My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 49


“puchi ~”

Alu Hengbo shook his hands and feet, Still wanting to struggle, Lu Chen has already pulled out the Yanming knife from his waist, and the short blade is unsheathed, cutting off the opponent’s head with one knife.

The long knife is stained with blood.

Violent shaking.

The entire blade… almost turned into a scarlet, and the blade’s power increased sharply.


Alu Hengbo’s eyes widened in anger, his headless body staggered back on the top of the mountain, trying to get into the blood cocoon behind, Lu Chen returned with his knife Sheath, carrying Alu Hengbo’s head, caught up with him in two steps.

One foot on the ground.

No matter how the opponent struggles, he still stomps on it, motionless.

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the corpse and head finally stopped moving. At the moment when Alu Hengbo died, the blood cocoon at the back also collapsed. It manifested, but it seemed to have exhausted everything, and was shattered into bone meal in the mountain wind.

It rustled.

“It’s over.”

Lu Chen let out a long sigh of relief, dropped his head, and turned his small body over. He saw that the tattoo on the other side’s chest began to manifest a little bit. And more and more.

On the chest!


Hands and feet!

It soon spread all over the body, like a large tree with intertwined roots.

Lu Chen looked thoughtful, turned over and over, watched carefully, and soon, the light curtain in front of him softly trembled, gave birth to a change.

[Name]: Lu Chen

[cultivation base ]: Qi Refinement fifth layer

[spell ]: The method of shedding dead trees is not yet introductory (upgrade conditions can be Expand!)


“The method of shedding dead wood?”

Lu Chen is overjoyed, practicing in one realm, practicing in two realms, This is the common sense of Qi Refinement. If you want to practice the Dharma, you need the support of mana. Therefore, the Qi Refiner of One Realm usually does not have the conditions for practicing Dharma.

“I don’t know if I can do it?”

Lu Chen rubbed his hands excitedly and reached out a little:


[Upgrade conditions for the dead wood shedding method]:

[1]: A spiritual medicine (not achieved!)

[2]: One side’s blood (not achieved!) )

[3]: A party of spiritual water (not achieved!)

[4]: A piece of Spirit Stone (achieved!)

…. ..

“Cultivation is possible!”

Lu Chen is ecstatic, although the conditions are a bit more, as long as cultivation is possible, this [withered tree shedding method] is a life-saving method , No matter how difficult it is, it must be cultivated.

of the four conditions.

The most precious Spirit Stone is ready-made, it has been achieved, one side of blood is also very simple, only spiritual medicine and spiritual water are a little troublesome, spiritual medicine is good, but it is not uncommon, you can always get it with hard work. .

The most difficult thing is [Spiritual Water].

As far as Lu Chen is concerned, he only knows that there is a spring of rebirth on Jiuqiao Mountain, and the others are unknown.

After destroying the corpse and evidence.

Lu Chen originally wanted to take the remaining five chains away, but unfortunately the chains were connected to the mountain and could not be refined, so he could only reluctantly give up.

At the foot of the mountain, I found Tu Shan who had been hungry for three days.

The two of them had a full meal and travelled all the way to Fengxian Town.


When Lu Chen saw Fengxian Town again, five full days had passed since he left.

Five days.

Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

Fengxian is no longer guarding the city by Guard Soldier, but a soldier in reddish-brown armor with a cloak painted with Fire Phoenix behind him.

“The Fengjia Army of Fengpo City…”

Lu Chen’s pupils shrank, his heart sank suddenly, instructed:

“Stop Get down!”

“huhuhu, good…good.”

It was just noon, the sun was shining, even though there was cold wind whistling, Tu Shan was still tired of gasping for breath , Hearing Lu Chen’s order, he hurriedly stopped.

“You go to the distance and wait, don’t let anyone find out.” Xianzhen ran.

Fengxian Town, city gate.

people coming, people going.

A team of ten phoenix armies were on duty, and their eyes swept across the pedestrians.

Holding a long spear.

glare like a tiger watching his prey.

“You, stop!”

Lu Chen was in the crowd, and before he got close to the city gate, he was stared at by the guards guarding the gate. Handsome and tall.

Even if you want to hide.

Standing among the common people is like a crane in a flock of chickens.

Lu Chen stopped, two things appeared in his hand, a token of Weapon Suppressing Mansion, and a jade pendant of Fang Yuqi’s identity. After thinking about it, he put it away.

Two soldiers surrounded them, and one of them shouted:

“Fengxian Town is not allowed to wear a sword, let it go!”

