My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 43


“ka-cha ~”

The whole City Wall section vibrated violently, and one after another crack appeared in the wall superior.

“Cut the river!”

Everyone in the city stumbled, Fang Yuqi let out a coquettish snort, and stabbed Tu Shan’s head with the swollen Jinghong sword in his hand, and quickly. in a hurry. Wu’an Di on Tu Shan’s shoulder suddenly jumped up, and the left hand of the ghost behind him frantically swung the big sword.

“ding ding dong dong ~”

In the blink of an eye, the two sides fought dozens of times.

“Broken the city!!”

Tu Shan roared, his eyes were scarlet, and a pair of big hands took the opportunity to catch Fang Yuqi.


Lu Chen grabbed Fang Yuqi’s arm, and the two instantly retreated a few meters. Tu Shan’s palm fell in the air, and he grabbed the wall and slammed it hard. .

“Bang! crash-bang ~”

A large section of the wall crumbled, rocks were shot, and Tushan cut a gap at the top of the city.

“Break the city!”

“Break the city!”

The robbers were encouraged, and roared to attack the city.

Flying claws, hook locks, iron chains, threw away one by one, clambering on the city wall to fight with the Guard Soldier who is defending the city, poisonous smoke, blasting rocks, hidden arrows, everything is used to the extreme.




“Dang 唷~”

In the blink of an eye, the screams of killing suddenly erupted, and the originally tepid temptation turned into a real desperate fight.

Tu Shan is like a giant beast.

A pair of big hands clawed out the gaps on the wall, and the whole body squeezed into the wall desperately.

“Sword Control Technique, Ji!”


Lu Chen and Fang Yuqi looked at each other and drew swords together, two long swords All together, they stabbed Tu Shan together.

“such insignificant ability!”

Wu Andi sneered, the left hand of the ghost on the back was short and long, clenched the giant sword tightly, and the martial arts was airtight, firmly protecting the Giant Spirit God Tu Shan’s head and heart.

These two key points.


The long sword swept and pierced back and forth.

A bloody mouth was cut on Tu Shan’s body. In a blink of an eye, Tu Shan had become a blood man, but the other party ignored it, red-eyed, and tried his best to demolish the city wall.

The enemy of Wu An was still dissatisfied, and let the ghost’s left hand dance, wrapping his arms around his chest, and said:

“A punch!”

“Hit…a punch?”

Tu Shan stopped suddenly, as if not knowing what to do.

The enemy in Wu’an was furious and tore Tu Shan’s ear, angrily said:

“I said… a punch will break the city!!”

“Broken the city?”

“Break the city!!”

Giant Spirit God Tu Shan’s eyes became more and more scarlet, his right arm retracted, clenched tightly, single fist smashed out:

“Giant Strength Technique!”


Dust and smoke filled the air, gravel splashed, and Tu Shan smashed the city wall into half with one punch , the whole City Wall section is crumbling, Wu An enemy laughed heartily, behind cloak crazily martial dance, loudly roared:

“One more punch!”

“One more… Another punch??”

Tu Shan closed his fist and clenched it tightly, his entire right arm swelled at least twice.


Fang Yuqi retracted his long sword and was about to stop it with his Jinghong sword, but Lu Chen pulled it back and winked at her .

The night wind is blowing.

White hair fluttering.

Not far away, the old man who was still sitting still threw away the empty jug,faintly sighed:

“Enough is enough~~”

The night wind howls.

A golden horse!

The old man staggered to his feet and walked away with a knife. He walked more and more hastily. His body was imposing like a mountain. > “shua!”

The long knife fell.

Blade Qi moving unhindered.

Wu Andi on his shoulders shivered all over, and when he turned his head, he saw a black blade Mang Sky Piercing Slash coming, as if he was going to slash him twice.

“ahhhh ~~~”

Wu Andi shouted in horror, the left hand of the ghost on the back stretched out, and he swung the giant sword towards the blade glow:



“Ah~” Broken in two, he leaned back, leg raised and kicked the back of Tu Shan’s head, Tu Shan stumbled and slammed into Blade Glow head-on.

“Hit…a punch!”

