My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 46


The Peach Wood Sword flew and left Fengxian Town in a blink of an eye.


Fang Yuqi gathered Spiritual Qi in the eye, pointed with a slender hand, and the two quickly fell down, only to see a silhouette dressed as a robber leaning on him. Outside the city wall.


The two fell to the ground, Lu Chen kicked the robber with his foot, and the other party “thumped” to the ground, and the corpse was divided into two points.

“Catching life instead of death, escaped again?”

“I can’t escape.”

Lu Chen brows slightly wrinkle, stretches out his left hand, and uses it instantly With the Radiating Light Technique of Great Accomplishment, the silver white pointer is spinning.

After stopping.

Points just below your feet.


The ground exploded, and the fog man burst out, roaring:

“Giant Strength Technique!”

Before he finished speaking, his fists expanded twice, hitting Lu Chen’s back.

Lu Chen was terrified, his hair stood on end, just as he was about to dodge, his eyes suddenly darkened, his head buzzed, he almost fainted, and his heart was cold.

Oops, soulless.

At a critical moment, Lu Chen is not alone.


Fang Yuqi tenderly shouted, using the shapeshifting sword among the Thirteen Feihe Swords, the silhouette pierced through the air, and appeared directly behind Lu Chen, long With a sweep of the sword, he fought against Daoist Wu.


The two flew out backwards, and Daoist Wu also took three steps back, his face extremely ugly.

It was a sure-fire blow, but it didn’t work.


“cough cough~~”

Wu Daoist coughed loudly, corner of the mouth flow blood, and died twice in a row. , the big sleeves waved suddenly.

“wu wu wu ~”

For a moment, thick smoke billowed out.

Lu Chen picked up Fang Yuqi and stepped back quickly. He looked up and saw Daoist Wu sitting on the back of Zhihe, flying out of the smoke range, all the way to the west to escape. The sound of golden iron horses suddenly came from the smoke.

“xu lu lu~”


The five paper knights held up the horse lance and charged towards them.



“Deal with them first, Ji!”

The two looked at each other, drew swords together, blade light and sword shadows, pierced them, and waited to kill the paper man Knight. , Daoist fog has long disappeared, and Lu Chen did not delay, and performed Radiating Light Technique again.


Then, take Fang Yuqi with him and chase with his sword again.

After one hour, the two of them fell from the sky and landed outside a village.


“Well, be careful!”

Lu Chen nodded and walked into the village with Fang Yuqi. The sheep are silent, the chickens and dogs are silent, and everything you see is bloodstained, and occasionally you can see some broken limbs.

The whole village seems to be dead.


Lu Chen paused slightly, squeezed his sword fingers, and instantly pierced a room.

Swipe away.


A scream broke the peace, and there was a series of sounds from all over the place. Houses, corners, wells, cellars, and vicious robbers shouted and cursed. , rushing in.

No one came.

All kinds of scolding, poisonous smoke, blowing arrows, throwing spears, and smashing the stone first.

“I actually entered the den of thieves, huh!”

“Sword Controlling Art!”

Lu Chen sneered, heart to sword, in an instant, sword The cry was loud, do as one pleases, wherever he passed, all kinds of secret tricks were blocked, and they flew quickly, penetrating the bodies of the robbers.


It is inevitable.


“The grass is tender and firm!”

“Eat Lao Tzu’s axe, ah~”

“Quick Run away!”

The screams and mourning sounded everywhere, and in a blink of an eye, the dead robber was lying on the ground, Fang Yuqi put his hand on the hilt of the Jinghong sword, and looked alert, guarding against the Wu Daoist possible attack.

“I still want to run, hum~”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand, Peach Wood Sword quickly chased after him, chopped melons and vegetables, and killed the last three with a few swords do.

from start to finish.

There are dozens of fierce robbers, but no one can get close.

Fang Yuqi said surprisedly: “How can you be so terrifying with the Sword Control Technique? I felt it when I stepped on the sword just now. The speed is much faster and more agile than before.”

“This is Authentic Level’s Sword Controlling Art.”

“Sword Controlling Art?”

“Well, after taking Golden Cicada, I made my own based on Sword Control Technique. It’s deduced, and I will teach you when I have time.”

Lu Chen face doesn’t change, boasted shamelessly.

Fang Yuqi’s eyes lit up, and he said sadly: “When I was at Baiyun Temple, I sent Heavenly Dao Oath, but I couldn’t pass it on to you.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Be that as it may, Lu Chen actually has regrets:

“I haven’t seen you use all the Feihe Thirteen Swords.”

“They are Rotation, Shadow Splitting, Disarming, Wufeng, Pear Flower, Juque, Broken Head, Chiu Chuan, Flying Crane, Shifting Shape, Hidden Pearl, Treading the Moon, and Weisheng. You are in front of you. I’ve seen them all, but the latter three are not often used.”

“I’d like to see you dancing the sword when I have time.”


