life. ..still not bad, but unfortunately this Fire Spiritual Root disciple is not very good, most of them are bewitched by him, by the way, how do you know that there is still pill hidden in it?”

“Ask Yaoyao .”

Lu Chen didn’t lift his head, and pulled all the food on the table into his mouth.

Meng Yao floated on the table, trying to sniff the little Qiong nose. Unfortunately, she didn’t smell the fragrance of the rice. The saliva was almost running out from the corner of her mouth, and she pouted and said. : “Yuqi elder sister, I said to big brother ‘big brother, that great grandfather is lying, obviously there is so much more.'”

“puchi ~”

Fang Yuqi was amused by Meng Yao’s expression, and just as he was about to speak, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

“Meet the General!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Reporting back to General, Qiu Daozi and his apprentice just left Fengxian Town, not long after leaving the town. … was killed.”

“Are you sure?”

“General, two heads were thrown into the town and are currently hanging on the tower.”


Lu Chen’s movement of cooking rice was a little stunned, and Fang Yuqi looked at each other with shock.



Lu Chen finished the table full of food, hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“Radiating Light Technique!”

“How about it?”

“There is no trace within fifty miles, so the people from the fog should not come, but…it’s also possible The other party has the method of restraining aura.”

“It shouldn’t be.”

Fang Yuqi shook his head slightly, inferring:

“The other party last time Performing catching life instead of dying, most of the time, it hurts the vitality and does not recover so quickly. Moreover, he does not know that you can do Radiating Light Technique, but he has saved his breath, and most of them are still in Dayan Mountain to recover.”

Lu Chen was a little puzzled and asked:

“Who can kill Qiu Daozi if it’s not the Daoist Wu?”

“Hmph Second General!”


Fang Yuqi rolled his eyes and explained: “Wu Daoist has two more discs, one is called [Giant Spirit God] Tu Shan, and the other is called [Ghost Left Hand] Wu Andi , one blade and one sword, is the second general of Wu Daoren, the rumors are very terrifying.”

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