My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 45


The little girl seems to understand but doesn’t know what she is thinking.

Lu Chen ignored the little girl, held her breath and endured the torment.


I don’t know how long it took, the white snake demon screamed, and the swaying hill finally stopped, and there was no movement.


After waiting for a while, Lu Chen quietly walked out of the Cave Mansion and saw two figures, one green and one white, flying upstream against the Akutagawa River. The thing is, the speed of the azure snake demon seems to have slowed down a bit…

“Five hundred miles away from the green scale hole.”

“azure snake sir! “

“Mrs. White Snake!”

“hmph, a cheating couple!”

Lu Chen coldly snorted, finding that the toad island is not very safe, Looking at the surging river, faintly sighed: “Shili Akutagawa River, I don’t know… how many monsters are hidden?”

“gu gu~~”


“gu gu~~”



After that, he didn’t think about it any more, he turned a few Giant Frogs to vent his anger, and flew to Fengxian Town with Meng Yao.

β€œbig brother?”

β€œen. ”

β€œbig brother unhappy?”


“How come the big brother is frowned?”

“Oh, the big brother is just a cheating couple who can’t see the couple.”



As soon as Lu Chen flew to Fengxian Town, he saw a lot of Guard Soldiers gathered outside the southern city gate. Fang Yuqi was standing at the front. Seeing Zhang Kui in iron armor standing next to him, he said surprisedly:

β€œOld Zhang?”


β€œNot dead~”


The bearded Zhang Kui scratched his head, not knowing why.

The other Guard Soldiers stepped back and Lu Chen walked up to Fang Yuqi and asked:

“What happened?”



Fang Yuqi was dressed in white armor, wearing a white tassel helmet, valiant and formidable looking. He retracted his gaze and explained:

“Dad has been going south for four days, and there has been no news. Yesterday I sent A team of Guard Soldiers went out, and one came back not long ago, saying that they had received a messenger, and the rest of the Guard Soldiers were protecting the other party back.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Lu Chen quickly reacted and asked:

“Someone intercepted?”


Fang Yuqi nod, He said, “Although the robbers did not dare to attack the city, there were quite a few scattered in the wilderness. Not only did they intercept the messengers, but some villages all around also suffered, which is not a small disaster.”

“It’s a hassle.”

“It’s not a major event, and someone has already been sent to clear it up.”


Lu Chen added Asked:

“Yuqi, your Feihe Thirteen Swords Perfection?”

“Well, yesterday’s Perfection.”

Golden Cicada Dan Not only can it speed up cultivation, but also improve perception in a short period of time, which is not very useful to Lu Chen, Jiang Hong’e and Fang Yuqi, who can be upgraded.

It is a big benefit.

Fang Yuqi’s Thirteen Swords of Flying Cranes are close to Perfection, and now they are even closer.

Also where water flows, a canal is formed.

As for Jiang Hong’e, the cultivation is all about bells and whistles, both love and bundles. Lu Chen is not interested and rarely asks.

The crowd waited for a while before they saw a team of Guard Soldiers riding horses from the south.

Keep one of the mounts in the middle.

“Meet the General!”

Guard Soldier dismounted, Fang Yuqi led the crowd to meet him, and saw the man lying on the horse’s back, Guard Soldier lifted him down, then The man lowered his head and was silent.


“Yes, General, the messenger was hit by the robber’s Poisonous Arrow and couldn’t hold on to it. This is a secret letter that was handed to the subordinate before he died. .”

The soldier half kneeled on the ground and presented a bamboo tube.

Fang Yuqi opened it and saw that it was a blank piece of paper, but not a single word.

Blank paper.

Fantastic letter!

Guard Lord Fang Hong, bode ill rather than well!


Fang Yuqi’s face paled slightly, he bit his cherry lip, still holding on to his face, he waved his hand violently:

“Thick Burial!”

“Yes, General!”


It’s getting late, inside Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

“Daddy is here, I’m afraid it will be nine deaths and still alive.”

“Lu Chen, I’m so tired~”

“The whole Fengxian town They all rely on me for support, and now is the weakest time, I can’t fall down.”

β€œwu wu wu~~”

Fang Yuqi, in a white robe, leaned against the Lu Chen’s shoulders were sobbing softly. The female general who was in charge of Fengxian Town also had such fragile moments.

Soon, he fell asleep in Lu Chen’s arms.

