My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 42

β€œGiant Spirit God…The Left Hand of Ghost…”

Lu Chen opened his mouth, frowned:

“All in talent?”


Fang Yuqinate, with a solemn expression.

The three-legged ape who was kicked to death on the execution ground by Lu Chen is the three-disciple of Daoist Wu, and now two more powerful ones have popped up, making him a little speechless, whispered:

“Don’t tell me, the family has to be neat and tidy?”


After dinner, the two stepped on the west city wall, and the city wall was full of torches , There are more than 100 people scattered outside the city wall, dressed in different clothes, sitting or standing.

All look fierce, carrying knives and swords.


There was a man with a yellow scarf wrapped around his head, doing various lewd actions.

“Bastard, grandfather is standing here…”

“The grass is tender!”

“Come on, who will come? Killed the grandfather?”


The city wall was foul-mouthed, and the city wall was heavily armored and stood still.

At this time, a white-haired old man staggered up the city wall, sat down beside the wall, holding a long knife in his arms, silently drinking a pot of black bone wine, no one ignore.


Lu Chen’s eyelids twitched, he didn’t dare to look at it, and whispered:

“Yuqi, which one is Huh Er? General?”

Fang Yuqi put on a suit of iron armor, and it was heavy armor, weighing close to 500 catties, but it did not affect the movement at all, she slowly shook her head:

“Not at all. , you’ll know as soon as they come.”


Lu Chen looked thoughtful.

Zhang Kui who followed behind suddenly stepped forward, cup one fist in the other hand and said:

“General, this subordinate is willing to take that guy’s head!”


Fang Yuqi> nods, warned repeatedly:

Seeing that Zhang Kui was about to leave, Lu Chen opened his mouth and called:

β€œOld Zhang.”

Zhang Kui turned around and touched his beard, puzzled. Dao:

“Do you have something to offer?”

Lu Chen couldn’t help reminding:

“Don’t send it!”

“. …..”

Zhang Kui scratched his head with an unfathomable mystery on his face, and strode down the tower. Soon, the city gate opened wide. Zhang Kui rode a purplish red horse and danced with a saber. , rushing out, roaring:

“Dog thief, pay with your life!”

“I’m afraid you won’t succeed!”

The robber hurried up Pants, picked up the knife on the ground, and put on a gesture style.

“Ta Ta Ta~”

The horses trod the flying swallows, and the sound shook the four fields.


As the two sides got closer, the robber was frightened by Zhang Kui’s imposing manner. .

“Where to run!”

Zhang Kui’s imposing manner was even better, chasing wildly on his horse, chasing behind the opponent in a blink of an eye, raising his long knife, and slashing with one knife:



The robber rolled on the spot and narrowly avoided a knife.

β€œxu lu lu ~”

Zhang Kui was about to chase again, when the warhorse under him suddenly neighed. He looked up and saw an iron net under the hood, even with people on horses. , wrapped in it.

The more you struggle, the tighter the binding.

“Hahaha ~brothers, kill this scumbag!”

The robber laughed, turned around to kill Zhang Kui, and joined the other robbers, hacking for a while, with the yellow scarf wrapped around his head. The robbers were the most arrogant, unbuttoning the belt and pouring down on Zhang Kui.


The sword cry suddenly sounded, and a sword flew to me.


I haven’t urinated and my head has fallen!

The other robbers were frightened and hurriedly retreated. At this time, the city gate opened wide, and a group of people rushed to protect Zhang Kui, who did not know his life or death, and returned to Fengxian Town.

“ceng! ”

Lu Chen let go of his sword fingers and drew his sword back to his orifice, speechless saying:

“This piece of Kui…… “

Before he could finish speaking, he heard a burst of cries coming from outside the city, and the robbers who had just retreated were pressed up again, with more people, nearly three hundred.

Leader, let Lu Chen stared wide-eyed.

That’s a giant.

His long black straight hair was draped over his shoulders, he was wearing an animal skin coat, he was about five meters tall, and he was dragging a giant blade in his hand. .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!!”

The imposing manner is appalling.


Even the city head Guard Soldier was a commotion.

The robbers are hehe haha, running around the giant like fleas, showing off one’s military strength.

“Giant Spirit God…Tu Shan.”

Lu Chen’s throat rolled, a little horrified.

At the same time.

I also understand what a real extraordinary natural talent is. This Tushan is five meters high. Even if he only needs to repair the body refinement of the Authentic Level, he is afraid that he will be able to touch the threshold of imprisoning.


“Break the city! Break the city! Break the city!!”

The robbers began to shout, and the more they shouted, the more vigorous they were, headed by Giant Spirit God Tushan, and approaching the city wall step by step , forming a great oppression, making the face of Guard Soldier at the head of the city dignified.

Sweaty palms.


Fang Yuqi suddenly jolted the shocking sword in his hand, and a sword cry shook the world, drowns out the robbers’ cries.

