My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 44

The Giant Spirit God Tushan was led into the Guard Soldier camp all the way, chained to the spacious school grounds, and then threatened, flogged, and cursed.

“It hurts… it hurts.”

“I dare not, I will never dare…”

“Senior Brother Help me~”

“Don’t shout, don’t shout, wu wu wu~~”

“Be obedient, I’m obedient.”

… …

The Great Demon King faced the slaughtered sheep, completely crushed, and after half a day, Lu Chen took care of the timid Tu Shan obediently.

Lu Chen handed over a note and said with a sullen face:


“I…I don’t know. “

Tu Shan sat on the ground, still much taller than Lu Chen, but shrank his neck like a giant baby, shook his big head vigorously, and the chain tied to him made a “crash-bang” sound.

“Then read with me, I will read a sentence, you will read a sentence.”


Tu Shan was nodded with force, and looked terrified.

“I slaughter the mountain and swear to heaven.”

“I slaughter the mountain and swear to heaven.”

“May Lu Chen be the Lord.. ….”

“I would like to serve Lu Chen as the master, be a slave and a servant, be loyal and faithful, the master will die and the slave will die, the master will humiliate the servant and die, and I will do my best, and I will never disagree. If you violate this I swear, Heavenly Dao will not tolerate it, ten thousand ants will eat the heart, and the flesh will be destroyed!”

Tu Shan shivered every time he said a word, saying “ten thousand ants eat the heart”.

I almost scared myself to death.

Fang Yuqi came from a distance, shook his head and said:

“This is not the way, Heavenly Dao Oath is terrifying, but he can’t take his heart, how huge might it can be, not yet. I know.”

Lu Chen replied:

“This is just a cage to tie the donkey, just in case.”

“If you want to talk about taking care of yourself, actually It’s not difficult, Tu Shan stayed in Dayan Mountain, and he was bullied for his life. Master, Senior Brother, none of them really took him as a human being, even the thieves below, who also insulted him in private, I plan to take him Throw it in the Guard Soldier camp, and hang out with these Guard Soldiers under your command. After a long time, you will understand what is good and what is not good, and you are not afraid that he will not return.”

“It’s good if you have success. “

The two walked out together, and Lu Chen asked:

“Is the matter settled?”


Fang Yuqi nodded and explained:

“The city wall has been repaired, the veterans have been buried, the body of the Guard Soldier has been disposed of, and the family of the deceased has been given care. I have been busy all morning, and my feet have not stopped. I’m done.”

Lu Chen took two steps closer and said softly:

“I’ve been busy all morning in heavy armor, tired?”

“I’m a little tired. .”

Fang Yuqi twisted his slender neck, revealing a touch of snow white, turned his head and saw Lu Chen peeking at him, and his pretty face couldn’t help turning red.



“Can I remove your armor for you?”

“… …”

Fang Yuqi’s heart trembled, and for a moment, he couldn’t bear to refuse.

A bright world.

Blue sky and daylight.

Two rides out of the Guard Soldier camp, swaying… round the Weapon Suppressing Mansion.


“ao ao ao ~~”

Lu Chen returned to Long Spring Temple at night, just walked in, hungry for a day Hu Niu, who was screaming, rushed over and didn’t see her for a day. Hu Niu grew up a little and was the size of a puppy.

Cute and chubby.

It’s quite hilarious.

Lu Chen put down the big elbow he brought back from the meal, Hu Niu devoured it, Yaoyao, who had slept for a day, finally woke up, got out of Lu Chen’s long hair, and walked around Hu Niu for a while. lock up.

Going to see the chick again.

Lu Chen sat down on the bed and took out a porcelain bottle.

There are 7 pills in the porcelain vase, each pill is pale-gold, round and full, it is the Golden Cicada Pill that is made with Golden Cicada petals as the main medicine, mixed with spirits and jade powder.

A total of 21 capsules.

Fang Yuqi and Jiang Hong’e split the remaining 14 grains equally.

