My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 47

All the way west.

Go west.

I have traveled nearly a hundred miles from the morning sun to the setting sun.

β€œpeng~ peng~ peng~ ~”

β€œLord… master, huhuhu, little… hill is hungry, run… can’t run anymore.”

“It’s called Temple Master!”

“Yes…it’s Temple Master.”

“Well, stop ahead.”


Giant Spirit God Tu Shan slowed down slowly, and finally stopped beside a low hill, sat down on his butt, leaned against the low hill, gasping for breath: ” huhuhu ~”

“Wait here, I’ll be back when I go.”

“Okay… okay.”



Lu Chen got up with his sword, stepped on the Peach Wood Sword and flew towards the Akutagawa River not far away, Meng Yao grabbed a strand of Lu Chen’s long hair, and his small body swayed in the night wind , pouted and said:

“Big brother, what are we going to do?”

“Catch fish.”

“Little fish?”

Meng Yao licked her little mouth, and said:

“When Daddy was here, Yaoyao also ate it once. It was fragrant and delicious.”

en. ”

Lu Chen nodded, and Yujian landed on the banks of the Akutagawa River, focusing Spiritual Qi in his eyes, staring at the river.

“big brother, there!”

“puchi ~”

“Aiya, just a little.”

“There There!”

“puchi ~”

“Aiya, big brother is stupid~”

Lu Chen was embarrassed, busy for a while, and finally caught There lived a mackerel with a weight of 100 pounds, and then I harvested two clear perch with a weight of about 10 pounds.

Clean up.

Was about to leave.

Meng Yao suddenly lay on Lu Chen’s ear and whispered:

“big brother, there is a mother-in-law in the water.”


Lu Chen was startled and saw Meng Yao’s little finger pointing to the water surface:

“There, mother-in-law is watching Yaoyao.”

Lu Chen glanced He glanced at the water surface and saw nothing unusual.

He didn’t want to cause more trouble, and was about to leave when he saw a silhouette floating out from under the water, dressed in a tattered gray robe, leaning on a green wooden staff.

The body and the green wooden staff are covered with turquoise algae.

It stretched out its skinny, skeleton-like palms, tore off the tattered cloak it was wearing, revealing a wrinkled old woman face, and said in a hoarse voice:

β€œ Baby, are you in such a hurry to leave?”

Lu Chen paused slightly, and said:

“There is a difference between life and death, why do you need to say more.”

“There is a difference between life and death…”

The old woman murmured, Faintly said:

“In that case, why don’t you leave the little girl on your head, It’s good to accompany the old man.”

Lu Chen coldly said:

“She is different from you.”

“It’s all wraith, what’s the difference? “

Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things, it’s not too rare to be able to advance to wraith by chance.

Meng Yao was a little nervous, a pair of small hands tightly grasped Lu Chen’s long hair, lest her big brother would abandon her, Lu Chen coldly snorted, opened the mouth and said:

“She’s my bride!”

In an instant, Meng Yao felt at ease, her little face showed a bright smile, and her little white teeth gleamed.

“My Wife~”

The old woman faintly sighed, still unwilling to give up:

“Having lived here for hundreds of years, I have collected a lot of good Things, can you… use these things in exchange for your ghost wife? I have been lonely for a long time, and I want to find someone to accompany, talk to, and have no other thoughts.”

“Don’t even think about it!”

will of the people is vicious, even more ghostly, how could Lu Chen believe one side’s words, think about it, and say:

“If there is really a good thing, you and I can barter. .”

“Then forget it~”

The old woman obviously didn’t have this idea. Seeing that Lu Chen had no regrets, she wanted to turn around and leave, and suddenly said:

“Doll, your ghost wife has no cultivation?”


Lu Chen suddenly turned around and asked:

” Do you have a ghost cultivator cultivation technique?”

“Yes, Lao Shen was also a cultivator before he died. By chance, I got half of the “Mingshui Jue”, and it is with this that Lao Shen was transformed by luck after death. into wraith.”

β€œMingshui Art?”

Lu Chen was a little moved.