“silly girl…”

Delicious, full of fragrant jade, Lu Chen stroked her full head fine black hair and kissed lightly, at this moment, he The heart…is absolutely pure!


The night is sultry.

Everyone is silent.

Lu Chen was leaning on the show bed, holding the sleeping Fang Yuqi in his arms, ready to fall asleep…

Opened his mouth and yawned, rubbing his eyes , he pinched his fingers, and habitually displayed the Radiating Light Technique, in an instant, frightened and scared!

The dark moon hangs in the air.

It was dark.

A commoner middle age person flew up to the top of the city with his hands behind his back. He looked at the lights of Wanjia with a hint of sarcasm on the corner of his mouth. It was the Wudao person who escaped from Caishikou.


There is a Guard Soldier patrolling the city, just about to make a sound, the fog man silently opened his mouth:

“Soul! “


Then Guard Soldier was unconscious.

The fog man floated down the city head, set foot in Fengxian Town, flew all the way, and in a blink of an eye, he came to the Guard Soldier camp, the patrolling Guard Soldier fell silently, he was unobstructed, his hands behind his back, and kept walking. to the school field.



Snoring was thundering on the school grounds.

The five-meter-tall Giant Spirit God Tu Shan slumped on the ground and was sleeping.

“Tu Shan~”

“Tu Shan~”

The voice was not loud, but it was like a magic sound, and Tu Shan suddenly hit. He was smart, opened his eyes, and looked at the little man standing in front of him with his hands behind his back, his body trembled:


“Well, what about your Senior Brother, who was also arrested?”

“No…I don’t know~”

Tu Shan shook his head, the chains on his body crash-bang , raised his right arm from time to time, wanted to scratch the back of his neck, and quickly put it down again and again.

“What’s the matter?”

Wu Daoist squinted at Tu Shan, staring at Tu Shan until his hair stands on end.

He trembled and mumbled:


“It’s all useless idiots!”


Daoist fog coldly snorted, opened the mouth and said: “Fengxian Town is at its weakest at this moment, you follow me into Weapon Suppressing Mansion, just kill that demoness, from now on, the entire Fengxian The town is ours, there are more than 50,000 animals, whoever lives, whoever lives, whoever dies, whoever dies!”

As if crazy, his face suddenly turned cold again:

“Why, you…don’t want to?”

Tu Shan was sweating profusely and was at a loss:


“Waste !”

Wu Daoist flew up, pointed like a sword, and slashed at Tu Shan’s neck:

“Cang ε—·!”

Thick as The iron cable of the calf was broken, UU reading Wu Daoren icily said:

“Go, follow me into Weapon Suppressing Mansion!”

After finishing speaking, he turned and fell to the ground , the body trembled suddenly, and I saw a Peach Wood Sword passing through my heart:



The fog The Taoist raised his head to the sky and screamed in agony, staggered and fell to the ground, bleeding from his nose and mouth, he stretched out his hand angrily at Giant Spirit God Tu Shan, and said with hatred:


“No…it’s not me, shi…Master, wu wu wu~~”

Tu Shan cried out in fright, Lu Chen walked out from the back of his neck and jumped on the ground On his shoulders, he touched his nose:

“It’s me!”

“puchi ~”

Before he finished speaking, Peach Wood Sword walked out of the fog again. The heart went back and forth.

“You…you are fine, come…”

“puchi ~”

Fang Yuqi from behind Tu Shan He swept out, slashed with Jinghong Sword, and cut off his head with one sword, coldly said:

“There is a lot of nonsense!”

The head of the fog man fell to the ground, and opened his mouth:

“It will be a long time to come to Japan…”

The words ended, and the sound of “peng” exploded into a cloud of black smoke, revealing a delicate and slightly warped guillotine people.


Lu Chen flew down, hands form a secret art, and said silently:

“Radiating Light Technique!”


Reaching out and clasping Fang Yuqi’s left hand, the two of them stepped on the Peach Wood Sword, chasing after Wu Dao Ren’s breath, and quickly left, leaving only the crying Giant Spirit God Tu Shan , still talking to himself:

“No…it’s not me~”

Seeing a group of Guard Soldiers surrounded, Tu Shan’s eyes shined and stopped crying He shouted in a muffled voice:

“Old Zhang, I…I’m hungry again, and I want something that smells like lard…”

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