Speaking, stretched out To grab the Yanming knife in Lu Chen’s left hand, before the palm of his hand approached, the Yanming knife trembled, and the short blade unsheathed two inches on its own.

A murderous aura made the opponent retreat in horror.

β€œcrash-bang ~”

In a blink of an eye, all ten phoenix armoured troops surrounded them.

Hand up long spear.

It’s like a big enemy!

At this time, another person came to the city gate.

A long knife on his waist and a red tassel helmet on his head, clearly a general, he looked at Lu Chen, frowned:


β€œNot bad! “

Lu Chen nodded, threw the three spirits and said:

“Let me go, please let me go.”

The general Putting spiritsand into his arms, his face softened a little, he waved his hand, and the surrounding soldiers retreated, he warned: “Don’t make trouble, otherwise, you will have a place in the prison.”


Lu Chen complied, holding a knife and walking into Fengxian Town.

The general watched Lu Chen leave, stretched out his hand and summoned someone, instructed: “Follow, check who you are.”


That person He trotted away, and soon came back with his head down.

“What’s going on?”

“Boss, my subordinate just followed a few dozen meters, and in the blink of an eye, the person disappeared.”

” What a waste!”

“Yes yes yes……”


Lu Chen soon came to the city and found out three messages.

One is that the [Black Armor Army] from the south broke Fengpo City, and the other is that the City Lord of Fengpo City, Yuan Baixi, was seriously injured, and his son [Yuan Qingshan] led the 20,000 Phoenix Armor Remnant Army successfully. Break through the siege, cut the pontoon with a knife, and set up camp with the 500-meter-wide Nieshui River as the boundary to block the Black Armor Army from going north.

The third message.

On the other hand, two thousand phoenix armies came north first and took over the defense of Fengxian Town. Guard Soldier was disarmed, and Fang Yuqi disappeared.

“If you don’t enter the Method Release environment, you won’t be able to reach this iron armor.”

Lu Chen sighed, put down the tea bowl, and walked out of the tea shop.

Walk all the way.

Came outside Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

The familiar Weapon Suppressing Mansion, the unfamiliar gatekeeper, Lu Chen put away the Radiating Light Technique, shook his head gently, strode away, all the way to the outside of Long Spring Temple.

“big brother, our family…”

Meng Yao stood on Lu Chen’s shoulders, her eyes were slightly red.

Lu Chen looked at the Taoists who came in and out of the door, laughing dumbly, and then comforted: “It’s just a Taoist temple, where the big brother is, where is Yaoyao’s home.”

” Mmmmm~~”

Meng Yao burst into a smile, revealing neat little white teeth.

Lu Chen looked at the brand-new plaque on the gate, stepped forward, reached out and grabbed a thirteen-fourteen-year-old Little Daoist Priest, UU reading www.uukanshu. com asked:

“Little Daoist Priest, this was not Long Spring Temple before?”

“Long Spring Temple? ] has been requisitioned, Eldest Senior Brother dislikes it being small and old, and is planning to expand.”

“Is that so…”

Lu Chen lost his mind for a while, patted Little Daoist Priest’s shoulders, smiled and said: “It’s hard work, I’ll tell you Eldest Senior Brother, build it well and build it beautifully.”

Little Daoist Priest looked at Lu Chen’s back, away unfathomable mystery, whispered:

“I’m still talking about…”

Lu Chen leaves Long Spring Temple , walked quickly into the Scarlet Chamber Garden, and just stepped on the third floor, I saw a silhouette rushed over like the wind, fit into Lu Chen’s arms:

“My little man, you can count I’m back.”

Nephrite in her arms.

The subtle fragrance floats.

Lu Chen’s heart…is still pure, he hugged the beautiful woman in his arms, walked into the room, and said warmly:

“Don’t be afraid!”

The voice did not fall.

Looking up, he saw another Jiang Hong’e turned around the screen and walked towards him, Lu Chen smiled shyly: “This look, this feel… um, this little goblin’s Illusion Technique is really It’s become more and more exquisite, and it can be real,”

Put down the red fox that showed its true form, Lu Chen stepped forward and held Jiang Hong’e’s pair of soft and soft, and said warmly:

” Are you alright?”

Jiang Hong’e’s eyes were lightly red, and he choked up:

“Although there were frequent harassments, Yiyi helped me to block them, but it was no problem. It’s just… that the surnamed Fang has suffered a lot, not only was he seriously injured, but he was also put on death row, and after three days… he will be executed.”

Lu Chen sighed:

“It’s only five days, take it seriously, don’t worry, I’m here!”

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