After taking a Golden Cicada pill with his head up, Lu Chen closed his eyes and started Qi Refinement Art of the cultivation Great Accomplishment. Originally, the traces of attribute-free Spiritual Qi suddenly accumulated like a stream.


The star frost is swiftly growing, and it will never cease to exist.


Two days have passed!

For the past two days, Lu Chen has been reclusive, not even going to Scarlet Chamber Garden and Weapon Suppressing Mansion a few times. With a sigh of relief, he finally refined all 7 Golden Cicada pills.

The cultivation base has also risen from the third layer of Qi Refinement to the fifth layer of Qi Refinement.

Strong strength.

Not only that, Pure Yang Breath has also accumulated to seven mouthfuls, and the distance is made into Pure Yang Body, Promote Level training technique.

It’s just two bites away.


Lu Chen stretched out his hand a little, and a screen of light appeared in front of him.

[Sword Control Technique upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Five days of sword practice (5/5 has been achieved!)

[2]: Five Revenant (achieved 5/5!)

【3】: Twenty spiritsand (achieved 20/20!)


[Blade Drawing Technique upgrade conditions]

[1]: Practice the knife for three days (3/3 has been achieved!)

[2]: A dead soul (1/1 has been completed!) Achieved!)

[3]: Five spiritsand (5/5 has been achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement fifth layer

[spell]: Sword Control Technique Great Accomplishment (upgradeable!)+; Introduction to Blade Drawing Technique (upgradeable!)+


The spiritsand on Lu Chen have long been exhausted, and this spiritsand was borrowed from Fang Yuqi yesterday, a total of fifty grains, and ginger Like a prostitute.

Be impartial, in the next life.

“Upgrade again.”

Lu Chen was slightly excited, and reached out and clicked twice:



The spiritsand in the sealed space disappeared, the Yanming knife on the waist trembled slightly, the Blade Drawing Technique was successfully upgraded to [Proficient], and the Peach Wood Sword flew directly out of the Spirit Orifice. Chen flew back and forth, more agile than before.

So far.

Sword Control Technique is finally Perfection.

Lu Chen realized for a moment and looked at the light curtain in front of him again.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement fifth layer

[spell]: Sword Control Technique Perfection (Promote Level conditions can be expanded !)


“Promote Level?”


【Sword Control Technique Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: A magic sword (achieved!)

[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (not achieved!)

[3]: Ten spiritsand (achieved!)


Peach Wood Sword is Magical Artifact, just enough, spiritsand is enough.

“This hundred pounds of flesh and blood…”

Lu Chen walked out of the room and turned to look at the original pigsty, which had been converted into a stable. There is a big black horse tied inside, and the big black horse has never been full since entering Long Spring Temple.

I have lost weight now.


Hundred catties of flesh and blood can still be easily put together.

Lu Chen showed a “kind” smile, raised his feet and walked to the stable, the big dark horse who was gnawing on the ground seemed to have a feeling, turned his head to look at Lu Chen, and for a moment, frightened and scared.

“xu lu lu ~”

The dark horse neighed and pulled the reins desperately. Seeing that he couldn’t break free, he bent his knees and knelt heavily on the ground with his front hooves. Tears, the huge head nodded to Lu Chen again and again.

A groan came out of his mouth.

“xu lu lu ~”

“xu lu lu ~”


“ Become a demon?”

Lu Chen clenched his right hand clenching the knife and was stunned for a while.

Meng Yao heard the movement and floated over from outside the chicken pen. She was lying on top of Lu Chen’s head, her chin resting on her small hand, and looked at the big dark horse curiously.

It’s like meeting for the first time.

Lu Chen hesitated for a while, but let go of the handle.

Can’t do it.

After all, a dark horse that turns into a demon is very valuable.

The big dark horse is still kowtowing.

Lu Chen took Meng Yao and stepped on the Peach Wood Sword, already soaring into the sky.

“big brother, where are we going?”

“Toad Island.”

“Looking for Jingjing?”

