My Spells Are Infinitely Upgraded Chapter 5

Lu Chen has a lot of strength, and his body has broken through a certain limit. He has steadily entered the threshold of First Rank and has improved in all directions. , the sole is separated from the ground by a very small distance.

The feet are dust-free.

“Demons and ghosts? Or cultivator? Or, Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk sent to try?”

“sexual entrapment??”

In an instant, Lu Chen thought a lot.

Seeing all around, there are quite a few people who are too fascinated to come back to his senses, and hurriedly grabbed a big beard man and asked:

“Brother, ask something?”

“Music Kai~”

The big man looked impatient and wanted to reach out and slap Lu Chen away, but found that the Little Daoist Priest, who was half a head shorter than him, was completely motionless and his face was completely motionless. I panicked:

“You…you ask!”

“Who is that very beautiful woman just now, and where did she come from?”

The big man relaxed , quickly replied:

“She’s from Scarlet Chamber.”

“Scarlet Chamber? Where is that?”

Lu Chen frowned slightly, more is doubt.

At this moment, a woman walked by, pursed her lips and chuckled: “You Little Daoist Priest is so innocent, you don’t even know Scarlet Chamber, where else could it be, no? It’s the only one brothel in Fengxian Town, it’s full of shameless women.”

“The brothel!”

Lu Chen opened his mouth, whispered:


The woman has gone away, and the big man replies:



Lu Chen stared wide-eyed with an unimaginable face.

After some inquiries, Lu Chen learned the exact identity of the other party, the maid of Scarlet Chamber Garden, named Jiang Hong’e, a Top Grade that men fear and women envy.

Men are afraid.

Because as long as you offend her, you will never be able to enter the Scarlet Chamber Garden again. Women are jealous because she is so beautiful that even women feel ashamed.

Lu Chen was still young, so he had never heard of the other party’s name.

“Jiang Hong’e, this woman is not simple.”

Lu Chen relaxed, no matter how simple it is, as long as it is not with Yuan Zhen Great Buddhist Monk, it is good thing.

One morning.

Lu Chen sold all the things and got 6 taels of silver and 72 copper plates. In this way, he was barely able to cover the cost of upgrading the Kasyapa Hand, and he drank a mutton noodle soup at the market.

After shaking for a while, I returned to Long Spring Temple.


Lu Chen took off the plaque on the door, traced a [long] character with charcoal, and hung it up with satisfaction. Then, he practiced Kasyapa Hand.

While practicing Eternal Spring Art.

Eternal Spring Art has undergone transformation, and the core is actually a set of movement skills, which requires the cooperation of breathing, movement, and mind, which are indispensable.

Only in this way can tempering the body, temper muscles and bones.

Lu Chen is simply a direct entry.

The hardest step, effortless for him.

The sun is setting.

Lu Chen is practicing the Kasyapa Hand attentively. You can almost see the afterimage between the palms. This Kasyapa Hand is a kind of continuous palm technique.

In the end, it was like a hundred palms.

When the sun went down, Lu Chen put away his palms and grinned:

“Upgrade again!”

【Kasyapa Hand upgrade conditions】

[1]: Practice palms for half a day (achieved!)

[2]: Ten tael of silver (achieved!)

…. …


Compared with the Promote Grade of Eternal Spring Art last night, the introduction of Kasyapa Hand seems to be smooth, if it is not for the understanding of Kasyapa Hand in my mind. The deepening, he suspected that he had been cheated by Hui Neng monk and practiced the fake Kasyapa Hand.

“Talking about is better than nothing.”

Lu Chen sighed, however, with the deepening of Kasyapa Hand cultivation, I believe there will be some effects later.


Reaching out a little light curtain, a few lines of data stretch out.

【Kasyapa Hand Upgrade Condition】

【1】: One Day of Hand Practice (Unfulfilled!)

【2】: One Soul Essence (Unfulfilled!) !)

[3]: Ten tael of silver (not achieved!)


“Need spirit.”

Lu Chen murmured and looked at the two chicks in the chicken coop, showing a gentle smile like the Great Demon King, and the short blade had just been pulled out.

“peng peng peng!”

There was a sudden knock on the door, only to hear the shouting from the door:

“Weapon Suppressing Mansion on business, open the door quickly !”

“Weapon Suppressing Mansion??”

Lu Chen paused for a moment, his face hesitant.

This Weapon Suppressing Mansion is a violent organization, always acting strong, and it is considered a Sovereign of more than 50,000 people in Fengxian Town. As for why? The Guard Soldier, who controls the 2,500 people of the Guard Soldier battalion, is because of their hard fists.

These Guard Soldiers are not soft-footed shrimp.

They cultivated “General Sha” one by one. They gathered [Bing Sha] through fighting, and used the Bing Sha to beat the body.

The temper is stinky and hard.

Don’t look at Withered Cicada Temple, it’s very powerful, it’s actually like a little sheep in front of Weapon Suppressing Mansion.

However, they also have flaws.

Anyone who cultivates the General Sha will not only not increase their lifespan, but will also shorten their lifespan. In old age, their strength will usually be greatly impaired. In addition, there is another point, that is, after cultivating the General Sha, the body will be like a sieve. Air leakage.

No more Qi Refinement cultivation.

“peng peng peng!”

“It is estimated that the Weapon Suppressing Mansion learned about my appearance, and it is impossible to hide. Let’s meet.”

Lu Chen pondered for a while, and felt that it was time to meet him. After all, apart from the misfortune of a little cutie, he didn’t do anything wrong.


Putting down the short blade, Lu Chen opened the gate, and UU Reading Two Little Giants with a height of nearly two meters came into sight , just like the door gods, one left and one right, all dressed in dark brown armor, with long knives slung across their shoulders.

One of the Guard Soldiers said with a stern face: “Little Daoist Priest, come with us!”

What happened?

Lu Chen was startled, almost turned around and ran, and hurriedly asked:

“What’s the matter?”

“About your Master.”

“My Master? The Guard Soldier is in retreat, no outsiders.”

“hmph ~”

The Guard Soldier’s nostrils ooze half a foot of white air , coldly snorted , speechless saying:

“Everyone is dead, how can they be closed?”


dead ? ? Oh, it seems that he is indeed dead…

This Weapon Suppressing Mansion is in charge of Fengxian Town, and the news is really well-informed, Lu Chen is still a little worried, and asks: “Bing, what the hell is it? What? Give me some wind.”

“Good thing!”

“What good thing?”

“Your Master hangs the memorial at Weapon Suppressing Mansion. You know the name, right?”

“Know some.”

Lu Chen nods because he knows the [Radiating Azure Technique], Daoist Azure Cloud Technique, so he will go to Weapon Suppressing every three or five years. Mansion, can purchase Magical Artifact Peach Wood Sword, most of which are from Guard Soldier.

What to do, but I didn’t tell him,

“Your Master has done a good job in blocking Daoist Wu this time, and the superior is going to let you inherit his enshrined position.”



Lu Chen is somewhat blushed with shame.

The robbers attacked from the northeast and ran into the small Long Spring Temple head-on. His Master Daoist Azure Cloud tried his best to save the original owner, but he still lost to Daoist Wu. The trick was killed.

This is also considered meritorious?

In this regard, Lu Chen is a little guilty…

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