My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 48

After a full meal of grilled fish, Tu Shan regained his vitality.

Lu Chen held the Secret Water Art in his hand and quickly read it. Unfortunately, after all, only half of it could not be included in the light curtain. In this case, we can only try to interpret it a little bit.

apart from this.

In fact, there is another way.

Meng Yao owns the underworld tool [Red ๅ›money]. This underworld tool has two abilities, one is [Blessing] and the other is [Prayer]. Blessing can automatically protect the Lord.

Praying, but it needs to be actively cast.

It’s a pity that Yaoyao is too young.

I haven’t figured out how to perform it yet. According to Lu Chen’s guess, this [Prayer] is probably similar to making a wish. If it can be performed, maybe Yaoyao can make up half of the “Mingshui Art”. Complete.

Putting away the book, Lu Chen raised his head and asked:

“Tushan, how far is it from Dayan Mountain?”

“Master… Master…”

“Call Temple Master!”

“Watch…Temple Master, soon…coming soon.”

Tu Shan hugged the mackerel’s bone and licked it over and over again, not a single bit of fish was left. The expression on his face made his scalp numb.

I went to Dayan Mountain for spiritsand, but I accidentally got a fortune on the way.

Although there is no breakdown.

According to his estimation, the quantity should be above 800.

If so.

There is no shortage of spirits and spirits for the time being. However, since it is not far from Dayan Mountain, it would be inappropriate to turn back now.

Left up and jump on Tu Shan’s wrist.

Tu Shan raised his arm subconsciously, Lu Chen borrowed a little strength, turned somersaults and landed on the opponent’s shoulder.


With a light step, Lu Chen instructed:

“Let’s go, keep going!”

” Alright… ok.”

Tu Shan threw away the fish bones, got up hastily, and strode westward.

After running for fifty miles, a low mountain was finally in sight, Tu Shan gasping for breath, while running, opened the mouth and said:

“Lord…Master, before. .. is in front.”

“Call Temple Master!”

“Watch…Temple Master.”

In a blink of an eye, Tu Shan ran to the mountain feet, stopped. Lu Chen looked up at the mountain, and saw that the low mountain was more than 100 meters high, lush and green on the mountain, but the top of the mountain was barren.

It’s weird.

And on the dangerous place halfway up the mountain, stands a huge camp, with a flag swaying in the wind, with three words:

Yanshan Pirates!

Lu Chen retracted his gaze and instructed:

“Remember, if someone comes down the mountain in a while, come and kill one.”

“No…no Dare.”

The five-meter-tall Tu Shan shrank his neck and shook his head desperately.

Lu Chen’s face turned pale, and he said coldly:

“Don’t eat after that, it’s a waste anyway.”

“No…no. “

“Dare to dare?”

Tu Shan hesitates, hesitating, and hesitating, clenched the teeth:

” Dare!”

“Not bad!”

Lu Chen was satisfied with the nodded, hands form a secret art, and flew to the camp in the mountains.

On this day, Lu Chen entered Dayan Mountain alone, by the strength of oneself, broke the camp, and killed more than 300 robbers. Since then, Yanshan Pirates, completely removed!


“ceng! โ€

Peach Wood Sword returned to his orifice, Lu Chen looked all around, only to see blood billowing, Corpses all over the place.


As he was about to call Tu Shan up the mountain, the entire mountain suddenly shook violently, Lu Chen staggered, his expression horrified, and Tu Shan at the foot of the mountain was terrified. Squatting down holding his head, yelled:

“The grandfather of the mountain is proud~”

“The grandfather of the mountain is full of power~”

ย โ€ฆ





The roar echoed all over the mountain, over and over, over and over.

“big brother, I’m so scared~”

“Good, it’s alright, there’s a big brother here.”


After comforting Meng Yao, Lu Chen followed the sound and walked to the top of the mountain, step by step, stepping on the top of the mountain, and when he saw the bare top of the mountain, a white-boned skeleton was struggling.

Its body.

Five chains as thick as forearms are attached.

The limbs and head were locked respectively. As the skeletons struggled, a densely packed golden rune appeared on the jet-black chains. As they struggled, the entire mountain trembled again and again.

It’s terrifying.


On Dayan Mountain, a monster of unknown realm was imprisoned.


Lu Chen’s scalp was numb, and he was about to turn around and go down the mountain.

I saw a stone tablet standing not far away. The stone tablet was engraved with a series of handwriting, with silver tick marks on the iron:

“In the spring of 1984 in Dimang, the northern Di nationality three The road invades the territory of Great Hao, the wind and rain are swaying, the bones are full, the day of the autumn festival, the Great Hao Golden Crow angel descends, one sword cuts the sky, one sword cuts the wolf Di General Alu Hengbo is here, the biography of the monument, the planing Heart Eviscerate!”

The eighty-fourth year of Dimang!

Golden Crow Angels!

Wolf Di General!

A Lu constant wave!