Fang Yuqi pretty face Weixia, Lu Chen was very proud, and then performed Radiating Light Technique again, Er, gritted his teeth and said: “This mister has run away again, it’s really hard to deal with, I have to kill him tonight. “

The words fell, and the two chased after them again with their swords.

Chase again and again.

Escape again and again.

Throughout the night, the fog people frequently used various means.

However, he can’t get rid of Lu Chen, who has [Radiating Light Technique] and [Sword Controlling Art], but he can’t beat Fang Yuqi and Lu Chen together.


It was twilight.

The two persons controlling the sword flew down, blocking the Mist Daoist on the Akutagawa River, and shouted:

“Not yet obediently surrender!”

Mist The Taoist described it as withered, with a crooked back, like an old man on the verge of death. He had dishevelled hair, face deathly pale, and looked at the surging river, almost running out of oil.

He turned to look at Lu Chen, and said:

“Why do you have to fight so hard!”

“Youngster, what do you want? Can you tell me, power? I can make you the master of Fengxian Town, resources? I can give you everything I have, woman? As long as you and I join forces, the demoness in front of you is not in your hands.”

“Playing, insulting, flogging, whatever you want!”


Lu Chen touched his nose, Faintly said:


“It’s your life!”

The mister was flustered and exasperated, and said hoarsely:

“Why! Why are you so stubborn?”

“nonsense, look at the sword!”

Fang Yuqi snorted lightly, the Jinghong sword was instantly unsheathed, the long sword swept away, and the fog master pointed at the sword like a sword, and the long sword was thrown away with one finger, and said gloomily. :

“If that’s the case, then there’s nothing to talk about.”


He took off his robe, revealing his naked chest, only to see a ferocious black wolf carved on the chest, his eyes closed, he discarded his clothes, shook his body, and said frantically:


“Little Darling, come, come out, eat me and eat them!!!”


a long whistle resounded Heaven and Earth.

I saw the black wolf open his eyes, and Daoist Wu had thick black hair growing on his body. The whole person was rapidly twisting and deforming, and his body slumped forward, turning into a huge black wolf.

The black wolf’s eyes were scarlet, and he dashed towards Lu Chen:

“ao wu ~~”


Lu Chen was prepared for a long time, pulling Fang Yuqi on his sword and flying.

“ao wu ~”

The black wolf could walk in the void, and was chasing after him.

“Giant Que!”

Fang Yuqi tenderly shouted, the Jinghong Sword swelled rapidly, slashed down with the sword, smashed the black wolf to the ground with one blow, and the black wolf stood up , chased the two again.

Fortunately, Lu Chen Yujian is very fast, slightly faster than Heilang.

A chase and a run away.

In the blink of an eye, one hour has passed.

The black wolf stopped suddenly, “bang”, and fell to the ground, its limbs began to twitch, its body twisted and deformed, and in a blink of an eye, it turned into the appearance of a fog man.

Wu Daoist lay on the ground, looked up with difficulty, and looked stunned:

“I…I’m still alive??”


The sword cry suddenly sounded, Lu Chen stepped on the sword and fell, stepping on the back of Daoist Wu, the short blade around his waist was instantly unsheathed, and with a “cang bang”, he chopped off the withered head, and then Putting the knife back into its sheath, said expressionlessly:

“Now dead!”


Kill Daoist Wu, UU reading www. Both are relaxed.

Lu Chen turned over Daoist Wu’s body and saw that the black wolf tattoo on the other side’s chest had festered. He searched all over his body, but found nothing.

On closer inspection, there is no sign of containment being performed.

“Nothing at all.”

“This guy is too shrewd to hide his storage bag on the way to escape.”

“Then there is no way I found it.”

Lu Chen sighed, a little unwilling, what he lacks most now is spiritsand, there are only 15 tablets left in his body, and the next upgrade is not far away, so he can’t borrow any more. After thinking about it, I opened the mouth and said:

“I plan to go to Dayan Mountain.”

Dayan Mountain is the old nest that the Wudao people have been operating for many years. The robbers below can’t stop him at all, maybe he can gain something.

“Dayan Mountain?”

Fang Yuqi hesitated a bit, and then looked at the head:

“I won’t go, Fengxian Town is still inseparable for the time being. Let me go and let Tu Shan take you there, he can always find the right place.”


When the two flew back to Fengxian Town, the sky was already full of light. It is bright.

Lu Chen temporarily handed Hu Niu to Fang Yuqi to take care of him, and then went to Scarlet Chamber Garden to say goodbye to Jiang Hong’e, and then drove the Giant Spirit God Tushan out of Fengxian Town.

“peng~ peng~ peng~ ~”

The five-meter Tushan strode wildly, all the way west, and Lu Chen stood on the other side’s shoulder.

Looking back at Fengxian Town.

At the head of the city, Fang Yuqi is dressed in white armor.

Seeing that silhouette was getting farther and farther, a panic suddenly rose in her heart, as if the young man would be like his father, and could never turn back, her eyes were hazy, she waved her arms vigorously, and shouted loudly Dao:

“Lu Chen, I am waiting for you here!!!”

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