Now Meng Yao can only have contact with Lu Chen. Meng Yao goes to see the chicks every day, but she can’t touch them, let alone eat them. Meng Yao likes to eat small fish, but she can’t even smell them. She likes to make small rabbit buns, but she can’t even touch the flour.

Lu Chen has been very distressed in his eyes.

After all.

This is the little daughter-in-law that he is marrying.

If she can use the cultivation technique of ghost cultivator, Meng Yao will be able to transform back and forth between the virtual body and the solid body, and her situation will be very different.

Thinking about it.

Lu Chen has a philistine smile on his face:

β€œOld lady, I don’t know what to call you?”

β€œName? I don’t remember, your name is Blame your mother-in-law.”

The old woman seemed unwilling to recall the past and shook her head gently.

Lu Chen didn’t inquire much, reached out his hand, took out an item from the sealed space, and said with a smile:

“Does granny know this item?”

“Water Spirit Stone?”

“Not bad.”

Lu Chen nods, he has nine Water Attribute Spirit Stones, but he is worried about a few spirits and spirits, Let people know that if you can laugh off your teeth, now that you meet this old woman, you can try to trade.

“I can use this thing to trade with you, is it possible?”

“This thing is precious.”

The old woman seemed to be moved, and shook her head again. : “But I still like your ghost wife more.”


Lu Chen’s corner of mouth twitching.

Anyone who said this was a male, even if it was a boar, he would have stabbed to death, but he was an old woman, how…how strange.

Respect the old and cherish the young.

Immeasurable Heavenly Venerable.

Lu Chen recited a few words in silence, and forced Yan Huan to say with a smile:

“It’s stubborn to complain about my mother-in-law, why don’t we change the compromise method, how about this, every month I will bring How about I come to see you with my wife?”


The old woman thought about it for a while and seemed to think it was not bad, nodded and said:


“What about the secret water trick?”

“I can change you!”

“It’s true that granny is.’s really atmospheric!”

Lu Chen was overjoyed, the old woman stood on the water, lightly pierced the green wooden stick in her hand, and saw the river water under her start spinning, “crash-bang” sounded, and soon Form a vortex.

In vortex, a lot is revealed.


The old woman waved the green wooden staff gently, and a stream of water flew up.

I rolled up a bunch of things and threw them to the shore, and there were a lot of stars, most of which were spirits of various colors, but the most conspicuous one was a dark-brown ancient book, the color was like a dry bloody night, UU reading a book crookedly wrote three words:

The Secret Water Art!

“It’s done!”

Lu Chen turned a few pages, put away a bunch of spirits and put it away, threw the Spirit Stone out, and walked back with Meng Yao .

The old woman looked on the water with her feet and shouted:

“I don’t know the girl’s name yet?”

“Lu Yao!”

“Lu Yao!”

The old woman was nodded again and again and shouted:

“Baby, bring your ghost wife over next month, must remember, but Don’t forget~”


Until Lu Chen was gone, the old woman wiped the black liquid from the corner of her mouth, Faintly said: ” Algae girl, this is so fragrant, I almost couldn’t hold it back, I really want to… I really want to take a bite now.”

While speaking.

The green wooden staff in his hand sprouts quickly, and the outline of a woman grows. It acted coquettishly for a while, and said with a lovable smile:

“Fortunately, my mother-in-law is cautious, otherwise, we may not fight. I’m better than others.”

“Ai, let’s wait for next month.”


“Yaoyao, how do you feel? “

“I don’t like it~”

“It’s right if I don’t like it. It’s not a good thing to think about my little lady, and to make our appetite.”

“hehe, why is the big brother still talking to it?”

“Everyone takes what they need and fears each other.”

“Big brother, are we still here?”


“It depends on the situation, if this half of “Mingshui Jue” can be cultivated, it will not come. If it can’t be cultivated, we will kill it when the strength is enough. Yaoyao must remember that we do not Do things you are not sure about.”

“Oh oh~~”

The little girl tilted her head and looked thoughtful. Under the personal teaching of the Great Demon King, she has begun to transform into Little Demoness .

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