Between life and death, Tu Shan subconsciously raised his fist:



The blade glow dissipated, Giant Spirit God Tu Shan was almost split in half, a terrifying wound ran through the right arm and chest, the flesh turned out, and blood flowed As noted, deep into the bone, he was like a frightened wild beast, ramming around in the gap in the wall he had made.


The robbers all panicked and retreated like a tide, and the Wu’an enemy disappeared.

Lu Chen seized the opportunity, jumped down from the city head, landed gently, his hands quickly squeezed the tactic, fluctuating, Russia, lightly shouted:



“wu wu wu~~”

The wind whistled, the imprints of the White Bone Altar quietly gathered at the foot of Tushan, and two skeleton hands stuck out, one supported each other’s feet , Before Tu Shan could react, he turned around abruptly.

“ka ka ka ~”

Lu Chen only felt that Spiritual Qi in his body was instantly exhausted, Tu Shan disappeared out of thin air, and forcibly moved out four meters.

Four meters apart.

It’s hard to escape.

Because, people appear within the city wall!


Lu Chen was excited, used both hands and feet, and quickly climbed up the city wall, seeing Fang Yuqi commanding Guard Soldier to encircle Tushan, A spear was projected, and Tu Shan was covered all over.

“It hurts, it hurts…”

Tu Shan was seriously injured.

Having gradually regained his senses, both of his hands held their heads and ran around, Fang Yuqi drew his sword on the city wall, and whenever the opponent tried to rush to the dwelling, the Jinghong Sword would stab down.

But this Tu Shan is timid.

There is no Wu An enemy command, after a few times, only dare to run against the wall.

Seeing Lu Chen climbed the top of the city, Fang Yuqi’s eyes lit up and stared at Lu Chen for a while, his eyes were bright and weak.

Lu Chen grinned and said:

“Old man is an old wife, so you don’t know him?”

“Jing nonsense~”

Fang Yuqi took a sip, a red glow rose on his pretty face, and asked:

“What spell did you cast just now?”


Lu Chen laughed and explained:

“The old ghost gave it to Chimei that night.”


Fang Yuqi was stunned , and asked again:

“What do you plan to do with this Giant Spirit God Tu Shan?”

“Don’t kill it yet, this person is mentally defective, and there is a chance to conquer it. It should be more convenient to do some dirty work, and it can also help in the charge. If you wear heavy armor, you will be a proper general. After training, it is better than your five hundred Guard Soldiers. “

“As you like.”

Fang Yuqi rolled his eyes and walked along the city wall to Tushan with Lu Chen.

“Don’t use spears, don’t throw them~”

“The ropes are useless, change the chains, put them around your neck, yes, it’s like taming a wild horse!”

“Change to a thicker one, this one is too thin, the thicker the better~”


“Tighten, don’t let go .”

“Dare to resist, and then resist and kill you!”

Lu Chen rode on horseback, running around, surrounded by a whole hundred-man team under his command, Five people are in a chain, and there is a chain around Tu Shan’s neck from time to time.

Pull pull pull.

Again and again.

Above Tu Shan’s head, Peach Wood Sword stood in the air, making the timid Tu Shan not dare to resist with all his strength.

“wu wu ~”

Lu Chen seized the opportunity, and suddenly threw away the chain in his hand and the iron rope thick in his calf, and finally wrapped around the neck of Giant Spirit God Tu Shan, seeing each other I want to tear it off by hand.


Lu Chen turned the horse’s head and ran forward, his arms bulging and pulling hard.



The iron rope trembled, and the five-meter-high Giant Spirit God slaughtered the mountain groaned, staggered under his feet, and finally Kneel down.

“wu wu wu ~”

“Mighty! Mighty! Mighty!!”


The sky It was already clear, Fang Yuqi was still cleaning the battlefield at the front of the city, Lu Chen rode on a horse, led Tu Shan with chains to the Guard Soldier camp, there were twenty guard Soldiers guarding them around, and they didn’t dare to be careless.

Walk all the way.

Let the early-rising townspeople watch all the way, pointing fingers, exclaiming and cheering.

“Mother, look, it’s the Young Master…”

“Young Master is so majestic~”

Scarlet Chamber Garden III On the floor, Qing He, who had just woken up, propped up the window.


A burst of excitement.

Jiang Hong’e came to the window in gauze, her beautiful eyes filled with spring water, she stroked her red lips and murmured:

“My little man . …..”

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