“ No, go kill a Giant Frog.”

“Oh, ugly~”

Toad Island is less than thirty miles away from Fengxian Town, not a while, Lu Chen landed on Toad Island.

“gu gu ~”


Standing on a reef, at the foot of Lu Chen lies Giant Frog, who was slashed to death by a knife. Half the height of a person, he reached out and tapped:


[Sword Control Technique Promote Level Condition]:

[1]: Method A sword (achieved!)

[2]: 100 catties of flesh and blood (achieved!)

[3]: ten spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Sword Control Technique Perfection (Promote Level available!)+

Spell’s Promote Level is not as complicated as the cultivation technique, nor does it require another sword technique.

Lu Chen was slightly excited and stretched out his hand a little:

“Promote Level!”

The flesh and blood disappeared, the spirits and disappeared, the Peach Wood Sword hung in the air, and a sword sounded The cry kept sounding, and when Lu Chen came back to his senses, the light curtain in front of him had changed.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[spell]: Sword Controlling Art proficiency (upgrade conditions can be expanded!)




[Sword Controlling Art upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Swordsman Five Days (0/5 not reached!)

[2]: Five souls (0/5 failed!)

[3]: Fifty spirits (15/50 failed!)

.. ….

Ordinary Level Sword Control Technique, Promote Level is Authentic Level [Sword Controlling Art], because of common origins, it is directly transformed into [Proficient], Lu Chen squeezes sword fingers, Peach Wood Sword Instantly soared into the sky.

Move flexibly.

In the previous Sword Control Technique, there was basically only one lethal move:


Today’s Sword Controlling Art has been greatly improved and can perform various sword moves.

Within 300 meters.

Heart to sword!

Lu Chen stepped onto the Peach Wood Sword, and soon flew to the center of Toad Island and landed in front of the ten-meter-high hill, pinching the sword art and citing it with one hand:

“Sword Controlling Art, Swift!”

The Peach Wood Sword flew up and slashed at the hill.

“peng peng ~”

“ka ka ~”

In the blink of an eye, a rough Cave Mansion has taken shape.

“Okay, that’s great!”

Lu Chen was excited, how could the previous Sword Control Technique do as one pleases like now, there is no comparison at all. UU Reading

“big brother, we make our home here?”

“No, a temporary place to stay.”

“Oh Oh~”

Meng Yao lay on Lu Chen’s head and nodded her head, her little hand suddenly pointed into the distance, and hurriedly shouted:

“big brother, someone is coming.”


Lu Chen turned his head to look and saw the Akutagawa River in the east, the water vapor was hazy, and two figures, one blue and one white, flew hand in hand to Toad Island, a man and a woman. , dressed weird.

All are long-sleeved fluttering, like flying fairy.

The strangest thing is that the upper body of the two is a human body, and the lower body is actually dragging a long snake tail.

“Second Rank’s…demon?”

Lu Chen heart shivered with cold, dodged and hid in Cave Mansion.

The two demons flew over Toad Island and stood in the air. The azure snake demon-like man spit out, swept away with a mouthful of azure light, and rolled up five Giant Frogs back into his mouth.

“creak creak ~”

The azure snake demon chewed a few mouthfuls, mouth full of blood, and sighed:

“The descendants of the Great Immortal toad, too It’s gone, it’s not as chewy as before.”

He turned his head and said again:

“Madam, we are still five hundred miles away from the Green Scale Cave Mansion, shall we go down and rest? “

“Listen to your gentleman~”

The white snake demon lightly foreheaded, with a beautiful face and a soft voice.

The two demons fell on the hill, the azure snake demon looked around, chuckled and said, “Madam, the scenery here is so beautiful, how can I live up to it, why don’t you and I have fun for a while?”

“Listen to Langjun~”


azure snake is laughing up to the sky, looking eager, Yaoyao lying on top of his head

“Big brother, what are they doing?”

Lu Chen opened his mouth and said nothing:

“It’s working…”

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