The robber was deterred by the sword cry, and his voice subconsciously weakened.


A shout sounded on Tu Shan’s shoulder, and the group of robbers stopped less than 100 meters away from the city wall, only to find out Lu Chen.

There is a person on Tu Shan’s shoulder.

The man stood up.

He is tall and strong, with a jet-black cloak draped over his back, both of his hands on his chest, staring coldly at the city head.

A night wind blows, blowing the cloak behind you.

Lu Chen saw the man’s back, with a long black arm, ferocious and terrifying, like a ghost’s claw, and in the ghost’s claw was holding a door as large as a door. sword.

“The left hand of the ghost…Wu An enemy!”

one blade one sword!

Hey two generals!

Giant Spirit God slaughter the mountain, the left hand of the ghost fights the enemy, all together!

The robbers and Guard Soldier confronted each other, and the atmosphere was slightly solidified. It lasted for half an hour before gradually relaxing, Tushan sat on the ground, and a bonfire was lit in front of him.

The giant blade tucked in.

Gulping down raw meat with blood.

The robbers were noisy, foul-mouthed, and dragged a group of cattle, sheep and people from the rear. The cattle and sheep were slaughtered and grilled, and the people were much more miserable. The men were wantonly beaten and abused.

Women are even worse.

After stripping naked, like a little sheep, he ran back and forth among the robbers, was wantonly abused and whipped.

“Yuqi, do you want to take the initiative?”


Fang Yuqi ugly complexion, hesitated for a while, and finally shook his head:

“I’m not sure about dealing with the two of them.”

“And me.”

Lu Chen touched his nose, a little unconfident, whispered:

“I should… be able to contain one too.”

“I can’t take risks.”

Fang Yuqi still shook his head, seriously said: “Now is not the same as before. , Dad is leading the troops, if we make a mistake, the whole Fengxian Town will suffer.”

“You are right.”


“Kill kill!!”

The robbers were full and started to attack the city.

In the face of the eight-meter-high wall, they did not just recklessly attack, but spread out, relying on their strong physique and flexible movement method to attack everywhere.

Where there is an opportunity to take advantage of it, attack it.

Play and stop.

Blooming on all sides.

Because they have reservations, the fight is not tragic.

Fang Yuqi stared at the second general, Heng Ha, and did not dare to move lightly. Lu Chen also chose to hide, instead of using the Sword Control Technique, he held the Yanming knife around his waist and ran back and forth.

The knife is nourished with blood.

Knives will kill!

It’s been fighting all night.

There were not more than 100 robbers who died, but Lu Chen alone killed more than 20. The blade of Yanming’s sword has become reddish-brown.

It smelled of blood.

“Cang Clang!”

Yan Ming’s knife just entered the sheath, and the entire City Wall section trembled suddenly.

Lu Chen turned his head and saw Giant Spirit God Tu Shan slashed at the head of the city with a knife, the rocks splashed, and a huge gap appeared in the city wall.

“Giant Que!”

Fang Yuqi shouted lightly, carrying the Jinghong Sword that had swelled five times, and headed towards Tu Shan. UU Reading

“Master…Senior Brother!”

Tu Shan groaned, taking a few steps back in fright.

“Useless things.”

Wu’an Di on his shoulders scolded angrily, the ghost on his back swung a big sword with his left hand, and a loud sound of “Pa” slapped Tu. On Shan’s right face, a blood imprint was branded.

“ahhhh, it hurts, it hurts, don’t… don’t hit me.”

Tu Shan squatted on the ground with his head up.

shiver coldly.

Fang Yuqi stood on the top of the city with a sword in hand, pretty face stunned, Lu Chen walked over quickly, said with a bitter smile: “We…seem to think highly of them.”


Then he asked, “You haven’t seen them before?”


Fang Yuqi shook his head and explained, “I also got it from the prisoners. I know.”

“Okay, it’s always a good thing.”

The two stood side by side at the head of the city, watching the second general of Heng Ha together.

“Get up, get up!”

The enemy of Wu’an used his great sword to smear the back of Tu Shan’s hand, and Tu Shan held his head on the ground, motionless.

Wu’an enemy was extremely angry, suddenly grabbed Tu Shan’s ear, loudly roared:

“Master is here!”

“Ahhh, Master Master, don’t …don’t hit the hill, wu wu wu~~”

With a sound of “Master”, Giant Spirit God Tu Shan almost collapsed, his body trembled, Wu Andi cleared his throat, and learned from the fog master ‘s voice, angrily said:

“It’s not broken yet!!”

“Break… break the city, break the city!”

Giant Spirit God Tu Shan suddenly raised his head, his eyes turned into scarlets, got up, and roared:

“Broken the city!!!”

After the words were finished, the five-meter-high Tu Shan abandoned the giant blade , galloping wildly, like a wild bear, slamming into the city wall.

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