The amount of information is so great that Lu Chen doesn’t even know how many years have passed since the eighty-fourth year of Dimang. He only knows that it is now five years of Dikang, and it is said that the little emperor has just turned eight years old.

Too old.

Dayan Mountain.

Lian Shan’s name has been changed, it’s been too long since I think.

“General Wolf Di…Alu Hengbo!”

Lu Chen murmured eight words, thinking of the previous scene where Daoist Wu turned into a black wolf, could it be that method , is from the skeleton in front of him.

In this case.

Would he also benefit from this skeleton.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen stepped on his sword and flew to the camp. Soon, he returned with the bodies of two robbers, stretched out his hand and threw one of them over.



“creak ~creak~”

The skeleton immediately swooped in, gobbling it for a while, In the blink of an eye, he swallowed the whole corpse thoroughly, even chewing and swallowing the skeleton. After eating the entire corpse, the skeleton had a First Layer pale red blood mist on it.

It sat cross-legged.

The blood mist roamed back and forth on the skeleton, while murmuring and mutter incantations:


The voice was high-spirited, but not The words of the Great Hao Dynasty.

Lu Chen listened carefully, went back and forth several times, fed ten corpses, and the light curtain in front of him was slightly trembled, giving birth to changes.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base]: Qi Refinement fifth layer

[cultivation technique]: The real picture of the wolf howling moon has not been introduced ( The upgrade conditions can be expanded!)



[Upgrade conditions for the true picture of the wolf howling moon]:


ใ€1ใ€‘๏ผšSpirit Beast (Not achieved!)

ใ€2ใ€‘๏ผš10 spiritsand (achieved!)


โ€œTotem cultivation technique?โ€

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, but had no plans for cultivation. First, Spirit Beastโ€™s hard work was not easy to obtain, and second, he was involved in Qi Refinement training, and No short board, no need for cultivation.

It can be kept.

When the cultivation technique Promotes Level, it is directly integrated into it.



Lu Chen gritted his teeth and continued to carry corpses from the camp, throwing corpses one by one, and the dead bones were eaten every day. A corpse, sit down cross-legged, and read aloud.

Another fifty corpses were thrown.

The whole withered bone has been shrouded in a thick blood mist, forming a blood cocoon, but Lu Chen didn’t get any more gains.

“It’s time to go.”

Lu Chen sighed, turned around and walked down the mountain, the gurgles on the mountain seemed to be no longer attractive to him, and he was too worried. .

If you keep feeding it, it’s hard to guarantee that there will be no trouble.

Be cautious!

Back at the foot of the mountain, Lu Chen brought Tu Shan into the camp. The two searched for a while, and Meng Yao helped them open a secret room, which was a little rewarding.

A small bag of spiritsand.

A book of origami.

A stick Magical Artifact.

Lu Chen jumped on Tu Shan’s shoulder, and Tu Shan strode out of the camp with thick smoke billowing behind him.


The camp.

Everything was burnt down with a fire.


โ€œpeng~ peng~ peng~ ~โ€

Tu Shan ran all the way, Lu Chen looked at the light in front of him Curtain, muttered:

“Upgrade again.”

After speaking, reach out and tap:


[Transportation upgrade conditions]:

[1]: Practice for three days (achieved!)

[2]: Three dead souls (achieved! UU reading www.uukanshu. com)

[3]: Thirty spiritsand (achieved!)


[Name]: Lu Chen


ใ€cultivation base ใ€‘: Qi Refinement fifth layer

ใ€spell ใ€‘: Introduction to Handling (upgradeable!)+



Spiritsand consumption, Authentic Level’s entry-level transport, successfully upgraded to [Proficient], the transport distance has doubled to ten meters, and the power is already good.


The sun rises and the moon sets, and the grass grows and the warbler flies!

One day!

Two days!

Three days!

Three days later, the blood cocoon on the top of Dayan Mountain finally broke open, and a silhouette climbed out of it, with a small body, lotus root-like hands and feet, but a big head like an adult.

He has a rough face and an ugly pig’s tail at the back of his head.

He uses both hands and feet.

Little by little, I climbed to the edge of the top of the mountain. Facing the mountain wind, I stood up tremblingly, with my little hands behind my back, overlooking the mighty mountains and rivers, leisurely said:

“The roots of the lotus are one. Stem Fragrance, I have been wounded by reality in my life~”

“Today I finally cut the dead wood, and my heart and soul return to my hometown~”

“I, Alu Hengbo, suffered for more than 300 years , I finally realized the [Dead Tree Slaughtering Method], hahaha, wait, wait, Great Hao is turbulent, my big marmoset will invade southward, suffer, suffer, and eviscerate, my Alu Hengbo will be a hundred times stronger , no, 10,000 times, no, 100,000 times… ah ah ah~”

The voice didn’t fall.

A big hand stretched out, dragged the pig’s tail behind his head, and lifted it up.

“Alu Hengbo??”

Lu Chen patted off the dirt from his body, and foul-mouthed: “You bastard, in order to wait for you to come out, I have to wait for you to come out. I didn’t eat or drink all night…”

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